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English/Nat More than 150 illegal immigrants were brought ashore after their ship began to sink off the southern Italian coast on Friday. The Turkish ship, the Magnolia, was towed to safety by the Italian coast guard after it sent out a distress signal that it was taking on water. The immigrants are spending Friday night in Puglia police station. The Magnolia was taken into port in Gallipoli on Italy's southern Puglia coast after being found three kilometres (two miles) out to sea by an air rescue search team. The rescue operation was mounted after the ship radioed that it was taking on water. The vessel was said to be carrying more than 150 illegal immigrants. The immigrants, including four women and five children, came from half a dozen countries: India, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Senegal and Turkey. Some identification problems arose due to the lack of passports and other documents. The illegal immigrants were brought into port by three small boats. Those taken ashore were reported to be in good health following the rescue. One report said the ship began sinking due to a gash in its side. Illegal immigration is an increasing problem for the Italian authorities, with thousands of new arrivals coming in every year. Puglia is a common arrival point for new immigrants entering by sea in the hope of a new life in Europe. This immigrant aboard the sinking boat had come from Istanbul and was making his way to France. SOUNDBITE: (English) "We are from Pakistan we have got three-thousand dollars from Istanbul our agent to go to France. We come by ship, we don't know how they bring us here. Ship was out of water and we just in the sea. The Italian police come and take us outside." SUPER CAPTION: Immigrant passenger aboard the rescued boat The problem with immigration is so bad the local police station, where the immigrants are spending the night, has rooms specially designated for illegal immigrants. The Italian Foreign Ministry citing estimates by the Roman Catholic charity Caritas, says at least half a (m) million illegal immigrants reached Italy in 1996. About half of those were eventually allowed to stay. Many illegal immigrants slip through the net, taking advantage of the European Union's free movement laws by moving on to other countries, such as Germany and France. These immigrants, however, will probably find that their rescuers - the Italian authorities - having brought them ashore, will send them straight back home. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/a1e49bbc91fe494b7515898ca2594223 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Text Comments (29)
Jan Strucker (15 days ago)
Beat the shit out of them. Tell them no migration to Italy. Send them back beaten and bruised. They only understand violence.
Bethany Bouley (3 months ago)
i just have one question for all you...."what if this was you, and your family"....??
Bethany Bouley (1 month ago)
Sterian Burghelea clearly i have no power to change your mind, i understand where your thinking comes from because i used to be like that, but i hope that someday you will realize that this world is not just black and white by any means, it is a thousand shades of grey, and so is every human...peace be with you🙏
Bethany Bouley (1 month ago)
Sterian Burghelea have you ever been homeless? or scared for your life? have you ever actually met and interacted with any of these types of people in real life? i used to think just like you...but my eyes have been opened.
Sterian Burghelea (1 month ago)
I think they revealed themselves a plenty. You are in denial.
Bethany Bouley (1 month ago)
Sterian Burghelea I dont believe that any single ethnicity can or should be blanketed and stereotyped as one thing, plenty of people in my country who are born and raised here destroy and trample beautiful things, anybody anywhere can be a terrible person, but those that are not should not be lumped in with the bad and hated and punished for the actions of others, all people reveal themselves with time, those that destroy should be dealt with individually and be held accountable, not have their whole families condemned.
Sterian Burghelea (1 month ago)
Agree. But I hope you will say the same thing when they will stamp all over you and others and destroy beautiful places. I hope you can console with that because 99%don't.
Metal Force (4 months ago)
Go home and make your country great. We dont need parasites especially muslim one or indians who dont integrate
Nivin Jose (4 months ago)
I can't understand y the italiae government letting their country in danger. Muslim bomb makers simply entering... all the Italian protest these bcoz these peoples are ugly and dangerous. they will rob u and try to rape ur litte girls.. they will blast ur railways and supermarket..
Muhd Shahid (4 months ago)
Refugees are big mother fuckars all Refugees want whit girls and fucking and drinking and ( E U PRC )😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Muhd Shahid (4 months ago)
Sent back big boll shit
Hailey Williams (4 months ago)
No way! Go back to your country!!
Bethany Bouley (5 months ago)
the ignorance about refugees from islamic countries is shocking and cruel, most people have no idea what it is like to flee your own horrible country only to be beaten and hated and passed from place to place homeless and with no hope of a future! everyone decides they know what you are all about just by your language and the color of your skin! ignorance causes just as much horror and inhumanity as outright hate and deliberate cruelty! educate yourselves on the reality of the massive refugee crisis going on in places like Turkey, Serbia and Syria! all over the world!
Bethany Bouley (4 months ago)
Metal Force...no entire race of people should be deduced to the worst actions of a few!! you have obviously never been homeless or hungry and feared for your life, i have...open your mind and heart, or live a narrow life...we are all human beings! one kind, one earth.
Metal Force (4 months ago)
Youre profoundly ignorant. Go travel to their countries. They are medieval animals not even having a clue what democracy means. Attitude like yours is what will bring europe to its knees!!!! You bloody fool!!!
Tom Burke (11 months ago)
Why are the Italians standing for this!they need a president Trump!!!
Last Outlaw (10 months ago)
Tom Burke motherfucker trump will be defeated by true American candidates soon
Radical Greek Beard (1 year ago)
Should have left it alone and watched it sink from a safe distance.
Muna Bille (2 months ago)
RadicalGreekBeard I hope u die with disease
Muna Bille (2 months ago)
RadicalGreekBeard stupid
Bhagwan Singh (1 year ago)
send them back bulshit people of the world fuck out
Orlando Miguel (1 year ago)
dangerous..send them back
Anthony Amendola (2 years ago)
Send them back these people will wear out their welcome soon trust me I know they will first pretend to be your friend once they feel comfortable they will talk about you and belittle you in their language and take what ever they can.
Sunil Sharma (2 years ago)
everyone wants a White girl !!
Albus Regnum (2 months ago)
Sunil Sharma they going to get bodybags soon

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