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Environment Norway - Polluted waste water from landfill runs into the Osterfjord, part 4

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Video taken on the 29th. nov 2009, where polluted waste water from the Mjelstad Miljø landfill is still running uncontrolled into the Osterfjord. The pollution government of Norway has allowed the waste water from the landfill to run into the Osterfjord at a depth at about 30 meters for the last 10 years and say this is safe. Because of problems with the existing pipeline into the Osterfjord the last couple of weeks, the company has now connected a temporary pipeline into the existing, and this pipeline follows the terrain down into the fjord, and you see what is happening. How temporary this pipeline spilling polluted waste water like this into the Osterfjord is unknown at this time, and we don,t know how long the pollution goverment will allow this to be going on. This does not look pretty at all. Please read more on our facebook group (some english text is now aviable on the discussion forum and pictures): http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=48877449878
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