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The Rock Obama: GOP Senators - SNL

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White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel (Andy Samberg) urges President Obama (Fred Armisen) to get angry while meeting with GOP leaders, unleashing the fury and power of "The Rock Obama" (Dwayne Johnson). [Season 34, 2009] #SNL Get more SNL: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-liv... Like SNL: https://www.facebook.com/snl Follow SNL: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl SNL Tumblr: http://nbcsnl.tumblr.com/ SNL Instagram: http://instagram.com/nbcsnl SNL Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nbcsnl/
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Text Comments (1184)
Drew Anderson (1 hour ago)
Why say lot word when few word do trick?
Zaxo (12 hours ago)
The simoan tattoos look fantastic ang gave away the actor immediately.
Daniel Malloy (20 hours ago)
Obama did more for green people than he did for the Blacks
D G (2 days ago)
Dwayne.. Johnnnssssoooonnnn... <3
Blue Palmer (2 days ago)
Fred is so fucking versatile, nobody else can just pass as any race or gender
Drumsgoon (2 days ago)
Yup, no difference with the jokes about Trump
TAP water (3 days ago)
Emanuela Ciobanu (4 days ago)
hmm.. Democracy? whom has Humanity..??🇱🇷
Malka Lee (4 days ago)
Best part is Andy's face at 2:59
Eric (5 days ago)
We all know now that when you make Barack Obama angry she gives you money.
Shalom White (5 days ago)
This is art right here
jeninjeans (5 days ago)
that was 5 minutes i'll never get back.
Omg I think he's doing black face. Not Rock but the actor before Rock
Random Games (6 days ago)
Why is he white in the first place? Is this racist, showing that an angry man is a black man?
armond lloyd (7 days ago)
Ramiro Garcia (7 days ago)
One of my favorite skits ever!
Robert Luben (7 days ago)
The Rock's impression was quite a bit better.
Dennis Teti (7 days ago)
Because this isn’t subliminally racist or anything
skyblaze23 (8 days ago)
The rock is a lot buffer now
Kevin Jones (8 days ago)
It's the first floor don't worry about it lmao
Sean Rosas (9 days ago)
Bullshit when its terrorist Barry o or his husband Michael everyone praised them with funny jokes but yet everything is trump hate.
Kelsey Elizabeth (9 days ago)
Yeah well he had eight years and did shit so.
Josh M (9 days ago)
The Rock does a pretty good Obama impression.
fifa craft (10 days ago)
Wow this went on for wayyyy to long
Randy Artibee Jr. (10 days ago)
he threw 2 people out the window and it was broken. then it was full again. then broken again.
Sarah Weingartz (10 days ago)
"little man in suit"
Gareth Jones (11 days ago)
Has the rock had his ears pinned back since this?
Carena Smith (11 days ago)
Bull a whole instigator 😂😂😂”get angry”
Southernbelle2978 (11 days ago)
The Rock 2020
Abhishek Siwakoti (11 days ago)
That should be a movie
Aidan D (11 days ago)
I like how their in The White House but they have The White House as the background 🙃
Joseph L. Broseph (12 days ago)
Dwayne Johnson 2020
Jonathan O'Leary (12 days ago)
This is basically what Trump is now lol
Seydaschu (13 days ago)
"And you, senatorrrrr...." "Er-r-r, my n-name is..." "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!"
M Chaney (13 days ago)
All I read was, The ROCK Obama and instantly had to click.
Boco Corwin (13 days ago)
The thumbnail had me cracking up
timrob12 (13 days ago)
Why is Obama white?
Digs (14 days ago)
How democrats actually do politics
Alison Abuhadema (14 days ago)
I wish the Rock would throw Trump out the window as well as many republican Senators and representatives
French LiberTea. Eh? (14 days ago)
Did anyone else find it a little racist that they put make up on a white man to make him look black? I don’t know maybe it’s just me but that seems a lot like black facing from the 18&1900’s.
Goddess shepherd (15 days ago)
damn he look sexy with hair
Tanner Paulsen (15 days ago)
Love how they dont even try to pretend they're not super bias
ALIEN ORIGINS (15 days ago)
Ahlam Abdullahi (15 days ago)
To the rock, how does it feel to have hair
Eddy Baro (15 days ago)
This was what planted the seeds for people wanting the DJ to be president
Rashad Williams (16 days ago)
But ttt Trump changed things when he first got in
Wesley Hutcheson (16 days ago)
ACAEDEN LEE (16 days ago)
GET ANGRY LOL!!!!!!!!!😂👌🔥
Flame Freak (16 days ago)
Will you please get angry Nope lol 😆😆😆
Caleb J. Nixon (17 days ago)
Get angry
Miranda L. (17 days ago)
Everyone talking about the boob grab but didn't notice that she possibly could have shattered her ankle from it hitting the side of fbe window.
Veronica Lopez (17 days ago)
With all respect I think the right term is Mr. Mandatario. Thanks. I still with $221.00 dls. at month, that are not enough for my expenses, and I needed it's true to buy a back pack because "someone" ordered to break the zippers, I need desperately an oil because my skin is getting very mistretaeyn. and I NEED to do to the gym, and I need to stop being rape. thanks. Veronica Lopez
quentin wood (17 days ago)
i  don't remember him been light skin smdh
BJ JR (17 days ago)
Get angry.
bearcolombia (18 days ago)
Wait, so you WANTED an angry president?!
ThatFishGuy (18 days ago)
Fred Armisen sucked at the role.
bossaliniem$B tv (18 days ago)
JAY EM (18 days ago)
Andy really nailed Rahm's sociopathy!
Cpt. Butthole (18 days ago)
Back when we had a terrorist for a president
tony thetiger (18 days ago)
vote dwayne!
Roger Locklear (18 days ago)
The rock is all muscle he's know actor.
krk1291 (19 days ago)
Thank God Obama is out of office that piece of shit deserves the death penalty
kevin burdine (20 days ago)
Andy sanburg ruens every Snl skit he is in that's why he"s not in any big comedy movies
Going Green (20 days ago)
I wish Rock Obama would have shown up! At least once in a while! Especially now, to sock old white boy trump right in the mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nads mcgee (21 days ago)
Why did the rock speak more fluently in his introduction but then started to pause longer and sound more incoherent as the sketch went on?
LouistheHedgehog (21 days ago)
If only Obama was a little more aggressive like this. Just a little.
smallmak5 (22 days ago)
Didn't insult Obama enough so thumbs down
Thunder Garcia (22 days ago)
If only Obama had been a little tougher. Just a few pair of balls
Dionne Griffin (23 days ago)
The Rock Obama..🤗😂
All I kept hearing in the beganing was palatine telling him to use his anger and "do it"
TheUltimateOne 21 (25 days ago)
The rock obama is just obama with a little samoan added to him
Monica Anderson (27 days ago)
this is sad
boldsign (28 days ago)
4:07 RIP phone :,(
Nicholas Leon (1 month ago)
Thomas (1 month ago)
“Let’s go to the pizza place across the street”
Niko The Arms Dealer (1 month ago)
Emperor Samberg
rtothemutha (1 month ago)
The Rock Obama....lol!
Admin 2018 (1 month ago)
I am a could do nothing wrong to the left could he?
Joshua Bowen (1 month ago)
Obama was a bad president
LT Patart (1 month ago)
*B E G O N E S E N A T O R*
Gio escalante (1 month ago)
all these comments about him grabbing the boob, DID YOU NOT SEE HIM EXPLODE THAT PHONE?!
PounD diggins (1 month ago)
I know Obama is HOLLERING
jakub h (1 month ago)
obama - worst president everand the biggest pussy from us
Leighton Lundstrom (1 month ago)
retarded obama couldnt get anything done
Haaris Sultan (1 month ago)
Isn't this black face from Fred Armisen?
Major (1 month ago)
Firstname Lastname (1 month ago)
3:35 windows gone... and right back!
Not so English (1 month ago)
Hammond does a really well McCain
janning schrotter (1 month ago)
Great more spending lol and Trump will spend more and the next guy will spend more and more. The People's Republic of the Unites States is the world's greatest commune hail satan.
Mike hansen (1 month ago)
If that was the only AIG positive
Eugeniu Gaidim (1 month ago)
Is that Joker's smile right there? 3:00
Tf Out (1 month ago)
You should do like Donald trump turns into hulk and make John clean play him and call him Donald cena or Johnald trump
St4rTr3v1Ut10n (1 month ago)
SNL never sucked so much presidential dick as they did Obama. They made fun of every president since Ford, but they never once lampooned Obama. Not. Once.
NaTosha Evinrude (1 month ago)
One jiggaboo monkey playing another jiggaboo monkey...
PurePixel (1 month ago)
Can’t wait to see the Trump version
Diamond Dog (1 month ago)
This was the political narrative that the left was promoting and many people, like myself, didn't see it until it was too late.
KayBear Cosplay (1 month ago)
I would vote for the rock
Laga Aumua (1 month ago)
how is rocky just gonna thow a lady out like that
Anin Lashkar (1 month ago)
When you make Trump angry, he'll just get a boner and stroke simultaneously.
andrew weisel (1 month ago)
god i miss obama

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