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The Gun Markets of Pakistan

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In 2006, Suroosh Alvi was one of a handful of journalists who was able to get into the massive guns market in Pakistan's tribal areas -- home base for the Taliban since the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. He returned to Pakistan this month and found the entire country was a "powder keg ready to explode." To see where VICE goes to next, check out: http://www.vice.com/the-vice-guide-to-travel
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Saifullah Baloch (20 minutes ago)
2016 is operation criminal but 2017 jan not criminal in pakistan pak army operation in criminal but 2017 to 2018 criminal in 2% criminal in pakistan - pak army zindabad
harjitmand (6 hours ago)
Pakistan really wonder country in the world .
Omar Aashour (20 hours ago)
Cool, I wish Egypt was like this. We're not allowed to own guns and terrorists from Saudi Arabia are always killing us 😕
Akhtar Ali Afridi (20 hours ago)
😂 😂 😂
Akhyar Ahmed (20 hours ago)
I am from Pakistan and Pakistan is not like this accept its one province peshawar other provinces are modren
Tom Dye (20 hours ago)
Type f to pay respects to Suroosh's dad's hat.
Priyonkar (23 hours ago)
God this scary!! I'm never going Pakistan no chances!!!
Mohammad Asif (23 hours ago)
Thats cheap
babu qamsh (1 day ago)
alla will destroy the pakistan government
top wanker (1 day ago)
3050 pak rupees it's fuckin cheap? in India it's like 20000 indian rupees almost 40k Pak rupees. that's cheap really cheap no wonder they all got weapons
Adolf Galand (1 day ago)
Take me there... NOW!!!
Rahul Kumar (1 day ago)
mc Pakistani land ke bal
John Goldman (1 day ago)
Great video. very interesting, guns are so cheap .
Jack Isn't Daniel's (1 day ago)
There's a lot of conflict in their country. So I didn't suprised by that...
Takshak 666 (2 days ago)
Khulle me khol rakha h yaar... Kya baat h... Sabzi Mandi me jaise sabziya rakhi hoti h waise inn logo ne guns and bullets rakhi h...
Takshak 666 (2 days ago)
I know they are terrorists... They are selling guns without license 😁😀😂😀😀😀😀
location4898 (2 days ago)
these guys have the atomic bomb......think to it
J. Gona (2 days ago)
The 'Wild West' ain't got shit on this place..
tristan barnett (2 days ago)
Geez no wonder bad guys always get ahold of so much Firepower cuz it's cheap here if you buy a 9 mm it's about 200 or 300 there it's 35 holy s***
Vobling Gaming (2 days ago)
Afghanistan Zindabat Pakistan murdabat
Vobling Gaming (2 days ago)
Shitty Pakistanies they destroyed afghanistan
Estevoh 2mas (2 days ago)
That was weak.
Rakyat Nakal :v (2 days ago)
Love Pakistan..do it for Allah and Islam..AllahuAkbar..
Калашников самый крутой))
Carlos Madriaga (3 days ago)
I will buy sniper and manchin gun in that place to be ready and zombie invasion,alien invasion and kill criminals!!!
vigneshrk (3 days ago)
I thought instruments haram
Mr Flow (3 days ago)
Nigga in thumbnail lowkey jesse from pvp
sev7n (3 days ago)
FUCK ENDIA 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Ianas Andrei (3 days ago)
6:05 nice museum :D
Andrew B. (3 days ago)
I drove right up to the Pak/Afghan border in 2009 and got to see the Kyber Pass from the Afghan side. It was an incredible thing to see and know the history i was driving thru with my Army brothers in our MRAPs loaded with machine guns and rockets.
Prithvi raj (3 days ago)
warm greetings to pathans and pakistan from india. you are loved here! dont let the media fool you.
Davy Jones (4 days ago)
He was Laughed..lol.Dude I love this Country.
Prasanna S (5 days ago)
Then how Pakistan zindabad??? Oh hell. God bless these guys. Really disappointed
Alan Ali (5 days ago)
5:05 it's so sad
Baargu (5 days ago)
British army didn't come from that gate...also British came as merchants and most of the land they got initially was given to them free by the king's, later they bought some more and finally conqoured the remaining.
Musaib Nazir (5 days ago)
We love Pakistan from Kashmir. :')
gautam kumar (5 days ago)
Maro saalo. ..........
Chitresh Bhatt (5 days ago)
Woah! This shit is scary and exciting, but sad too! The children that are born here seem to see nothing but guns and violence. I hope Pakistan shuts these markets which just feed extremism and goes on a path of development and harmony. Love from India!
Kriste Isopahkala (5 days ago)
They make guns with their bare hands? No they don't. The guns that they do make rarely even have rifling and are really unreliable. It's basically a swindle. Also, if you shoot a gun straight up or close to that in the air, it won't hurt anybody coming down. Come on Vice.
Is this filmed in Paris?
Satyam Kumar Mishra (6 days ago)
Lol muslims are so fool that even when a foreign media reveals the truth about their country, they feel proud to be terrorists! Lol😂
Satyam Kumar Mishra (5 days ago)
Atleast my friend is using his brain for a greater cause rather than these fools who are brainwashed by mulla's to fight for their alla with an ak47 in their hand lol
Satyam Kumar Mishra (5 days ago)
Ya I have a muslim friend who is a genius in mathematics, rather than these porkistani muslims using their brain for terrorism, a brain influenced by mulla's
sourabh meena (5 days ago)
Why so much hate towards Muslims? I hope you atleast respect our indian Muslims
deependra udeniya (6 days ago)
deependra udeniya (6 days ago)
most of the time these guns kills their many sons ... what a waste of life...
deependra udeniya (6 days ago)
most of the time these guns kills their many sons ... what a waste of life...
HERŞEY VAR (6 days ago)
*9 mm tabanca 36 dolar*
J.R. The Realist (6 days ago)
How they know them guns won’t jam
popcorn and water (7 days ago)
Any Afghanistani here who hates Pakistan?
popcorn and water (7 days ago)
toh kiya sone ka market hoga is desh me?
Nich Davenport (7 days ago)
You can tell this guy doesn't know jack shit about guns.
Minatozaki Sana (8 days ago)
I love how vice classified a SPAS-12 an italian rifle lol
Smoke 9 (8 days ago)
Damn i need to go to pakistan
Source Stargate (8 days ago)
Imaginary Rights
BloodOfTargaryen (9 days ago)
6:31 lol every gun is pure evil are you fucking kidding me
Luisk (9 days ago)
Americans are drooling over those prices.
Luisk (9 days ago)
1:18 His mom is badass
Joe Doe (9 days ago)
If you shoot bullets into the air.... they fall down and kill a someone.
Shaad Khan (9 days ago)
"This is the shooting area? We just had lunch downstairs!" "Yes" Naeem is a legend 😂😂😂😂😂
Black Devil (9 days ago)
I live in Pakistan and i swear i don't even know about this. I'm gonna buy 1.
tuvalu (10 days ago)
some cool folks there. I'd like to visit.
Loveandworldpeace (10 days ago)
Pakistan is indeed a terrorist nation. Its partition out of india is a hoax created by British just like israel and Palestine. Pakistan is israel. Completely created on occupied land.
yes Pakistan is banu israel ready for war
Jake Dowling (11 days ago)
The British didn't get destroyed lol 😂 open a textbook
Narendra Modi (11 days ago)
Jahn Berrios (11 days ago)
WAT So im buying AIR GUNS FOR 100-200 DOllars and THat pistol is 36 dollars JEEESSSS
Ankit Sharma (11 days ago)
That guns hub is all created by pakistani army to equip the militants with weapon at ease. Pakistan was attacked by Taliban?? No, the attacks were by pakistani army itself to threaten a few locals who oppose army's wicked ideas.And also to create a false sense in them that there are bad people out there and pakistani army is protecting them.
Jagadeep Satapathy (11 days ago)
He was laughed ha ha
Technical Bihari (11 days ago)
Pakistan murdabad
Cameron langill (11 days ago)
and some people think gun laws stop these people
Leslie Fiore (11 days ago)
Thanks to the Clintons and obama!!!
Help Me (11 days ago)
Lol he lost his hat 😂😂 Even though he warned him maybe terrorist will keep it Edit : they have so advanced guns 👏👏👏👏 in great progress
Sandeep Tiwari (11 days ago)
Illetrate vice . Don't no the map . showing Kashmir part of Pakistan. Or more probably doing it intensely.
Emanuel Mendez (11 days ago)
I found this more peaceful than I thought it will be
sir controversius (12 days ago)
They actuelly seems like Nice people
Rin Okumura (13 days ago)
5:43 😑 That’s a shotgun
Haroon Rahmani (14 days ago)
India, China and Pakistan can copy anything. It needs talent to be copycat.
Haroon Rahmani (14 days ago)
I remember passing that area when I was going back to Afghanistan from Pakistan, and the food on the side of the road had a unique taste.
mehradeepesh09 (14 days ago)
This is where Pakistani terrorist get fire arms from
Akshay Rana (14 days ago)
Wtf everyone in hands on gun
AnonR (15 days ago)
“Pure evil” A firearm has no moral or political standing, its a firearm. A tool used to kill things. The ideologies of the wielder are irrelevant. Thats like calling a white van a pedophile, a pitchfork demonic, and a bullwhip racist. It’s stupid and exposes both ignorance and the underlying beliefs of the man who spouts such idiotic things.
Hindu warrior (15 days ago)
Victor Vincenzo (15 days ago)
2:27 name of this music pls
Vinny Thomas (15 days ago)
That's why it's called the safe heaven for terrorists...
Silent Hunter_1976 (15 days ago)
This is fucking quality work man. I wish I could buy guns from there
Imran Khan (15 days ago)
Its texas of pakistan
hahaha no Texas is full of losers
B0BBYD1G1TAL (16 days ago)
Why don’t they stop making guns for a week and sweep up that shit hole they live in and wash their clothes?
halfvolley11 (16 days ago)
There is no such thing as Aryans you dumb Vice guy.
Omiiigamer INDIAN (16 days ago)
Lol dumb fucks
Peacemaker31 (16 days ago)
Can I use a nazi gun to shoot nazis?
AR WIRELESS USA (16 days ago)
this hindu bastard came to dig in and make his money from vice show, hey that's what it is so wat the fuck you can do !!!!!!! zama pukhtoon da "'"'
Viniethepooh_993 Kahar (17 days ago)
Fucking terrorists
Thanos (17 days ago)
For this they took independence.. Great..
Ahmad Shorash (17 days ago)
This is the best Example of a terrorist country Pakistan
khan ali (17 days ago)
yeah we are terrorist i live in this place its so fuckin good and peaceful i can shoot whenver i want.....we love being called terrorist
Yugal Kishor Joshi (17 days ago)
Land of terrorist
Arun Rana (17 days ago)
Thats why they called terrorist country
Amazonar15 (18 days ago)
What does he mean by that when you come down here you have to look the part
Procrastinator Lvl199 (18 days ago)
So this is where taxi drivers in Manhattan come from
Thetruth isherenow (9 days ago)
Pakistanis break your face any day
Thetruth isherenow (9 days ago)
They're no Pashtuns in Manhatten FATA people are different from Afghans
DN production (19 days ago)
give me a gun
Aldof Hitler (19 days ago)
John wicks happy place
Major Skies (19 days ago)
#Guns4Life #Pakistan Guns are constitutional right and WAY OF LIFE.
khan ali (17 days ago)
come in pakistan we treat evry guest with full day of shooting for free...my father has this tradition ....we will hive you guns and you can shoot whenever you want....i hate america only becuase due to its gun laws
Baljinder Singh (19 days ago)
Pakistan 💓💓💓💪💪💪💪👍👍👍✔✔✔
Mr Youtuber (19 days ago)
Mean while in India they produce rapists only

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