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Bee Venom Can Kill HIV, Study Says

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Scientists from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have discovered bee venom can kill the HIV virus without harming the body.
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Miss Arabia (1 month ago)
TheRoblox gaming (2 months ago)
Is this true?
Jon Bobie (1 month ago)
TheRoblox gaming true.. come to mycountry indonesia...the trerapi at cibubur jakarta
RK 800 (3 months ago)
If this is true then where is the cure? This was posted in 2013 and now its 2018. Where's the update?
Szabolcs Szigligeti (7 months ago)
Norbert Kaskó (8 months ago)
It sounds incredible.
Ntegeka Aisha (1 year ago)
why is some one attacked by bees venom die if it has no effect to the body?
Jim Campbell (9 months ago)
There's a difference between a mass stinging, which causes anaphalactic shock, and medical derivitives from bee venom. You;ll feel a slight sting as the needle goes in, but you won't die. It's called science...
youssef lakhal (1 year ago)
The god said tht in quoran
Hog Moq (1 year ago)
really this is a true .. honeybee
butterfly 75 (2 years ago)
we really need to save our bee population!!! Not only do they help us with the food they now help us medically!!!  Wow!
Chistian Jean Pierre (2 years ago)
Thank you god for bees
Alexander T. (2 years ago)
Wow she's pretty.
Valentina Taiakina (3 years ago)
citation or GTFO
Assy Mcgee (3 years ago)
what a bunch of crap, it was discovered at a university in mexico city , now there saying it hapend in washington??
Doug Zembiec (2 years ago)
+caleb mendoza discovered 2 1/2 years ago . looks like its already been turned into a vaccine world wide :)
Dalek Anonymous (3 years ago)
Now, can we breed a bee that doesn't have barbs on her stinger?  If we can, the bee will survive the stinging. Can we find a way to extract the venom without injuring or killing the bee? Can this melittin be synthesized, and if so, is it the only stuff in bee venom doing the work, or must it be bee venom itself, due to other, unknown chemicals? Discoveries always raise more questions.  I'd love to see future research and results on this.
Dalek Anonymous (2 years ago)
+DJ Marco Andre Re 2. Murder?  When we are the fastest-breeding and longest-lived primate on the planet?  It's hard to believe the conspiracy nutters who say that medicine is murder, when facts and observations prove otherwise.
Dalek Anonymous (3 years ago)
If it's so murderous, why do we now have a huge brain and powerful intellect?  Dig that WOW dexterity!  And HOLY SHIT, we humans have gotten some seriously fine LOVEMAKING skills out of the deal. If that's murder...
DJ Marco Andre (3 years ago)
+Kevin Zabbo Because it's a violation of natural law. They dont have the right, period. The alien thing is more complicated, this is an interdimensional issue. Eugenics can be traced as far back as the Sumerian Tablets and it is not to help us, it's murder.
Dalek Anonymous (3 years ago)
I don't know.  We've certainly gotten more clever in the past few centuries relative to previous centuries, no?  We've not grown emotionally toward our other brothers & sisters a world apart from us, but we're smart with technology.  We used to look after our Others, but what's going on?  That needs to be addressed, this general malaise among society on a more or less global scale. I don't think it's aliens doing the eugenics, as you say is happening.  Eugenics should make humans better, and I see an improvement.  We're generally taller, faster, stronger, and even a little smarter. Humans are souls in a body, just like a 20-year old with his first sports car.  Nice!  Let's see what it can do! In this light, how can eugenics be a completely evil thing?  We humans can select whom we breed with on our own.  There's no stopping us from having a good pounce.
DJ Marco Andre (3 years ago)
+Kevin Zabbo How when the people who run the medical industry are from the eugenics class. This has been going on for 50,000 years minimum and its all slavery, please don't make excuses for them. Go learn the histories kept from us starting with the Nagg Hammadi Codices, Sophias Correction, Emerald Tablets of Thoth and Hypostasis of the Archons, they are not our friends and not here to help us.
Google's too advanced (3 years ago)
Wait so if I jump into a pit of bees and come out alive I am fucking invincible towards HIV?
DJ Marco Andre (3 years ago)
+WDFboom It's possible but our modern medicine is centered around aggravating our immune system and forcing it to react unnaturally in order to create "immunity", plus all the fake GMO food and drinks so even if you were to come out immune, it's possible your immune system would still be compromised in other ways if you buy foods, drinks and medicines advertised on tv and if you are not in line with natural law.
Arries David (4 years ago)
Great! Now i can fuck all the sluts i want without a condom :D
meldeo (2 years ago)
way to ruin sex
belinda flowers (2 years ago)
DJ Marco Andre (3 years ago)
+Arries David No you can't because every time you have sex with someone you are exchanging genetic information so you will be a diseased walking GMO anyway. Also, every time you have sex with someone you don't care about, you are killing yourself because it's being done without heart and the heart morphogenic field supports the immune system.
Gianflavio (3 years ago)
+Arries David LMFAO
meldeo (3 years ago)
you can still get herpes LOL
Kris Gibson (4 years ago)
actually if you do some research youl find out that the US Government has had a Cure For AIDS for over ten years Google US Patent 5676977
Kris Gibson (2 years ago)
If you study eastern medicine youl find they have been able to Cure almost every western diseases
belinda flowers (2 years ago)
:O but sounds almost fake though
DJ Marco Andre (3 years ago)
+Kris Gibson They also know that cancer and diseases survive in an acidic body and everything advertised on tv makes the body acidic, along with a high meat diet and meat is always the main course instead of the side dish in western culture.
Daclunator (4 years ago)
You know, this hypothesis is very easy to prove. Why don't you try it? I already know it's fake, surprise me.
MicroNuggets (4 years ago)
This wouldnt be a cure, would help to be a potential vaccination...the gov will never allow a cure. They want the poor, homosexuals and Africans dead...after the suck every ladt penny frok them first.
belinda flowers (2 years ago)
DJ Marco Andre (3 years ago)
+MicroNuggets They already know that keeping the body in balance, neutral area to alkaline verses acidic and frequencies cure things. Everything has a frequency. You override it with another. Watching videos on Holographic Universe and Holographic Disclosure will assist in understanding that. They also know that one disease is sometime accompanied by a parasite and/or fungus so you need an array of treatment to cure something.
housewirth1 (4 years ago)
not a vaccination at all simply another potential antiviral which is what the medication for HIV is anyway.
Gabriel Medrano (4 years ago)
im happy for this discovery:) I hope that a cure however doesn't lead people to feel no need to have protected sex.... However im hoping that pre-existing HIV patients live long enough to be cured:)
HappyfrozenNinja Err (4 years ago)
Guys! I know why bees can kill hiv! Because if u add a e it makes hive :D its logic!!!!
Jim Campbell (9 months ago)
*you're also a little retarded in the English language, so don't cast stones...
hoosierhiver (2 years ago)
+HappyfrozenNinja Err good one
NightmarexGR (2 years ago)
+HappyfrozenNinja Err hahahah nice :D (necro posting to comments 1 year ago )
Marlo Castro (4 years ago)
+James Fatale It's "you're" (you are), not "your". Don't call him a retard too quickly. 
HappyfrozenNinja Err (4 years ago)
People take sarcasm too seriously *faceplam*
shadowfox zerozero (4 years ago)
dick facey (4 years ago)
double whammy dildo action
dick facey (4 years ago)
iam going to have a bee sting my stinger
Shelby Oryan (4 years ago)
Bullshit! HIV is a scam. Everyone knows that now. Look up the work of Duesberg.
Alviet Aman (4 years ago)
renuka phuyal (5 years ago)
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justin starks (5 years ago)
the sad thing is it's could possibly be true lol
John Quillinan (5 years ago)
Really? Monsanto wants to destroy bees? The same bees that pollinate their crops? Yes, that's logical.
anonymousQ45 (5 years ago)
i wouldnt have even wasted the knowledge on that idiot. he'll wait decades after this is all common knowledge and in the open, then spew it to seem intellectual, while he cant see it for himself in the present
SuperSparv (5 years ago)
What are you talking about? These findings rely on lab research.
realerik123 (5 years ago)
@himselffd yo dumbass you do knoe that all those kids dying of this "disease" have terrible diets which include drinking polluted water which can contain feces and urin and also they barely eat and when they do its usually anything they can find you retard
General Obi Wan Kenobi (5 years ago)
And now Monsanto is deliberately killing bees to keep this from people.
Mike C (5 years ago)
MrFender24 it is funny right? I don't see bees like I use to as a kid! Very interesting.
Uptown Down (5 years ago)
no wonder bee's have been dying off.(mysteriously)
7Spronge (5 years ago)
The answer to most illness/disease lies in nature , not in a lab ...
fastcloudcom pc gaming (5 years ago)
what scientits like what are the names what reseaarch is aplied this is no source so in reality your source is fiction add the link to the research and maybe i believe i see this as mindcontrol
Josh (5 years ago)
fuck im appalled how people cant grasp that simple idea
johnwantling (5 years ago)
After 30 years of so-called 'aids virus', we translate a non-specific 'hiv' test into a specific 'hiv' test, which it is not. Michael Ellner called this the 'aids zone', where we are accustomed to thinking in a certain way through being highly conditioned. When reality sets in - no hiv test kit - we defend 'hiv' to the death because it is beyond our imagination that our thought process could be wrong. The belief in 'hiv' isn't reality. The 'serious problem' is the very bad science.
HimselfXD (5 years ago)
lol what? you are stupid it isn't a hoax dumb fuck. Yes there are fucked up secret things in this world but this right here is not a hoax. HIV is a serious problem you wanna go tell all the kids in Africa that you think they are lying and not actually infected with AIDs(HIV in it's most harmful stage of HIV). You can fuck off with this now.
D0gKcuf (5 years ago)
Why dont you look in google for hiv hoax and then come here to say people are moron.... Fucktard.
D0gKcuf (5 years ago)
Have you learned anything in 2 months ? Or are you still in your peacefull world ??
Neurotic Knight (5 years ago)
Ethicist not a biologist ^
Neurotic Knight (5 years ago)
There is no proof of that. , ihatemonsanto. com is not a valid scientific resource
Simon N (5 years ago)
indeed it is mr kuntyfacedbitch
johnwantling (5 years ago)
With respect, there is reality and there is fantasy. The manufacturers of the so-called hiv testing kits state quite clearly that their tests do not test for hiv. This is the reality, and so if there is no test available without this disclaimer, then we do not have a testing kit. This is because there are no standards. "The orthodoxy will collapse because it flunks the practical test. The AIDS epidemic was a mirage..." Dr. Hiram Caton, Ethicist quote.
Tory Mitchell (5 years ago)
u are absolutely right
Tory Mitchell (5 years ago)
Tory Mitchell (5 years ago)
Matt Sladen (5 years ago)
Well no wonder Monsatan is trying their very hardest to kill every last bee.
Jantunen (5 years ago)
yeah! and there also are nazis on the moon and antarctica!!! :facepalm:
Jonathan Thomason (5 years ago)
Chapter eight of 'immunology'fission five by Riott et al. So it the bulk is from before 2000: this is old knowledge!
LadyPashta (5 years ago)
Tough luck for those allergic to it...
Jonathan Thomason (5 years ago)
The actions of the human cytokines (IL-2&4) is detailed in 'human immunology'by a Riott Et Al. A drip of these two cytokines will cure all infections including HIV.
thislilrican (5 years ago)
thats funny as shit
thislilrican (5 years ago)
reference please?
Lou C Diamond (5 years ago)
they hold patents for human DNA .. they will patent bee venom.
Jonathan Thomason (5 years ago)
High intensity ultrasound clears HIV-as it does prostate cancer. Medically proven 2002 by the Moffitt cancer centre
SelMir Hrnčić (5 years ago)
chill out <3
Mamawolf2000 (5 years ago)
How do you know they didn't experiment with bee venom? One thing you have to keep right out in front when you discuss things like this... Pharmaceutical companies can NOT patent bee venom. It's a product of nature. Exactly the same reason hemp was re-named marijuana and made into the "demon weed". Both have many and more effective uses than most of their "medications". BUT they're both a product of nature. Big Pharm can only make money if they can make an artificial product and they can't.
johnwantling (5 years ago)
If you watch House of Numbers or Positively False, you will see that we don't yet have a testing kit able to detect hiv, so these so-called blessed scientists have made a monumental blunder that has led to genocide, AZT killed 150,000 people in the 1980s and 1990s. These blessed scientists ended up killing people en masse through their bad science followed by bad medicine.
johnwantling (5 years ago)
That is true, there is no hiv virus, meaning there is no testing kit manufactured able to detect hiv assuming that it exists, which is extremely doubtful. Virologists conjured up 'hiv' because they want all disease, even poison diseases such as polio and aids, to be caused by a virus, and then they can keep their jobs and feel important, and of course, there is a vast amount of money involved in the industry. Everyone must lie in order to get their hands on that money. Its called human greed.
johnwantling (5 years ago)
What is even more odd is that there is still no manufactured test kit able to detect so-called hiv infection in humans or even pussy cats for that matter. These tests come with a disclaimer stating that these tests do not test for hiv, no standards. The reason for this disclaimer is that these tests do not test for hiv. This means that we don't have hiv until a test kit is manufactured. I doubt that this is possible as there are no standards. We do not have hiv and no one is hiv positive.
Anna Perera (5 years ago)
These videos are amazing. I found this coz my mate started to be a lady-magnet - and he's overweight He began getting chicks over night. I found myself amazed. He acted as if it was standard for a little bit. He then smiled and told me when he was wasted. He told me he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you'll find it... He's dating a stunner... Lucky bastard! Where are the best movies online?
davidrlfield (5 years ago)
This is not a survey
Youtuber_JohnH (5 years ago)
I don't get it, I remember decades ago learning that they experimented with venom against HIV (Cobra venom for instance) and did not work as a solution, I am sure they would have had experimented with Bee venom on top of the list, how come they did made this discovery back them?, there is something odd here let me tell you.
ChocolateDimples321 (5 years ago)
ChocolateDimples321 (5 years ago)
This gets on my nerves...the Gov know what the antedote is for HIV because they created the shit.
monitoredaccount (5 years ago)
Very interesting article! It is already know that bee venom can help and cure several medical conditions for example: For example: Tumors Arthritis Osteoarthritis Multiple Sclerosis ALS Temporal Arteritis and Polymyalgia Rheumatic. Lyme Disease Parkinson Read more here: apitoxin.se/research.html.
Daniel Teshome (5 years ago)
This is total CRAP!
Alan (5 years ago)
I love you guys. So cute ^^.
Dgander (5 years ago)
Asians have been taking bee sting treatment for years and keeping it secret.
Blaise Bullion (5 years ago)
It will be squelched.
mas1sarwa (5 years ago)
tim slomp (5 years ago)
this is like the 4th or 5th medical use of bee venom I've come across. if we want to give the generations that will come after us a chance on a healthy life then WE have to start taking care of our resources and fellow Earthlings. we have to stop corporations that are patenting genetic material, if you do not understand WHY we should stop this from happening then please go and watch /watch?v=vEFC4rsQ4B8 there is no excuse to stay ignorant, educate yourself, your loved ones AND your neighbours
AIDSTruth (5 years ago)
I disliked this video because it's a distraction.. There is no goddamned "HIV Virus" Let alone "HIV".
AIDSTruth (5 years ago)
"are you saying you're stupid"? what kind of fucking stupid language is that?
Alan (5 years ago)
Is that tinfoil hat comfortable?
Tim (5 years ago)
are you saying you are stupid enough to think its a hoax as well?
OLi Nomando (5 years ago)
you're right, that's why Obama won the Peace one...
mas1sarwa (5 years ago)
i would believe that when i'll see the nobel prize given to whom discovered it !
Shaye Pockrandt (5 years ago)
The 2 people who disliked this video will probably get cancer, one that will be curable by bee venom of course
gwho (5 years ago)
make sure you don't mention it by name.
OldTrafford King (5 years ago)
Gotta love bees and Monsanto wants to destroy bees
Frank Waszut (5 years ago)
which is kind of why this knews about bee populations is pretty sobering
Sandy (5 years ago)
Many people have allergy from Penicillin, so they don't use it.
You Don't Say? (5 years ago)
ha ha ha
Joey denardo (5 years ago)
anything is possible you closed minded son of a bitch.
Jackson Lee (5 years ago)
An excellent cure!!!
Sudarshan Shrestha (5 years ago)
m not belive in this ashhole document.bull shit !!
Kent Allen (5 years ago)
mabey initially, mabey when it becomes more common place after a few years the price will go down.
Kent Allen (5 years ago)
H.I.V cure becomes moot in the face of millions and millions of people dying in the face of all humanity dying due to lack of food. so yeah probably just grab couple hundred bees and make bee fuck farms :D
Kent Allen (5 years ago)
that would probably work< as you may know it was estimated that if bees went extinct that at leas 70 percent of all plant life would die due to lack of pollination, So there goes a lot of herbivores dying there goes a lot of carnivores that eat the herbivores dying that remaing 30 percent aint gonna last long humans are fucked cause they have no vegetation or fruit or herbivores or carnivores to eat Huge massive domino effect truck load of people die from starvation ect ect Hiv
HerbalDeals (5 years ago)
All bee products have Great benefits.. Bee Propolis can cure cancer
Jonathan Thomason (5 years ago)
Ultrasound will clear all human viruses-but cannot be detected by the human ears
Ali Bahaloo (5 years ago)
I don't think bees need to be killed in this process, the venom can be extracted without killing them, I guess.
Pascalsmit1971 (5 years ago)
Safest sex around :-)
Seymour Bush (5 years ago)
Bee fuck farms! Who wants to invest?!
Kent Allen (5 years ago)
are we gonna be able to do this without killing a whole bunch of bees? if we do end up killing a fuck ton of bees then the whole world is kinda fucked and that makes curing H.I.V kinda pointless.
tkal17 (5 years ago)
Incredible news! Simply incredible!!!
RealPublic (5 years ago)
Yeah, but probably the cure will be worth few thousand bucks :P

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