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Might start a GoFundMe #FuckCancer Thanks for the prayers!
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Jojo \m/ (4 hours ago)
I am BAWLING right now. My heart is so full and happy for you!! <3 Bruh
Maria Irrer (15 hours ago)
I am adopted from Russia!!! I totally understand where he is coming from!!! 😧😧😧
Lily Spence (19 hours ago)
DJ Versatility (1 day ago)
His adopted family fucked up for not telling him
Georgia Diallo (1 day ago)
Wooww this is soo sad, he is shaking
Caroline Wanjiru (1 day ago)
Abby Metz (2 days ago)
I am so glad that you got to meet your birth mom!!! I know exactly how it feels to be adopted cause I was also adopted when I was five and I haven't seen her in 10 years!! I really hope I get to meet my birth mom like you did! I have been writing letters to her for 3 years but my mom won't let me send them cause she thinks it's to early which it probably is! I am so happy for you! You made me cry by the way and I hope I get the same reaction from my birth mom the way you did! You really inspired me!
Manish Jogesh (4 days ago)
Now come on who i said it last time who would dislike
Faduma Abdullahi (4 days ago)
I was crying so hard when he started shaking😢😢 omg
Malykkah Saint surin (5 days ago)
Hes shaking look at his hand awwwwwwww×
Malykkah Saint surin (5 days ago)
Every body spam and tell him to go visit her!!!! Hurry before ( she lets go of the grass)
Jaden Palazzola (5 days ago)
That smile on his face makes me wanna cry 😐
Trey Beary (6 days ago)
yo im so srry about wht was in the letter im praying for you dude and happy related birthday we got the same one
Cole Bowen (6 days ago)
It's ok she will get better. We will be praying for you
Nyi’s World (6 days ago)
Prayers to yah mom
Years came to my eyes you should visit her get to know her and spend time with your sisters
Oops just got to the trip part lol
MOHAMMED Hamad (6 days ago)
MOHAMMED Hamad (6 days ago)
Why isn’t she with you from years
ElvidTheGod HL (6 days ago)
Superalbothic casey. (7 days ago)
I miss Peep (7 days ago)
Amber Nicole Massey (7 days ago)
U see his face when she said he had a older and younger sister. Looked so comfused!!!!
Cool Rainbows21 (8 days ago)
Wow that got me!!! I’m adopted and never have met my biological family. These past years I’ve been really wanting to find them badly.
Stephanie Farris (8 days ago)
yes you need to go see your mom and sisters
Stephanie Farris (8 days ago)
so happy for you
Alanna Duncan (9 days ago)
I'm crying
Crystal Jackson (9 days ago)
How the heck do you have me crying at work?????? 😥😥😥😥😥😥 You turned out AMAZING!!!!
Anita Sewell (9 days ago)
Yoo this is so emotional! I’m in the situation...
Yvonne rakoma (9 days ago)
you are a very brave man. I take my hat off for you.
Royal Empress (9 days ago)
i am crying my heart out right now, i swear i wish you and ur mum nothing but abundance of blessing, i hope to god she heals please look into dr sebi and law of attraction in regards to her health otherwise ur in my prayers i wish to send you an abundance of love to fill your home soul and life. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
jody andrews (9 days ago)
My dad passed away from cancer😭😢
Donovan Mitchell MVP (8 days ago)
jody andrews rest in power to your dad bro keep head up man
jody andrews (9 days ago)
Tbh Kate (10 days ago)
her voice sounded so shaken it made me even more emotional ;(
boggs family (10 days ago)
This mad me cry cuz I don’t have my mom no more at all so I no how he fells
Zoo Gang (10 days ago)
This was made on my birthday spam up happy birthday for me
Joshua English (10 days ago)
Heartfelt A (10 days ago)
Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment. I. Sure knowing her and your sisters will make you feel more complete. God bless you both.
DestroyerF 1470 (11 days ago)
He's shaking😢😢😢😢😢😢
zain tamari (11 days ago)
Omg I’m literally crying I’m so happy you contacted your birth mother she is so sweet best of luck 😘♥️😍🤞🏼
jacky wirds (11 days ago)
B&j nation Hudson (11 days ago)
Bless him man his hands was shaking
ofotce bernard (11 days ago)
i am crying at work
Extreme Supreme (11 days ago)
Rip x
Ehtee Kaw (11 days ago)
Very emotional bro! No matter why & no matter how far I live with my parents! I’m give my time to visit her every year!
Sione Takau (12 days ago)
I can’t stop crying .
bob Zamora (12 days ago)
Bjelovuk (12 days ago)
White snow27 (12 days ago)
I love how she's there to hold him😭😭❤
Regina O'Guinn (12 days ago)
Hey Mystic! I am not a subscriber but was the thumbnail and tuned in. the video was so emotional and sweet. I am gonna watch the reunion now. Im glad u got a chance to speak with ur mom.
savage Tawn (12 days ago)
Awww this is so cute I'm so happy for u
Unstoppable Challenges (12 days ago)
This is really emotional, I cried most of the video, i love you, keep up the good work! 😘😣😭
Patricia Pierce (12 days ago)
Sarah Nwosu (13 days ago)
Your girlfriend is so supportivr
Gutsycho (13 days ago)
Karen McGee (13 days ago)
So touching! He's so overwhelmed that his hand was shaking. Thanking GOD that HE will finally fill the void in his heart. I thank GOD for the family who raised him as well. Beautiful and honest video. Thank you for sharing.
RMS 828 (13 days ago)
As someone that is adopted I feel for you.
coco chanel (13 days ago)
temisha palmer (13 days ago)
He was shaking the phone
Provenia Evermi (13 days ago)
Go check on your mama man, There is only one and only mama you have in this World, I love you brother
Rabbit Saucillo (13 days ago)
U lucky bro... I will be 34 yrs old and still dnt know my father... God bless man... Love this...
Emilyy Odell (13 days ago)
bruhhh I'm crying
Vira Quinonez (14 days ago)
my name is isaiah
Michael Jones (14 days ago)
Thats tuff
ItsJustCarrie (14 days ago)
This was so touching for me, I just ran across this video. I turn 30 in two weeks and my mother put me up for adoption however my dad came and got me. I reached out to her family when I was 16 years old and found out that she passed away the year I turned 10. This was really touching for me and I’m so happy you made outreach to her because that’s apart of you that can start to heal. I understand what you mean about having anxiety, I deal with it every day!😢 God Bless you and your mother too.
A Provenzano (14 days ago)
meeting a bio parent you should keep private
JA'NAI davis (14 days ago)
that was so sad i started crying.
Oblivion 0 (14 days ago)
I have a sister that i haven’t seen for 8yrs i dont care about here but my mother your mother our mothers what would you do if someone cursed at your mother HUH??? If someone said will you kill yourself to save your mother or would you kill your mother and save yourself your mother think about it from her own blood a like would be appreciated agree if you see this #FuckCancer
Anita Vlogs (14 days ago)
Anita Vlogs (14 days ago)
Tootie Crenshaw (14 days ago)
I'm here for you too I was adopted ever since I came out of my mom its still hard for me because everybody always asks me where is your mom ... 😭😭😭😭😭
Kinsley Northern (15 days ago)
2:30 is this my son izayah
I cried when she said he has two sisters
Fuck canser
Linda Jennifer (16 days ago)
I literally cried watching the part 1 video
kathryn and firend's (16 days ago)
Me: I'm not crying😪😫😫 My friend: What?
kathryn and firend's (16 days ago)
Issaaa Ambar (16 days ago)
I’m crying 😭.
tania (16 days ago)
wtf im crying even before her mom picked up
tania (16 days ago)
man these freaking ghosts cutting invisible onions in my room
Carleana Booker (16 days ago)
Omgsh I’m crying so hard right now like 😩😩😭😭
Nikhiyang (16 days ago)
as someone who plans on adopting in the future, it breaks my heart to know that there will be some things in my children's lives that i will not be able to fix for them. And i know it's definitely premature of me to even think about this but I don't know how to reconcile this pain that i feel at not being able to stop them from experiencing the loss and confusion you felt with my desire to give them a loving home. But I guess one thing I have learned from watching this video is that I should take the time to learn about my future children's past (even though I'm sure that's going to hurt) so I can provide them with the information they need to find their past should they desire to do so. So thanks for that lesson. Love and Hugs to you and yours.
ItZ Katy (17 days ago)
He was shaking 😞💔🖤
Social Web (17 days ago)
She says God bless you and I think her prayer for you has come true. God bless you
al3x679jam (17 days ago)
yo from now on idc no more each and every night im praqying your u and ur birth mother dont forget that keep your love strong and i promise u she will live another day until the proper time may god bless you and your mother #FuckCancer
Jaroyce Cariaga (17 days ago)
The movie losing isaha
Jasmine Barnette (17 days ago)
halie prince (18 days ago)
I hate when people say a birth parent “gave away” their child. Like a baby means nothing. Your mother didn’t make this decision lightly. No matter her reasons, she felt it was what was best for you. She loves you.
TG ELITE HYPE (18 days ago)
It's OK last time I checked real man cry and your a man for showing ur expression
janiah villari (18 days ago)
Why are people putting a thumbs down..like this is a sad and happy moment..I'm so proud of him he's doing a good job...I cried but.....i hope all is well with you and your mother....1like=1prayer for #MysticJokes
Ayva Boswell (18 days ago)
DOUBL3 R (19 days ago)
This is deep brother.. I felt every bit of this
David Moralez (20 days ago)
I had to see this.....
Babymykiya (20 days ago)
aw as soon as i heard her voice i heard hurt this is just said
Mchavez_ 2k7 (20 days ago)
Carmen Rivera (21 days ago)
I wish I could meet my brother
Wakiyu Irungu (21 days ago)
Oh so touching....
Smilez xD (21 days ago)
B.M.B !!! (21 days ago)
Omg you have inspired me and my family my brother got token away and we finally got him back “15 years later” thank u! U made me cry so hard I was trying to make it so no one could here or see me. I hope you get to meet your mom and the rest of your family. You really inspired some of us thank you.
ThePinkFox 7 (21 days ago)
Isam El-hussein (22 days ago)
Good for you !!! Man I'm happy for you!!! Mistic got jokes you a good man .
Bujo Guwopp (22 days ago)

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