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Ohio Professor Uses Roller Coasters to Help College Students Face Fears

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Prof. Kevin Meyer teaches students to overcome general anxiety and phobias through immersion and exposure therapy.
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stoopid (12 hours ago)
I was scared of roller coasters and once in elementary we went to Knott's Berry Farm and I had to ride 3 rollercoasters and I felt like I was gonna die. I wasn't forced but I didn't want to feel left out😤😤 after 3 I had a big ass headache
Luke Powell (15 hours ago)
Its just a damn rollercoaster 😂
Humble Jumble (1 day ago)
I love roller coasters but i hate the part when it goes down very fast because when it hits the ground my balls thumbles making my stomach hurt....
Gaming and More (4 days ago)
I went on top thrill dragster and I thought my brain was going to be edited from my mouth. It was absolutely dreadful but amazing at the same time. But of course I got off of the ride with brain damage
Dumb Shit (4 days ago)
The ring of fire
Røcky (13 days ago)
I would do anything to go to cedar point
Paige Cottrell (15 days ago)
Oh wow I've been there. They have the best coasters I've ever been on
TheSquadonthecrew (15 days ago)
wimps i went on kinda ka easy peasy it was not scary
Odrija J (17 days ago)
I have been to cedar point before it was awesome i also went on top thrill dragster
katie (17 days ago)
I went on the millennium force but I’m too scared to go back on LOL
lol they made kids scared of roller coasters go on millennium force. That thing is tall.
Gamer_girl _ (18 days ago)
I loved Cedar Point I Went Their For My B-Day i Rode Every Ride, It Was Fun Af!
fresh comrade Shrek (19 days ago)
The GP is really dumb lol
I think I'm one of the kid coaster enthusiest
shaniya barbery (21 days ago)
I would lie and say im scared of roller coasters even though i love them soo much just to go to cedar point lool 😆 im trying to go there soo bad
laiiney (21 days ago)
Lmao I’m younger then thes kids and I love roller coasters wth
Princess Lily (21 days ago)
I have a fear of rollercoasters. My first roller coaster ever was kingda ka at six flags then i role superman , then el toro .. After i got off them i was so proud but I'm still terrified of roller coasters😭😭
Blah (23 days ago)
Put them on kingda ka and see them react to a rollback.
Gaming Coyote 840 (23 days ago)
If your afraid of a roller coaster than u are most likely a wimp
Ivanita Lopez (23 days ago)
Human guinea pig?!?!?
Rizumu GoldenChezt (24 days ago)
Millenium Force > Maverick
Gaming Wolf (25 days ago)
I wish I was in that class
Milena_and_Adriana (25 days ago)
Im not scared of roller coasters im scared of it breaking down
Bruna Hello! (25 days ago)
I went to that same park today and i went on my first roller coaster in years because i was terrified NOW I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS!!!
Winter Delaney (26 days ago)
New show: 21 and afraid
Jj (27 days ago)
I was scared as hell. Until I went on a roller coaster boat. After that. I love roller coaster as jssus love me.
A & A Fam (27 days ago)
I just hate the feeling when Your really high and when your dropping down, you can’t breathe 😭 anyone else?🤔
A & A Fam (27 days ago)
My hands are sweating like crazy and I ain’t one of those college students •_•
F.B.I. (28 days ago)
Where is this college and how do I get there
Lydia (28 days ago)
That professor is awesome
raimthegame (29 days ago)
Omg I wanna go to Cedar Point so bad I would go to these classes just for the free admission to cedar point, I LOVE roller coasters. I went to six flags a few times and went on Kingda ka.
Rocky ll (1 month ago)
I don’t goon them most of time because they make my stomach hurt and i hate heights and drops like that i wait in line get scared then i leave
Justin Colantuono (1 month ago)
5:33rippp he looks so scared
Studd (1 month ago)
lmfao i know for sure that one single ride didnt change the way they look at it , i too am scared and i;ve gotten on multiple rollercoasters and im still scared shitless lol
ItsMeSwirl (1 month ago)
Ugh the gp
emykitkat (1 month ago)
Lmao shizzz this is the kind of professor I want when I go to college. I’d be the one saying I was afraid of roller coasters, just so I can go on them. I *fricking* LOVE any rides.
Michael Berg (1 month ago)
I wish I could go to cedar point for a school assignment
enderDAwolfy records! (1 month ago)
I have a severe phobia of roller coasters. I went on the ride of steele at darien lake, which was my first real roller coaster, and I passed out about 3 times and I literally couldn't fall asleep, cause I kept getting the falling feeling in my stomach every time I closed my eyes and got super dizzy 😂
Helen Loves food (1 month ago)
Can help with phobia oh hells no spiders are my phobia and nu uh I hate spiders no no no no no no no nope.
Lil kawaiipotato (1 month ago)
i used to be TERRIFIED of roller coasters it was bad really bad even children small ones.... one day my best friend invites me to six flags she made me over come my fear on my first one i closed my eyes and screamed the whole time that was Batman or something. each time i got rid of my fear and now love them.. but i still have a HUDGE fear of height tho .
Sweetener (1 month ago)
Zoey 101?
Callux123 (1 month ago)
The guy 2:38 on the left 😹😹😹😹😹
H I (1 month ago)
I’ll go on every roller coaster there
That Dude (1 month ago)
damn it they went on millenium force, im not even scared and im fucking 12 fghsgfgadgjvhabdhjbcjsbyhgafhadgfafewfadgfab
Emily Rodriguez (1 month ago)
I'm not afraid I just hate drops on rollar coaster I rode ghost rider in knotts berry farm and I got traumatized of the drops because I thought I would fall off and die
James Lozada (1 month ago)
he made his students go on the first giga coaster to ever exist?
Clawdeen Wolf (1 month ago)
Did they really have to start them out with top thrill dragster and millennium force?? They should have done a small coaster first like the mine ride
Donovan Leonard (30 days ago)
Yeah. Once you conquer the larger coasters it'll be easier to conquer the smaller ones
Roller Coaster Force (1 month ago)
The gp 😂
Roller Coaster Force (1 month ago)
Proclaimed (1 month ago)
Yo if I was in this dudes class i'd fake being scared of roller coasters just so I can go on all the rides at cedar point again.
Cowl Lendvoy (1 month ago)
I used to hate coasters and would freak out if I was being pressured to go on one but after going to cp again I just thought to myself I won’t die roller coasters are technically safer than bikes
itsyourgirl_ regan (1 month ago)
I’m going to Cedar Point this October. Where are my fellow roller coaster enthusiasts at?
Mira Sandy (1 month ago)
Great..can you cure my emetophobia?
David Adkins (1 month ago)
That’s cedar point 😂
Delaney Wells (1 month ago)
I faced my fear . I went. To a local amusment park. And went on this ride that drops you down . My anxiety was over the roof . But. I just breathed and counted .
Me Me (1 month ago)
5:39 you can see the complete TERROR in that guys face haha but then he’s like “WOAH!!!”
Me Me (1 month ago)
I LOOOOOVE ROLLER COASTERS!! But I get a huge nervous feeling before but then after I’m like “YEAHHH AGAIN!!” 😂😂 I freaking love roller coasters
Abigail Blasczyk (1 month ago)
That. Was meeeeee. On superman. The ride at sixflags over Georgia
Sam K (1 month ago)
Is this zoey 101 lol
Lauren XO (1 month ago)
Lucky.😂 I love rollercoasters!
Ximena Torres (1 month ago)
The only thing I hate about roller coasters is the feeling when u go down but otherwise I like roller coasters
MK ASMR&Gaming&Blah (1 month ago)
When I am older I'm going to pretend I'm terrified about roller coasters so I can go for free😂
my avakin Cop life (1 month ago)
I love cedar Pont i love roller coasters
remy paraskovia (1 month ago)
Wow that Rollercoaster it's awesome
Jeff's Entertainment (1 month ago)
They went from tears to cheers. I went straight to tears not getting to go to Cedar Point.
WireHanga (1 month ago)
My biggest fear is of death.... *looks at gun* Alright let’s just get it over with
Maya Young (1 month ago)
I hate roller coasters so much. It’s not a fear of dying that freaks me out I just hate the feeling you get on big drops. I used to be able to ride big rides but now I could never. If someone wants me to get in a big ride I have a panic attack and literally freak out even if I’m in the middle of the park. One time I was at six flags and a friend wanted me to go on a ride called American eagle but the drop looked humongous to me. She was grabbing me and pulling me towards the ride and I was screaming and yelling, to passer Byers it probably looked like she was kidnapping me😂 when ever my summer camp goes to six flags I always request to go with the little kids so I don’t have to sit around while the kids my age go on huge coasters. That’s why I hate six flags cause every coaster is huge. I like Disney better cause I’m comfortable riding everything! Except space mountain, never space mountain.
Keira Schanz (1 month ago)
I rode the ride of steel so many times and I’m only 11
lanceflx63 (1 month ago)
The true fear is they went during the cold.
Paige Henley (1 month ago)
I’m going to cedar point today. And too thrill isn’t scary. Millennium is scarier.
Greenlegoman718 Gtmcpe (1 month ago)
How r they scared I’m not judging but I’m 11 and i just fucking went on Kingda Ka my first ever rollercoaster ever
GopиiK BlyaT (1 month ago)
I’ve never been on the millennium force but top Thrill Dragster is amazing
Boosted Monkey (1 month ago)
This just in: safe things still safe
Glenn Morris (1 month ago)
Thought i recognized the millennium force in the beginning
Hello It’z me (1 month ago)
I hate rollercoasters. It’s scares the shit out of me. I was sobbing when I almost went through to go on a rollercoaster. I don’t think I’ll ever ride a rollercoaster.
Jane the killer (1 month ago)
Tomorrow I'm going to lake Winnie in Tennessee... I'm trying to face my fear of rollercoasters and hights.... I'm going in the rollercoasters there and the drop ride called the oh - zone... It sends you up 14 stories in the air and drops you down at 58 miles per hour.... I hope i can over come my fear... Wish me luck..
GOrDoN ReMseY (1 month ago)
I'm the same. When I was younger it was really bad. I'll admit I'm still not a huge fan of them but when your with friends who encourage you a lot is brilliant. There trying to get rid of my fear currently haha maybe some day I'll get over it 😂
don'tlook on here ok (1 month ago)
I need this class
Livzy LuLu (1 month ago)
I Am A Coaster Freak Lol
Meowsers The robot (1 month ago)
Fi have a fear of windos
Seth's Gaming Channel (1 month ago)
What college is this?
ViolentKittie Clawz (1 month ago)
They are the weakest ppl I know! When I traveled to Ohio with my family (I was around 8), we chose to go to Cedar Point (the same place), my dad took me on the millennium force as well and in return, I’d receive a secret prize. May I mention I have a fear of heights as well. When I finished, guess what I got? The prize of knowing I just rode one of the tallest rides in the world. Yeah. It sucks.😑😓🤕🤧🤮
Druid (1 month ago)
the dragster is so fun i was terrified when i first was going on ( i say first because i rode it like 11 times because it was almost closing time)
Druid (1 month ago)
bro the millennium force almost mad me black out like 7 time lol
honey xxx (1 month ago)
Immunity (1 month ago)
I have actually gotten close to falling out of one. I was very small and the car went sideways. I'm sure I was just over myself, but.... I dunno...
Rona (1 month ago)
I’m afraid of roller coasters but I still love going on the wildest ones
L00PdeL00P's Channel (1 month ago)
It's good to be scared on a big ride like they have at cedar point because I personally greyed out on ttd because my heart wasn't pumping enough blood to my head
its just Elliott 101 (1 month ago)
I'm scared of heights and roller coasters and when I even get near roller coasters or something high I start feeling sick to my stomach and my anxiety starts and comes at me hard I also start shaking.
deletedData (1 month ago)
Tell the guy who thinks he will fall out he won't I'm 11 and a very small person but I rode the leviathan at Canada's wonderland
Gaming Gage (1 month ago)
Cedar point rules
Olivia Lu (1 month ago)
That looks fun
Diddynye (1 month ago)
Is that cedar point? If so that is my favorite amusement park in ohio
Aki c: (1 month ago)
Callming music gives me anxeity~
igot7 coco (1 month ago)
I have fear of height, people judging me because of my height it just give be axinety, have fear of almost everything, my dream is to perform like sing and dance in stage one day but because of my axinety I can't open myself because I am short! I need help
Isabella (1 month ago)
I feel I’m so a fairy of rollercoaster I legit cry and think I’m gonna die at age 10
Alexis Köpke (1 month ago)
Yeah I went on the biggest rollercoster in the world and. Got scared from that experience
B dog Playz (1 month ago)
I hated looped roller coasters or high roller coasters so when I went to Drayton manor on shockwave I did it 3 times

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