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Trigger Finger: Exercises and Treatment

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Drop the Chalupa! (8 дней назад)
I keep getting cramping in the same index finger more and more often for no reason. It's really making typing and everything else that I like to do much more bothersome. I've already had a steroid injection once this year.
sanjida sultana (9 дней назад)
Anyone 1 2018 November
Sciencelover (21 день назад)
Both my thumbs are getting locked parallel or curved towards my index finger(s). They just go numb, they are not sore or painful.
Veronic Chin (26 дней назад)
Thanks for d info
Angela Hogues (3 месяца назад)
My thumb hurts me more at night it pops all night
SonicFan147 (3 месяца назад)
I literally just experienced this about 10 minutes ago, it was terrifying! :( My whole hand just froze up and I couldn't bend my fingers at all. I twisted my wrist around and my fingers had feeling again. Thank you so much for making this video!
ayyybeast Channel (3 месяца назад)
Delisha Fernandes (3 месяца назад)
Thx my mom not in Th t pain
Akhil John (4 месяца назад)
Thank you dr
Leah Keough (5 месяцев назад)
Do you refer to physical therapy or occupational therapy for this diagnosis? This most definitely falls under the OT scope of practice...
Benjamin Grimley (5 месяцев назад)
you had my attention until you mentioned acupuncture!
Mike Unher (3 месяца назад)
Benjamin Grimley Haha! Actually, acupuncture, with its 1,000 year-old history of efficacy, has now been included in many mainstream therapies in the US. Western physicians and patients are finally overcoming their prejudices. We really need to open our eyes to all effective forms of treatment, regardless of the culture in which it is practiced-- It might actually alleviate our pain, too!
Mukul Vashistha (6 месяцев назад)
And can I go to gym having trigger thumb you look like you lift so please help me
Mukul Vashistha (6 месяцев назад)
Sir if I am not able to press say at pen from my thumb is this also a case of trigger thumb? Because I cannot apply any force from my thumbs upper part
David Scott (7 месяцев назад)
I thought it was a trigger finger exercise for shooting... I was wrong!!!
kvr nagaraj (7 месяцев назад)
Thanks a lot doctor I will follow 😁
arman Lp7 (7 месяцев назад)
doctor it can help my broken thum to recovery ? pls answer . and thanks
Nitin Shinde (8 месяцев назад)
Plz Doctor Levilison put this video in Hindi language
Mars1313 (8 месяцев назад)
I got trigger thumb cause of my phablet and i use my thumb alot to change or flip screens.. And now its lockingnup
Michael Trunzo (9 месяцев назад)
Thanks Doc. Very clear and concise. I've seen two doctors in person and neither of them figured out my problem, but you've described it exactly. Keep up the great work.
Nuh Arsh (9 месяцев назад)
Hi mara thumb ka tandar repair howa hn 2 month ho gain hn koe movement nhe ho rahy plzzz guide kra Kiya kro????
J H (9 месяцев назад)
Thank you.
sised (10 месяцев назад)
hi i can do some things with my fingers. i can somehow lock and unlock some bones. and it sounds like --+-- \ / i can do it with my jaw or my last finger joint. it sounds disgusting for others + ----- + --- CRACK! locked unlocked but for me it's great i do it all the time. i can also touch the wrist with my fat finger. disgusting! that dosen't hurt. i can't explain how it feels like locking and unlocking your fingers you have to see me in real life to understand that expect if you can do that too
Jefri Fenfang (1 год назад)
Hi doc,could u tell me how much ussualy it cost for injection steroid ?
Kelly Sutton (1 год назад)
I have trigger thumb and got the cortisone shot but it's not helping I'm curious how much does the surgery cost?
Kawa zuki (1 год назад)
Any teens on here
Millie Phillips-marsh (1 месяц назад)
Kawa zuki yep but don’t have diabetes 😂😂
Sweet Sufiya (2 месяца назад)
Nick Troller (4 месяца назад)
bhuvnesh (1 год назад)
My Thumb has problem when I wake up in morning, if i hold toothbrush between my thumb and fingers then I feel that my Thumb bone is clicking and displacing, is it a symptom of Trigger Finger
TheStanfordKid (1 год назад)
Hmm good video overall. except you lost me on acupuncture.
Selparides Akhmad (1 год назад)
The best solution for trigger finger with firmax3 cream without surgery without syringes without eating enough drugs on the broom. See facebook https://www.facebook.com/selparides.akhmad/videos/pcb.1920043564910852/1920029214912287/?type=3&theater
Effector Dhanushanth (1 год назад)
Thank you, Dr. Levi Harrison. : )
Josh Heatley (1 год назад)
Is this a trigger finger my thumb can bend it can be straighten and moved and had it for a while it just makes the clicking noise my other thumb doesn't????? So is that a trigger finger does anyone know
Adnan Kitabi (1 год назад)
Hi doc I had an accident on my left brain causing my full right side being less functional I found one of your video showing wrist excercise very effective in reducing the stiffness in my right hand My finger joints are always gets lock when I try to open my hand could you make a video suggesting any excercise so that my fingers don't get lock Thanks
Jasper Just Be (1 год назад)
my thumb hurts near the nail and where it bends
ophelia2112 (1 год назад)
Thank you Doctor. This video was very helpful! I think I am at the beginning stages of stenosing tenosynovitis... I have the clicking in my thumb not the locking so I will follow your advice of massage and acupuncture. Cortisone shot didn't work for me and doctor recommends surgery. I would like to avoid that if at all possible.
Josh Heatley (1 год назад)
ophelia2112 so did it help I also only have the clicking I had this for like 2 months now and its still not.locking up do you know if I have a trigger finger when I first had it I heard the noise now I just feel it click very rarely I hear it does this mean its getting worse or better???? Can you help me out?
Sindura Bhargav (1 год назад)
can this occur after stroke on affected side thumb or toe
Adegoke Nur . Olatunji (1 год назад)
mine is ring finger locked sometimes and painful,what do i need to do doc..pls help
ditche pamintuan (1 год назад)
hi, easy solution of trigger finger just use dr. ho machine, its really work, before doing painful injection and surgery. please try it machine is very cheap. thank you
Jay M (1 год назад)
Trigger finger allows carnivores to hang on to their meat.
Robert Barnes (1 год назад)
Thank you for the advise for healing of trigger fingers
Avis Wrentmore (1 год назад)
Hi Dr. Harrison - I don't want to inject with steroid but I'm totally up for surgery - want to nip this in the bud asap. HELP - do you do this surgery and what is cost?
Clyde Norris (1 год назад)
looks like Wesley Snipes
OBOYZ (1 год назад)
My pinky has this and swollen really bad and I've had a splint on it for a week. It's healed cause I can bend it but it's so stiff and still is swollen after two weeks. And he was right . I am a diabetic
Josh Heatley (1 год назад)
Jasonj726 takes about 3-4 weeks to heal with a splint I think
Emp (1 год назад)
hi, I've got a flare up right now and its quite painful... not sure whether to rest it or to do these exercises... also when i splint it... it feels like theres nerve numbness... would it be wise to rest it in the contracted position?
Jord Denniss (1 год назад)
Hi I think this is what I have in two fingers on each hand both my thumbs and minor in my big toe, I first got it in my left thumb 2 years ago then my right thumb months after then the fingers followed. I've been to the doctors three times in 2 years and the most they gave me was physiotherapy for 2 sessions then sent me home. They don't seem to take this stuff serious, I can't play PlayStation or a computer or anything like that which not being able to use a computer is affecting what work I can do. Do you have any advice please?
fieryeyes xoxo (1 год назад)
i massage my trigger finger always..but i cant move/extend my finger in the morning and its painful
Marie Lyndsey Solidum (1 год назад)
I am diagnosed with T2D, and i happen to have trigger thumb. Would this heal if i am able to lower my blood sugar?
Edward. C .Munsk (1 год назад)
If you need help getting your sugar down, you can send me a pm or check out /r/diabetes on reddit. Check out Konjac Noodles they have 0 carbs, low calories and are high in fibre. They also are slow release. :)
Son Goku (1 год назад)
I've jammed a couple of fingers in sports and they are still swollen and painful, and it's been a couple of years. Couldn't a doctor just remove the synovial fluid with a needle or something?
Jane Roth (1 год назад)
Do you recommend a night splint? Thank you for your reply Dr. Harrison.
paula whetzel (1 год назад)
Dr Levi,Thank you .I did your exercises on several of my affected fingers.Wow ! All the crackling i observed.But immediate results.Wow! was so easy.I will continue to do so.
C E (1 год назад)
I was playing 2 much x box and it has stuffed up my fingers
Jules V Monck (10 месяцев назад)
Connor Horgan yeah same happen to me COD fucked my left thumb up (my guess is the sprinting button did the damage)
Asabi Fatosin (1 год назад)
I developed it in my right hand ring finger. I found that massaging helped a little as well as pushing the tip of the finger against an immovable object, usually my opposite hand. As I was already going to acupuncture, she suggested using Chinese exercise balls. I already had two sets (thank were not being used much) so I began using two different sizes twice a day. This provided dramatic improvement. As I've been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, I'm also losing weight and cutting the junk out of my diet.
Beginner's Origami (1 год назад)
thanks a lot doctor, I have a trigger thumb right now I would do this exercise daily
Kelly Sutton (1 год назад)
Core 360 I have the same problem I don't know what I'm going to do if I have to have surgery
Dear Doctor, Just recently I developed a trigger , my middle finger. I was doing the exercises , stretching them and then rubbing the palm area however it has gotten worse. I purchased a finger brace to keep the finger from bending. Am I correct in this?
SARAH Connors (1 год назад)
How does it work for you? Is it effective? Yes or No.
Brada Online (1 год назад)
How do I tell if it's cramp or arthritis help pls
Christina Tin (1 год назад)
mine is the case of can't bend my right thumb, diagnose as trigger finger, wonder the many exercises seen on video will help in my case
DEJAVU (2 года назад)
It hurts. Should I be doing that if it is still swollen?
Siobhan Mc grath (1 год назад)
Hope Toriel
Hope Toriello (2 года назад)
dj dragoonz
Masuw (2 года назад)
The pain is unbearable !! How long does it take to have my thumb back normal ? I had this from 3 days and the only thing i can do is to have pain killers .. I found this video very useful
Vage Men (2 года назад)
Hi! what if you can extend the thumb but you CANNOT flex it some of the times ,,is it a trigger thumb??every video on you tube it says the same thing as this video for trigger thumb,,but i have the opposite. nobody speaks about that..
Lorna Gamble (7 месяцев назад)
Vage Men I had the same problem with my finger, it started with locking and after a year ended with a finger I could not longer bend. I had surgery two weeks ago and it feels so good to be able to use my hand again. I have some issues now with muscle stiffness from being unable to bend it so I am doing some stretches at home to help. Good luck!
Brenda Johnson (11 месяцев назад)
I have trigger thumb, I can't bend my finger at all , at first it was popping all the time, now when I do dishes at work it snaps and my thumb hangs with alot of pain it's difficult to snap back in place, and the pain puts tears in my eyes,my thumb will not bend at the knucle
Jump On My Wagon (11 месяцев назад)
me, too! And to flex it, naturally or forced seriously brings tears to my eyes. I am someone who never admits pain -and thi is making me cry.
Denim Girl (1 год назад)
Vage Men I too, have the same issue. I can extend it, but can’t flex it.
Nebula (2 года назад)
Just got it on my index finger 3 days ago. Started with pain on my index finger, next day I could barley lift it up. When I lift it up and release tension, it instantly goes into it's "locked" position. Two factors that could have caused this: 1. Injuriy on thumb whilst skiing 4-5 months ago which I still have some pain from (I might actually need to see a doctor for this). It could have somehow affected my index finger. 2. Been playing a lot of console games and it's actually when I was playing on the console that my finger started to hurt. 3. Could be both factors that ultimatley caused this, my thumb injury could have somehow messed with my tendons to the point where it caused damage(or weakness i guess) from playing too much console. Oh and when I smoke weed, it's even harder to move the index finger.
alice_lina (2 года назад)
hi dr.i'm a medical student.. is it possible to have multiple trigger finger at the same time.. my dad have it for middle finger, little finger ,and index finger
Natalie Furness (2 года назад)
Thanks Dr Levi , for your EBP accurate up to date information. We the physiotherapists in the UK , thank you for your holistic medical treatment advice :)
Laura Brady (2 года назад)
I have a trigger pinky right now! I'm pretty sure mine is self inflicted with the way I hold my cell phone playing time wasters! Deleting those apps and massaging/stretching to fix it, thank you for this resource!
franky1157 (1 год назад)
this seems like my exact situation, has your pinky gotten better?
Deano_ M (2 года назад)
thankyou so much this really helped
Christine Shipley (2 года назад)
Excellent video & information, Thank you!
ShellAnn982 (2 года назад)
I've had Carpal Tunnel Decompression in both hands 4 years ago and recently Trigger Thumb Release
Ana Zamacona (2 года назад)
umm PT? OT is the expert of the UE!! unless the PT is also a CHT!!
jonessabrina48 (2 года назад)
Thank you much
Maryjane Green (2 года назад)
My thumb locks straight, not bent. I can bend it if I use my other hand with no pain, but not bend on it's own. Then, sometimes I can bend it and it hurts bad other times not so much. I've using a cream, but it does not seem to be doing much good.  I hurt it using a straight bar for a cane when my back was out, and I used my palm on the end to lean on.
Ayus Chitrakar (6 месяцев назад)
Maryjane Green wrote
Tay She (2 года назад)
Is it possible to naturally bend your index dip joint backwards almost 90 deg? And what would cause the ability to be able to do such? Literally bending the tip of the index finger back 90 degrees? Just trying to validate something I cam across... thank you!
Rebecca Schiffman (2 года назад)
I think that's hypermobility. I can bend my fingers like that too. And I'm wondering if hypermobility in my thumb and playing guitar with my thumb bent back is what has caused me to have trigger finger in my thumb.
Dee of OC (2 года назад)
One morning my thumb locked, i was so scared. So glad I found your video & treatment options. It gave me hope & helped me speak with my physician. For me, the injection worked. :) Please keep doing videos.
Tina Sewell (2 года назад)
Thanks Dr. Levi for the helpful information.
duckie leebrowwski (2 года назад)
oom fufu
halloney (2 года назад)
what is this a fucking guy talking in English in his fucking video
JulieJackson1 (2 года назад)
I have a confirmed diagnosis, after days of DIY, using a wallpaper scraper. devastated as I am a guitarist and used to teach guitar. I splint my affected little finger at night. It seems to reduce impact in the mornings. I think I'll have a diabetes check too.
Thread Atlas (7 месяцев назад)
julie, any updates ?
JulieJackson1 (2 года назад)
Hi. I had an injection which worked very well, but as soon as I started to use it for heavy DIY work (drilling etc), it came back. I now also have a very painful lump where the injection took place. I plan to continue with injections and have an operation as a last resort. I'm told it may cause more weakness. I don't have diabetes. Hope this helps.
RK Vlogs (2 года назад)
Hi Julie, Have you had your surgery? My Doctor advised my to have injections or surgery. I thought I will check with you what did you do?
JulieJackson1 (2 года назад)
+John Perry Hi Doctors don't seem to be very sympathetic, but diabetes test was negative. It's now painful most of the time, so I'm expecting to need some kind of treatment eventually. I can still play but not as well. Just waiting to see what happens. Hope things improve for you.
John Perry (2 года назад)
+JulieJackson1 Hey, I too am a guitarist, but also a diabetic. I have this in my fretting hand pinkie. I've had it for about 3 weeks. It's not painful, but I do have a snap, locking thing going on. I was using the splint at night, but found it may have been irritating the joint. How did you make out?
Dr mosa (2 года назад)
In the name of allah I treated one patent when he had a hand thomb non sesition from wrist injury by TENS Machine and PROM
Its Didi (2 года назад)
Ouch. I think I have this, after doing a project at work which required 2 days of different typing than I usually do. I used the tab key so much and held my left hand in the same position for so long, I think it strained something in my 4th finger. Hopefully these exercises work, thank you for posting this Dr. Harrison. :-)
Shamlan Al Roumi (2 года назад)
Thanks homie
Priscilla Queen (2 года назад)
Hi everyone I experience this locking of my fingers on Jan 21,2016 it was a horrible painful experience on both of my hands all fingers were locking up first my left hand each finger back and fourth til my hand just balled up into a fist and I couldn't open my hand all the only thing i could do was shake my hand and cry. finally it opened up but continued to cramp. At the same time the right thumb locked down and was hurting bad then the pinky finger this continued for almost 3hrs I held a ice pack between both hands in a prayer position the entire time after they eased up I was sick to my stomach from the pain and exhausted i was emotionally drained because it hurt so bad I was also scared that it was gonna start up again so I put a pair of gloves on to keep them warm. This was and experience I hope never happen again.
MadderPrinciple (2 года назад)
Exercises are helpful - seeing my doctor again for second cortisone injection hopefully. I don't want to go down the surgical route at this point.  I have been using a compression bandage for the fingers - this has helped a lot too.
WachdByBigBrother (2 года назад)
My thumb got stuck extended, not curved like this video says. Once it got stuck extended, there was no way I could bend it. It was simply too painful. Just did the surgery two days ago instead of doing injections. Steroids are a mixed bag and I wanted to avoid them. Plus my case was extreme enough, I feel I would rather spend the money towards the surgery then I gamble on an injection.
RK Vlogs (2 года назад)
Hi I want to know how is your thumb after surgery? and how much have you paid for it? My Doctor advised me to either have injections which may effect for 2-3 months or to go for a surgery.
Laura Koelber (2 года назад)
I had carpal tunnel release surgery 2 years ago. I have recently developed trigger finger her in the same had ( my ring finger ) mine is in reverse, I can not bend the finger towards my palm. Had a cortisone shot...OUCH! and using anti-inflammatory drug. Let's hope this along with these great hand exercises do the trick!
Mike Bee (3 года назад)
I was playing basketball today and the ball pushed my pinky finger. I can move all of the finger fine except for the top part with the finger nail. any idea what to do?
Modernista20/20 (3 года назад)
I believe it occurs in people who grip hard on vibrating power tools, bicycle handlebars (my case), motorcycle grips, ski poles and so on. Drugs and injections should only be a last resort. I cured mine in a month with large cushy bicycle grips, a fancy little silver ring splint (when not riding) and stretching excercises.
Prvacy Goune (2 года назад)
+Modernista20/20 Happened to me after shoveling weeds for days on end. Had it many years before that but didn't know what it was. It resolved completely in about 5 months. It wasn't as locked as it is today. I can't even bend my left thumb tip. Probably have to do surgery. I don't care for steroids that are injected repeatedly into tendons or joints. Can cause other problems. Thank goodness I can still type but I've had to change how I do things with my hands and avoid whacking it. I'm going to try Arnica and massage but seems this condition re-occurs and the surgery is about 95% successful. Hate hospitals and chance of infection and the antibiotics which is a whole other thing that ruins your natural immunity. I'm torn about what to do.
SKM1_ (3 года назад)
I had it on both my of my thumbs. The doctor gave me an injection on both of my thumbs and bam problem solved.
Eric Wertz (2 года назад)
+Nova XL My shots worked flawlessly for a year and wasn't too much of a problem for another three years after that. But over the next few years I went back to square one. The second round (actually only one) shot only helped for a month or two. Perhaps knowing about and doing these exercises will help keep it from recurring. Good luck.
Rich Lo (3 года назад)
+Nova XL ah your one of the lucky ones. Only surgery fixed mine. 4 fingers.
SKM1_ (3 года назад)
+Rich Lo yea I've heard about it coming back, but its been 4 years since the shots and it didn't come back yet. I hope it never comes back! it was really annoying.
Rich Lo (3 года назад)
Oh man those shots hurt but work but usually for 2-3 months then it comes back
mikemica711 (3 года назад)
Thank you!
Gail Honadle (3 года назад)
What is done for Skier's thumb and forefinger, the base joints are distorted and painful, I was a hand quilter, now the pain is so bad I can't even pull a needle. There is Atrophy in between the thumb and forefinger, and the next knuckle over is getting distorted. All 3 fingers will trigger lock for no reason. It is moving to my left hand too.
YT4Me57 (3 года назад)
Five years ago I had trigger release of the left thumb. I recovered well and have absolutely no problems with that thumb today. Recently my right thumb was injured through repetitive struggles with a difficult lock on my wheelchair (that's another story!) Guess what? Here I go again. Hoping to get relief. This was an informative video, thanks for posting.
Eme S'A'ssy (3 года назад)
I had a horrific trigger finger (middle finger on my right hand).  The pain & tight knuckle was severe.  I eventually had a cortisone injection & as painful as the needle was, I am so grateful that in a week I had no symptoms & could use my right hand as before.   Most important; the pain was gone,    Great fix.
k4kale (3 года назад)
I would do that with my thumb but it will not budge at the knuckle near the nail. So now what? I can bend it with my fingers but not on its own. Thanks

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