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WRAP Prince William and Kate Middleton announce engagement ADDS more

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(16 Nov 2010) Prince William has finally became engaged to long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton, giving her his late mother's engagement ring and Britain the prospect of its biggest royal wedding since Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer almost 30 years ago. Royal officials announced on Tuesday that William will marry Middleton next spring or summer in London, ending years of rumoured splits, reconciliations and will-they, won't-they speculation. The college romance that seemed to wilt under the pressure of adulthood and the glare of the paparazzi had blossomed at last. "This was my way of making sure that my mother didn't miss out on today," William said as the couple posed for photographers inside St. James's Palace. William proposed during a holiday in Kenya last month and gave Kate the oval blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds, from the jeweller Garrard, that his mother, Princess Diana, once wore. William is second in line to the British throne after Charles, his father. Kate and William's first child would move ahead of his younger brother Prince Harry to become third in line to the throne. "Blimey," said William as he faced a torrent of camera flashes Tuesday at St. James's Palace. He wore a navy suit, Kate a simple blue dress. Kate acknowledged that being queen was "a daunting prospect" and declined to say whether the prince had gone down on bended knee when he proposed. Many in Britain welcomed the royal engagement as a rare piece of good news in a time of economic uncertainty and cutbacks - a time much like 1981, when millions watched Charles and Diana's fairy-tale wedding. Their marriage eventually ended in divorce - but no one was dwelling on that detail on Tuesday. William's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and her husband Prince Philip "are absolutely delighted for them both," Buckingham Palace said. Prince Charles said he was "obviously thrilled," and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, said her stepson's engagement was "the most brilliant news." Middleton's parents, Carole and Michael, also welcomed the prince to their family. "We all think he's wonderful, we're extremely fond of him," Michael Middleton said. "They make a lovely couple." Using Twitter as well as a news release, Clarence House said Charles was "delighted to announce the engagement of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton." Few were surprised by the news. Kate and William's engagement was the safest bet in Britain, an event so certain that bookies had stopped taking bets on a 2011 wedding. The date avoids London's Summer Olympics and the queen's Diamond Jubilee, both being held in 2012. No venue has been announced yet. For true pomp, the ceremony is likely to fall between the extraordinary spectacle of Charles and Diana's wedding in St. Paul's Cathedral and Charles' subdued second marriage to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall at Windsor Guildhall in 2005. The formal engagement is likely to turn the poised, brunette Middleton - already depicted approvingly in the fashion pages - into a global icon. With her confident good looks and long brown hair, Middleton has already become one of the most photographed women in Britain. The palace will be hoping that she combines Diana's glamour and charm with a more commonsense approach to life. At 28, Middleton is considerably older than Diana was when she wed at 20, and has had greater life experiences and longer training in dealing with the media. William and Harry have spent a lifetime in the spotlight, with their drunken nights out and female friends the subject of constant tabloid gossip. William once told an interviewer he wouldn't marry "until I'm at least 28 or maybe 30." He turned 28 in June, Middleton met William at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/100d4b3ca0172eaee0756e475cee0777 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Kristy Michel (21 days ago)
Kate looks so different from when they were dating, got engaged and today wow. I like Kate she’s very pretty when they were doing the interview on their engagement... she was a tomboy
Margaret Taylor (1 month ago)
They are so natural and Kate is a real beauty. Love them forever, I’m so glad they seem to be happier than Charles and Diana. William was a very wise man when he chose Catherine.
angle lay (1 month ago)
Really William and kate r very nice with too much flashery
Kari2025 (2 months ago)
Jesus, those flashes! How could they even walk to the right spot lol
meghan belhumeur (2 months ago)
Wow, even after they asked to pause with flashes, they kept going! I HATE paps
TreyParkersBitch (2 months ago)
Good thing she is not epileptic
Kruze N (2 months ago)
Lights out .
annajeehee (2 months ago)
Photographers can’t take directions - lol- ugh
LAIAN HAJOMAR (2 months ago)
They were probably blind with all those camera flashes...poor thing
Unknown Girl (2 months ago)
Gosh that would be so painful to stare at
old school (2 months ago)
I couldn't handle all those flashes my god
Lolavie Blog (3 months ago)
Kate was already nervous and the flashes distracted her from what she was trying to say. Always wanted to see this and never found it on YouTube
vivian vivi (3 months ago)
I love
DJ Scratkherz Original (3 months ago)
I’m your big fan.:)
DJ Scratkherz Original (3 months ago)
DJ Scratkherz Original (3 months ago)
My Bloodline Bloodline
DJ Scratkherz Original (3 months ago)
My Sister! Princess Kate I loved her so much.:) Awww
xfiler2013 (3 months ago)
When he said that was his mothers ring Kate looked ill . Just meaning she had the oh shit I better not lose this ring look. I don’t know if I would have wanted that ring. It’s such an iconic piece of jewelry. Princess Charlotte might just get that ring in the future.
Taong Grasa (8 days ago)
Prince George's wife
Elisabetta2345 (1 month ago)
or the Prince George's wife...I think
Pug Love (4 months ago)
All those cameras going off my God
adam withey (6 months ago)
Have you watched the royal wedding announcement with Prince William and Kate Middleton before?
Maggie Jenkins (7 months ago)
Our future King married a man look at the Adams apple and the shoulders, and now Harry is set to marry one too. Fucking weirdos
Anne Davidson (8 months ago)
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Dannii Franks (8 months ago)
All that flashing could probably cause someone without epilepsy to have a fit! Kind of dangerous. Did they really need all those cameras?
Eliane Rocha (8 months ago)
Jade93 (8 months ago)
after MM and Harry this couple is fantastic and gorgeous
Hrh-Pan F (8 months ago)
Now I see why Harry chose to do his & Meghan engagement announcement outdoors in garden!! I certainly couldn't take all dat media frenzy & all da reporters camera bulbs flashing sooo loudly!! Poor Katherine & William having to put up with all dat frenzy from all those reporters on their engagement announcement!!😱 GOD bless you Prince William & Princess Kate & fambily!!🌷🌷
therese fassie (2 months ago)
Hrh-Pan F his not their heir therefore his engagement is unsignificant.
24/6 L&A (4 months ago)
Geovana Rodrigues shut up you dumb trash ugly demon. Harry and meagain are irrelevant
Geovana Rodrigues (7 months ago)
Hrh-Pan F go get a life ugly bitch
Hrh-Pan F (7 months ago)
Geovana Rodrigues - your neglected puppies are calling you! Go tend to them you big EedeeeAt!
Geovana Rodrigues (7 months ago)
Hrh-Pan F get life ugly bitch.
Hrh-Pan F (8 months ago)
OOH NOOO! How very frightening all those flashes!! I can't hear a thing cos of all da very loud camera flashes!!
Kim Mann (18 days ago)
I know, I could only hear some of what Kate was saying. It made me wonder how Kate and William could hear it the freaking questions. IMO that's a scary situation to be in.
Kay Morgan (1 month ago)
Hrh-Pan F Please spread the word that this woman was a fake imposter that stalked prince william His real wife is suffering
Fok Tong Yee din (8 months ago)
Hrh-Pan F
Gracie C. (8 months ago)
Their engagement feels more organic and natural than Meghan and Harry.
Just Me (25 days ago)
Gracie C. Agree. Harry & Meghan's entire relationship seemed a bit rushed to me. As if he felt the pressure to propose and get married. I am not sure whether their marriage will work out. I wish them the best though 🙈
Zechariah Cameron (2 months ago)
therese fassie Harry should be king over Willam’s kids. Edward and Andrew should be kings over William.
therese fassie (2 months ago)
Becky Sebring Harry engagement has no significance whatsoever.William is the future king therefore formality is attached to everything he does.don't compare a state event(William's wedding) which was a national hollyday to a private matter (Harry's wedding) which was shown on tv just to seek unecessary attention.Harry and William may be brothers but They have a very different status.Harry technically doesn't count especially now that William has produced heirs.stop trying to put them on the same lane,they are just not.
Martina Lopez (2 months ago)
Gracie C. Flashbulbs are needed for the future king...wtf???
Zechariah Cameron (2 months ago)
Is Prince Philip not long because he’s not on the Windsor side or not biologically related to Queen Elizabeth?
Juanita Sullivan (8 months ago)
Holy crap! The flashes are just too much! I'm watching this to compare it to today's announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan's announcement. They did their thing outside in the daylight. Much better idea.
24/6 L&A (4 months ago)
Juanita Sullivan William and Kate's was much classier and formal
monalisasmile (8 months ago)
Juanita Sullivan I agree!
Juanita Sullivan (8 months ago)
No problem.
Jae Jae (8 months ago)
Juanita Sullivan So sorry, I replied to wrong msg.
Juanita Sullivan (8 months ago)
What is BS exactly?
manbkk manyaaa (9 months ago)
Basanta Nayak (10 months ago)
Abul Azad (10 months ago)
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Abul Azad (10 months ago)
Allah knows before the universe I honor all art dear sir director Hollywood Bollywood Dollywood I honor sir hazrat Omar sharif
mmmmmvodka (11 months ago)
She was so nervous she tripped on the what do you love about him question.
Karen W (11 months ago)
That's gotta take a lot of love to have to go through that many cameras on you for the rest of your life.
Fiona Middleton (11 months ago)
How many photos did those photographers need? For Christ sake, William & Kate were posing for them majority of the time.
Mark Gable (1 year ago)
Omg those photographers are a nightmare. ...!!!!
Clare Maher (1 year ago)
Seriously no need for that amount of flashing, I would have walked out halfway!! And they don't even stop when asked how rude
kate fitz23x (8 months ago)
Clare Maher hi clare. couldnt have put it better my self. No respect any more from the photographers if willam said guys please stop I think they would have done. Loved the photos when I saw them 👍
Ser p (1 year ago)
How rude are the photographers can you stop errr no. grrr :/
J L-S (1 year ago)
Those flashbulbs are crazy!
<3 ! <3 !
Vart (1 year ago)
i would go blind 😂😂
Jean Falone (1 year ago)
flash was too much God that's was a lot how could they see to walk away
Nadia 4u85 (1 year ago)
I absolutely love them as a couple but this is their lives in a nutshell. I do not envy them at all. No privacy :( they do handle it with such grace though. Princess Diana is a proud mum <3
Kay Morgan (1 month ago)
Nadia 4u85 they are not a real couple. His real wife is in another country. This woman was a stalker. Please spread the word. Prince william was always a private man but he put his true wife true hell. His wife suffered by the time the stalker came in the marriage especially by her pimping mother.
Zechariah Cameron (2 months ago)
Nadia 4u85 Harry is getting married today!
sword of light (1 year ago)
For while they had Liberty they despised the most high they were in contempt to his law and forsake his ways for doctrines of men and Unholy laws of Wicked men through the craft of Lucifer that has deceived the whole world moreover they have trodden down his righteousness saying in their heart there was no God though they knew that they should die for all the things that I have spoken of is made ready for you for it thirst and pain prepared for them for God would not that Man Parrish but they after they were created have defiled the name of him that made them and are unthankful unto him whish prepared life for them therefore my judgment is now at hand therefore repent for you cannot drink the cup of demons and the cup of the Lord therefore again repent because after death there shall be pain then after the judgement
Jennifer Mavens (3 months ago)
What is the point of this gibberish, if any? Or is it just virtual litter?
ndoris (2 years ago)
:28 seconds and I would be on the floor with a seizure
Kay Morgan (1 month ago)
ndoris they are not a real couple. His real wife is in another country
24/6 L&A (1 year ago)
looool for real! I think at some point it scared them. It was so blinding and too much
annajeehee (2 years ago)
Love the fact that kate face was serious about when William talks about the ring and his mom - that's why we love her - she should be queen
Kay Morgan (1 month ago)
annajeehee i need your help to spread the word. This woman was a fake imposter who stalked prince william. She is not even his real wife. She was a witch
Kaylee Alagappa (2 years ago)
That was a alot of flashes i would be like IM BLIND BLIND oH MY GOODNESS
Kay Morgan (1 month ago)
Please spread the word
Kay Morgan (1 month ago)
Kaylee Alagappa they are not a real couple. His real wife is going through hell. Prince william chose a stalker and who walked down the aisle.
the Black Swan Hs (2 years ago)

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