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Created together with Mr. Hacker's sister :) Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/c/MisterHacker Google +: https://goo.gl/wK7DH9 7 cool and fantastic tricks & experiments with salt!
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Mr. Hacker (1 month ago)
Created by Mr. Hacker's sister :) Please give this video thumbs up!
king colon (24 days ago)
oi gago bat dumikit ung asin sa lobo?
Ludo Horizon (1 month ago)
джейк 100 (1 month ago)
и банка из под соли тоже была российская
An Nguyễn (1 month ago)
Mr. Hacker r
Clay Motion Channel (1 month ago)
Mr. Hacker ты из России!
Nazia Ikram (13 hours ago)
This video your last video
Vinaya [RSH] (14 hours ago)
Nikhil Prajapati (20 hours ago)
New video Upload kro bhai
Liz O (1 day ago)
@3:08 could it be chemicals used in processing salt and sugar??
Cypsmen (2 days ago)
Good Video !
ahh hes hacking roblox
Nazif Gürler (2 days ago)
There is not 7 of them. Alot more...
Faizan Mohsin (4 days ago)
You fantastic ,cool ,amazing
Blue Miratsume (5 days ago)
Ratings for this video: Excessive Use Of Salt: 7.8/10 Cool stuff to do: 9+10= 21/19 Reference from Mety333 from the first rating: 9999/10
Fake coldring jelly fake
Zubair Malik (8 days ago)
I cannot wait for your new video
Zubair Malik (8 days ago)
You are the best i wish that you will be the number youtuber
shubham rawat (9 days ago)
from where i can buy fucking sulphuric acid
Magic Dara Somnang (9 days ago)
Great video i like 👍💕💕
Nazia Ikram (9 days ago)
Pleas next video aploded pleas
Bharath ek gyan (10 days ago)
Woww nice one https://youtu.be/8p7VMbaDDNo
SL Bellue (13 days ago)
I really hate all the food waste. People are starving in the world & they could eat the food being used in these ridiculous tricks.
Give me the coca cola
stimx xFuck (16 days ago)
stimx xFuck (16 days ago)
Все разламывал, разламывал голову. А ты Русский...
wheat brand (17 days ago)
Pls make more vid
Hero Brine (17 days ago)
3:14 I am *VERY VERY MAD 😠* because you did that
Hero Brine (17 days ago)
Can you please hack my Geometry Dash with Unlimited Coins? That's because you're Mr.Hacker 8)
Geraldus Flabian (17 days ago)
I have to admit that last one was awesome, but the others are 'ok'.
Kazi Farsad Faik (18 days ago)
Mr.Hacker it has been so long whin I sow this video of yous. Make a new video fast.
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mahfuz alam (19 days ago)
mr.hacker you are the best
ты российский 1: 32 надпись
zoltanmouth (20 days ago)
c'est nuuuuuuul....
Giraffe Girl (20 days ago)
This video was amazinf!!!!!😍😍😍
RushBronzeToMaster (20 days ago)
J-rob Zyonn Javier (20 days ago)
i subscribe at you!!! i thoutgh it is you im from piliphines
пздц живет в рф пишет все по инглишу
liton bhuiyan (22 days ago)
Ice cream in 10 minutes !!! 😲 With salt !!! I will try this at home 😤😣
1ne 5ive (22 days ago)
Вроде российский вподе не российский
Mr ID (24 days ago)
Nice post experimet
TRANG Chế (25 days ago)
love this video. I wait for the next videos.
Drone On (25 days ago)
Certainly doesn't look like a Mr.!
Mariam Zakaria (26 days ago)
Лев Про (26 days ago)
Русские ребята держит канал ого кул!
ArsyOrange (26 days ago)
Русские. Почему мы запамятовали этот канал!!!!
MR Ceative Hacker (26 days ago)
Nice sis
Sale (27 days ago)
Try to get glassbottle cap out with something super magnet
GELIVAY SHOW (28 days ago)
Почему российских глядят англоговорящие ?
Hetal Sheth (28 days ago)
I want to hake my applock plz share videoo how to hake it i want to know password
kingjhit _alonzo (29 days ago)
That song at the end
MrCharlyYT {Vlad} (29 days ago)
MrCharlyYT {Vlad} (29 days ago)
Man you Russian
UNDERTALE Player684674 (30 days ago)
Love the chemistry 😀
MidgetBlaze (1 month ago)
Yes I too have copper surface lying around.
Viktoriya Summer (1 month ago)
Прикольные трюки. Нужно самой их попробовыть. Особенно понравилось с соком!
marios tzanakis (1 month ago)
bro that isnt trick its fucking physic ok every bodycan do it
Custom Modified (1 month ago)
Nice idea bro!
inevergetfree (1 month ago)
ПРИЗ в каждой пачке
Eric (1 month ago)
So chemistry?
XD Aasa (1 month ago)
Dammmn I really liked the ice cream one
Why video in Russian
Mary Steckel (1 month ago)
The reason why the orange juice was able to freeze so quickly was that the chemical reaction between ice and salt allow the ice to become even colder than before. It also explains the freeze burns people got during the ice-salt challenge because they were too stupid to research what the fuck they were doing before doing it.
Alix Aladin (1 month ago)
Wtf am I suppose to do with this information
вроде на продуктах надписи на нашем языке, а сами пытаетесь строчить на британском. пускай они на российском пишут!
Sajid Sha (1 month ago)
कमाल करते हो यार ।।।। दमाग तो है बन्दे मे . . काम के फंडे है
Big Man Gus (1 month ago)
so many toddlers in this comment section
Ice Cream in 10 mins??? More like fanta slushy in 10 minutes
they are lame
1:03 Please don't try this on your arm.
Achikochi Kataki (1 month ago)
What a waste rip soda
Nsane#bros lol (1 month ago)
wtf would i use a rope and an ice blob if not for killing xD?
Infinite Gamer (1 month ago)
That represents the dead sea 2:50
Muffin Shorts (1 month ago)
Here's a cool salt trick 1 change the letters salt to sugar 2 wait till some idiot uses it
Nerv06amer (1 month ago)
What the music?plzzzzzzzzzzz
Hooman st (1 month ago)
useless tricks!
Jeremy Coan (1 month ago)
7:02 why is half of it red?
KiD JaH (1 month ago)
is the last one mold
Luna Sparkle (1 month ago)
Это российский канал??😂😂🤣🤣😄😄
RULES OF SURVIVAL (1 month ago)
Сок на российском гыгыыгыг
Tygoshot YT (1 month ago)
0:37 Tutorial: How to turn a Mini Shield into a Slurp Juice
EV Games (1 month ago)
3:45 What stupid movie lose 3 bottles for i can't deal with balloon
PENEIT [FORTNITE] (1 month ago)
But why russia This canal is English 4:03 Если чо я сам руский
new.creeper {} (1 month ago)
Привет из России!
Dominik Švoňava (1 month ago)
Ty si Slovak lebo vo v jednom tvojich videi si pouzil eura
Tr0uble (1 month ago)
MyLife (1 month ago)
Chemistry BETCH!!!
Chris Viloria (1 month ago)
For those peoples who are saying that she is waisting money or cold drinks,well she's not,she is doing it for the channel 😒😒
I know a trick with salt it’s called buying a new keyboard and wearing your monitor as a bracelet
Lois Loves Cheese (1 month ago)
mm nah...boring
Lois Loves Cheese (1 month ago)
I thought copper sulphate Was in a solid form
Ulan Jeenbekov (1 month ago)
Это британский канал либо российский?
Ulan Jeenbekov (1 day ago)
Saxarok TV я уже сообразил
Ulan Jeenbekov (1 day ago)
Saxarok TV Ну ты произнес контент для иноземцев
Saxarok TV (2 days ago)
Ulan Jeenbekov я будто бы написал
Ulan Jeenbekov (2 days ago)
Saxarok TV ну-ка а сама женщина российская?
Saxarok TV (2 days ago)
Русский человек (уместно женщина) какой снимает контент для иноземцев
Ruglef (1 month ago)
1:12 what are you doing? Just walking my pet ice
88 Dominick (1 month ago)
Hey i got fire beats for your channel. Mp3 - 30$. Wav - 50$. Exclusive - 200$
Alpha Toon (1 month ago)
I've always wanted a pet ice cube that I could take on walks.
zanacatpotato 19 (1 month ago)
flunoin (1 month ago)
Who tf just has copper sulfate laying around somewhere?
Sozzly (1 month ago)
3:53 100% cok
Marshall Kee (1 month ago)
0:50 i like how fucking mundane that shit was enough for them to tell us the color changed
Captain Underpants (1 month ago)
У меня банка с солью такаяже)
Alex maynard (1 month ago)
These aren’t even hacks their just science

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