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Break Your Sugar Addiction in 10 Days

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Dr. Mark Hyman explains new research shows that sugar is biologically addictive; the more sugar you eat, the more you crave. The good news is that people can break the sugar addiction in 10 days. Download the Functional Medicine Treatment Guide: ccf.org/FMGetstarted ➨ Visit Cleveland Clinic: http://bit.ly/XlxDfr ➨ Visit Health Hub from Cleveland Clinic: http://bit.ly/VBQ3nW ➨ Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/W0bJ0y ➨ Like Cleveland Clinic on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/WMFkul ➨ Follow Cleveland Clinic on Twitter: http://bit.ly/Uua1Gs ➨ Follow Cleveland Clinic on Google+: http://bit.ly/136vcTe ➨ Follow Cleveland Clinic on Instagram: http://bit.ly/12gMABx ➨ Connect with Cleveland Clinic on LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/120XfNs ➨ Follow Cleveland Clinic on Pinterest: http://bit.ly/11QqS3A
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Text Comments (277)
Larry Tate (6 days ago)
There’s nothing to drink but water.
Ryan Melton (19 days ago)
been trying to break this for 10 years
I unintentionally was in a sugar withdrawal. I wanted a doughnut sooooo bad. I ended up at 7-Eleven with an apple crueler. First bite is when I knew I had a sugar addiction. Time for change.
Hubert Shitmeyer (1 month ago)
me on day 10 : HAAAAAAAAAAAH I MADE IT! FINALLY FREE OF THE BEAST! me on day 11: wow, so great to be finally not a junkie anymore me on day 12: buys the whole candy shop, dies from blissful overdose
loreliethelamb (1 month ago)
Thank you, you motivated me to start buying fruits and veggies
D Bee (2 months ago)
Thank you for simple but encouraging techniques. I am looking forward to applying them and incorporating them in my rebooting into a holistically new self.
Oh, Really? (2 months ago)
Yes, sugar or sweets are.addictive. i can't stop eating chocolate and if i don't eat in a single day, i feel sad.
I am not sure if I would agree that it takes 10 days to quit sugar. Everyone is different I know it took me one and a half months the first time around to get over it and reset my body.
France Clémence Fradet (2 months ago)
Deprive yourself of a lot of what makes life so enjoyable. No thanks. Moderation is key.
TheAwesomeStuff1 (3 months ago)
Bullshit. I bet this has NEVER worked for anybody.
milchuck (3 months ago)
So basically go on a keto diet.
thebigC (4 months ago)
I can only cut back. I don't want to live without cake.
crazy frog (4 months ago)
I feel myself so ... Stupid
Ryan Fausnaugh (4 months ago)
Sugar is killing me. Please help
Senait Tewolde (4 months ago)
Lolita Oli (4 months ago)
can you eat fruit ?
Deanna (4 months ago)
so a keto diet
Davicia Williams (4 months ago)
Im not giving up my bottle of Moscato a night and tequila on the weekends! I have teenager's work bills and life. Ima need you to come up with another solution for me doc😒😔
stephen verasammy (5 months ago)
what about honey
Jasmine Shalev (5 months ago)
is the 8x thing real? the rats would have eaten the cocaine not snorted it... wouldnt get absorbed the same...
HitchHikersBlues (5 months ago)
It's true though. Sugar is poison. Look what it dos to your teeth for a start !
Caleb Fischer (5 months ago)
Sugar is NOT the issue, when you eat fat it builds up in the muscle cells and blocks insulin, this is what we call insulin resistance. I'm not saying sugar is healthy since it was no vitamins minerals or fibre, but it is not the issue. I'm high carb low fat vegan and my blood sugar is literally flat lined even after a meal. There are little to no studies done on the keto diet long term, when I say long term I mean 50+ years. The longest living people on Earth (not uncommon to live well past 100) are more than 98% vegan, very very low fat, they mostly eat rice and fruit. Also could someone please post the link to the study he mentioned about sugar being 8 times more addictive than cocaine? (Which is not true, duh) I would love to see who conducted and sponsored the studies. Not uncommon for the meat, egg, and drug companies to fund or even conduct "scientific" studies. Look up Dr. Neal Barnard's book about reversing diabetes. It works. If you truly listen to your body and care for your well being you would be 90/5/5 vegan.
Jennie's pink sweater (6 months ago)
I quit sugar gluten and dairy cold turkey a month ago to help my thyroid. It's amazing how little I care about food now. It all tastes good, satisfying, and when I'm done, I'm done! Never been this way in my life. Sugar free= freedom from sugar
Erika Foxx (6 months ago)
I swear if I didn't have ANY kids I wouldn't be here.. but I gotta get this addiction under control. DAMN KIDS!!😭 I love you but I love my addiction too.. I can't be selfish.😫. My life is not my own...😔
Gee Male (6 months ago)
dear sheeple..acidic levels is the problem. sugar is acidic. meat. protein is acidic. your body is in internal greenhouse that needs oxygen. when your cells has low oxygen..you start to have bacteria overgrowth.
Mona Benn (6 months ago)
Live Long and Healthy (6 months ago)
FANTASTIC! Thank you so much! very complete and short at the same time. Also for the sugar = flour equation!!! THANK YOU!!!
Miranda Groth (6 months ago)
I got the sleeping thing down; it’s like a job I take seriously. It’s also my hobby, and my first love.
Darren Walshe (7 months ago)
even when you do quit sugar it's easy to trigger it off again it's the most addictive substance on our planet yet governments don't care they want to keep us sick it's big business if they wanted us off sugar they would put massive tax on it and advertise how bad it is but that's not good for them
ladydede88 (7 months ago)
Everything I can eat is nasty ugh 🤮
Runner4life friend (7 months ago)
doctor i did this for a weak and i losr lots of fat going for a month yeahhhhh
Louise M-D (7 months ago)
see ecoatkins for list of allowed low sugar foods
Louise M-D (7 months ago)
green vegetable juices not fruit
Rudy Labsilica (8 months ago)
Great. I can do everything he advised except SLEEP. Unfortunately my current living situation prevents me from getting a full seven or eight required hours of sleep. I’m lucky if I could get in six!
Robert Dickinson (8 months ago)
excellent influential confidence. Thank you for the information.
Sothica (8 months ago)
I just came for my mom... 😒 She won't stop eating candy even when WE tell her she shoulnt eat that.
mouse barrios (8 months ago)
Being vegan makes you half way there..
Manit C (7 months ago)
mouse barrios also hard to quit eating meat.
Rainbow6Noob (8 months ago)
Doc said I might be pre diabetic so I need this vid lol
Endymion766 (8 months ago)
My brain shuts down without sugar. I know it's an addiction but I can't work with a non-working brain. I just accept it and try not to eat more than exactly what I can get away with. If I balance it right I actually lose a little bit of weight but often gain it right back. I really need about a month to "detox" and just let myself pass out for days if that's what it takes to get over this addiction but I can't take that much time off work. I'm not sure what to do really.
A Font (2 months ago)
Endymion766 use organic Stevia, it helped me
Ronnie L (5 months ago)
Same here man..I feel like if I try to quit, I would have to stay home for awhile.
Caleb Fischer (5 months ago)
Sugar is not the issue, when you eat fat it builds up in the cells and blocks the insulin receptors, giving you insulin resistance. High blood sugar but low energy levels. This eventually can lead to diabetes. The fat you eat is the fat you wear. Look up and read "Dr Neal Barnard's program for reversing type 2 diabetes" 90/5/5 vegan works LONG TERM, keto kills long term. No I'm not saying sugar is a health food but it's not the problem. Low fat vegan works, try it.
Isaac Sanchez (6 months ago)
Endymion766 start a keto diet!
Groudonmedal 4 (9 months ago)
Shut da hell up you need sugar to live
Manit C (7 months ago)
He’s talking about refined sugar.
Avatar007 (8 months ago)
Groudonmedal 4 um there’s sugar in veggies and fruit... the good kind.
Groudonmedal 4 (9 months ago)
U stupid
Power StaticX Infinity (9 months ago)
Groudonmedal 4 Not too much, dumbass.
Uncorkedscotty (9 months ago)
Btw if anyone here loves sugary soft drinks but wants to quit them, grab yourself sparking water with minimal sodium and 0 sugar (obviously) and buy some limes. Squeeze half a lime or full lime into about a pint of sparkling water. Boom. Best substitute for soft drinks i've ever found. Haven't tried oranges or pineapple with sparkling water yet but i'm going to later today.
Uncorkedscotty (9 months ago)
WHY does every sugar free video i see feel the god damn need to put a cake, or ice cream, or lollies or some delicious looking piece of food in their damn videos!?!? I'm 4 days in sugar free (minus one powerade i had on day 1 or 2) been avoiding chocolate for weeks, and sodas. Then they show me this damn cake and it makes me ignore this fucker and want to give in straight up.
Uncorkedscotty (7 months ago)
To late. The red bulls get me :(
Manit C (7 months ago)
Uncorkedscotty don’t walk in a convenient store.
Timothy O'Neill (9 months ago)
Sound like a good plan but it’s more expensive to buy healthy foods.
Avatar007 (8 months ago)
Timothy O'Neill doesn’t have to be. Besides more expensive down the road to cure those nasty diseases. And it’s miserable too.
kyebearrr (9 months ago)
one like= 2 days without sugar! Help me I need motivationnnnnn
hayward022 (10 months ago)
I ate 2 pints of ice cream today. Tomorrow is a new day and I hope I can quit this terrible addiction.
Jamsheer Cp (10 months ago)
I stopped consuming sugar
Nicholas Kaufmann (10 months ago)
sorry but, fat/ animal products and oils are far more detrimental to your health.
Caleb Fischer (5 months ago)
Yes thank you for this, I'm 90/5/5 vegan and loving it. I feel so much better than before I went Vegan, literally the best decision of my life!
Teddygraham (9 months ago)
Exactly right, coats your cells prohibiting free exchange of nutrients. Some say this is the real cause of diabetes because the cells are coated with sticky oil, the sugar can't get in and begins to build up in the serum, liquid part of blood. Thus high blood sugar.
Pamela Edmunds (11 months ago)
Great advice - I've done it,and it works!
Hellion - (11 months ago)
I stopped refined sugar two weeks ago and lemme tell you I was a bitch for a few days. But it gets better lol
Isaac Sanchez (6 months ago)
Manit C bro you can do it! I've been off for 6 months now, and been on a ketogenic diet and have lost 85 lbs. If I can do it, anyone can, I grew up with soda for breakfast!
Manit C (7 months ago)
Hellion - lol I wish I could stop. I tried and got migraines. I’ll try again this year. You still off of sugar ?
myoplex1 (11 months ago)
It's way easier to just fast for 10 days
johnathan Villanueva (11 months ago)
it seems impossible since all 18 years of my life i have been fat from sugar but just hearing that this will stop my sugar addiction and my gluttonous appetite seems like a myth, a legend, or a story im going to try this out for myself and see if this is true.
SlayDay Bae (1 year ago)
This helps out immensely!
bea foxxylady (1 year ago)
When he says quit dairy! And you were eating a yoghurt and your Greek side rebels haha
dtaeqt (1 year ago)
1like = 1 day without sugar (only added sugar)
Paul McConnell (6 months ago)
Groudonmedal 4 (9 months ago)
vegan army 10 likes
Plantfriendly (1 year ago)
Dr Essetlsyn , Dr. Gregor, and Dr McDougall, and Dr. Barnard would all disagree with you on the fat. NO OIL! No animal products!
Eoghan Cullen (1 year ago)
Not a hope in hell will you feel great after 2 to 3 days. You feel bloody awful. Possibly after a couple of weeks.
Richard Henry (1 year ago)
Hard addiction to kick.
Edis (1 year ago)
this guy is totally right. we should all be vegan. im going vegan tomorrow.
Power StaticX Infinity (9 months ago)
Edis Fail troll.
kelly (1 year ago)
people from cleveland are nuts lol
SwollenRhino (1 year ago)
Jim Stoppani Phd said this years ago!
Madi Ignacia (1 year ago)
I'm sick and tired of sugar
Basilique Tek (1 year ago)
What about fruits ? And rice ?
Caleb Fischer (5 months ago)
Fruit and rice are two of the healthiest foods on the planet, it fules your body without all the nasty fat and toxins in animal products, go 80/10/10 vegan!!
Teddygraham (9 months ago)
If your trying to lose weight avoid fruits for the most part, otherwise fruit is ok. Always choose the version of fruit with seeds. White rice is too starchy. Brown rice ok, but wild rice is the best.
Latisha Mitchell (1 year ago)
That cake is looking mighty scrumptious though. I am going to try to detox.
s H (1 year ago)
13 days no sugar and the cravings change from day to day. It was actually easier for me on the first week but has been getting harder lately.
Yaacov mizrahi (1 year ago)
Can you eat fruits ?
rhinoskin extraboss (1 month ago)
Caleb Fischer 😂😂😂😂😂
Caleb Fischer (5 months ago)
Teddygraham you think fruit is bad for weight loss? Lol you clearly don't know how the muscle cells work😂 when you eat fat it builds up in the cells and blocks insulin. Look it up we've known this for years. Fruit is literally the best food on the planet for weight loss.
Teddygraham (9 months ago)
You can if your not trying to lose weight.
Kal Kriese (1 year ago)
Dr Hyman is your usual quack celebdoc . Most obese people will fail this routine and you're totally fucking clueless why that is the case.
holistic79 (1 year ago)
I guess that explains the stereo type of police eating doughnuts.
JessicaBankX (1 year ago)
however I'm determined
JessicaBankX (1 year ago)
I'm addicted it's not that easy to just give it up
Seeli0n (1 year ago)
Ok I have a bag of Doritos waiting for me in the kitchen. I just watched this video, I'm so confused.
Cilok 8108 (1 year ago)
For me...I don't drink aspartamia Coke anymore...🙀😽✌
weirdshibainu (1 year ago)
new years day, I gave up alcohol, coffee, refined sugar, soda and alcohol....by far the toughest has been sugar....
StormLaker1975 (1 year ago)
This goes to an extreme, but as I've learned time and time again, giving up soda and candy can go a lot way to helping you feel a lot better, lose weight, etc.. I also think Diet Sodas are worse than regular even.
Egemen Güler (1 year ago)
what about psychological addiction ?
losttribe3001 (1 year ago)
Am I supposed to give up smoking, sex with people in the drug treatment facility, my 750ml a day of vodka, and voting Republican also?!?!?
Dennis Goebelt (5 months ago)
losttribe3001 You should still vote Republican. Just punch a liberal in the nuts every day instead.
ruth ruiz (8 months ago)
losttribe3001 hi
Heewon S (1 year ago)
Rollo Larson HI! You are doing great! Having minor migraine is normal. I too had headache after few days of quitting sugar. It's a part of process! It will get better and better! It takes 23 days to implement a new habit. So don't quit! I recommend this book called sweet nothing by Nicole Mowbray. She explains it really well.
Rollo Lawson (1 year ago)
losttribe3001 No shit, how 'bout I just give up added sugar first. Only on day two of no added sugar and it feels like I have a migraine. Does he really think I'm going to pull off all that other shit too?!
Stuart Pierce (1 year ago)
I agree thanks Jennifer
mj lives (1 year ago)
So....basicallly be miserable ....:)..meh love food too much but may try this...
Donna Bowen (1 year ago)
I know he said no dairy but no yoghurt? That is such a great food and the one I have is high in protein
Spectrum (1 year ago)
The lactose in dairy gets absorbed quickly by your body and rises your blood sugar levels. If you want dairy the best is cheese, it usually contains more fat than lactose (sugar) and it's hard to overeat it.
Maria Bardo (1 year ago)
On Tuesday I will finish my detox from sugar. Since January first, I have been eating only meat, eggs, and cheese. Lost 5 pounds already. Bad side effects: headaches and itchy skin. Good side effects: I can smell things better, belly bloating got down, weight loss.
Şevval Arslan (6 months ago)
Voa good job!
sweet nayla (1 year ago)
its too much hard for me that i can leave anything but not sugar 😐
Grew Tame (1 year ago)
the only thing I dont agree with is the sleep, You will never feel more energized, creative, and alert than You will off of 7 hours, 8 is too much.
Grew Tame (1 year ago)
sugar is taught to us as an important food group but its actually a conglomerate scheme to make the populous sick and make money off health care while draining the economy of money on garbage food
Grew Tame (1 year ago)
For anyone who was wondering how much 152 pounds of sugar per year is. Its 186.5 grams a day, which is a lot, WAY too much. We should be taking in anywhere from 20-40 grams a day and it should be from healthy sources, upwards of 50-60 is ok maybe once a week, but only if its from fruit etc. I also suggest You guys google search how much sugar is in fruit and do some research and structure Your diets based on sugar intake guidelines, You'll likely be surprised that theres only 9 grams of sugar in an orange and 10 grams in an apple! Much more satisfying snacks than one single cookie which can contain up to 30 grams!
Grew Tame (1 year ago)
juicing fruit/vegetables can be beneficial when taken with something that will help the nutrients slowly release, as the juice alone on an empty stomach will release the sugar quickly into your system, but after one hour you will crash harder than if you take it with a solid food that can absorb it. the acids in the juice also go through your digestive system and help break down the food you eat, Milk can also help aid in digestion, as well as water with added lemon or lime juice(great for breaking down meals) but water alone doesnt go through the digestive system(because it has no calories to break down) it is instantly absorbed into your body , dont believe me? After eating a small meal , 5 minutes later if you chug a bunch of water and vomit, the food will still be dry like it never came in contact with water.
Lavender Dorie (1 year ago)
So we're supposed to be able to do this through sheer will power, yet alcoholics and chain smokers have support groups and other things like wearing patches, etc? Surely most of us have read stories of someone trying to go it alone to quit smoking. They throw all their packs away, try to chew gum instead, then a few hours later, they're fishing through the garbage can to get them back.
datrelle g (1 year ago)
dr mark crushes it
TheLance3185 (1 year ago)
Quick, yet effective.
RevolutioZ (1 year ago)
To everyone saying quitting sugar is harder than quitting drugs like heroin and cocain: Unless you did quit Heroin and can compare it to sugar withdrawal, just shut the hell up. Please.
Manit C (7 months ago)
It’s harder than cocaine I can tell you that.
Power StaticX Infinity (9 months ago)
RevolutioZ You must be smart, aren't you?
Isoa Isaac K (1 year ago)
Spot On ! Ive started to see the impact of free sugar and free gluten diet ... wow ! ive never had so much energy and ever strength on my whole body. Two weeks into my diet i lost about 7kg without any physical workout ...
Lars Vogel (1 year ago)
I wonder, if my wife eat any sweets she gets like high and really messed up in brain, right after she puts in in her mouth, why is that ? Its like when she starts chewing it that happends. Really strange. Wonder what that could be ?
Priology (1 year ago)
Such a motivating video! I will stop!
Aria Targaryen (1 year ago)
Wait so no flour like bread and waffles??
Britt j (28 days ago)
there are some coconut flour pancakes but overall bresd has too many carbs
Britt j (28 days ago)
look up keto diet, there are some good replacements. Awesome biscuits and gravy using almond flour and cream cheese gravy(w sausage)
Poopy McFartass (7 months ago)
whole wheat is ok though im pretty sure... refined flour is unnatural...
Heewon S (1 year ago)
Aria Targaryen any food containing flour causes difficulty digesting. You need to consume complex carbohydrates NOT the simple carbs containing glucose. I live pastry and it's my weakness but whenever I have them I feel rather uncomfortable and bloated that is because it is made of simple carbs.
Mif M (1 year ago)
just until detoxification is over. however its not a good idea to start your day with all simple carbs.
IAmAgainst (1 year ago)
I don't get why people bash on refined sugars and flours so much.. I started eating lchf without depriving myself of occasional treats like oreo's or going to a mcdonnald's once a week and still I lost all my belly fat in less than two months, plus a lot or more important benefits (although people seem to care only about loosing weight). Going from a diet full of bread and pasta to occasional unhealthy foods is still a huge step in the right direction, there's no need to quit on everything you enjoy eating.
Mif M (1 year ago)
we aren't all the same M8, some go overboard and need detoxification to start over clean
fr3agnt (1 year ago)
Quitting today!
Maarja Mark (1 year ago)
I need to do this :S
Daisey E (1 year ago)
starting tomorrow yet again....  lol help.... haha, no seriously it's so hard!
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Hajri Lassad (1 year ago)
*You're Tired of the cravings, and tired of diets that not only don’t work, but also teach you nothing about creating healthy habits*.*Put an end to deprivation. The The 21-Day Sugar Detox introduces you to delicious foods and healthy choices you can enjoy for a lifetime*! click here https://t.co/tTIBRf5VCr
VengefulSage (1 year ago)
sugar is like crack. No seriously, it is. But we are soooo used to it we don't know. I cracked my sugar addiction I no longer eat anything with refined shit sugar in it. Only sugar from fruits and vegetables and stuff. Try to go 2 weeks let alone 3 days without ANY SUGAR you will be like spongebob on the "I don't need it....I don't need it....I DONT NEED IT" video. It is incredibly hard but once you get through it your life and health gets better. I went FUCKING INSANE without sugar the first week or two. it's incredibly tough. You snap at people, you are angry and bitter, you pace back and forth. Your mind subconsciously goes back to sugar and tells you to look through every single cabinet for some. It's some insane shit. It's like a drug, but we are so conditioned to depend on it from when we are months old, we don't see that. Sugar is horrible for you body, mind and overall well being
Caleb Fischer (5 months ago)
If you're eating low fat sugar is not bad for you, obviously fruit and starchy veggies are better because of the vitamins minerals and fiber but if (like me) you excersize at a very high intensity (I'm a cyclist) sugar can be immensely helpful, half a cup of sugar in your water bottle will go a long way. Go low fat vegan!!!!!
Avatar007 (8 months ago)
Aria Targaryen no like he says, flour is worse than sugar - so NO bread. He also says NO gluten. All fours except maybe buckwheat spikes blood sugar, almost as bad or sometimes worse than sugar.
Latisha Mitchell (1 year ago)
Teele Merilin Pennie No. These are not okay. No sugar PERIOD during detox
Stuart Pierce (1 year ago)
I have found eating lean protein really helps me Thanks Jennifer
Teele Merilin Pennie (1 year ago)
VengefulSage but are nuts, dark chocolate, muesli, honey, jam okay??
Lester Suggs (2 years ago)
When the good Doc says, "All forms of sugar" does this include fructose from fruit?
Maria Bardo (1 year ago)
Fruit has fiber in it which it makes them easy to digest. You can trim a little on sugary fruits depending on the sugar levels in your blood but do not ban them completely. Remember, moderation is the key.
Mif M (1 year ago)
nah, sugar in fruit are slowly absorbed, however fruit juices are to be avoided
SimonTheSwede (2 years ago)
Fruit is healthy. However avoid hunny.
Kwl Kwl (2 years ago)
I am working in a candy store tho...
Batman (1 month ago)
Kwl Kwl Damn fam good luck
Aysha a (2 years ago)
why stop flour and dairy product ?
Ano Nymous (3 months ago)
As for flour, it has the same effect on the body as sugar, just in flours case you have some fiber added to the carbs
Ano Nymous (3 months ago)
I dont know, but I dont believe that dairy is bad for you. Maybe the standard pasteurized milk in supermarkets, but raw milk feels good to me.
Manit C (7 months ago)
Dairy linked to cancer. I don’t know about flour.
Vessel (9 months ago)
They contain sugar
Mif M (1 year ago)
your stomach have taste buds that make you carve sugar, so you need to go cold turkey for 10, just to reset your system and start clean

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