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నపుంసకుల్ని కూడా రెచ్చిపొయేలా చేసే నేపాలీ 'యార్సకుంబా '| Amazing Benefits Of Yarsagumba in Nepal

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NEPALI VAYAGRA YARSAGUMBA..! YARSAGUMBA/CORDYCEPS SINENSIS 'Half insect AND half plant' is a rare and unique herb that grows in the meadows about 3,500 meters It only occurs above 3500 m in the Himalayan regions of Nepal. The Amazing benefits of Yarsagumba/Cordyceps Sinensis: Many athletes and performers on the stage and ground also have been taking to boost their top performance with naturally. Improves sexual function Immune Function, Anti-cancer Assists symptoms of ageing Reduces tumour size Protects against freeradical damage Enhances immunity and T-cell production Reduces tumour size Response and DNA Repair Enhances physical stamina Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels Improves heart function Improves respiratory function Increases oxygen absorption Improves kidney disease Cordyceps sinensis increases ATP (adenosine triphosphate) levels in the body Improves auto-immune system. Protects kidneys from exhaustion. Protects liver from toxins and treats and prevents cirrhosis of liver Protect the heart from the damaging effect of ouabain Anti-rejection effect in cornea transplant Antibiotic effect. Inhibits contraction of smooth muscles protects liver from toxins and treats and prevents cirrhosis of liver Anti-arrhythmia Inhibits contraction of smooth muscles Inhibits group A Streptococcus bacteria Protects kidneys from toxins Antibiotic effect. There is evidence of another mechanism at play in the Cordyceps anti-tumor response besides the well-known immune modulation triggered by the polyacrylamide compounds. The same mechanism of DNA synthesis inhibition is probably the mechanism responsible for the antiviral effects seen with cordycepin. Gliocladicillins is effective for anti tumor agents to use in treating cancer in humans. Cordyceps contains many nucleosides, including guanidine and guano sine as cordycepin. Most practitioners recommend taking between 2 to 3 grams a day at least for two week. amaravathi media http://amaravathimedianews.blogspot.in/
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Rabins XP (1 год назад)
White Gold of Nepal. Real Scientific Medicine and this shows know Gorkhas were able to survive. It increases immunity and I've seen most of the people in that region who had regularly consumed had initially got diarrhea later your body adjust and most of these people are living 90+ years above. I was able to meet 115 years old man who had never been admitted to Hospital. He added it's because he has been drinking Cow's milk who were grass feed on local herbs.

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