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Larry King NowOct 05 '16 - Dan Bilzerian on women, guns, & Trump - Larry King Now.

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Nova Wilson (7 months ago)
He's not very smart.
Em Gee (9 months ago)
Chardonnay J.p08 (9 months ago)
he is disgustinggggg
John Pavlish (9 months ago)
He did a lot for his Dad, and that is what is admirable. The rest is nonsense.
Steve Erino (9 months ago)
Who in the holy fuck validates these so called followers? Bilzerian is a little rich boy cunt that has blown a failed life into celebrity. He is a small peckered cunt that pays cunt to hang around..because he can. When he snaps out lets hope he doesnt go postal and only smokes his favorite high end pistol.
Dodoakakakadu (9 months ago)
The public debate should be why women do this kind of shit. I hate this false narrative that the poor women are getting abused. They LOVE it. They want to be mistreated by a high value guy who doesn't give a shit about them. JUST ADMIT IT.
Phil King (9 months ago)
Swearing like that in front of Larry is disrespectful.
Phil King (8 months ago)
It was a joke, you idiot!
tree man 1965 (9 months ago)
Seems like him and Larry make a nice couple 😃😃😃
Muralha Muralha (9 months ago)
Larry wants a girl too
Dylan Wells (10 months ago)
this guys is so jealous of dan hahahahahaha
duke williams (10 months ago)
He's a Bilz-illionaire.
Doom Muffinz (10 months ago)
This rapid fire question format makes this garbage. Why does this dope keep using it. Id rather watch Joe Rogan interview him than this crap any day
Emily Weaver (10 months ago)
He lies about where all his money comes from, but no doubt he’s a good person...low key a walking legend.
Mark Mays (11 months ago)
Heterosexual men for yah
oldjaggy (11 months ago)
My hero !!!!
Chris (11 months ago)
Rapid questions and robotic delivery, Larry King is a shitty interviewer.
Samuel Jue (10 months ago)
He was terrible here. He would start asking the next question before Dan even finished answering the previous question and they would not be related at all.
Bebetter Flow (1 year ago)
Surprise! when interviewed he's boring as fuck
Gian Cascos (8 months ago)
Bebetter Flow not really...
Bryce Thibodeaux (11 months ago)
Bebetter Flow jealous much?
Phil Hinchy (1 year ago)
Nice lad, do what any of us would do.
Mashrur Tasfi (1 year ago)
he's a good guy
Lo U (1 year ago)
This guy is so shady....gets all his money from "poker"....sure Dan. We all have seen how "well" you play...
Tyler Shipley (10 months ago)
Tom Smith he's a terrible poker player if he plays against pros but he plays with rich celebs bro
Segu Rohdes (1 year ago)
inesperadamente interesante...me cayo bien el tipo

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