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3 Earth-Like Planets Found in 1 Solar System

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The system, Gliese 667C, has three planets in the habitable zone which may be rocky have atmospheres.
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princess rose (2 года назад)
these planets are amazing
sebastien enzo (5 лет назад)
Read this:.... God Maked this 3 like earths cause this our old world will end cause nibiru is on hes wayto this old world if nibiru hits this our old world god will take us in the other 1 like planet world
reem930 (5 лет назад)
Fiasco Linguini (5 лет назад)
I hope they have good schools...
xblkman (5 лет назад)
I think the warp bubble would be protection enought since the ship is in it's own space time bubble. Everything else outside the bubble would just move around it, and won't effect anything inside the bubble that's my theory
MK1 Murica (5 лет назад)
Imagine blasting toward those planets at light speed and slamming in to an alien space ship . That would be devastating but interestingly funny to think about
MK1 Murica (5 лет назад)
Well even if the warp drive works we would need a way to protect us from all the floating shit in space until we get shielding
KajiCarson (5 лет назад)
Cool it, Jacko.
Samuel Moss (5 лет назад)
lets go i wood love the chans to live on a new word or 4 my kids to live thair
Leila Smith (5 лет назад)
I didn't know that, sounds very fascinating to think of a life form neither plant or animal. Now I have even more to wonder about when I star gaze, thank you :-)
deklak (5 лет назад)
time to go : boldly go where no man has gone before
Polydynamix (5 лет назад)
No need to apologize, I'm not mad. Think of this tho, round cells make animals, squared cells make plants... what would triangular cells create? Try to imagine a life that's neither plant nor animal. It's a bit like asking you to think of a color you've never seen before. Such a life form could very well exist. What if single cells, instead of combining just grew big. Imagine a single celled organism a meter long. It would be terrifying.
Leila Smith (5 лет назад)
That's a good point. I forgot how varied life is on our planet for a brief time, must have got a bit carried away. Sorry I didn't think of that before.
Zombicide (5 лет назад)
Pack for what? Watch them turn out to have either a third or ten times Earth's gravity even if they meet every other requirement lol
Polydynamix (5 лет назад)
Water was only the medium by which life evolved, it doesn't mean it's a prerequisite for life. Life on this planet varies so greatly, from the jellyfish to the albino gorilla and the fruit bat... all of which came from a single celled ancestor. There's more than just water involved, temperature, gravity, atmospheric composition, the spectrum of light emitted by it's star, the length of seasons... all of which would drive evolution in unpredictable directions.
Brehvon (5 лет назад)
If the warp drive works out we could be there in just over 2 years! Woo!
Leila Smith (5 лет назад)
Well life on this planet came from water didn't it? If there is water on an earth-like planet then they might share similar characteristics to life forms here. If there is life on a gas giant such as Jupiter, then the life there would be so different we could only imagine.
Polydynamix (5 лет назад)
'life there can't be too different'... I'm afraid that's a lack of imagination on your part.
Neurotic Knight (5 лет назад)
But imagine if intelligent life evolved independently on each, it could be like english colonizing the america
chuhrros (5 лет назад)
makes you wonder if there are intelligent and advanced life in such systems. those lucky bastard aliens have 2 or more habitable planets in relatively close proximity. this is of course assuming their physiology is compatible as such. must be really interesting living in a solar system like that.
DexDacozed (5 лет назад)
Leila Smith (5 лет назад)
So cool, even cooler if there are other humanoids on that planet. If they are earth-like then any life there can't be too different.
Christoffer Åkesson (5 лет назад)
Perfect! Put crazy Christians one the first planet, put crazy Muslims on the second planet and send the weird criminals on the third planet.
Sysop (5 лет назад)
Thanks for the update Obama!
RhakaiWest (5 лет назад)
I cannot wait for the ultimate discovery of human civilization - the inevitable "no" to the ancient question of are we alone. The amount of extrasolar Earth's being observed is astounding. Add the JWST to the picture and we're in for some amazing leaps forward in our knowledge of the cosmos.
NKTV (5 лет назад)
Roselio Mendoza (5 лет назад)
Awesome! I love astronomy

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