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Turkish PM Erdogan walks off stage in clash over Gaza

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(29 Jan 2009) SHOTLIST WEF POOL 1. Wide of stage, including Israeli President, Shimon Peres and Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan 2. Stage, with Peres talking 3. Mid of audience listening 4. Mid of Peres and Erdogan on stage 5. Close of Peres speaking, turning to Erdogan, UPSOUND (English) Peres: "I want to understand why did they fire rockets against us. What for? There was not any siege against Gaza." 6. Various of Erdogan asking for time to respond, UPSOUND (English) Erdogan: "one minute, one minute..." 7. SOUNDBITE (Turkish) Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish Prime Minister: (taken from simultaneous translation) "I feel that you perhaps feel a bit guilty and that is why perhaps you have been so strong in your words, so loud. Well you killed people. I remember the children who died on the beaches." 8. Various of Erdogan trying to speak and, chairperson trying to end proceedings 9. Erdogan walking off stage AP TELEVISION 10. People gathered in hallway 11. Close up of sign reading: (English) "middle east peace" 12. SOUNDBITE (English) Amr Moussa, Arab League Secretary-General: "Yes he walked out because he was not given the full time to answer, and we also wanted him to answer because what Mr. Peres said was first unacceptable, second, many of the points were not really accurate and we wanted to say something. So the Prime Minister of Turkey was not given that opportunity. He is after all the Prime Minister of Turkey and he wants to speak." (Question: And he was in his right to walk out and make a point?) "This is a different story. He is angry and I believe we are going to see him now." 13. Cutaway delegates ++MUTE++ STORYLINE Turkey's prime minister stalked off the stage at the World Economic Forum on Thursday after reproaching Israel's president over the devastating military offensive in Gaza. The packed audience, which included President Barack Obama's close adviser Valerie Jarrett, appeared stunned as Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Israeli President Shimon Peres raised their voices and traded accusations. Peres was passionate in his defence of Israel's 23-day offensive in Gaza, which it said targeted Gaza-rulers Hamas and aimed to stop Palestinian militant rocket fire into southern Israeli towns. As he spoke, Peres often turned toward Erdogan, who in his remarks had criticised Israel's strict blockade of the Gaza Strip. "Why did they fire rockets? There was no siege against Gaza," Peres said, raising his voice. The heated debate with Israel and Turkey at the centre was significant because of the key role Turkey has played as a moderator between Israel and Syria. Erdogan appeared to express a sense of disappointment when he recounted how he had met with the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert just days before the offensive, and believed they were close to reaching terms for a face-to-face meeting with Syrian leaders. Obama's new Mideast envoy, George Mitchell, will be in Turkey for talks on Sunday. Erdogan was angry when a panel moderator cut off his remarks in response to an impassioned monologue by Peres defending Israel's offensive. The angry exchange followed an hour-long debate at the forum attended by world leaders in Davos. Erdogan tried to rebut Peres as the discussion was ending, asking the moderator, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, to let him speak once more. "You killed people," Erdogan told the 85-year-old Israeli leader. "I remember the children who died on beaches." When moderator repeatedly interrupted, asking him to stop, Erdogan angrily stalked off, leaving behind fellow panelists United Nations Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon and Arab League Secretary-General, Amr Moussa. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/61e8fccf791b1e2f8766ea162b585a06 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Text Comments (887)
Israel is a Tarist chntri
andh bhakt ka papa (2 days ago)
Israeli tererist
andh bhakt ka papa (2 days ago)
Turkey tigar
Nabadoon Cagaweyne11 (2 days ago)
Asc all the Muslims and their leader erdugan. Mohamed agaweyne. from somalia
heylem90 (6 days ago)
may allah bless him erdogan
Shahid Akhtar (8 days ago)
May allah tallah keep you happy well done
Robert MadrYx (8 days ago)
Respect for turkish president. Respect from Romania
bling 1 (8 days ago)
Only garbage walk out because he can't defend his words.
Mohamed El Makhloufi (8 days ago)
Love Erdogan
Riyazzz 99 (8 days ago)
Erdogan will be the start of the Muslim victory.
A H W Washington (9 days ago)
Deedee Brando (9 days ago)
He cannot argue anymore because his argument is wrong that's why he walked out. Hahaha! That's how the coward end the debate .
ali malik (10 days ago)
Salute to this man ....
Sergio Gonzalés (11 days ago)
🇹🇷❤️🇪🇸 Respect for Erdogan, israel is killing innocent people still in 2018 its not fair he get less time than peres..
Tekhle Kiflemariam (12 days ago)
Erdogan emotional and full of hatered wich is unpresidential attitude. God bless isreal. Erdongan has no right to drunk angry about gaza, let him keep his istanbul.
Mohammed Sajid (12 days ago)
Good job
jack ø diamonds A (12 days ago)
I dont get it why people love him, he is turning turky into a islamic state .
Abdulaziz Sayed (12 days ago)
may Allah bless you, save you and succed you in every way. Love Erdogan. I wish all the muslim leaders were brave and intelligent like you but unfortunately some are just slaves.
Taiyab Rasel (13 days ago)
Erdoğan is the best leader
Ed S (14 days ago)
In case you're wandering about the failed coup in Turkey and why the western world wants to destroy Turkey, this is why. It all started when Erdogan spoke up about zionist crimes and told the truth . They will never leave him alone.
Walter Chace Lancaster (14 days ago)
Brave man shocked Israeli coward
ROSE RED (14 days ago)
O Amir of Muslims Sultan Rajab Tayyip Erdogan We All Saudi Arabia Ulama and Muslims men and women soo much Love you and all Turkey our brothers and sisters. اللهGod save you and that اللهGod is with us
ROSE RED (14 days ago)
O Amir of Muslims Sultan Rajab Tayyip Erdogan we all Saudi Arabia
ROSE RED (14 days ago)
O Amir of Muslims Sultan Rajab Tayyip Erdogan, اللهGod save you and that اللهGod is with us
Hello World (14 days ago)
Hitler do same to the jews people what Israel do since 70 years with the palestine people. So Israel is the real nazi regime.
parandham sai (14 days ago)
1:26 "give me back my cojones to on each level"
ALI AHMAD (16 days ago)
I love turkey and erdogon from india
mario malaj (17 days ago)
this sulltan pos thinks he can defeat west. ordickan you are just a russia bitch
anonyme world (18 days ago)
ERDOGAN ❤ of 🦁
Krasniq Gazmen (18 days ago)
şükrü karadağ (18 days ago)
big man in the world
Shahrukh Tikotikar (19 days ago)
I don't know what did he said but it seems very melodious language
I love you ordugan from somaalia
Ahmed Saad Eddin (19 days ago)
DefCom Top 10 (20 days ago)
Fuck Russia and Israel and Pakistan Love From Turkey
ibrahim TÜRKOĞLU (20 days ago)
Anyone who does not react to an injustice is a mute demon
anonymous identity (20 days ago)
Turkish warrior don't ever mess with erdogan.
Yatukih001 (20 days ago)
Erdogan´s message: ´yes means yes, and no means no, and if you don´t give me full time to answer, I´m outta here´...he´s right, you know.
Hahaha you fucking Izlamzik bitch walk of
mozibul hoque mishu (20 days ago)
Greatest president in all over the world Mr Erdogan.
shubham ahire (21 days ago)
That Turkey is running away Someone catch it .😂 Roasted Turkey. 🐓
anonymous identity (21 days ago)
President erdogan is like a thunder storm don't mess around with him.
Mirza Murtaza (22 days ago)
We love Tayeb Eurdgan Great leadr great job
Anzar Kali (22 days ago)
I love you sir from India
dalibor sudjecki (22 days ago)
Erdogan graat man. Fuck Eu,America, Nato be with Russia and China, India.... You welcome to Serbia
mrblurblur2003 (22 days ago)
Well said Mister Peres, well said. The Turkey president is a big ass.
Uran Sylejmani (22 days ago)
Erdogan ' s face tells that he is connected deeply with His God , cause he looks like a Lion, very brave , very stable and strong character, and these others are pussy liars , that are afraid of the Truth
Eliza Mastrovic (23 days ago)
look at his eyes change from 59 seconds. I dont believe all this leaders are humans, some can take on a human form just to manipulate. but hey all i gotta say we got another one. Time to wake up !
ZAFAR SADIQUE (23 days ago)
Salute to erdogan ... may allah give u long life for goodness of islam
Truth Speaker (23 days ago)
Great leader, Hero of the WORLD. ❤️
Basitjan Basitjan (23 days ago)
You are great
saleem khan (23 days ago)
We need leaders like you sir
Youtuber Youtuber (23 days ago)
erdogan real tiger respect from India.
MA7 (23 days ago)
Free Palestine
Raju Raj (24 days ago)
How many Rohingias were adopted by Turkey ? Only India and Bangladesh has adopted Rohingias.
MD TOYAB (25 days ago)
Respect for turusko president love from Bangladesh
Sahil Thanedar (25 days ago)
When donkey Arab behave like this Islamic tiger
Mohd Nizam (25 days ago)
malaysia love edrogan and turkey.....thanks sir edrogan.....
Shakira Amin (25 days ago)
he is only one leader..he has done it now what Muslim leaders should do and other non Muslim leaders should do for the shake of democracy and humane ...but muslims new leader are coming...they will come soon..all leaders will do it...this days are coming..that's not my word that is Mohammad (peace be upon him)said...jesus are coming...
Monisha mukta (26 days ago)
We salute you sir ERDOĞAN Love from Bangladesh
bob jefferson marley (26 days ago)
He said 1 minute after the show erdogan apoligize on israel 😂😂😂😂
D H (27 days ago)
Mir Hossain (28 days ago)
Turkish lion
R D (28 days ago)
World hypocrites forum
Kakashi Hatake (28 days ago)
fuck this shit called israel
ClaY CLAY (1 month ago)
Love u turckey ❤from gaza ❤
Truthfears Guilty (1 month ago)
Mohd Irfaz (1 month ago)
Duniya Mein 2 share Aaye Hai Owaisi and Raja Urdu gaan Tayyab Allah Inki Zindagi Salamat Rakhe dude dress
vickyrecalls (1 month ago)
how the fuck are we suppose to understand whats happening
Fluffy Uxicorn (1 month ago)
Ban ki moon no stand up and shake hand wid him and he can not do anything.he sceard to isreal prime minister and USA prime minister.
Pakistani Afghan Girl (1 month ago)
Erdogan is a great man i respect him so much May Allah bless him
Faisal Jks (1 month ago)
arshid bhat (1 month ago)
ERDOGAN the man . Netanyahu the bastard
1 Alsaidi (1 month ago)
What is he saying
Humaun Laskar (1 month ago)
Love you 😍 from United States of America 🇺🇸
Humaun Laskar (1 month ago)
Whole world 🌎 loves you fuck the Zionist jews
born to express V (1 month ago)
And support kasmir pandits who were massacre by bloodshed Muslims in kasmir valley.... We don't give fuck when someone dies in Palestine or gaza..
born to express V (1 month ago)
I m Indian I support isreal !
Saim Qadeer (1 month ago)
I love Tayab Urdagan. Lots of love from Pakistan.He is truly a muslim leader.
web.or. die (1 month ago)
Real Man not pussy like other world leaders.
A. Malik Khan (1 month ago)
taiyib urdugan Masha Allah
best movie scenes (1 month ago)
Riyas Khan R K (1 month ago)
He is real king
Mohammad Yeakub Ali (1 month ago)
may Allah bless you and all Muslim of world
Anam Nisar (1 month ago)
Muslim Lion Erdogan 😍😍😍😍
daniel chueque (1 month ago)
Israel 1st
Mohd. Arif (1 month ago)
Rooney Tom (1 month ago)
Da Real LION of da MUSLIM WORLD.. AFARIN......
Ajmal Haneef (1 month ago)
love u Turkey love from India
Md Arman (1 month ago)
you are the world's moslim king
omar mo,alim (1 month ago)
Erdogan always is the best
this muslims is son of a bitch, i hope all the muslims will be get nuked and die in the worst death and pain
Zakir lala (1 month ago)
Wakai tiger hai
Shaikh Shahnawaz (1 month ago)
great Turkey leader rajjab tayyab ardgaan
SATAN,s demon (1 month ago)
if nawz sherf was here he would have die befor he can speek hhahaha asshole
Jeff Davis (1 month ago)
Erdogan is a POS. If the Turks ever come to their senses, he will be voted out of office.
GIORGIO ARMANI (1 month ago)
#respect #erdogan
nabeel dev (1 month ago)
Erdogan tiger👑
unity now (1 month ago)
Long live king erdogan May allah give you long live Zionism is an cancer in middle East
awesome dude (1 month ago)
Allahu akbar o muslims get united and do jihaad fee sabeelillah...

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