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Christmas Present Prank

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Текстовые комментарии (334)
MrPloxpker (3 года назад)
Call her shaggy doll
Curly Queen (3 года назад)
I knew it was a blow up doll
MadFox (3 года назад)
thats ok gimme dish gimme dish
Abyssal Mercenary (3 года назад)
Counterattack (3 года назад)
fo real tho thats brutal
Yurnero93 (3 года назад)
she is so funny xD
Stance Ace (3 года назад)
Who else thought it was going to be a pucket pussy
Ashley Merr (3 года назад)
Thats freakin funny!!. Your always gettin pranked by your bad bitches'
Khidhar Brooks (3 года назад)
Homie sooo salty LOLLOLOLOL
Josue Damian (3 года назад)
Haha I guessed it right omfg lmaoo blow up doll hahaha
Victoria Bennett (3 года назад)
What happened to the other girl
Optic Toxic (3 года назад)
Danica (3 года назад)
Wait I don't get it why in kind of mostly every video he is with another girl is he a player ?
Mayra Lujano (3 года назад)
Is that your girlfriend because you have had a lot
SuperChiko4000 (3 года назад)
Your a player Mystic
Jaiden Rhinehart (3 года назад)
Christmas Face lololol
Lena With A Wish Of Inspiration (3 года назад)
Bump dat I would have been pissed
Sunburst Vizor (3 года назад)
nice video hope you keep posting love your vids
Chris Vega (3 года назад)
Nizhoni is 100x times better than "Bella the Fake Hoe." Good thing Nizhoni isn't fake like "Nikki Minaj's ASS."
BeautifulTeeTee (3 года назад)
StyleMeSweet06 (3 года назад)
dude how many girls??
Jocelyn Vado (3 года назад)
Love your videos, Keep it up(: #TeamMystic  
golden eagle (3 года назад)
You tu
nawaf alassiri (3 года назад)
So funny
Sargis Ashikyan (3 года назад)
That was my face when I got it
Ayrton bob (3 года назад)
Haha! I love this video bruh 😂😂
Ken Wright (3 года назад)
Man I knew something was up when I saw that bigass box
Bobby builds (3 года назад)
What they do mug Charlie Brown?
Rushly Reacts (3 года назад)
Cleveland 23 (3 года назад)
3:40 eheheha anyways
Alayna Alayna (3 года назад)
That tiny tree lol
Greasy Keyboards (3 года назад)
Name her Sharquaila
Swaqq Unity (3 года назад)
I never seen somebody get that many girls back to back. Cool tho mystic! #justbehappy
MK Vibez! (3 года назад)
Gray Fire (3 года назад)
where did she buy it? her head is white but the rest is black, she probably bought two. she cut the heads and tape it to the black one. She probably has the other one ;)
Boobie Deamon (3 года назад)
Id wyfe this one up over the other girls in your vids. She seems the most fun chill one and loves doing the vids.
sG Rhythm (3 года назад)
Ra'Tyler Jenkins (3 года назад)
her name should be Crystal
1987MusicBox (3 года назад)
PlayStation ain't that big bro
B Wolf (3 года назад)
That box was too big for a Playstation lololololol
muzi kumalo (3 года назад)
Yo i give this nigga respect. The chicks he be chilling with are all dimes bruh
That’s So Maya (3 года назад)
Zach Goldberg (3 года назад)
1;46 open it xD
Itz3wash A (3 года назад)
Name the doll mixedbitch
chicken nuggets (3 года назад)
Trina is a good name!
Luke jones (3 года назад)
so everytime i watch a vid of him there is a diff looking girl. can someone tell me who is who and what is going on?
Maritza H (3 года назад)
Her laugh tho! lol 
Sim Music beats (3 года назад)
How does he get all these girls tho
Kay Kay Mens (3 года назад)
& This one is?
Imvu Obsessed (3 года назад)
Sharkeisha lol
Vanessa Cajina (3 года назад)
misty xx (3 года назад)
Is he a pimp or something?
Chanelle Smoke (3 года назад)
Hey respect the balloon lady
andreastheshadow (3 года назад)
plot twist, she got him an xbox.
Oliver David (3 года назад)
another bitch yesss
Kay (3 года назад)
new girl every video.
Anthony P (3 года назад)
I found Mystics channel only today so i dont know much. I know he broke up with Bella. So is he with the curly haired girl, the girl from the ''im a man prank'', or the asian girl? Thanks
itsraining deluca (3 года назад)
He gets more ass than a toilet seat. 
Swagg King (3 года назад)
He thought she got him a playstation
slaughteryourdaughter (3 года назад)
Something told me that was in there
Meloccino Cappuccino (3 года назад)
call her mysteeca or mystisha
michael kearney (3 года назад)
Get that girl back with a good ass prank
worrior65 (3 года назад)
i guesses the blow up doll
eslam tv (3 года назад)
YoungPicassa (3 года назад)
Why in the hell would she buy you a play station?? One, she's not even your main & two you driving a mustang so clearly you can afford to buy one yourself!!
Brian sanchez (3 года назад)
It's a sex doll 😂😂😂 if it isent I swear
Meloccino Cappuccino (3 года назад)
prank her bfn real bad infact do the prank u did on that aisian.
Kewi (3 года назад)
Before he unwraps it I guess dildo from all the hints
Deplorable (3 года назад)
Name the sex doll Qwanda 
wut (3 года назад)
Sick prank? Yeah like the one wit u faking an overdose?
Kirsten Seamon (3 года назад)
pancake babi (3 года назад)
Ahmad Alshuwaib (3 года назад)
Very funny 😂😂😂😂
MrDisappeared (3 года назад)
happy new girl every week!
Golden Culture (3 года назад)
You need to make her your girl do you know how many pranks she would pull on you?! Omg fuck yeah wifey her
MattCoveBRENDON26 (3 года назад)
It's the same chick with different hair
Sarah JU (3 года назад)
Where is the Asian girl
Winston Sitoa (3 года назад)
Her name is dorquisha
Earlynn Follah (3 года назад)
"You can play with it" The voice in the back of my mind went "DILDO"
HulkVahkiin (3 года назад)
Absolutely funny shit XDXD
brandon (3 года назад)
Ellis David (3 года назад)
I kept laughing
Mayauhh Trick (3 года назад)
Lmfao bad bishes is the only thing that you like
LUCID JAMES (3 года назад)
He said playstation in that big ass box lol
Jordyne Ness (3 года назад)
Name her bonquish 😂😂
justin tran (3 года назад)
Ts my birth day today
Phoenix Suns Basketball (3 года назад)
another girl already it was just that Asian girl like 2 videos ago!
Garry Bee (3 года назад)
This guy gets girls left right centre and even has spare girls what a boss
sevin3105 (3 года назад)
He thought it was a game console 😂😂😩😂
ramtin mahd (3 года назад)
Saif Mahmud (3 года назад)
JTJ skates (3 года назад)
My name is Jeff
ahdoerah jeyy (3 года назад)
Stacy Somuah (3 года назад)
I love that gurl
trina berkley (3 года назад)
god damn you a tru playa foreal
塁寿Ruisu (3 года назад)
lol he had that classical "really nigga" face
塁寿Ruisu (3 года назад)
+Hit Bills Both. I look at his skateboarding tutorials 
Hit Bills (3 года назад)
You skate ? Or do you just watch stevenfernandez?
Lena Davie (3 года назад)
Wait he's single I thought he was taken 
Dark Charlie (3 года назад)
Doesn't the girl's face look like Gina from "Martin"?
DvPlaysGames (3 года назад)
She should get him a ps1
Elle Jeanette (3 года назад)
love this girl

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