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Dr. Michael Greger | Soy, Gas, Water, Fasting, Hair Loss, Nuts Raw or Roasted? etc.

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2:00 Daily Dozen for building muscle 3:02 What kind of water to drink? 4:44 Gas & flatulence 7:27 Soy & it’s bad reputation 9:34 Hair loss 11:54 Vegan omega 3 (should we supplement?) 14:24 Does he ever get tired walking on his treadmill? 16:07 Nuts & seeds raw or roasted? 20:01 Intermittent Fasting 20:42 Importance of gut flora and how to improve it 24:56 Supplements for pregnancy 26:48 Cravings & is your body telling you something? 30:15 Hobbies besides nutritionfacts.org If you don’t know Dr. Michael Greger check out his side https://nutritionfacts.org And his two books: How Not to Die & How Not to Die Cookbook. And his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Nutritio... ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ▶️ My girlfriends YouTube ► https://www.youtube.com/scorpionmind ✨Vegan Nutrition & Training Guide, Supplements & Merch ► https://vegains.org 📱My App ► https://get.vegains-app.com 💪🏼My Transformation & why I’m Vegan ► http://bit.ly/VeganPlaylist 💚If you want to support me please buy on Amazon through this link, it doesn’t cost you any extra but I get a little commission.  ► http://bit.ly/VielenDankFürDenSupport ▶️ YouTube German ► https://www.youtube.com/VegainsDE 💡Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/vegainstrength/ 🥞Instagram Food ► https://www.instagram.com/vegainsfood/ 🎙Podcast English ► http://bit.ly/VegainsPodcast 🎙Podcast German ► http://bit.ly/1VegainsPodcast 👤Facebook ►https://www.facebook.com/vegainstrength ✌🏼🌿
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Text Comments (482)
Vegains (2 months ago)
Ask your questions under this comment 👇🏼😊💚
dhkrescue (15 days ago)
wusnheilus If u are eating raw nuts, I bet your consumption will curb itself. I am eating a little bit of nuts, and my plant based meals-and I eat a ton of salad with the other veggies in it, chewing very well bcuz that is important! I am currently losing at least 5 pounds a week. I quit dieting and counting points, worrying about measuring and limits and I feel so much better! Good luck!
dhkrescue (15 days ago)
The Fluffy T Rex mussels filter water to live. U must know that all oceans are polluted as sh!t, and u will be eating a chemical, parasitic, toxic stew of nastiness and poison. Besides, they must die to be eaten, so u are still killing a living creature.
dhkrescue (15 days ago)
Daniela Botero Concha I suffered with this in my child bearing younger years. I had a Dr. from out of the country. We found that I had a B12 shot in the muscle each month, and the next day bam! Started everytime! Hope it helps u!
Marcel Morales (19 days ago)
muss ich als hard gainer unbedingt Reis protein zu mir nehmen? Micheal meinte, vegans nehmen schon genug zu sich und (tier) Protein Pulver macht die Leber kaputt. Nehmen oder nicht nehmen :D ?
LusiVegan (20 days ago)
I just had a esophagitis and cholitis due to antibiotics after a long tonsilitis, also is creating palpitations. How to keep a daily dozen plant based vegan diet with cholitis and esophagitis?
Shaz W (6 days ago)
Sorry, but edamame are soya beans. Hmm... I'm not sure that tap water is that safe in much of the United States, given all the fracking that goes on there and how many corrosive chemicals, such as benzine, has been found in tap water. However, almost all mineral water contains micro plastics, even from glass bottles - albeit in lesser amounts. Almond skins are high in tannins, which inhibit the absorption of nutrients. Recent evidence from invasive studies in Israel have found probiotics to make little difference to gut flora. Biotin-rich foods, such as millet, and supplements have been said to encourage hair growth, although worrying about it won't help. Androgen is produced when you're stressed and causes hair loss, although we shouldn't view things in black and white (in terms of how much, etc), as it's not just about amounts of things we consume or apply, it's also about our degree of sensitivity to them and our natural bio cycles and hormonal states. Obviously, genetics has a large part to play in everything related to our health. You also need to be careful with vitamin D; too much is harmful and cause hardening of the arteries, for example. I also live in Germany, and the food is always heavily laden in salt to the extent that it cancels out all other flavours, which why I prepare and cook as much as possible myself. Here's a link to a recent news report about the study on probiotics and how they found that they're of little use. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-45434753
meow0meow7 (7 days ago)
Damn I was hoping he would have a real solution for female hair loss...
winter lion (11 days ago)
Very distracting interview....thump down!
Dirk-Ulrich Heise (12 days ago)
Turn off the sound and play video on big 4K screen in background while doing other things. Creepy!
Yoni Ash (14 days ago)
Doctor sounds like Scott Disick 😂
Susan Wilkinson (14 days ago)
Great interview!!!
arlrmr (18 days ago)
To avoid sea sickness from tracking his pendulating eyes simply keep your eyes casually fixed in the center of his video pane. Don't track eye to eye!
Pixel (21 days ago)
"My life is my hobby" :) Great attitude.
Vegan Walk (22 days ago)
Man there is no way I could eat everything in the daily dozen, that's not a minimum that's overwhelming! And it's the best tool on the planet!
The Team (23 days ago)
Dr. Greger, can you please tell us what your typical day of oral hygiene is like? Like how many times a day do you brush your teeth and use the green tea/amla mouthwash? And how long after eating a non-acidic food do you wait to brush your teeth? And isn't amla powder acidic? Wouldn't that soften your teeth if you're rinsing with the green tea/amla mouthwash? Thank you!!!
Paola Andrea (23 days ago)
Great interview, thank you!
harry seibert (24 days ago)
Your asking a bald headed doctor advice on hair loss lol!
May T Bashawri (24 days ago)
Thank you so much for this video
G-ABS (24 days ago)
Go the bear foot! ;) Awesome interview! Keep up with the good work!
Isaac Tapia (24 days ago)
at what time in the video do you ask him about fasting?
Vegains (24 days ago)
time stamps down below
Ari Kun (24 days ago)
Probiotic farm in your gut 🤣🤣🤣
pasquill (24 days ago)
It would be really great to see the sources behind the answers to these questions. I'm really curious about the heated nuts and tofu dietetic recommendation he made. Also: It's very important to people like me to have news about this on nutritionfacts.org Oh and thank you for making this video and asking him this great set of questions. German subtitles would indeed be great.
Looking Vibrant (25 days ago)
ROTECT YOUR EYES WITH MOST ADVANCED CUSTOM VISION FORMULA EVER! With premium organic and patented ingredients! China Free Soy and Gluten Free Zero Fillers, No Chemicals or synthetic, expedients free with vegetarian capsule. Super Value /2-Month supply VISION NOURISHMENT-X5 (PROMOTES VISUAL PERFORMANCE PROMOTES INHIBITION OF AGE-RELATED MACULAR DEGENERATION) https://www.lookingvibrant.com/products/vision-nourishment-x5-promotes-visual-performance-promotes-inhibition-of-age-related-macular-degeneration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np0Dx3d-frs&t=16s
Donna E (25 days ago)
Good questions!
Wohali (26 days ago)
Can you ask him why he looks like he is 65 when he is only 45 yrs old?
Dawn Faialaga (26 days ago)
No dry pan fried Tofu ? 🙁
Tolle Sache, Mann, du hast es geschafft, Interview mit dem großen Doc, du machst das echt super!!!! Mich interessiert jetzt eine Sache aus dem Interview: also Nüsse braten oder backen, das habe ich sowieso nie gemacht, das ist okay. Er meint aber auch Tofu auch nicht braten, grillen (oder backen)!!!?? Weil es saturated fats beinhaltet und sich dann beim Bratvorgang gefährliche Stoffe bilden. Das ist schoking für mich. Also meinst du, ist das wirklich soo schlimm und ich muss jetzt Tofu nur in der Suppe kochen und sonst gar nix?! Ich tue Tofu zum Ofengemüse dazu z.B. oder brate es in der Pfanne für Bolognese...LG
VerticalFreedom (27 days ago)
I’m shocked Greger pushes vaccines, very disappointed 😢
Christine Senz (28 days ago)
I admire Dr Greger for walking on his treadmill whist being interviewed, emphasising the importance of moving the body. 💪 Thank you for this informative interview and wide topic range.♡
chris (29 days ago)
Soy is filled with estrogen the worst thing for men ... He trashes Weston price founder but it's older than him their science have been since the early 1900s he looks like crap and can't barely talk he slides and acts like he don't remember anything takes time to think of his answer I swear y'all follow the worst guy as an example of a doctor smh
Kyoto Masterlord (30 days ago)
Soy isn't bad for boners?
Nabatee (1 month ago)
You ask the questions that matter! Thank you!
Marty Schumacher (1 month ago)
Beano is a help for gas. Not expensive, and very effective.
Alex (1 month ago)
More supplements :( I thought flax were enough. Maybe I'll have to start including fish again as vegan DHA supplements are pricey
TJ W (1 month ago)
I just skipped the intro and into the interview and I didn't realise he was on a treadmill I was like what is this guy doing is he dancing 😂😂
Semaj Johnson (1 month ago)
What about spring water or water that has a 7.5 or so pH level?
manumaster1990 (1 month ago)
Karen M. (1 month ago)
I'm so glad to have his videos coming in IF, I need the knowledge for so many people around me. Sorry. No.cannot eat raw nut butter. Raw nuts are a risk for something, some possible food borne illness? isn't it so? And i love my smoky flavoring.
penkop2012 (1 month ago)
distilled water definitely. just look at all the shit left behind after every distilling session. That alone will make you a believer
Yowzoe (1 month ago)
13th interview of the day! Great information because his knowledgeable mind is so sharp and disciplined, but he does seem a bit drunk with sleep-deprivation. Also for a person who speaks so much he really should have someone advise him on a better microphone setup. For a hundred bucks his voice could be so much richer (and easier on the listener).
Seth Jones (1 month ago)
I've eaten beans now for over two years, and I'm still farting up a storm. My body never adjusted as he suggests it would have. When I eat canned, though, I rinse them, and then boil them again for 10 minutes, and rinse them again. That helps some. But canned soups with beans can be a real problem, depending on the bean.
nicolina amodeo (1 month ago)
The topics are very interesting but I started to get nausea as watching Dr. Greger walking on is treadmill?...
Flying Angel (1 month ago)
What about Ascorbic Acid that are found in vitamin b12 for example. Is it risky on a long term? My b12 is methylcobalamin, vegan, only 3 ingredients (water, methylcobalamin and vegan ascorbic acid). The package says its free from gmo, gluten free, natural ingredients, no fake and laboratory made stuff, lactose free, free from preservatives. Its from the brand plantrition.
Love,Peace, Happy (1 month ago)
Vielen Dank, aber ich finde es schade, das du nicht wenigsten deutsche Untertitel versehen hast. Viele meiner Bekannten können kein englisch und so kann ich nicht per Whatsapp weiter senden. Das ist sehr schade. Meine bitte wäre für den nächsten mal zu fragen, was Leute machen sollen, die z.b. Amputiert, Gelähmt sind und zb. Im Rollstuhl sitzen. Durch den Verlust der Muskeln benötigt man nicht viele Kcal. Man kann dann eigentlich die 12 Dozens und somit die ganzen Nährstoffe essen. Je nach Lähmung oder Amputation benötigen wir als Grundumsatz weniger 1000 kcal sind schon zuviel!!
Raw Bacon (1 month ago)
Greger's like a bad infomercial pitchman.
David Ginter (1 month ago)
lili al (1 month ago)
The only thing you should not touch is SUGAR, bread, cereals or too much animal products.
Marty Schumacher (1 month ago)
Easy to make Raw almond butter! Put 2 cups raw almonds in food processor and let it go for 10 minutes. Almond butter!
7in1 (15 days ago)
Dry or soaked?
Marco Meerman (1 month ago)
Marty Schumacher Im going to try.
Paulo Espinosa (1 month ago)
xD hair loss? Ok Michael Greger He already lost his hair..
Terri Lynch My Life (1 month ago)
Beans always gave me gas. I stayed away from them for the most part. I have had lentils and lentil soup since being vegan for about two years now. Chick peas usually give me gas. I guess I should go slow consistently.
Ali Rafatjah (1 month ago)
Love Dr. Greger! And I really appreciate your interview here. It's great that you did not interrupt him and waited patiently for his answers!
bonchidude (1 month ago)
The filters mentioned come from companies that torture animals in cruel experiments. This is why I do not use those 2 filters. I will not mention their names but it is near the beginning of the vid. I do not want to advertise for those horrible corporations. Boycott clorox and proctor and gamble.
Jacob Nunya (1 month ago)
"move your dna“ ... Okay...
Jade Pulver (1 month ago)
unfermented soy attacks the body, his take on gas and legumes is pretty short sided. Very narrow minded take overall .
Emil Dimov (1 month ago)
Tap water is poison, so u better get yourself shower filter and water distiller.
phantomcreamer (1 month ago)
Why does he look 30 years older than he really is?
Lauren Knight (1 month ago)
The Daily Dozen is a lot of food. Most people have trouble eating all of it. I'm surprised people are complaining about it not being enough.
Connie Van Noten (1 month ago)
I love this man, thanks for this great interview.
robert hingston (1 month ago)
I never have a problem with chickpeas kidney beans butter beans .... but If eat lentils split my GUT blows up and I’m in pain...
GreenEyEdBeauty 1960 (1 month ago)
Thanks dr. Greger love you much ❤️
Vegains (1 month ago)
Thank you for caring 😊💚
Trap Factory (1 month ago)
He's legit the most charismatic person I've ever seen.
Gail Van Der Walde (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for getting back to me I am also German .My father was born in Hamburg.🙏👍🇨🇦
The Esoteric Cunt (1 month ago)
Dr. Greger isn't exactly a good advertisement for plant based nutrition being able to reverse hair loss, lol.
Gail Van Der Walde (1 month ago)
Loved this guy . Thanks
Gail Van Der Walde (1 month ago)
How do I cut sugar cravings without eating too many fruits 🍉
immacarbivore (1 month ago)
Gail Van Der Walde I read recently that if you’re craving sweets it’s actually because you haven’t had enough simple sugar from fruit. Not sure how much fruit you eat in a day, but maybe eat more & see if that helps crush the cravings! 😊
Joan Vasquez (1 month ago)
Tap water? What about communities that add fluoride to their water supply? Also what about this: https://www.citylab.com/environment/2017/07/how-polluted-is-your-drinking-water/535179/ and this https://www.citylab.com/environment/2015/07/aging-infrastructure-is-poisoning-americas-water-supply/399878/
Dreamcast 84 (1 month ago)
Tap water lowers IQ because of the flouride, don't drink tap
Julie Khalilzadegan (1 month ago)
Your cravings will lead you astray in the modern world - That quote really sums up a lot!!
Siempre Vivo (1 month ago)
Great interview! We learn a lot with Greger, like always!
Victoria Layrisse (1 month ago)
Soy... the dangers are from GMO soy and soy isolates. Organic soy, though relatively higher in fat is HEALTHY.
el diablo (1 month ago)
I generally agree with pretty much all this but tap water, fuck tap water get distilled or pure water, makes a huge difference and really.
Urban Vegan (2 months ago)
Thank you for your awesome interview with Dr. M. Gregar. Yes he is such an intelligent man. I have his book 'How Not to Die' but i need to get his cook book.
Akira Kurosawa (2 months ago)
If veganism is that awesome, why is the doc a baldie?
EL (2 months ago)
Masturbation is what causes hair loss it's the real culprit. This doc is a wanker
R a m (2 months ago)
You look better in the split screen during the interview than you do in the introduction.
rikke thogard (2 months ago)
Can you also make avideo about how to find pallets for a pallet bed, without harmful chemicals in it 😁
Vegains (2 months ago)
I got them from amazon fresh and clean 👌🏼 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kS2Pa0OroIk&frags=pl%2Cwn
Gabriella Cassano (2 months ago)
would like to know if soda stream water is detrimental to good health.
Justniv (2 months ago)
What about peanuts? I don't think it's possible to eat them raw..
TheKAPGUN (2 months ago)
I ate a steak watching this video. So good!!
One In A Melon (2 months ago)
I'm not sure if i'm commenting on the right video but in one of your videos with Dr Greger, you had mentioned your friends experiencing an issue with upset stomach when they eat fruit on an empty stomach... it has to be a more common issue than we think because I have the same issue, whenever i eat high water content fruit like watermelon or drink fresh squeezed fruit juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, my stomach doesn't feel good at all and its hard to breathe.  Very strange, i don't understand it.
Neptunecrypto (2 months ago)
Tap water is bull shit - wtf fluoride?
M. Fender (2 months ago)
Vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin K2, DHA, EPA, omega 3s. What else?
WILLIAMS FROST (2 months ago)
I am very happy today to share my testimony on how a herbal doctor cure my wife from FIBROID INFECTION. my wife was infected with FIBROID, we went to many hospitals for cure but there was no solution, so I was thinking on how to get a solution out so that we can have our own child. i found an article about one doctor who already help a lady with his herbal medicine. then i contacted him. He told me all the things I need to do, and he send the herbal medicine to me here in my country to take, my wife followed the instruction properly on how to take it. Before I knew what is happening after 0ne month the FIBROID that was in my wife body got vanished and she was cured totally . so if you are also heart broken and also need a help, you can also email him at droriane6@gmail.com
Andrew Smart (2 months ago)
I strongly disagree with 2 points. The drinking of tap water I strongly disagree with. Not even one mention of fluoride? I thought McGregor was into facts and figures? Plenty of independent research on how dangerous the fluoride in tap water is. It is a waste product and calcifies the pineal gland. Secondly, most soy is not fit for human consumption as it is genetically modified. Soy is not s natural food it was made by man, not nature. There was probably more stuff I disagree with but I had to stop watching. Very distracting trying to watch and listen with him bobbing up and down. Obviously that’s my problem, not having a go at anyone but I would have thought if you were serious about your message you’d make it as easy as possible for people to listen to.
Meeka Etienne (2 months ago)
Excellent interview and interviewer. Lots of helpful info. You made great use of the short space of time. Thank you and keep up the good work! 👍
Linda Joy (2 months ago)
can you ask about vitiligo? Very little new research on this condition.
Frenchblue8 (2 months ago)
Interesting that I've seen tea tree oil as the primary active ingredient in ANTI- thinning hair products.🤔
Frenchblue8 (2 months ago)
You're so lovely!
Henrik Bruun (2 months ago)
Well not everyone absorb b12 in tablet or pill form. Heres a warning video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BvEizypoyO0
adam lorden (2 months ago)
What the fuck are you doing with your hands?
Regina Vitoria (2 months ago)
Just advice: beans and lentils the best way is the souck and cook yours, that is my experience, everytime I eat tin beans I feel terrible with gaz.
free thinker (2 months ago)
Are you ten years old - flexing your muscles.
Patty me (2 months ago)
THANK YOU for all this information ❤️😁
Josee Gagnon (2 months ago)
Such a great interview! I never get tired of listening to Dr. Greger. He’s brilliant and funny and his enthusiasm is contagious! 😃😃
Stella McCarter (2 months ago)
I would love to know a free resource where you can access the nutrition studies. I know dr. Greger mentioned PubMed before but I think you have to pay for a lot of the studies on there....
pavel pavel (2 months ago)
Can anybody write answers on this questions? I dont hear answers correctly. I speak russia
Jet Plane (2 months ago)
Legumes are high in protein and Dr McDougall and Dr Campbell says to limit them. Also people with cancer on a low methionine diet need to stay away from beans.Comments? Dr Greger.
Túllio Oliveira (2 months ago)
May I know when this was recorded? And great video by the way! Keep it up
Túllio Oliveira (2 months ago)
Awesome! Thanks man, it was a great video, good job!
Vegains (2 months ago)
one day before I uploaded it ✅
Ward Shan (2 months ago)
Can you ask him about tvp in next video ?
Krysten Chambers (2 months ago)
Lost me at tap water 😢
Quang Anh Bui (2 months ago)
What a great guy, by the way what is the app you used for interview Dr Greger?
Vegains (2 months ago)
Thank you 😊💚 you mean to record the Skype call?
Curtis Holdack (2 months ago)
I can't wait to hear what he has to say about intermittent fasting.
M Greenwood (2 months ago)
Thank you! There were many questions on here I had been wondering about! :D Dang it Trader Joe's for selling those delicious roasted flax seeds-I'm switching back to raw when I finish the bag!
Scotty Daniel (2 months ago)
Stop being so beta ur a man fuck the salt don’t worry no one can see if your bloated u talk like a 14 year old girl. We need more alpha men in vegan movement. U have a shirt that says vegan savage but u start video crying about how ur face supposedly looks bloated from salt is that savage?

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