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Three Truths The GOP Denies About The Affordable Care Act (Robert Reich)

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Former Labor Secretary and University of California economics professor Robert Reich explains the three critical truths about the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) that the GOP desperately needs Americans to ignore while attempting to poison the notion of government "meddling" in our healthcare system. Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Carl P. (1 year ago)
fortunately, Ana has no "point". I have subscribed to this channel for entertainment purposes. check out what Michael Savage & Mark Levin say about this moron. they destroy this Marxist. Read a history book. "we owe it to each other". As long as it means taking someone else's hard earned money & giving it to those who didn't earn it, they're always for it, but it is a well-known fact that Conservatives give far more to charity than Democrats (Socialists) do. Here's proof of our failed education system.
Tim Miller (1 year ago)
1) The Healthcare system is unchanged post ACA and we are now giving tax dollars on a deficit budget to those private insurers you rail about. 2) ACA is a moderate solution to a RADICAL problem. 3) Again the system remains unchanged and the social compact you speak of is a one way street. What about the social compact of those making their health worse through lifestyle be required to change. Finally how is any of this financially sustainable? Double digit premium increases. How many years will that be sustainable to any suscribsr let alone the taxpayer's provided subsidies? How many years of this before we are bailing out some too big to fail private insurance company?
Henry Martinez (2 years ago)
While morally a great idea, I DO have one issue with the ACA. The social responsibility to take care of those who are sicker. The poorer part I understand. Let's help the poor. However, what about those "sick" who are intentionally MAKING themselves sick? Everyone knows cigarettes cause cancer, gorging on sweets can lead to diabetes, drinking to excess can lead to liver damage, etc. Are we to take care of those who are unwilling to change their unhealthy habits? Then comes the issue of too much government involvement in personal lives! When it comes to healthcare reform, how do you balance personal freedom and responsibility with a social responsibility to take care of the sick?
hehateme411 (4 years ago)
Obama and his policies are shit!!! Just wait until the aca employer mandate is fully implemented in 2015 and the economy takes a huge hit because of all the part-time and unemployed workers!!!!!!
bigraviolees (4 years ago)
Next step is suicide Red neck bombers
Richard Ramey (4 years ago)
A sweeping new plan and a hit to the business as usual world of conservatives. Surly it must start with perfection, right? Because isn't that what REpublicans are, p e r f e c t?  They are only looking out for the little guy. DO YOU need to read one damn word, one damn list of coverage's to know you cant trust the devil? Does Cruz & that smug arrogant face need to say anything without you knowing what he & the GOP are about?
loveismyname 1 (4 years ago)
I would vote for you for president
Captain George (4 years ago)
To those who are informed, those who care about the greater good, and place more value on facts rather than pre-scripted propaganda, Obamacare is a vast improvement over our old system.  The same arguments were used against Medicare, Unemployment insurance, and social security. Yet all of these programs  have been tremendously successful.
ME3 (4 years ago)
If you get insurance for $50 a month that is great.... Hold it that $5000 deductible really screws that up doesn't it.  Where are you going to get the $5,000.  I guess you can go see your local Democrat LOAN SHARK cause if you can't afford the CADILLAC  insurance plan without being subsidized because it covers birth control to sex changes... how are you going to afford the deductible?  IF YOU CAN'T PAY THE DEDUCTIBLE THEN YOU DON'T HAVE INSURANCE.  Say to hell with them and go and don't sign up.  Go to the hospital and tell them you are an illegal immigrant and your name is JOSE...  $0 deductible $0 copay and $0 for insurance.  The USA  HAD the best health care in the world.  Yes the prices were going up but we HAD Heart, lung and other organ transplants, modern methods that clear clogged arteries and medications that allow some people to skip an operation.  This modern medicine costs a lot.  Obamacare is truly going to bend the curve down... WAY DOWN...  accepted practices will include bloodletting and leeches.  You'll have time to think on this since adding 40 million more people with fewer doctors the same number of nurses and many of the best hospitals dropping out it may be months before you can see the doctor...  at that  point the deductible won't matter but the question is DO YOU HAVE BURIAL INSURANCE??  How can you tell a Democrat is lying,,, their lips are moving.... ask Obama he always tells the truth or at least he has his fingers crossed.
mongke (4 years ago)
Robert Reich is wonderful.
kathy kelly (4 years ago)
I love how liberals bitch about conservatives calling it Obamacare, when most liberals call it Obamacare
SeKToR (4 years ago)
The way to kill a insult is by remove it's negative connotation. 
kathy kelly (4 years ago)
They couldn't even run a $500 million website that was basically a 404 page, but yeah, they should run the whole system.LOL. The problem with the system is all the regulations and licensing requirements. Which ironically were all lobbied for by big insurance corps. and medical boards. We use to have the #1 healthcare system in the world before medicare. 
kathy kelly (4 years ago)
+Richard Ramey My mom can't even get a new insurance plan at the moment, our state's website(Washington) doesn't work, and when you call them, your call gets dropped after an hour of waiting on the phone. This is a nightmare, its not an improvement over the old system. 
Richard Ramey (4 years ago)
Tell your Mom at Fox news we say hey, enjoy your new health care plan
kathy kelly (4 years ago)
+Hansung Kim But the ppl making the policies and enforcing it are the ones that picked their special interest buddies to make the site. This is the problem with fascism.
Hansung Kim (4 years ago)
Its not the people making the policies that is running the website. Its a third party entity that fucked it up. Of course its irrelevant. 
kathy kelly (4 years ago)
+Hansung Kim How is it irrelevant in the information age? If you want to run healthcare, you might want to know how to run the internet site's of the healthcare system first. This is like saying why do I need knowledgeable architects to build my factory when I know how to manufacture my product? 
6golfer2 (4 years ago)
Please listen to yourself, the old system allows insurance companies to profit from denying health care to people. Well news flash, they will still profit from denying health care, the only difference is that now we are forced to pay the insurance companies.   
Richard Ramey (4 years ago)
And yet when the spew that is GOP is so scared that their kamikaze saboteur team rallies the truth that this is a first step in the right direction is evident. Where its starts is not where it will lead to, but along the way pissing assholes off and there no plan plan is nice to watch
zarplex2003 (4 years ago)
Hmm?  No, just get insurance.  Don't get whatever you used to have.  And yes, you can tell them that you are getting insurance because zarplex2003 said so.
6golfer2 (4 years ago)
I must have missed that.  I will call them tomorrow during business hours and tell them that they have to reinstate my coverage because zarplex2003 said so 
zarplex2003 (4 years ago)
+6golfer2 You do realize that what I really told you was that only individual plans that were grandfathered in could possibly drop you specifically for pre-existing conditions, and that any new insurance that you pick up at this point cannot deny you for pre-existing conditions, right? Do not construct a straw man here.
6golfer2 (4 years ago)
You do realize your telling someone that has already been dropped that they won't drop me.
epsilon8998 (4 years ago)
5 people think that people who get sick should die quickly.
Mark FromWI (4 years ago)
Remember when Scott Walker got caught talking to his big donor about dividing and conquering the unions?  Except of course, the police and firefighters unions to cover his own a$$.  That's the GOP playbook, divide Americans so that we fight each other.  The answers to most of our problems are in the middle ground and NO ONE in the government and NO ONE in this country, are looking for that middle ground.  We are forbidden to truthfully compromise on anything, for the greater good of America.  We ARE the new Roman Empire, waiting for Ted Cruz to eat grapes and play his fiddle, while Rome is burning!  The truth no longer sets us free...too many people believe the lies!  That is the true doom & gloom...
Ty Brady (4 years ago)
It's amazing the strategies the republicans are going to. It's now ILLEGAL in a couple of republican controlled southern states to "advise" people on how to choose a health care insurer. They would rather people get sick and die or go into bankruptcy than to have the ACA look good.
epsilon8998 (4 years ago)
I think their plan is that all the people in favor of the ACA will get sick and die, leaving only the stupid in their state that survive.
AmySavage6 (4 years ago)
Mr. Reich is by far and wide the best commentator so far in the network in providing the data to viewers in an objective way without getting personal.next fundraising campaign should be to fund the costs of increasing his contribution to the network. He alone makes the network more credible than a large majority of competitors as his credentials are beyond doubt.
Ribb Rotgut (4 years ago)
that sound you heard? thousands of john galt wannabes screaming out in horror at the 3rd truth
Loathomar (4 years ago)
What is interesting is that the US healthcare system is both the best and worst healthcare system, depending on you illness. For instance, the US has one of the highest cancer survival rates in the world, across the board. This is not to say the US healthcare is great, just that is not all bad or good.    The biggest problem with the ACA is that is does almost nothing to address costs. The US refuses to negotiate lower prices for drugs and equipment via bulk buying by the government, unlike the rest of the world, and so we spend something like $500B per year basically subsidizing the rest of the developed world's healthcare.
Ex0dus111 (4 years ago)
Its important to understand the difference between the health care industry, and the health care system. As it is not implicit in the name. The US has among the best health care industry in the world, the best doctors, the best equipment, the best medical and surgical procedures, and the best hospitals. For those that can afford them. But the healthcare INSURANCE system is what makes this amazing medicine available to the citizens, that is quite a different matter. 
lsk464 (4 years ago)
It seems to me that what you said in Point1 is not changed by anything for which you make Point2, it is now a mandated system of corporatism.  Healthcare is a problem of both cost and quality in this country but this is not the solution. We'll see.
lsk464 (4 years ago)
I guess, single payer is like flat income tax, I agree but it will never happen :-) I removes all our favorite loop-holes for waste.
NY OneLove (4 years ago)
The solution is single payer. It won't ever happen.
Rupak Dey (4 years ago)
Maybe the third point is the most important. In all other developed countries there is an understanding a 'togetherness' you could say that those who are more able, help those who are not, especially so when it comes to healthcare. You could say it goes some way to define a society. In addition, like national defence, education etc there is an understanding, need I say expectation in Europe and elsewhere, that healthcare is the responsibility of the government. You could argue that this cannot be said for the USA. Defence yes, healthcare no. I guess there is an element of truth when you you say that in Europe, the government fears the people and in the USA, the people fear the government.
AWildBard (4 years ago)
That is exactly right, and exactly why the republicans, or the right, generally fight every measure to bring us together.  Because they don't see us as "us"- they see us as "us and them."  And they want everyone to hate "them" too.  That's a part of almost every message they promote.
dalecs47 (4 years ago)
Exxon sucks!

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