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R.I.O. - Like I Love You (Official Music Video) [HD]

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Text Comments (197)
Natalia Benitez (1 month ago)
Like love you 😍😍😍
TV SISTAA (1 month ago)
I found this song in my dads old cd playing in his old car lol
Emihh (1 month ago)
Love you like Love you 2018😜🤪😍😍😍
Wesley Snipis (15 days ago)
\o/ 2018
Rpower Oficial (2 months ago)
Quem ouve isso em pleno 2018 ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Matheus Ribeiro (1 month ago)
eu kkkk amo essa música
Juan Vera (3 months ago)
I believe without your love I would be incomplete! Oh baby you’re all I need, The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen! (I ever seen) No I don’t wanna break it, no break it! Before I that I can see If we’re gonna make it, Gonna make it! I don’t wanna wait another day! Oh, oh, oh, cause there ain’t nobody, Ain’t nobody loves you like I do, girl! Like I love you! Like I love you! Like I, like I love you! Cause ain’t no one! Ain’t nobody loves like I love you! (So what you wanna say?) Like I love you! Like I love you! Like I, like I love you! Cause ain’t no one like you! Like I, like I love you! Cause ain’t no one like you! I’m in need, of your sweet body to fulfill my dreams! Oh lady, lady can’t you see You’d be the Shawty in my love spree! No I…🎶
Osmar Torres (3 months ago)
Buena música 😁😁😁😁
Tutos Android JB (4 months ago)
Ev1L GaMer (2 months ago)
Yeeeeeeeeeesssssss !!!!!!!!
ArTeX Sunday (3 months ago)
Tutos Android JB uhhh
三日月咲雲 (1 year ago)
soy el unico que comenta?
Peter Wurscht (3 months ago)
Vishal Kumar (3 years ago)
Very good songs...
Rubel Ahmed (3 years ago)
Nice song
Abbey Kelly (4 years ago)
Love that song
mundo curioso (4 years ago)
saudades dessa epoca  
Juliocesar Mattos (1 month ago)
mundo curioso vdd
Sylwusia71 (4 years ago)
Waradanoo Gunthiya (4 years ago)
like i love R.I.O
Lin Yonglin (4 years ago)
I can feel this morment
Emo Love (5 years ago)
I like
Benjamin Compans (5 years ago)
The hitmen - like i love you
rodrigo rosales (5 years ago)
nice video quality!
Esteban Mora (5 years ago)
Lo mejor de R.I.O
ana maria ortiz (5 years ago)
Brootz (5 years ago)
thats a reflection of light.. lol
Joe Buck Yourself (5 years ago)
just a reflection bro.
Siegfred Lee (5 years ago)
well_alright (5 years ago)
carlos ramos (5 years ago)
esta piola la rola desde P E R U mando salvdo para todos los q les basila la cancion :D
TropicalPunch (6 years ago)
what track did he use for the sample on this, it's screaming out at me but i can't put a name on it, anyone?
Abby Rimner (6 years ago)
Idk what I thought when I like this song!!!??!?! I hate it
Oskar SoOliss (6 years ago)
NadiE Te AMa CoMO TE amOO YOooO aUUushhh!!!!
Diogo sousa (6 years ago)
boa musica :)
jifni danu wijaya (6 years ago)
the party toninght...
Mahieddine Cherif (6 years ago)
Akon's Child ? thumb up if you smiled :D
CREATIVEEEish (6 years ago)
thummps up if you have been in that situation (0:54)
Martin Bermudez (6 years ago)
Con ATUBE CATCHER Pegas el link en el progr. y a descargar
Oscar Sarmiento Wong (6 years ago)
cool song!
LEGALiZE (6 years ago)
harry jean-baptiste (6 years ago)
What is this dude Akon Dubstep version
Jay O (6 years ago)
Mazi (6 years ago)
Lol, that means.... She has a PENIS :O
Kinpan YeChen (6 years ago)
donde xuxa descargo la cnacion que ta pulenta ;p !!!!
huy luong (6 years ago)
nhìn giống duy mạnh ghê chỉ tội da đen.like
trikipoyo (6 years ago)
que feo estar en esta mierda...
Free Media (6 years ago)
Lol 3:22
11furioso (6 years ago)
Oscar Ting (6 years ago)
3:15 come on
Ivan Ka (6 years ago)
lol havent seen a pussy live before?
TranceBaby20 (6 years ago)
3:10 Love her..
Victor Almaraz (6 years ago)
Jajaja, ¿trance?, trance es música de DJ's como Orkidea, Solarstone, Matt Darey o The Blizzard, no este tipo de canciones, aunque son bastante bailables :P
Victor Almaraz (6 years ago)
Es simplemente dance, club-house si quieres. No es trance.
InsidorisMovie (6 years ago)
InsidorisMovie (6 years ago)
Emma Marie (6 years ago)
Good xxxx
DeanHasyemy (6 years ago)
kary Lizarraga (6 years ago)
como se llamas este genero de musica??
Carlo Fiore (6 years ago)
waqar azeem (6 years ago)
i like so much
Nemanja Miljkovic (6 years ago)
Ma sta mi naprica , buhahahhahaha xDD
Nina NonOfYouBussnis (6 years ago)
Zooooooooooooon hip nummer jongen probeer probeer probeer XXXxxjessss Nina en Mette
Iry irina (6 years ago)
superba questa canzone
eduardo alvarez (6 years ago)
joso calderon (6 years ago)
ta bn
Christopher Cristobal (6 years ago)
lol, i heard this at the GYM
Alex Stavi (6 years ago)
that theme between 1:23 and 1:38 (the melody of the lead) sounds familiar
El Seb (6 years ago)
Hector Gonzalez (6 years ago)
coool :D
PC Master Race (6 years ago)
2:36 .... wtf
scaven9er (6 years ago)
@herowalt It's The Hitmen - Like I Love You :)
hershyz92 (6 years ago)
like like like cheese !!!
daniel ibar vera lemus (6 years ago)
great music
Cesar Cadavid (6 years ago)
Excellente cancion ;)
ElwuAsOoN21 (6 years ago)
muy buena la cancion en todo caso y las niñas son muy bonitas :) Saludos a todos ;)
Angel DA (6 years ago)
thumb up if you want to be in this situation (0:54)
DerWolfgang1 (6 years ago)
que paso con r.i.o?? Se convirtio en una mierda... This song sucks
IDRUNKANGELI (6 years ago)
@leskar91 But I prefer to see perfect models. The word perfect is the reason..
Mateo Giampietro (6 years ago)
canta bien, pero es muy feo el vago
axelrexw1 (6 years ago)
the black guy needs to go to the dentist
Ennio Scorpio (6 years ago)
Karlaaaaaaaaa I believe without your love I will be incomplete ;) <3
marcoposada (6 years ago)
yuck!!!!!! sounds like basshunter !!!! yuck!!!! what happened to his artist... :(
tesoldier (6 years ago)
one lady is enough or els you get this :why:
Šaras (6 years ago)
TheMarcosqui (6 years ago)
la rajajaaajaaaaaaaaaaaada, demasiado bueno.
Olivia Dominguez (6 years ago)
love it!!!! just can feel this kind of music cuz is perfect, just perfect
Aleyna Temel (6 years ago)
bkrditoxxx901 (6 years ago)
weno weno el tema nada que decir
EsEfGee (6 years ago)
@1997hotwings same noone at my school listens to this kinda stuff - _ -, too much mainstream crap
Jelle Bezemer (6 years ago)
form who did he stolen the backsound? nice song but it's not the orginal.
Ken Minh Fly (6 years ago)
Juan Pablo Chirinos (6 years ago)
Rothalson (6 years ago)
Poland love this music too, like a Holland :D Thumb Up! :D
Vanessa'a Sousa (6 years ago)
Cool song
Bryan B (6 years ago)
love this song,, super:-) ain't no body love's you,like i love you:-)
karin jongman (7 years ago)
vigenlona hij is lekkerrrrrr he?? echt top!!
locky (7 years ago)
terrible euro pop/ R&b
Juan Monsalve (7 years ago)
3:22 Lol
rusdyboy (7 years ago)
@leskar91 Fuck realistic shit qq
Lesliie b (7 years ago)
@rusdyboy maybee cause its more realistic, i think its cool that for the first time we dont see the typical skinny perfect models =)
rusdyboy (7 years ago)
Why didnt you use some hotter girls like After the Love..?
reptile019 (7 years ago)
...like i love you.,.

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