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'Golden State Killer' suspect arrested

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A DNA match led to the arrest of a 72-year-old former police officer in crime sprees of the 1970s and '80s.
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Anizha ward (4 days ago)
he's a goner he already half dead he probably gone die in prison
mike s (1 month ago)
He has a micro penis as documented by survivors of his attacks
Kaydence Graham (2 months ago)
My aunt lived down the road from him.
Daniel Melendez (3 months ago)
So does anyone know if he has been raped in his ass?
Michael Hector (3 months ago)
He lived his life..he is 72 years old...got away with murder and rape...he will either commit suicide in prison or be killed...wont do much time..because he wont last
right right (4 months ago)
It's obvious he was a closet homosexual who hated women also he was a fucking coward and had a score for a mommy and when he gets to prison he's going to get all the dick his heart desires and hopefully there's some convicts left to put feces semen and urine and all of his meals!!!!
HITCHTXGIRL (4 months ago)
if you actually watched the docs on this case that's been around for decades with several updates with the latest info, he wasn't a cop all that long, and was fired by dept. for being a hothead and not following procedures. They had his dna back in the 70's and kept it frozen looking for a match, when the technology became available. When someone like him had no criminal record, no dna on file in any database, there's nothing to match it to. For those asking why wasn't he caught... His crimes were done decades before cameras, CCTV, forensics (trace evidence etc) before cellphones, the internet, social media etc. This is why we dont have serial killers that are out for year on end without capture, not heard of since the nineties.
lahokc59 (4 months ago)
Republicans and democrats are the right and left hands of the same monster they are used to move you closer to the mouth that you may be consumed , I am neither you presumptuous moron.....
Matt WarChild (4 months ago)
This piece of shit needs the death penalty.
Cork Alarms11353 (4 months ago)
Zodiac next..bet he was a cop too !
shonte brent (4 months ago)
yall talk about BLACK folk..yet you RACIST devils walk around in.plain sight
Mark P (4 months ago)
He did it while on the job then cops have too much free time
Kent Pra (4 months ago)
He deserves to be brutally raped at least 50-100 times.
Larry Horne (4 months ago)
I think this guy could be the zodiac! This guy would of been in his early 20s in 1966 when the first zodiac killings started same area.
*Ed O'Neill -* What did you do you funny funny man, l guess this will be the end of Modern family!
roter13 (4 months ago)
There is something very fishy about the timing of this "breakthrough."
roter13 (4 months ago)
Police officers are the worst! A lot of them constantly break the law
K G SIVAPRASAD (4 months ago)
It must be done by my respected police... that you should insert plenty of thick and hard bananas through his wide opened mouth... to realise about the lives of humans and their tragedy... !!!
Mario Garza (4 months ago)
White dude killing in America
Corrupt Cop God (4 months ago)
He dindu nuffin
luckyXCX (4 months ago)
Mr eggman will serve the rest of his old shit life where he belongs adios fat fuck
Vincent Delao (4 months ago)
Let's get this straight it was a cop and he was white that's why it took so long to catch him , no one would accuse a cop . Cops should all submit DNA . The Zodiac killer was probably a white cop.
jake miller (4 months ago)
What a surprise another piece of shit cop abusing his authority hope he gets raped in prison
Christen Denise (4 months ago)
Its sickening that it took soooooo long to find out who it was. He wont get to stay in prison for 40+ years now because of his age. At least he'll die in prison.
Mentuhotep II (4 months ago)
Fuck both the ex-pigglets and current pigglets!
Gleeker (4 months ago)
Hmmm he was a cop...
Stephanie Morgan (4 months ago)
News Decoded (4 months ago)
. Your Relative’s DNA Could Turn You Into a Suspect . https://www.wired.com/2015/10/familial-dna-evidence-turns-innocent-people-into-crime-suspects/ .
czg123 (4 months ago)
They wheel him into court like the damn queen of England yet continuously kill unarmed, mentally unfit men. Okay. =) xoxo
JasonG 88 (4 months ago)
what i don't understand is in his dna they said he is of scandanavian/german maybe english ancestry, and it turns out both his parents are italian, maybe he is descended from lombards. the cops i believe knew it was a cop for awhile, they knew ons and ear was same since 1996 now all of a sudden some d.a. wants her glory.
JasonG 88 (4 months ago)
this scumbag's surname is anything but, it means angelic in italian, should have been diablo
Tam Do (4 months ago)
Didn't know Al Bundy from married with children was a murderer?
News Decoded (4 months ago)
And little do you realize how this is very dangerous. These authority god shouldn't have a right to someone's DNA off some g.d genealogy site 1st off. They can also accuse you of a crime you did not commit. Example one of your relatives commit a crime and your DNA matches they can arrest you because your DNA just happens to match GOOGLE it.
Mike z (4 months ago)
Was he the zodiac killer??
KavanHicksVEVO (4 months ago)
Legend has it that he dropped 90 on the Warriors
Jj Mench (4 months ago)
He was a cop? What a shocker!
Oliver Gonzalez (4 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE13DYcY5is&t=3527s This shows why he did what he did!
Will Butter (4 months ago)
The sentence: DEATH!
MrSaltphone (4 months ago)
He looks like a great white shark
Motorsash (4 months ago)
Zodiac=1 GSK=0 Zodiac retains his “still not caught” US serial killer title! That pesky DNA!
bert fromarketin (4 months ago)
bert fromarketin (4 months ago)
no...no...blue lives matter...or are we done with that one?
Dreeka Minner (4 months ago)
Man it took long enough
Wil Morales (4 months ago)
Next is the Zodiac Killer
CURTIS SMITH (4 months ago)
He lived a good life And going to die in jail
CURTIS SMITH (4 months ago)
He lived a good life
Sandra Kho (4 months ago)
Old dude will be twirking for bubba. Get beat down and twert sum more
Fixa Troll (4 months ago)
He will look good on a stone cold slab!
Xpose (4 months ago)
Montez (4 months ago)
May everyone who contributed to this demons capture be truly blessed.
Jack Thompson (4 months ago)
Killer cop... imagine that
p st.louis (4 months ago)
I guess they didn't have any profilers worth a grain of salt,or he had kindred spirits assisting, or turning a blind eye.Just Saying.
Michael Evans (4 months ago)
He looks a lot .... like..... A..... Limited Edition AIDS infected baked albino Mr Potato Head
Dark Horse (4 months ago)
We got him.
suzy klitgaard (4 months ago)
This seriously creeps me out. The timelines. The places I were at years ago.......hair on my arms stick up
Allison Tamasi (4 months ago)
Good that they finally found him!!!
Brian (4 months ago)
We should think twice about hiring former milatary as police officers as many of them come back with ptsd.
Alien FromSpace (4 months ago)
1:29 all the sketches look so different from each other and from the actual guy too but I guess people’s looks change quite a bit over 40 years. That one sketch in the bottom looks more like Ellen Degeneres than anybody though just an observation. So glad they caught him
Mr Derecho (4 months ago)
At the rate dna science is rapidly advancing, serial killers not caught are most likely running out of time being free. Of course unless they die or commit suicide before theyre caught like the fucking cowards they are. Suck it DeAngelo ... Burn in hell mf
el hombre más buscado (4 months ago)
You see trump your race are Rapist killers you see dumbass you just talk cause you have that Disgusting mouth 😆😆😆 pussy grabber
faZe rIco (4 months ago)
They scrubbed ancestry for DNA
Disney’s Coco (4 months ago)
He’s gonna die in prison
Lee Borders (4 months ago)
Most white males are pedophiles and rapists plain and simple.
Kifo (4 months ago)
Hope he rots.
Orrin Hillukka (4 months ago)
I've never got how people can be so selfish and take people lives cold blooded.
David Brill (4 months ago)
Now he's old, decrepit,and headed to prison. Yama, the lord of death will deal with his dumb ass on the day he dies. Have fun in hell...loser!
J. Humphries (4 months ago)
J. Humphries (4 months ago)
Is this the original night stalker?
J. Humphries (4 months ago)
His "stats" are staggering he was a full-time psyco
TerriD D (4 months ago)
Note that the majority of serial killers are white males. That's the fear factor. 40 years free to rape and kill and a powerful position as a cop!! Whites are invading the country raping and killing!!!
BingeFest1 (4 months ago)
Put him in General Population with the real thugs. He deserves to suffer the few years he has left.
big pappa smurf og (4 months ago)
Of course it was a cop fucking sicko. This is so wrong . burn in hell bitch
KingParisBuckingham (4 months ago)
hang his ass!!!
Shroom Tycoon (4 months ago)
Crazy. Imagine if this fucker was your neighbor? Not surprised he’s Law Enforcement and he served in Vietnam? Safe to say he raped/slaughtered innocent women and children in Vietnam also which probably started his Bloodlust.
Sir Babajide (4 months ago)
White killer cop dindu nuffin
Michael Evans (4 months ago)
Sir Babajide Yanit dun nuttin
Judy Osborne (4 months ago)
Wow! Caught this guy just in time!!!! Looks just like the sketch!!!! Excellent police work! Only 40 years! God only knows how many murders and rapes this animal would have gotten away with and they not caught him before his heart gives out!!! ( if he has one) SMH! Where's a COP when you need one?
Blank L (4 months ago)
I really hope this old bastard get tortured brutally for what he did
June Bug (4 months ago)
But tyrone and jose are the problem right?They are what's wrong with America
No, they are arrested for crimes. Corporate crimes are committed everyday, however they are committed through the corporation and therefore no one individual is held responsible. Additionally, there's men like this who functional within the legal system committing crimes, thereby having immunity. You devil
Kifo (4 months ago)
They do commit the majority of crimes in this country despite accounting for a small fraction of this population, so yeah.
but but the cops are for your good. They serve and protect!you edomites are the devil!!!
H McDaniels (4 months ago)
The people that are suppose to serve and protect us are rapists (Daniel Holtzclaw), muderers, Race Soldiers, Tricks.. having sex with a minor (Oakland Ca. PD), and the Monsters have no regard for human life. They are trained to kill and not de-escalate. I don't care when they get killed. It actually makes me happy. One less terriorist with a license to kill off the streets.
Gwendolyn B (4 months ago)
He evaded police capture for 40 years. Impressive.
KevkyHD (4 months ago)
It doesnt change shit. Hes old now, lived his undeserving life.
Dennis Lockhart (4 months ago)
#WHITEPIG 🐷🐽🐷🐽🐷🐽🐷🐽
Ronald Aiello (4 months ago)
At least they arrested a Trump Supporter.
Concerned Customer (4 months ago)
Let's see how many people have sympathy for this terrorist ! It's amazing how people sympathize with people like this and how they don't care about the victim .
Shroom Tycoon (4 months ago)
+Concerned Customer Yeah, Life isn’t that serious. Learn to laugh even in the most dire situations. For example laugh at the Police Departments shitty job finding this man. Peace.
Concerned Customer (4 months ago)
Shroom Tycoon not funny at at 😡 this is not a laughing matter. This terrorist murdered innocent people!
Shroom Tycoon (4 months ago)
+Concerned Customer I believe it now. Read a comment praising the GSK’s actions because all women are demonic, Lol.
Concerned Customer (4 months ago)
Shroom Tycoon you would be surprised how some people glorify these terrorist !
Shroom Tycoon (4 months ago)
+Concerned Customer I’m not sure what comment section you’re on but the majority seems to hate this guy and are glad he’s caught.
True Blood HUman (4 months ago)
Sounds about white! pink for those with good eyes and their 3rd eye open
rosco michael (4 months ago)
If he raped . Then he should be tortured till he dies ... Feed him only catfood the whole time..
Yashmall Scaife-Bey (4 months ago)
This fucking cop with the privilege of a badge and gun move through the neighborhood with complete immunity killing raping breaking and entering for four decades. this tells me that the police can't solve shit unfucking believable. but they can sure make our lives a living hell by locking us up. false arrest and false imprisonment shooting us down and killing us like dogs in the street.
Robert Mays Jr (4 months ago)
A COP. I m shocked. Don't idolize police. Just people with badge and gun. Trust no one not even yourself. EUCK THA POLICE.
Rosiegiggles ALots (4 months ago)
So happy they found him... But I smell a 🐀. They didn't find him because of DNA.
Rosiegiggles ALots (4 months ago)
Shroom Tycoon I think so.. I guess all that matters is that he's in custody now.
Shroom Tycoon (4 months ago)
+Rosiegiggles ALots Possibly, not long ago they were offering 50K to whoever could lead them to his arrest.
Money Yo (4 months ago)
how the fuck they can get someone a while ago but can't find 2pac or biggie killer
benny robinson (4 months ago)
"Discarded" DNA?
projectmayhem79 (4 months ago)
yea no shit he was of YOU guys
MOHAMEED johnson (4 months ago)
KILLER COP Probaly used his police badge to KILL
Rocket Power (4 months ago)
Burn him on a stake.
aneurysm huile de colza (4 months ago)
This is the shithole we live in now. Where I knew before looking at the comments before hand that it would be nothing but racist bullshit. You mean to tell me out of millions of people some are monsters? No fucking way!? I want to know how the general IQ of humanity is dropping.
R-Mon Damage (4 months ago)
Innocent people has died and went to prison for this animal with a badge. Maybe he killed the Black Dahlia aka Elizabeth Short.
MV Green (4 months ago)
Chop up the bitch and and his family
sex machine (4 months ago)
hollywood should make a movie out of this! like zodiac!

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