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Watch how bravely sub-inspector Tukaram Ombale apprehended Kasab

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Ajmal Amir Kasab was among the ten men from Karachi who illegally entered Mumbai via water route and launched an attack that killed 166 innocent people, including many foreigners. Kasab was apprehended by assistant sub-inspector Tukaram Ombale but the latter sacrificed his life in the cause by falling prey to the terrorist's bullet. For more info log on to: http://www.youtube.com/abpnewsTV
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Text Comments (1683)
mir hamid ali (12 hours ago)
Kartik Babulkar (17 hours ago)
Jay hind sir
aalishan travels (18 hours ago)
any one who watching these after nana patekar film
sandeep kumar (21 hours ago)
who is the idiot this dislike video hats off to u tukaram sir👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏
Nilanjana Ghosh (1 day ago)
Jai hind sir
Niranjan Ghimire (1 day ago)
proud u
Vimal Vimal (2 days ago)
Jai hind sir
Shreyansh Pandey (3 days ago)
Ye farq hota hai chuslim aur hinduo me
Shalu Madhavan (4 days ago)
U are great sir...
Rohitian Rahul (4 days ago)
Anirban Majumdar (5 days ago)
Hum zinda hain bharat main
iliyas Qureshi (5 days ago)
Great sir
Mandeep Chanotia (5 days ago)
Jai hind
NOUMAN ASGHER (6 days ago)
Ya hamla India na khud karwaya ,
labakumar baishya (7 days ago)
salute tukaramji...rip
Amit Paul (9 days ago)
1K pak motherfucker terrorists disliked this video.
Haresh Charan (9 days ago)
madrchod Jo unlike kr rhe unhe kho ek bar muje mile
Prashant Solanki (9 days ago)
Accha hua phasi dedi kasab ko pakistan murdabad dhoka to inke khoon me hota hai saalo ke hindustan jindabad and respect for you tukaram sir rip 🙏
Santosh Vade (10 days ago)
you are hero of India
Jatinder singh Nagra (10 days ago)
Salute sir
Chaitrali Jalvi (10 days ago)
Proud of you tukaram sir ,🙏🙏
Sandip Khule (11 days ago)
Proud of you sir
Elli Elli (11 days ago)
Elli Elli (11 days ago)
Proud of you
Swapnil Jadhav (12 days ago)
Jay hind sir
Techno feariya (13 days ago)
Tukaram sir I proud of you and India best police offices Jai Hind Jai Bharat
Subhankar Aush (14 days ago)
Jai hind
Gaurav Padule (14 days ago)
विर जवान तुझे सलाम
Armaan Khroud (15 days ago)
Salute and R.I.P
Fun Biscuit (15 days ago)
jai hind
ganesh patel (15 days ago)
Tukaram amAr rhe
Bikash Hatiboruah (16 days ago)
jai hind
Sanam Azhar (17 days ago)
Sar salam hai mera
Bhawani Singh (17 days ago)
Proud of you salute you sir .jai hind
sapna kondapallii (18 days ago)
A big salute. May God bless n always be with ur family in all goodwill.
Kundan Kumar (18 days ago)
Tuka ram i love you
Ayushman (18 days ago)
R.I.P tukaram sir!!!
yogesh umbare (19 days ago)
Jay hind Tukaram sir 🙏 Amar ho aap
vj productions (20 days ago)
Balidaani mahan tukaram ji aapko shat shat pranaam
Sudhir Kadian (20 days ago)
great man..... slaut him
Vaibhavi Kavthankar (20 days ago)
Salute tukaram sir jai hind!!!!
Ashraf suthar (22 days ago)
Real police man proud of
dhruv Rathod (23 days ago)
Jay hind tukaram sir
Unknown Boy (23 days ago)
This fucking drama created by #RSS to Kill #HemantKarkare. These bastards are fucking hight of terrorism. #RSS #Is #A #Terrorist #Organisation of #INDIA
Pritesh Tayade (23 days ago)
Salute u .sir jay hind
ashok format (23 days ago)
"When you go Home, tell them of us and say, For your Tomorrow, we gave our Today” that's what my tears roar for the great Gladiator Sri Tukaram and police team for their diehard effort in facing those dirty pigs of pakistan our blood boils with fury only cowards do these type of cowardly attack on innocent our brothers sister is they don't know they have to answer to their god whom they believe wisdom i am still worrying how we are innocent going to catch the terrorist with laati is that way we are prepared to face the ruthless killer we should have given slow killing that dirty pig Kasab he shouldn't hanged this way shown him the fear of death every seconds before he died seeing the movie Attack we can't tolerate the pain and agony they generated show much hell in our country why our security was so careless somewhere our vigilence was gone out and they taken advantage it
Kartik Shukla (24 days ago)
Harami Pakistani M.C
Kiran More (24 days ago)
सच्चा देशभक्त
Mohd Nasir (24 days ago)
Great man Tuka ram sir i salute u forom the botom of my heart
urmila sahu (25 days ago)
There should be a lesson for children in schools on these brave soldiers so that v get more such honest police officers in future. For a brave India.
Syed Sahanawaj (25 days ago)
salute tukaram sir🙏
NECHER SEEN (25 days ago)
shaheed tukaram Amar rahe Jai hin
Amritansh Tiwari (25 days ago)
I salute you sir jaihind sir
Arfi Shaikh (25 days ago)
Jai hind sir
Raja Babu (26 days ago)
Jai hind sir...tukaram amar rahe...
Amir Raza Amir Raza (26 days ago)
Pintu Minama (26 days ago)
Sir miss u... Vande mataram
satyajit Sahu (26 days ago)
Tukaram sir apko Salam
Fun & Entertainment (27 days ago)
Salute... Real Hero
Bhanu Sharma (27 days ago)
tukaram sir you are lion of india because of you i feel proud to be a indian rip sir
abhinav gupta (27 days ago)
Officer like you are very hard to find. Our nation is really proud of you.
Syed Umar Alii (27 days ago)
Proud of Mumbai police and a huge huge huge respect for Shaheed Tukaram Sir.
Wasif Inayatpur (28 days ago)
Jai hind
D always (28 days ago)
Salute to Tukaram Omble ji. If he didn't catch Kasab, Pakistan would have never accepted it were Pakistanis and our media would have blamed this on Hindutva groups.
sweety khan (28 days ago)
Lot's of respect to you sir..
Anil Nannaware (28 days ago)
Jay Hind
Pinky Patel (28 days ago)
985 dislikes from terrorist Pakistan
Seraj Ansari (28 days ago)
Salute you Tukaram sir..... And We all Indians people proud of you.
khan Abdul Basit (28 days ago)
Ise bolte hai lion great tukaram sir
Gurbaj Singh (29 days ago)
jai hind sir
pool stunner (29 days ago)
May you rest in peace , tukaram sir
Girish Gaikar (29 days ago)
Tukaram sir aapan khup great ho
Hamii Parvez (29 days ago)
May God bless tukaraam.. May Allah give chance to me as well to die by saving my nation.My country peoples...I love my India...
Jayant Sahay (1 month ago)
Great Hero. Hat'off is less fr him
Vicky Baba (1 month ago)
salute to you sir ..you are great we need more officers like you
Meena Wagh (1 month ago)
Jai hind🙏
ANDROBLADE (1 month ago)
Jai hind Tukaram sir Amar rahe
Mr BhullaR (1 month ago)
Real hero tukaram 🙏
Ritesh Gupta (1 month ago)
Solute to him
Mayank Bharti (1 month ago)
Ankit Dhage (1 month ago)
Rip tukaram omble sir
Vilas Samplay (1 month ago)
Jai hind sir
Vilas Samplay (1 month ago)
Love you tuka ramombley sir
Siddhartha Tube (1 month ago)
Boycott muslims
Never forget
Amaan Baksh (1 month ago)
salute to you
Irfan Zamindar (1 month ago)
Chotia banao apni hi awam ko... Lol
Jay hind tukaram sir
Farah Khurram (1 month ago)
Kute ki mout marr gya sala police wala
Sapna Sondkar (1 month ago)
Salute sir
Sonali B (1 month ago)
Salute u sir. The brave police. We missed u
Hussain Raza (1 month ago)
Tukaram sir ku salam
PUBG LIVE (1 month ago)
Salute to sahid tukaram sir
Sunny Shinde (1 month ago)
Jai hind sir
Sunny Shinde (1 month ago)
I am proud to b Indian
Sunny Shinde (1 month ago)
Jis nai b is video ko unlike keya hai Na who Pakistani hai
rushikesh gaikwad (1 month ago)
Real hero.... Respect for you sir
Jeff Digiacomo (1 month ago)
may you rest with the lions!!!!
Haroon Khan (1 month ago)
Salute tukaram sir.... Jai hind....
Marvel Boy (1 month ago)
Salute to tukaram sir, u r great

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