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"Big Brother HOH Top 12 Facts": Nickipedia

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Subscribe!: http://bit.ly/1G97GmA Follow Nickipedia Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nickuhas Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/nickuhas Vine: https://vine.co/NickUhas Divvie App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/divvie/id775575885?mt=8 Pass it on! Divvie is a revolution in mobile video creation and collaboration! Send a short video to your friends so they can watch and add their own video to yours! The best show on American TV,Big Brother!!! Lets talk about all things Head of Household competition, who has the most, the least and facts from top HOH winner himself, Hayden Moss!!! Big Brother is Awesome! Special thanks to: John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer. All of John's Big Brother content will be found here: http://www.buddytv.com/big-brother.aspx Production Team: Executive Producer: @Nicholas_Matt Co-producer: @RebeccaZamolo DP/Editor: @BryanBigler PR relations: @MNU_Rachael (Rachael Doyle)
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Text Comments (89)
RandomFantom 321 (11 days ago)
Victoria has never won a hoh but still made to top 3 in bb16
Ask Rhonnie (28 days ago)
A cross between Alton Brown and Bill Nye. Lol.
Epic Caden (4 months ago)
Also bb14 through 19 the Winner of H.O.H part two in top 3 wins the whole thing
bärñëŷ bïsh (7 months ago)
No hard feelings alissa... DEAD LMAOO
Ghandi II (10 months ago)
I hated when they evicted you I cried
PurpleAries (1 year ago)
well you forgot the shortest hoh comp
Clarence Royandoyan (1 year ago)
Nick, don't forget Nicole Franzel from BB18 for winning the first HOH and then won the game
Guillermo Castro (1 year ago)
He sounds like Zeke from wizards of waverly place
Bryan Ruiz (1 year ago)
Cody from the current season (19) already has a record, he nominated 5 houseguests in one reign. 1st- Jillian (went home) 2nd- Megan (self-eviction) 3rd- Alex (won POV) 4th- Paul (Safe for 3 evictions) 5th- Christmas (stays in the house) interesting don't you think?
Elite HD (1 year ago)
Hayden looks so different!!
BB._.Jonathan (1 year ago)
I love that he reminded us all that he was evicted, not because of an hoh nomination, but because of MVP Elissa
JEFF (1 year ago)
Nicole also won the first hoh and won.
AwsumG21 (1 year ago)
Add Nicole to the 1st HOH and winner
Mitch Burns (1 year ago)
Wasn't Dr. Will Kirby one of the people that got evicted without being nominated by the HOH. I'm pretty sure he went out 4th in big brother all stars during his fellow Mike Boogie's HOH. If I recall correctly he then went on to flip the jury house into voting for Mike and making him the winner of BB All Stars. I believe the final 4 was also the two Chill Town members and their two showmances. Also, who do you think is a better BB player, Dr. Will Kirby, or Derrick Levasseur?
Jamie .Farrell (1 year ago)
I uhh wish I knew more about Big Brother to understand what you were talking about.
AwsumG21 (1 year ago)
Now Nicole goes on as winning big brother but also winning the 1st HoH, yay for nicole
RPFBridgette (2 years ago)
i wish you had made it farther in BB
nightfall edits (2 years ago)
please make another bb fact video! i love these!
Which would you say has a bigger chance of ruining your game after winning it, HoH or PoV? On one side, you can get a lot of blood on your hands with HoH, and could cause a pawn to go by accident, but with PoV you could save someone and make a friend, but if you do then the other nominee could get mad and the HoH could dislike you for making them renom, getting more blood on them. And if you don't use it both nominees could get mad. Personally, I'd say PoV, but only if you won it and you're not HoH or a nom.
James McAllister (2 years ago)
What's more important Nick? Social game or being good at competitions
Nick Uhas (2 years ago)
social game no questions asked... competitions are just there to spice up the week and give the HG's something to do
0pac big (3 years ago)
The iPod was introduced 1 month after the finale of season 2
Lava Master (3 years ago)
NICK YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I really hope to see you if there are returning people in a new bb season in the future.
Ruthv Vandereb (3 years ago)
and ofcourse Hanelle is third on the list for 4 hoh wins like ofcourse 3rd is janelle number!
Ruthv Vandereb (3 years ago)
yeah haha
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+Ruthv Vandereb lol... its so true!!!! good catch btw
fearless511 (3 years ago)
Nick just found your videos, they are hilarious! Love the production and your facials are so funny! Could you do some Nickipedia videos about BB Can and the current season? Or perhaps an overview of it once the season is over?
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+fearless511 thank you for watching!!! I think that is an awesome idea... I will see what we can put together!
Sam (3 years ago)
Nick Uhas (3 years ago)
+Sammi Arsenault thank you!!!! very much appreciated!
Fred Guevara (3 years ago)
Hayden looks less annoying with short hair. xD Nice video!
Emanuel Lopez (3 years ago)
Victoria also made it to the Top 3 without winnig an HOH competiton .-.
Jacqueline Burton (3 years ago)
This video was made before that lol
Sam (3 years ago)
too cute
Adam Jones (3 years ago)
Amazing video and BB duos/showmances would be a great next video. 
Jim (4 years ago)
These videos remind me of that computer game "You Don't Know Jack!"
lolmmlol (4 years ago)
Nick!! Do videos about the the top BB moves and alliances or such.. 
Talia Diez (4 years ago)
The other two times were because of Jeff Schroeder and matt from seasons eleven and twelve because of the coup'de ta and the diamond power of veto the people that were mister pectacular aka Jesse cause of Jeff in eleven and Kathy went home because of Matt in season twelve aka Hayden Moss's season when he won
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
this is so true and awesome that you know this!
Talia Diez (4 years ago)
Amazing race facts
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
working on it : ) 
Storytelling Jordan (4 years ago)
Really impressed with the quality of your videos man both production wise and acting wise. Youre pretty funny, the begining when you say nickopedia reminds me of eddie murphy lol. PS I graduated from Ohio State. Buckeyes representing!
Storytelling Jordan (4 years ago)
Sweet man!
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
+Jay-Mo Productions 2009 from OSU, however I went to Yale for Econ and Acting for film after OSU
Storytelling Jordan (4 years ago)
+Nick Uhas Thats sweet man! I did buckeye tv too! What year did you graduate?
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
Hey!!!! I super appreciate that!!! And, dude go Bucks!!! I started all of this with Buck-i-TV and the theater dept right there at OSU
jacob scourey (4 years ago)
Nice video Nick, How about a survivor fact video? Also I would love to see you return in a "second chance" type season where pre-jurors return, as there are so many great players who never truly got to play. (You being one of them)
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
Hey man, I really appreciate that!!!!  And I will for sure put that in the possible videos to make pool (we've had quite a few people ask for us to do make that episode). Thanks for watching!!!
CassidyChristiansen (4 years ago)
Nick for BB All Stars! Give the guy a chance to play this time!
2319mi (4 years ago)
100% Agree, Nick could've done so much more in the game had it not been for Elissa
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
I would do it in a second!!!!! Thank you for watching! 
Kolbe Brennan (4 years ago)
Nick this videos are the best. Could you do facts about survivor or the amazing race.
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
Noted, thank you for the suggestion!!!! 
Danielle Diez (4 years ago)
I was thinking u should talk with all it for new house guests one on one to see their favorite season except elissa we already know hers LOL don't forget J U double d party darty
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
+Danielle Diez It's a great idea!!! thank you for that!
Danielle Diez (4 years ago)
Former I mean
tillin23-948fin (4 years ago)
i swear i didnt hear one single fact because of the eye candy in the video. DAMN IT NICK UR SEXY!!!!!
tillin23-948fin (2 years ago)
meh he's alright. nick is waaaay better looking.
Gabriela Mallo (2 years ago)
Make that double eye candy...Hayden is also very easy on the eyes
Juan C (4 years ago)
Seriously so happy I found this channel xD haha I loved you in BB15 and I recently seen Frankie's video and I was like "WOAH he's a youtuber!??! MUST SUBSCRIBE" haha x)
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
That's awesome!!!! Thank you so much for watching and subbing!!! We have a new video every Wednesday! 
Addison Mueller (4 years ago)
So far Frankie's won 3 HoH comps so he could possibly get to 5 in this season
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
He is on a roll!!!! might bust the record...we will have to reshoot ; )
Daleylife (4 years ago)
Oh, Nick... it really is too bad you went home week 2... But you should have told Ellisa what she wanted to hear. We were all yelling, "TELL HER YOU'D KEEP HER! TELL HER YOU'RE ON HER SIDE!" All we can hope is you might get another chance someday. And be sure to bring a blue hat. ;) 
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
I know!!!! If only I had a time machine....perhaps the next Nickipedia episode "How to time travel"  : ) 
cc (4 years ago)
More BB stuff! This was awesome.
cc (4 years ago)
OMG! Nick responded akbchkabkdjjnde ily so much. And, I think that you should do the worst big brother strategies, the most fit big brother contestants, and/or the the stongest contestants (mentally) in BB history.
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
What should the next one be!? And thanks for watching! 
JairWoo (4 years ago)
More BB Fact videos!
Danielle Haley (4 years ago)
How about some about BB duos/showmances?
Ralib (4 years ago)
Top 12 facts about Have nots
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
Thank you for watching, and what should the next BB video be?
brandon (4 years ago)
Can you do top Veto facts???
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
That's a really good one, thanks for the comment!
DericJackman (4 years ago)
I hope you both come back for an Allstars season!
DericJackman (4 years ago)
Heck yeah it would be! I feel like you had such potential to seriously make a huge impact on your season. I thought you were going all the way, however superstitions got the best of people and it ousted you sadly. So we can only hope :)
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
That would be amazing!!!!
JosephToJ (4 years ago)
Love these BB fact videos! More, more, more! Also... Hayden, yay!
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
noted my man!!! PS thanks for watching! 
nice video nick. keep it up
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
Thank you and will do!!!
Ralib (4 years ago)
Love ya lol i just now noticed you have a youtube :)
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
niiiiiice!!!! and thanks for watching! 
What About (4 years ago)
sweet, i love these 
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
much appreciated!!!  : ) 
Asp (4 years ago)
U should do a top 5 worst bb seasons ur opinion 😃
Nick Uhas (4 years ago)
That's an awesome idea!!! Thank you for watching!!
Iris (4 years ago)
+Angela and in between
Angela (4 years ago)
And best

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