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The Other Woman | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

5693 ratings | 3148026 views
The Other Woman | Official Trailer: After discovering her boyfriend is married, a woman (Cameron Diaz) tries to get her ruined life back on track. But when she accidentally meets the wife he's been cheating on (Leslie Mann), she realizes they have much in common, and her sworn enemy becomes her greatest friend. When yet another affair is discovered (Kate Upton), all three women team up to plot mutual revenge on their cheating, lying, three-timing SOB. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/FOXSubscribe Connect with The Other Woman Online: Visit the The Other Woman WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/OtherWomanSite Like The Other Woman on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/OtherWomanFB Follow The Other Woman on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/OtherWomanTw About 20th Century FOX: Official YouTube Channel for 20th Century Fox Movies. Home of Avatar, Aliens, X-Men, Die Hard, Deadpool, Ice Age, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Rio, Peanuts, Maze Runner, Planet of the Apes, Wolverine and many more. Connect with 20th Century FOX Online: Visit the 20th Century FOX WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/FOXMovie Like 20th Century FOX on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/FOXFacebook Follow 20th Century FOX on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/TwitterFOX The Other Woman | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX http://www.youtube.com/user/FoxMovies
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Text Comments (316)
deannacaii (18 days ago)
Vinnie Fabian (1 month ago)
Let's all be honest...we came here for a 20th Century Fox movie trailer.
hoota ragis (1 month ago)
Cameron looks like a dude.
Candra Retna Putri (2 months ago)
im telling cersei
aaryan saha (3 months ago)
ladies vs ricky bhail ne copy kr li
Mohammed Hashim (11 months ago)
Copy of Indian movie call "Ladies vs Ricky bahl"
Ana Laura (11 months ago)
Can anyone tell me the name of the song in the trailer?
Rohan S Hari (1 year ago)
Ladies Vs Ricky Behl? Anyone?
Good morning Tigershroff manish kumar Bollywood YouTube
Rahatil Ashekan (1 year ago)
1.Why is every Game of Thrones actor doing terrible TERRIBLE movies? 2. The plot is stolen from a Bollywood movie "Ladies vs. Ricky Behl." And both of them are average and dull.
Kate Kane (1 year ago)
The end of the movie was EPIC.
Katherine Wong (1 year ago)
im a simple woman, i see minaj, i leave.
Rick Rossmann (1 year ago)
Victoria Everglot (1 year ago)
Nooooo You can't Have My Brother & My Husband that's being very.... (Head Shaking) Greedy.....
ruddinfhd (1 year ago)
GOT characters are dying and coming back in such random movies
PRASHANT SHINDE (1 year ago)
Looks like Indian Bollywood movie Ladies vs Ricky Bahl
Miscellaneous Quarts (1 year ago)
Straight people are weird..
Ferron Smith (1 year ago)
"You smell amazing, what is that ?" I think it is just sweat ! hahaha, best line
Mr. G (1 year ago)
Im just here for kate upton
Shokin Ohlan (1 year ago)
now Hollywood is copying from Bollywood 😂😂😂😂
Ayman Zaman (1 year ago)
Ladies vs Ricky Bahl!!!
damo0n (1 year ago)
The First Wives Club (1996)
Philip Møller (1 year ago)
Calling it now. The movie ends with Cersei frying all of the women, and taking Jaime for herself.
Shaunak Kulkarni (1 year ago)
ladies vs ricky behl..... same plot just hollywood stamp!
Rohit Nagpal (1 year ago)
Copy of a bollywood movie "Ladies vs Ricky Bahl."
Megha Lall Sharma (1 year ago)
entire story is in the trailer..what's the point of watching it now...........
Arslan Zafar (1 year ago)
Totally copy concept of Bollywood movie Rocky vs Ladies....
Wu Lung (1 year ago)
well, that bolly things make me allergic
Ana V (1 year ago)
que mala por dios
Foligno (1 year ago)
Just cut off his right hand, that'll do the trick.
Anderson Dortch (1 year ago)
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Russia Sub (1 year ago)
OMG! Kate Upton! She is AMAZING!
Bileg Tuguldur (2 years ago)
ZaAdo you have a
Abhishek Das (2 years ago)
This movie is a copy of bollywood movie called Ladies VS Ricky Bahl
Arun Lohia (2 years ago)
Fake. fake. Fake. I love to fake . my favorite hobby .
hichem ajili (2 years ago)
upton boobs omg
MOJOEFUL (2 years ago)
Thirdwind (2 years ago)
Ok so the story line is a wife who was cheated on gets with the mistresses to get revenge by like messing with his stuff and so.....couldn't she just divorce him and get it over with like a mature adult
Vishal Patil (2 years ago)
this is the same movie of Indian - "" Ladies VS Ricky Bahl "...
Jon Dunmore (2 years ago)
Yay, another piece of actual feces disguised as a movie.
pixpusha (2 years ago)
What 'is' up with her hot brother! Can we see more of him please, lol
Anand K.C (2 years ago)
This Is "Ladies vs Ricky Bahl", Bollywood movie. Original could be from anywhere around the world.
Wenzel Nunes (2 years ago)
king slayer!!!
Eyre Death Borne (2 years ago)
Poocy Slayer!!!!!!
Atul Patil (2 years ago)
it's like Bollywood movie ladies vs Ricky bahl...
originals 7070 (2 years ago)
Jamie lanister
Kashish Vaish (2 years ago)
Kate Upton fetched these many views To be precise her breasts fetched these many views.
The modern Monk (2 years ago)
Ladies vs Ricky Bahl.
5.45 Master Race (2 years ago)
First Wives Club (1996)
Itsmeeman1 (2 years ago)
A man with money attracts women. Not news. Women are whores.
ninuxy (2 years ago)
Another anti-man movie... FU Hollywood.
ninuxy (2 years ago)
+Doug Lakland I wonder what the reaction would have been if someone's wife cheated on him, and he would get with three two strangers who she had betrayed him with and plot his demise? Do you think it would sell?
D Lakland (2 years ago)
yup. modern day feminism for you.
Steve Vargas (2 years ago)
From Revenant and deadpool to this.....I can't wait for the summer and oscar season to begin again
Kenny Kolala (2 years ago)
a must watch
Subhani Akrmsubhani (2 years ago)
sexy mujre
mohammad sarvar (2 years ago)
they are made copied of bollywood ricky behl vs ladies.hahahahah
theAJARNEway (2 years ago)
This was a really funny movie. I love it! <3 We watch this for like 8x
Adam Ulmer (2 years ago)
Those are Kate Upton's boobs!!!
Crapes consuegra (2 years ago)
this is so funny :)
Polen Banik (2 years ago)
This is a copy of ladies vs Ricky bahl
VagrantNine Media (2 years ago)
Ladies vs. Ricki Bahl
Paulette Wirtz (2 years ago)
It's a Fantastic movie ! :) I love it ♥ ;)
en2kay (2 years ago)
they have started copying bollywood movie?
Dimithri Sapna (2 years ago)
I thought bollowood is copying hollywood but now after watching this trailer I changed my mind this is as same as Ladies vs Ricky Bhal :D
Muhammad Afzal (2 years ago)
Dhaval Patel (2 years ago)
Seems to be ladoes v/s ricky bahl.... same bloody story almost
Bharat raju (2 years ago)
this is remake of ladies vs Ricky bal
this looks like a rip of "Ladies vs Ricky Behl" movie
hoang gia (2 years ago)
may lanh hoang gia
Frank Underwood (2 years ago)
its going down i am gathering timber
Muka Ljetna (2 years ago)
Good comedy
Kosmoski99 (2 years ago)
don't need to watch now, it's all in the trailer
Alex (1 year ago)
Kosmoski99 no it's not
Eyre Death Borne (2 years ago)
We're simple men we see bombs we click.
Lea Rocker (2 years ago)
Right?! Lol
zxz (2 years ago)
Misandrist trash.
zxz (2 years ago)
Lol, what's with the katsap flag?
Smelly Loser (2 years ago)
+zxz How is it misandrist? Or are you joking, I cant tell.
Harshad (2 years ago)
Most sexist movie ever.
positivenergy (2 years ago)
the prettiest one is the one at the end with the dark hair
shubham vashisht (2 years ago)
i've just seen this trailer in speed 0.25 for bouncing boobs
Glenn Bravy (2 years ago)
+shubham vashisht Do it at 0.5 and they're all SO DRUNK...
Vince Satsong (2 years ago)
Other Mike (2 years ago)
+shubham vashisht SCIENCE!!
HuiChyr (2 years ago)
Doesn't happen in real life. In real life, the wife gets half and the hell with the "other women".
Kayden Singh (2 years ago)
Kate uprons nippps 😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😝😝😝😝😝
Doom (2 years ago)
im a simple man, i see boobs i click
Marie Sem (1 year ago)
Doom good man
Kitty S (1 year ago)
Shame. Ding Ding Ding. Shame. Ding Ding Ding. Shame Ding Ding Ding!
The Castelan (1 year ago)
Me too, didn't expect to see the whole film in 150 seconds though.
Akılteri (2 years ago)
Klasik american orospuları maan :)
Vivian Nguyen (2 years ago)
I love this trailer! xD
caramelmilktea (2 years ago)
best movie ever XD
Kheraja (2 years ago)
I saw it today. BEST . MOVIE . EVER .
Kheraja (2 years ago)
+Mighty Ashur Yeah duuuh
Mighty Ashur (2 years ago)
+Kajsa Skoglund Of course it is...
Kheraja (2 years ago)
+kerstin Norberg tjaaa :D
Kerstin Norberg (2 years ago)
ja men hej :)
Kheraja (2 years ago)
+kerstin Norberg Yes, I am.
Hadi Power (2 years ago)
i watch this movie it's amazing love it
AMIT SINGH RANA (2 years ago)
ladies vs ricky baehl in hollywood style @time to leave earth@ its only a matter of time MSG is gonna find its way to hollywood too
Aaditya Purani (2 years ago)
Ladies VS Ricky Behl , copy of Indian Movie . #ShitAss
Ahnaf Shahriar Abir (2 years ago)
hollyhood h0t movie
wasew sadab Nafew (2 years ago)
Thats Ladies VS Ricky Bahl
T.V. Balan (3 years ago)
PrithvisAccount (3 years ago)
looks like it is copied from bollywood movie: ladies vs ricky bahl
Anton Slavik (3 years ago)
Imagine if they made a comedy where 3 dudes team up to murder a woman. There'd be hell to pay. Don't let me ever hear about double standards ever again.
simar arora (3 years ago)
Copied from bollywood. Original movie name - ladies vs ricky bahl. Plagiarism pals
rk (3 years ago)
is it remake of ladies vs ricky bahl?
Love jennie Kim (4 months ago)
No it is not. The plot is quite different.
Miljana Kosanović (3 years ago)
Jaime is lucky Cersei haven't seen this.
Animesh Mishra (3 years ago)
looks like ladies vs ricky bahl
saurabh sawant (3 years ago)
is it ladies vs ricky bahl
suga got no sugar (3 months ago)
Lila Equine (3 years ago)
PLL lover (3 years ago)
Nicki is in it
ComebackShane (3 years ago)
Wow...Cameron is still looking good these days and she has to be getting on up there! And what's up with Nicki...with all that money seems like she could slim down her hips some....she looked like an Alien eggplant in that movie!
Suhinth Mohan (3 years ago)
The dialogues are awesome. Especially the last one.
leah unsworth (3 years ago)
" we should kick him in the balls " hahahha
Just G. (3 years ago)
Nicki was there? omg! I never knew! lol
helio leon perez (4 years ago)
Steve L (4 years ago)
monsterhigh75 (4 years ago)
looks like a fun movie...how come the ratings are bad?
Kheraja (2 years ago)
It was sooooo good
Emma Thomson (3 years ago)
Because it looks good but really isn't
Fatih SAYIN (3 years ago)
+monsterhigh1975 you clever :S
RealmDestroyer (4 years ago)

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