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Microblading method by Everlasting Brows

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Microblading is a way of semi-permanent make-up, where through manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of skin we create the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows. The effects last up to 12 months after which the pigment fades leaving the skin and your natural brows exactly as they were. Result looks natural and flawless as hair effect is recreated on the skin. Follow: www.fb.com/EverlastingBrows and www.everlastingbrows.com for products, training and services. Procedure done by Paula Osinkowska If you would like to make professional videos and graphic design work for your business, contact https://www.facebook.com/MedioPro
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Text Comments (824)
spykat (3 days ago)
Beautiful eyes
Louise Schuler (3 days ago)
Which is better micro blading or tattoo?
Ellie Goldie (4 days ago)
Amazing I lost thick brows that I used to pluck to hashimotos and they didn't grow back,I wouldn't want them thick but just to have them back would be great,x
Julie Hall (4 days ago)
One brow was darker than the other...
Adri Lagos (6 days ago)
DrEmmanuel Flores M. (8 days ago)
Como cuando mi novia me quiere enseñar como le van "arreglar" o "mejorar" las cejas.... y ponen a una modelo con cejas pobladas y nomas le pusieron mas pintura negra. 3.35 mins de mi vida perdidos. Bravo....
DrEmmanuel Flores M. (8 days ago)
https://youtu.be/IjPpmKlmDgc esto si es un verdadero antes y despues...con una fémina con problema real....no sus chingaderas de ustedes. Quiero mis 3.35 mins de vuelta!!
Elizabeth Márquez (13 days ago)
No las veo iguales
Dann Jikdan (14 days ago)
Mandy Rauch (15 days ago)
Tut das weh?
Rebecca Hall (16 days ago)
No thanks
swami 7774 (1 month ago)
Is this procedure available for eyebrows that have been thinned by alopiecia?
Wowza 1 (1 month ago)
Doesit hurt
FéeMinime (1 month ago)
C très très très douloureux !!!!!
kinkyCarlieee (1 month ago)
Where are you guys located?
Megan Aston (1 month ago)
I just got mine done by a girl trained by everlasting brows and I am not happy.
Michael Liu (1 month ago)
after photos look trash, her brows were fine to begin with
mery (1 month ago)
est ce que ça fait mal
Adeline Jensen (2 months ago)
oh my god the result is actually horrible, especially compared to her original brows
I liked it before
Tatiana Gerholdt (2 months ago)
She might need just a little microblading, the brows look worst after and fake...
CHATPATA SWAD (2 months ago)
omg her eyelash 😍😍😍😍
Daniella Tiscareno (2 months ago)
One eye brow came out significantly darker then the other , I'd be pissed
Tristan Anderson (2 months ago)
I liked them before as well.
Brooke Boyce (2 months ago)
Ok...so this IS like some jailhouse shit..kinda thought so, now I know. They even used the figure 8 thread, traditionally pulled from the waistband of your county stripes, blues, oranges, etc to snag the stray hairs, I bet, too.😂 Now I know what I'll be doing tonight...just gotta grab some walnuts from off the tree, mix up semi permanent dye, grab a tape and cotton wrapped exacto knife and get to it...ppl actually pay hundreds of dollars on this when you can get it done in jail for like, a pack of ramen noodles...fuckin America, lolol
Jaime The Obvious (2 months ago)
This looks like fun 😬😍
Dallas Marrero (2 months ago)
dont match up
arnett gumban (2 months ago)
No blood good👍. Agree original brows much better.
xPastaxx (2 months ago)
The colour of the eyebrows is in the beginning after microblading dark but it will get lighter within the following days; I think that the result looks good.
Mixed Girl Maddie (3 months ago)
She is so pretty
Cait BadamoMUA (3 months ago)
They’re so uneven I would have a heart attack
Lola_gamer Guzzo (3 months ago)
E o tamanho dos cilios !!!!!! 😲😍😍😍
Snowflake1 (3 months ago)
phuked up
Oriana Carolina (3 months ago)
Quedaron muy mal !!
Swanny Boo (3 months ago)
Why not just get it waxed?
Hedi Tehinti (3 months ago)
She made her look more older before her eyebrow was lifted up
Margarita Caraballo (3 months ago)
Waiyi Chan (3 months ago)
who did her lashes ?
Laura Peters (4 months ago)
I just had this done. I love the way my brows look, changed my whole face. Be forewarned, this procedure is not without discomfort, but no more so then getting a tattoo.
s (4 months ago)
there was nothing wrong with her eyebrows to start with
Rosalie Karadeulian (4 months ago)
but her brows were fine before...
MrGixxermartin (4 months ago)
Wenger in
Auntië Sui L (4 months ago)
wow her eyelashes are like... centipedes
Yocker (4 months ago)
Stephanie Smith (4 months ago)
Sherri Burgan (4 months ago)
They look crooked after, I like her natural brows
Amaekill Shath (4 months ago)
Is this the norm these days? :/
Vashti (4 months ago)
Groucho Marx
blamminsuskaz pimp (5 months ago)
Full of Regert she just didn't wanna say anything.
Shelsieee yanez (5 months ago)
my job does this and i cant wait to get mine done😍😍
Nelson Morris (5 months ago)
Is this a tattoo?
Pierre Cashdollar (5 months ago)
Women is western society are too infatuated with their looks..Now, we all know women dress up, do their makeup, and buy designer attire and accessories.. not to attract and impress men, but to compete with women and to build their own self esteem. Men don't care about any of that shit. Am I the only one who thinks she looked better with her natural eyebrows? When your shit is squared off, and looks like you used brown sharpie, felt tip to make them, that shit is not cute. Find people that love and respect you for your natural beauty..
Baby Momma (5 months ago)
Deepika Vishwas (5 months ago)
address? ?
LovBeauty Qing (5 months ago)
https://www.pmubeauty.com/9787-2 microblading training
mikekafei (5 months ago)
So what? You tattoo your eyebrows on? Ladies please, you're beautiful, don't put yourselves through this.
AD Urpina (5 months ago)
Me Mel (5 months ago)
No thanks!
Freddi Grant (5 months ago)
What are those little white specks on the after picture?
Mobin92 (5 months ago)
Ladys... This is fucking retarded. Just leave your eyebrows how they are naturally, it's the best. Sincerely... Every guy ever.
Darla Haun (5 months ago)
Now done at Allen Pacheco Santa Monica/ Wax!
Ho Katie (5 months ago)
Where is your place
Jose Gonzalez (6 months ago)
She could have accomplished the same if better results with just getting them wax then go with dark pen and give the illusion of fuller eyebrows, and less expensive
Jason Ramcharitar (6 months ago)
I've seen micro blading, this is a horrible job
Kayla Tran (6 months ago)
Hair stroke is way to long, doesn't look natural
Jake Inglis (6 months ago)
How the hell does this help your eyebrows?
Cortney Carniel (6 months ago)
Before getting your brows microbladed, do you have to have a consultation?
Eric Springer (6 months ago)
The before photo looks better than the after, lmao. Natural looks ftw.
Inner Light (6 months ago)
Amazing job.
Laura Smith (6 months ago)
Ow! That does not look great.
Chef Rosalina (6 months ago)
How long do they last?
nahida sultana (6 months ago)
you are the best artisst.its really nice
Academy LA (7 months ago)
this is no good method(
Rainbow Tree (7 months ago)
They were nicer before
Leo Martinez II (7 months ago)
They looked better before, more natural. Now they look fake! Too uniform.
Liishaa Liishaa (7 months ago)
Do this shit hurt?
Shannon Simon (7 months ago)
Her eyebrows def. did not look as good before....however the brow on her right (facing me) looks way thicker than the other one. Someone needs to even that out. ;-)
Joretta Long (7 months ago)
no effing way
Pricila (7 months ago)
sims3sound1 (7 months ago)
You need to stop advertising a semi permanent. It is a freaking tattoo.
veronica castaneda (7 months ago)
3D microbladed eyebrows are much better..they look more natural and better shaped
excelerater (7 months ago)
this is what you do when you have too much money and time on your hands
Iseah Cramer (7 months ago)
Sky He (7 months ago)
She has eyebrows ... I have NONE
Joan Crawford (7 months ago)
Before and after are both bad. But then I don't like thick brows that have almost no curve.
Emily Lucy Rajch (7 months ago)
Love these brows! I had my eyebrows tattooed and this is what happened! https://www.emilyrajch.co.uk/microblading-for-eyebrows/
elle vogue (7 months ago)
wow she is soo pretty!! she never needed her eyebrows doing
Britany Dawn (8 months ago)
her eyebrows were already perfect. I'm not going there lol
Mira Bella (8 months ago)
Htown Gamer (8 months ago)
I wonder the people who do that to their brows micro braid their own brows and that’s why you don’t micro braid why do it if they didn’t do it 😂 then she made it un even I think all of you are right about having her brows naturally then missing them up
Beth Vlogs (8 months ago)
They look fine before but the microblading has sort of defined the brow. Either way I think they lol good
mgkpraesi (8 months ago)
Is this meant serious?
Wesley Lewis (8 months ago)
Our culture is so weird
Keylow 89 (8 months ago)
Shit people do to become pretty
JaNishia Williams (8 months ago)
does it hurt?
JaNishia Williams (8 months ago)
does it hurt?
oldmrfletcher (8 months ago)
As a straight man I have no idea what's going on here.
LovBeauty _Net (8 months ago)
Microblading supplies, www.lovbeauty.net ,permanent makeup kits
Lauri Noljum (8 months ago)
Realmente no le hacía nada de falta..supongo que para el vídeo.. pero vamos..
Deb Larkins (9 months ago)
Where you buy your products from?

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