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Hip-Hop Samples Pt.7

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Hip-Hop Samples Pt.7. Tracklisting 1a) Ohio Players - Fopp 1b) Jay-Z - Rap-Crack Game 2a) Dexter Wansel - Life On Mars 2b) Lupe Fiasco - Cool 3a) Charles Mingus - II B.S. 3b) Gang Starr ft Jeru The Damaja - I'm The Man 4a) Teena Marie - Square Biz 4b) Ma$e - Love U So 5a) Gloria Scott - Love me, Love me, Love me or Leave me, Leave me, Leave me 5b) Beanie Sigel - I Can't Go On This Way 6a) The O'Jays - Ship Ahoy 6b) Cormega ft Ghostface Killa - Tony Montana 7a) Henry Mancini - Police Woman Theme 7b) Outkast - Skew it on the Bar-B 8a) J.J Barnes - You Are Just A Living Doll 8b) Jay Dilla - Believe in God 9a) Ohio Players - Since Our Love Has Died 9b) Gza ft Killa Priest - B.I.B.L.E. 10a) Tom Brock - There's Nothing in This World That Can Stop Me From Loving You 10b) Jay-Z - Girls, Girls, Girls 11a) Bob James & Earl Klugh - Love Lips 11b) Onyx - Last Dayz 12a) Jody Watley - Looking For A New Love 12b) KMD - What A Niggy Know 13a) Gladys Knight & The Pips - The Way We Were (Try To Remember) 13b) Freeway - When They Remember 14a) Imagination - All Night Lovin 14b) 88 Keys ft Kanye West - Stay Up (Viagra) 15a) The New Birth - Got To Get A Knutt 15b) Mf Doom - Shallots 16a) Tommy Tate - For The Dollar Bill 16b) Nas - Book of Rhymes 17a) The Moments - When The Morning Comes 17b) Pitch Black - It's All Real
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Text Comments (34)
Jam War (3 years ago)
1a ) Ohio Players was first used on Hard On The Boulevard byToo Short.
William Elliott (3 years ago)
Henri Mancini's Police Woman Theme sampled by Outkast's Skew It On The Bar-B
cockney gyal (3 years ago)
Fake smiling handshaking phonies zip it up
M Martinez (4 years ago)
Ohio Players - OUR LOVE HAS DIED = Da King And I - Tears
Bennie Densmore (4 years ago)
https://soundcloud.com/bennie-d/808s-and-heart-breaks  peep this before you log off. thank you 
Tavaras Riddle (4 years ago)
check out 9th wonder, Alchemist, DJ Premier, and No I.D. my man. Plenty of others that got beats more than RZA. I wont front though, Dilla is that dude with the samples!
Jerry Miller (5 years ago)
Dilla by far has the best samples with Rza next
DJ EVOL (5 years ago)
i dont want drums in theseee
jjones70998 (5 years ago)
flip on this is B.I.B.L.E from since our love has died is mad!!!
Travis Carter (5 years ago)
damn Bob James & Earl Klugh - Love Lipsi. I know heard that some where else cant put my finger on it
stillphil (6 years ago)
Edi pez (6 years ago)
hahahaha agreed. check out my channel
RealityMusicUK (6 years ago)
Don't wanna seem like I'm ruining the page but I have a beat on my channel up for sale. Check it, comment and subscribe for new upcoming material at youtube.com/realitymusicuk. Thanks a lot guys :D
Gabriel Vr (6 years ago)
what name song 2:38 ? please
Kregg Carter (6 years ago)
hey man can u please tell what song is that at 3:41?
Swiftkillah1300 (7 years ago)
@cyberindigenous well if u break it down to the basic elements all music is just repackaged versions of the music notes...its not what u do its how u do it that makes it good music...not all music samples are good but the good ones bring something to the music they took or use the music as parts of new music
SABOTAAGEBEATZ (7 years ago)
i always thought outkast used the $10"000 pyramid theme for that song
Nico Eshuis (7 years ago)
@MR954LIVE Download a YouTube to MP3 converter and search for the song you want on youtube. Cut the mp3 up and slice it! If you lookin for better quality. Buy a song on iTunes, only 1 dollar a piece most of the times
CharlieSweden (7 years ago)
Keep diggin'!
Mirakle EMHATEE (7 years ago)
@MR954LIVE digg digg digg dude peace
ubidubi04 (7 years ago)
the sample for MF Doom's Shallots sounds more like stereolab's widow weirdo. then again maybe they both litsen to The New Birth
Justin Wallace (8 years ago)
Police Woman Theme is also sampled in Masta Killa's "No Said Date" almost directly.
William Bradley (8 years ago)
Yes Sir,Thank you fam,I always love this type of shit..I got one for you though,"Slam"by Onyx whats the OG sam.
fromgio (8 years ago)
man listening to these samples makes me wish i knew how 2 make beats n sample some crazy shit
Hip Hop Samples (8 years ago)
TuFRyDa (8 years ago)
A-Team - Cant go on this way is also from Gloria Scott - Love me, Love me, Love me or Leave me, Leave me, Leave me
CarsRapTrack (8 years ago)
bink did a good job on Freeway's track-when they remember...and whoever produced pitch blacks song did well too
MsTexas73 (8 years ago)
I'm gonna have to seek out that Charles Mingus tune.
MsTexas73 (8 years ago)
Outkast did a smaple of a remix. Henry Mancini dind't do the PW theme first...Morton Stevens did.
TheLegendaryBadguy (8 years ago)
Didn't even notice I did that, props on the heads up my man.
will ordonez (8 years ago)
ayo this is some stuff u just kick a L 2 my dude 1love!!!!!
Robt. Neutron Sound (8 years ago)
The artist of Got to Get a Knutt is actually the New Birth; Birth Day is the album name.
Peebo Johnson (8 years ago)
The Firm did dat Teena Marie sample
Danny Lee (8 years ago)
A man im lovin these sample series you got going.....keep em comin my man!!

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