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The Three Reasons Why Americans AREN'T Rising Up in Open Revolt (Robert Reich)

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With income inequality rising, the middle class increasingly squeezed and more of us than ever feeling the pinch, why hasn't the American public risen up to demand reform? It's happened before, as in the Progressive Era, during the New Deal and the Great Society, so why not now? In his latest "Regulators" vlog, University of California Economics professor and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains the three reasons keeping Americans from rising up in open rebellion to demand change. Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Jurgen Pagel (13 days ago)
Thats EXACTLY what the US GOV and US Corporations want right from the start : YOU BEING IN DEBT = Student Loans , Cars , Housing , Boats , Motorcycles , RV Luxury Busses , Toys you dont need etc .... That adds up and most of Americans cant quit , they are trapped in the Bubble of CCC = CONSUMER CREDIT CONSUMPTION . IF your Paycheck doesnt cut it anymore , here comes Plastic Card # 8 then the other 7 are already MAXED OUT !!!!!! Im Debt Free since 2010 and it feels great 😆😆😆
Jurgen Pagel (13 days ago)
IF you have People clapping for a Politician who is saying to them that you dont need ( Obama / Universal ) Health Care and exactly this Politician got the best Health Care in the United States , then I believe that the People who are clapping need to be mentaly evaluated 😆😆😆
Jurgen Pagel (13 days ago)
Americans are basicly COWARDS - THATS WHY - To damn afraid to open their Yapper on things that matter BUT OF COURSE when it comes to Bullshit , the Yapper stays open all the time .
Jurgen Pagel (14 days ago)
Well , Im glad Mr. Reich that YOUR INCOME is not sinking ?? Wasnt it YOUR Admin under Clinton who signed 40% of American Manufacturing Jobs away and signed off on the best Deal ever with NAFTA ??
Cameron Michael (1 month ago)
Things won't get better until a ruckus is made. We don't need a reformation, we need a revolution. Workers of the world-unite!
Gavin S. (1 month ago)
How about this? Everlast- "Kill the Emperor"
Martial law that's why . The Corporation of the United States is prepared for it
David Azinger (2 months ago)
The reason the lower and middle class do not rise up and because they are mesmerized/ hypnotized/ and zombied out by TELEVISION. There will be no revolution because there is an escape from it all -- TV. The obstacle to change is TV. Why is it people don't care ??? Cable TV is like a never ending CIA brain washing experiment that never stops working and never ends. It's freaky. Look at the POTUS and his words and actions; never has someone gotten away with sooo much. People don't care. TV is the drug of indifference ! What else could it be ???? Id like to know how 300 million americans suddenly don't care about anything.
Dex Wolfe (3 months ago)
One word..SHEPPLE...they have become soft..lazy and scared..less educated and more conformist...bir they do talk a lot of smack...and wave flags like good sheeple..
Phillip Galloway (4 months ago)
A major reason why Americans are not rebelling is because of movies, tv shows, video games, and so forth. People are having their needs met by generic and synthetic experiences instead of the real deal. So people are bound by a addictive pattern of seeking empty means of fulfillment instead of seeking things with substance, depth, and worth.
G L (4 months ago)
I'm ready.
DeanTo TheRescue (4 months ago)
The jews (communists) recently shared $16,000,000,000,000 with their jewish foreign cousins: http://www.silverbearcafe.com/private/10.11/gaoaudit.html Tax money that should have gone to our infrastructure. deanberryministry.com
Loudrock (5 months ago)
It is time.
James Osborn (5 months ago)
I like how this video seems still relevant today and yet still we're under the financial boots of a small group of people.
Tom Davis (5 months ago)
U want change , America get off your ass and start fighting for it , and voting doesn't help anymore .....
Mark Rossmiller (7 months ago)
Mr. Reich, good 3 point theory, but are you actually claiming the USA is a democracy, and in danger? We have been and continue to be an oligarchy.
Janet Wilson (8 months ago)
All I ever hear and see are the issues.  We know what the problems are.  Where are the solutions?   I have one and it's huge and will take someone like you to help pull it off.  It's quite brilliant and doesn't involve protesting.  This is a plan that will get to the heart of the problem and force change!   I would like to talk about this with you, but I noticed no where is there any contact info.  Just a lot of selling and talking so far.
clarkindee (8 months ago)
You left out another reason: the steady degrading of public education in the U.S. If you are ignorant, you can't ask questions or think critically.
Jay Charles (22 days ago)
That is Y I quit HS, lies and deceit. I went on my own to learn, libraries, used book stores taught me more about the real world than the stupid K-12 nonsense.
How long oh Lord (9 months ago)
Two sides to every story, including this one. The problem with this country is lack of a fair middle: slackers who refuse to work and workers who refuse to slack. The attitude is, "I'm afraid someone's going to take my job," or "I'm too good to take that job." The answers are in the Bible beginning with, "he who won't work, neither will he eat."
avader5 (11 months ago)
You know Robert I usually have great respect for you however it's become quite clear that you are a communist and that you do not have the best interest of this country in mind you would like to turn it into a socialist nightmare. Now since we all know that socialism is a failed ideology I just can't understand why a person of your education would even entertain the thought. Finally why would we have a revolution when our system is working the way it has evolved to be?
Gabe Logan (1 year ago)
And if you wait enough you may have one of the good old Communist uprising !
catothewiser (1 year ago)
The colleges are suppressing student activism because they don't like that the change we want is towards the right wing.
catothewiser (1 year ago)
Working people need to take back the liberals from the Clinton/Reich globalist loons and realize pushing immigration is their primary weapon against you. The old left opposed immigration because that was obvious to them. These globalist jokers are taking you for a ride. Why do you think the workers are terrified? Why do you think college costs so much? These are both primarily, almost exclusively, due to immigration.
Adversary American (1 year ago)
There is but only one factor for the lack thereof, that being the circumstances are completely different now than from the late 19th to early 20th centuries which had various labour strikes and wars in response to low wages and dire working conditions that came with coal mining. You still see strikes today in other occupations, but there is not a nationwide culmination of strikes because there is not a nationwide industry network of system abuse that all Americans can relate to, so other than someone hating their job, there really isn't much for Americans to unite on to even start a revolution for. Today working conditions and worker's rights in coal mining have greatly increased, but if it gets anywhere near as bad as it was in the 1930s all over the country, surely you'd start to see the forming new labour unions and more potentially violent strikes by coal miners.
Planet Benji (1 year ago)
Let's not forget that debt isn't the only thing keeping students from revolting. Their goddamned phones, not to mention alcohol, promiscuity, and feminism, are keeping them in a trance 24/7.
MRBEEP (1 year ago)
yep and i had started a rebellion
Ben Chesterman (1 year ago)
There's less hours now , because you put more regulations and taxes on business . Look at Australia small business taxed to hell
Ben Chesterman (1 year ago)
Socialism evil . I've figured that out living in Australia
Kenneth Edwards (1 year ago)
Boycott ALL shopping except necessities. Shut down the consumer economy. There's not a thing they can do. We keep shopping, buying Chinese crap, like good little consumers, and overeating. Get off your f*cking phone. Drop your cable. If necessary, hold your taxes. Guns won't work, but non-cooperation will. Time to take our support away from corporations, and big banks, go local credit union. Don't invest in their worthless paper.
Veger (1 year ago)
Bingo! Credit Unions don't play by the Federal Reserves B.S. rules! Audit the Fed, tell Congress now! Reinstate Glass-Steagall to control the banks!
J Altenburg (2 years ago)
Robert, tell us what your annual income is, how much your home is worth, do you receive any income from sitting on corp board(s), what is your annual income from speaking engagements? Do you go on vacations? Do you have health insurance? If you have children are they in college, going to go to college, or graduated from college. If you have children are they employed, and give us some idea as to how much they make per year? Do your children have loans to pay for their educations? Did your children go to public schools? How many days per month do you go out for meals? What grocery stores do you or your family shop at? Do you eat organic foods? Do you have domestic help to clean your home, or tend to your yard? When you travel to your speaking engagements do you book your own reservations? We know you travel first class. Do you have a vacation home(s)? It's pretty hard to take you seriously, when you obviously enjoy cake.
karen stauffer (10 months ago)
Not a crime to earn money, and he is worth every penny he gets from his work. This guy is brilliant, an excellent teacher, and his income in no way detracts from his economic information .
Ben Chesterman (1 year ago)
Reich jealous cunt . Who wants to knock him out ?
Kalashnicough AK47 (2 years ago)
" A nation of sheep will beget a govt. of wolves " ~ Edward R. Murrow " Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch; LIBERTY is a well armed lamb contesting the vote " ~ Ben Franklin " It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong " ~ Voltaire
SWT (3 months ago)
I agree with all of those quotes. I also like, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. " -JFK. Voltaire was the best!
Kalashnicough AK47 (2 years ago)
" If there are degrees of evil, it is hard to say who is more contemptible : The brute who assumes the right to force the mind of others or the moral degenerate who grants to others the right to force his/her mind " " The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities " " We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion : the stage where the govt. is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by BRUTE FORCE " ~ Ayn Rand
Kalashnicough AK47 (2 years ago)
Excellent! I'm sorry to all, however we should have had " the latter " a LOOOOONNNNGGG time ago...IMO An angry, intelligent, well armed populace who united (no matter the race!) against all corruption & evil power is the only thing these folks are terrified of! You know why ?? Because we'd squash them like the roaches they are & they know it! Why do you think G. soros is funding these racist groups? Divide & Conquer baby. *** WAKE UP AMERICANS ***
Nate Hodges (2 years ago)
And then you look at Flint, Michigan. 18 months these citizens have sat idly by in council meetings "demanding" change. For 18 months now their children have been poisoned. It's time to wake up from the sandmans dream people... wake up... "Fewer than 20% of Americans trust our government today" SO WHY DO WE LET THEM KEEP DOING THINGS LIKE FLINT MICHIGAN? It's time to stop "demanding" justice and TAKE justice.
@c30f$p@d3z (2 years ago)
+Nate Hodges " WHY DO WE LET THEM KEEP DOING THINGS" Because of our unhealthy relationship with government, and the the exception status that we issue said entity. ANY other organization that failed that often, that deeply and purchased through its actions and behaviors the degree of dissatisfaction and mistrust with its supposed customer/serving base, would be dissolved, investigated and criminally charged BY government. Government means never having your repeated and monumental failures used to question the validity of your authority, presence or existence. Modern western government is granted an unlimited free-pass for failure, overreach and the breach of standards that IT ITSELF is supposed to be present to enforce. Its established a relationship within the lives of western people, that said people wont extend and/or issue to their own family members and loved ones.
Diamond Blade (2 years ago)
I'm canadian and I'm surprised that america hasn't revolted yet. It's getting worse and worse every passing months over there and people don't seem to want to change shit. They need to wake up quick because revolution within the next decade or 2 is IMMINENT in my opinion. Don't let them take your guns... you're probably going to need them... A LOT.
BundesRepublic Murica (16 days ago)
I agree
Jay Charles (22 days ago)
Start by getting ur kids out of school, its brainwashing them. Educate them the truth, avoid news, media, and politics, practice meditation and spirituality.
Adversary American (1 year ago)
The minimum wage varies from state to state and in some, it can be as high as $10 - 11 per hour; also wages vary per occupation. No one is going to earn a lot of money working at fast foods. Higher wages are determined by a higher level of education and experience as well, so there really is no pretext for a nationwide revolution in America, so unless you think that McDonald's employees all across Georgia are going to go on an armed strike, you're delusional.
Diamond Blade (1 year ago)
+Adversary DOT-Communist Far from unacceptable??? Dude, 7,25 bucks an hour in america compared to 11,25 bucks an hour here in my province of Quebec in Canada. Wages in America ARE unacceptable. And progressive era? The people may be progressive... But the government running the USA obviously isn't.
Adversary American (1 year ago)
It's not particularly surprising since the right has no real desire nor reason to revolt against the upper class, though there has been some upheaval by the left in the form of heated protests, working conditions and wages in America are far from unacceptable in comparison to it's state of being in the progressive era.
Jimserac (2 years ago)
Jack Worster (2 years ago)
good video thanks
It's a conspiracy fact that this has been in the works way before America and it is not capitalist that are doing it its the people that own the debt and gave out the lone.
Republic not democracy and if i get another reply on whats the difference I'm making a YouTube video and you guys will eat it.
Republic not democracy and if i get another reply on whats the difference I'm making a YouTube video and you guys will eat it.
dogfight156 (3 years ago)
great vid! here are a couple other reasons... 4. divide and conquer: big media is turning the people against each other. the neo-cons are too busy yelling at the libs and vice-verse when we should all be yelling at the gov. 5. bread and circuses: junk food is cheap and we're fixated on consumerism. people turn violent against each other while waiting for the next iphone but will barely pay attention while the militarized police goes open season on american citizens on american soil.
Alexander Shaduri (3 years ago)
This does not explain why things are what they are, it only lists the symptoms. I guess it's impossible to do that in 3 minutes. Take students for example. Higher education in the US used to be almost free, and now its costs are exorbitant and student debt astonishingly exceeds credit card debt. How did that came about? In places like Mexico and France any attempts at making education paid faced mass student protest who successively fought back. What did american students do? Just swallowed the bitter pill and went to apply for more loan. Why was that so?
Planet Benji (2 years ago)
+Alexander Shaduri Also, the fact that every time I visit a college campus---ANY campus---what are the students doing? They're staring at their FUCKING PHONES ALL DAY. That's one thing you don't hear a lot about. Why have a physical address when they can do just about EVERYTHING on their goddamned phones? There is another thing people don't like to hear, and that is that Americans really don't WANT to revolt. Americans have this tendency to bitch and gripe and carry on about how much they hate their jobs and their lives and everything else. But they would rather drink, smoke cigarettes/meth/crack, show off their new ride/vape mod/tats/piercings/hair color, or stare at fucking video games for hours on end than make an effort to force radical change. I don''t believe Americans will EVER revolt. They LOVE drama and manufactured crises, not to mention Black Fridays, and they don't EVER want to give those things up. Americans would rather die than revolt.
NFramus (3 years ago)
I'm in agreement with Mr. Reich, but I wonder...if so many Americans are barely getting by and living paycheck to paycheck, how do we explain "Black Friday" and the subsequent holiday spending insanity?  Don't most middle class Americans still have disposable cash? Or are people just putting themselves deeper in debt via credit card?
worldwidefreakshow (4 years ago)
I'm sorry, but can you not see that those very policies you claim were so wonderful were very much part of the cause of the problems, even recently?  Hell, why not suggest bringing back the NRA (recovery act) and let the largest corporations set prices again.  When was American EVER a democracy?  How can anyone listen to someone some fundamentally and inherently wrong from the very premise of his argument?  This guy is just another trap to circle you back into the system with flowery rhetoric and pseudo-intellectual doube-speak.
konopelli (4 years ago)
Truism: When you have nothing, you have nothing, you have nothing to lose, so revolution doesn't seem so bad. But when you have ANYTHING, you then have EVERYTHING to lose, and revolution doesn't look so appealing. The genius of the "Murkin System" ro now has been that it has provided nearly everybody--the majority, so far, at least--with SOMETHING to lose.
SemjazaBMO (4 years ago)
All the "progressive" movements did was increase the number of poor people and help them identify them Democratic party as their only hope. They are the destroyers of middle class values...without them there will be no middle class. Just rulers and followers which is exactly what they want. Immoral people do not produce moral results. People who perceive themselves as "saviors" do not seek "equals" around them. Grow up children.
Veger (1 year ago)
Well stated "Demoncrats are the destroyers of middle class values...without values there will be no middle class. Just rulers and followers which is exactly what they want. Immoral people do not produce moral results! (aka: Clintons, Podesta, Watters, Pelosi, Feinstein, Shumer, McCain, Cummings, Obama, Wasserman-Shultz, et al!
Barry Sensa (4 years ago)
The main problem is that people have fallen for the both parties are the same game  that the right  has pushed which is a brash lie,  19 million people have healthcare to day  thanks to the democrat party ,  would be more if  GOP was not fighting it in GOP controlled states.  that is the largest major move to boost lower and middle income in a decade and taxes have been raised on top income to pay for it and that is why GOP are fighting it so hard and working so hard to convince people that voting for democrats will not help them so that they can take that away .
Krasny999 (4 years ago)
It's either revolution, reform or neo-feudalism.
Domzdream (4 years ago)
Argh! I just cut a habanero chili pepper in half and put fingers in my itching eyes! The pain!
Jerry Collins (4 years ago)
I think the red necked gun nuts will at some time, march on D.C. and hang everyone there  wearing a tie, or a uniform.
thuzan117 (4 years ago)
very well put.
A.L. Conner (4 years ago)
Revolt comes in MANY forms - it doesn't have to be violent - think, talk this still is a great country with great minds - jus calm the gun talk - it didn't work the last time...
Seofthwa (4 years ago)
It will have to get much worse before Americans act and things improve for the general populace.  Until poverty, unemployment and hunger become more common.  Revolution will sweep the country.  If it gets really bad before political and social reforms happen, then it will be like the French revolution and political leaders, bankers, and the uber wealthy will get it in the neck like the French aristocracy did.  Armed revolution is possible because thanks to the NRA there are an abundance of firearms in this country.  The problem is that if that scenario occurs, what could replace our current government could be much much worse.   You will have our current leaders and the American people's indifferent attitude to thank for that. Speak out and VOTE!
Loudrock (5 months ago)
Seofthwa The new leaders will not be worse if they stick to the constitution.
coldflame (4 years ago)
The wealthy & powerful are instrumental in CREATING profound & paralyzing suffering & pain.  "Guilt. Fear. Intimidation. Ignorance."  Major  ingredients to create a malleable & controlled people.
oodlesofosz __ (4 years ago)
S. Cummings (4 years ago)
People rising up for the progressive era? lol Please are you kidding me? Most people have studied history, we have seen the epic failures of the new deal programs. High unemployment from 1932 to 1939 and huge deficits. The students loan problem is just like the housing problem. The President should be asking for people to take personal responsibility. Many people select a degree with nothing in common with the skills needed for today's jobs. Many people are happy receiving their government cheese! This may be the real reason they do not care. 
S. Cummings (4 years ago)
+Michael Colello Like what? which books? Where? How? 
Michael Colello (4 years ago)
S. Cummings (4 years ago)
+Michael Colello What have you studied? 
Michael Colello (4 years ago)
"Most people have studied history." Please, are you kidding me? 
Cenamark2 (4 years ago)
Taxes stayed really high throughout the Eisenhower years.  That's what you guys don't want us to believe.  We've had low taxes on the rich for the last 30 years under the promise that it would trickle down, but all the working and middle class has received is a golden shower courtesy of St. Ronnie. 
mongke (4 years ago)
Fuck, I love this guy. Watch his documentary!
Arik Haydn (4 years ago)
The Soma.  Straight Edge saves lives.
Snakeofliberty (4 years ago)
the reason there is no revolt, is because americans hate Communism/fascism.. if you study revolutions, you will know that communism always win in the end... revolution is what the enemy of the United States of America wants. live free and with the truth
saprissa9 (4 years ago)
Don't worry. Racist people will blame immigrants and not their government for the current situation of this country.
Loudrock (5 months ago)
saprissa9 Your racist against Whites. 3rd world immigration has destroyed American values. Please take your immigrants and leave.
Mystique Gone (9 months ago)
+Hand OverFist my question is; what makes you think it's your "country"? It's a piece of earth given a label. What makes you think it's yours? Did the higher power give you exclusive rights to that piece of land? No. Human did. It was the human that conditioned your mind. It is the human that divides us. "Race" "nationality" does not exist. & that's a revelation for a lot of people.
catothewiser (1 year ago)
They will blame immigrants because they are to blame. It is simply true.
BabeOfBlasphemy (1 year ago)
Hand overfist whites come to american spend 400 years killing indigenous people and stealing their land, forcing them into southern desert. Then tell those descendants starving in the desert they are illegal in their native territory, and we arent racist... Nazis sounded less racist, at least jews really were immigrants to germany, unlike mexicans to america.
Kalashnicough AK47 (2 years ago)
+saprissa9 It's not racist to not want millions of people storming into your country when we cant even take care of our own, that's just damn foolish! The mex govt is JUST as guilty as the obama administration, same goes for the drug cartels and the millions of Americans using the drugs they bring across! Stop obsessing over race & see the bigger picture, this is NOT just about illegal immigration! This is a VERY COMPLICATED, COMPLEX problem as I'm sure you're aware. My family being MexAme. LOVE this country & don't want to see it fall ( unlike so many leftist types ) We have our problems,, yes and this is still the BEST country on the planet! Take Care
Shaun (4 years ago)
Every empire rises and falls. We are just seeing the beginning of our fall. Nothing last's forever, not even the good old U.S.A. Im just hoping I don't get to see the fall of liberty within my own lifetime. Freedom and Democracy is hard to maintain. It takes a lifetime to build, but only moments to destroy. Take it in! This is what greed does it destroys everything. There is a saying! For evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing, or give me liberty or give me death. If there is anything worth fighting for, it's this. Because, your not going to like the alternative, that I can promise you.  
John Cahill (4 years ago)
It's hard to disagree with your basic premise.  Our saving grace will be that the 1% won't know when to quit, they'll just keep taking and taking until revolution is unavoidable.  How long will it take though?  The US is already beginning to wane in the world economy, we have 50 good years left (at best).  We are also leading the formation of Global Climate change.  Iran, China, India and Russia to some extent will be dominant by then.  We need to claim our government back in time to make some friends on the world stage. A great start would be to mobilize voters in Tea Party districts.
kathy kelly (4 years ago)
People don't want to revolt because that gov't liberals love so much uses threats of violence to keep ppl compliant. I'd like to revolt against paying the pentagon, but I'd be kidnapped and thrown in a cage. 
AvangionQ (4 years ago)
This is one of the most amazing videos on the state of public feeling towards wealth inequality, activism and reform I've ever seen.  The people are fearful of losing what little they have, and getting saddled with growing debt, not seeing that activism and reform are exactly the means by which they can get more of their share as a whole.  Courage by way of activism will lead to reform, despite the fear ~ the only alternative is delay until violent revolution, which is means worth struggling to avoid.
GPzSilentwalker (4 years ago)
I believe you are wrong in your assessment. America has already had two failed peoples revolts in recent history, the first was the Tea Party, and the second was OWS. Currently America is having mini revolts, but to get the big revolt a catalyst has to happen. Something to trigger the enough is enough effect in the population along with a charismatic leader or group that sum up the changes wanted. The Tea party failed because it had the wrong leadership directing the movement down the wrong paths, and OWS failed because it refused to be a group so let the status quo leadership continue unchanged. But both showed there was discontent brewing. Currently you have a third revolution starting up, the one for minimum wages, which is in the glowing ember phase, it would only require a catalyst event against the protesters to blow the embers into a flame and grab the publics enough is enough feelings.
Ander Drake (4 years ago)
Lets not forget the other two reasons the corporate take over of the media and the extreme classification of almost any information that would reveal the crimes of our government.  I think what has slipped out so far is only the tip of the iceberg. Plus, I really hate how our space program has been mostly removed from the public into sercret corporate/military hands, I believe the us space program creates hope for the future and of course lots of spin off technological developments.  We have lots of potential beneficial technology that could change our society, yet it's held back for the benefit of corporate profits. greed is holding us back
Redpilldown (4 years ago)
The reason is the metaphor of the poor frog being boiled alive with a slight twist....the elite are controlling the heat to just the right temperature so the poor little froggys can not only be boiled but also tenderized. This way the elite can pick us to pieces right down to our bones.......They have been doing this for thousands of years, one day the poor little froggys will wake up....maybe!
( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) (4 years ago)
The public only responds to pain, not to comfort. Maybe after the next bankster bubble bursts people will rise up like they did in Iceland, because they won't have a choice.
raboratory (4 years ago)
Most Americans are misinformed, apathetic, docile, poisoned, too heavy to move properly & distracted by toys & TV...
Mystique Gone (9 months ago)
& by sex, drugs..... Etc
Khaartoum Supermarket (1 year ago)
Sadly really true and spreading across the whole world.
Adversary American (1 year ago)
In reality, most Americans are too busy moving. If they are content with their jobs and accessories, there is no desire to start a revolution to begin with. Conflict arises from discontent.
Kenneth Edwards (1 year ago)
Not for long, things just haven't gotten uncomfortable enough for most yet. Stay tuned.
Ryan Sellers (4 years ago)
It's called distraction culture, duh
Hippasus (4 years ago)
You forgot that Americans have been the subjects of mind control . They have been successfully conditioned to be passive since birth with television and the Main Stream Media.  
Josh Pollack (3 months ago)
plus the ingrained idea of natural hierarchies from pre k to religion since birth for all of us, making us feel safe with a master
Adversary American (1 year ago)
Actually the Main Stream Media has conditioned Americans to be confrontational towards opposing political parties, not passive.
Robert Jordan (4 years ago)
The time for reform ended with obamas betryal of the american people the revelotion is jut a mater of time
TheRhinehart86 (4 years ago)
This guys an idiot. Germany had a violent uprising during its worst economic period, they put the fucking Nazis in power. He's right that a storm is coming but its not like all the uneducated, paranoid, racist, gun toting conspiracy theorists are going to usher in an era of peace and liberty, what comes after will be far worse than what there is now.
Loudrock (5 months ago)
TheRhinehart86 I'll take that over treasonous socialists destroying America. Think about who built America . Your comment is typical libtard fear.
DanGRtheMan (4 years ago)
Brilliant, our taxpayer money is being levied against us by bought politicians and Big money is squeezing the number of jobs available and the wages that we get. Reclaim our democracy.
DanGRtheMan (4 years ago)
Brilliant, our taxpayer money is being levied against us by bought politicians and Big money is squeezing the number of jobs available and the wages that we get. Reclaim our democracy.
elitemathlete (4 years ago)
Open Revolt?  Its cold out and there's that bird game to play.
killerbee256 (4 years ago)
If things keep up the way they are, people wont be able to afford that bird game or the ipod to play it on. That when people think of revolt.
Chip Fernandez (4 years ago)
..because Americans aren't feeling the pain....YET. We don't need more Democracy, we need a Republic.
dalecs47 (4 years ago)
You forgot reason #4:  The rich have bought out and taken over the Jesus franchise so today Jesus belongs to the rich.  Go to any evangelical church and see what I mean.  To be a good Christian they teach you must vote conservative which is the same as supporting the rich at the expense of everyone else.
Jay Charles (22 days ago)
Y I don't go to Church, its all BS
Adversary American (1 year ago)
Well there has been many heated protests in response to the corporate influence and wealth, by the left. The reason you are not seeing a revolution has to do with a political party's perception. The Right is very pro wealthy, so of course you are not going to see them engage in an open revolt in response. They are however rebelling against the government in other disputes such as Federal land management.
Shadowtechnik (4 years ago)
1.To many dumbass religious people  
4tech69 (4 years ago)
True words good sir.
Martin Rayner (4 years ago)
I’m not as sanguine as Reich about future reforms… Especially not when there seems to be an extraordinary number of people out there who regard any discussion of wealth inequality as nothing but “class warfare” fomented by “socialists” and/or disgruntled/resentful/envious “losers” and “deadbeats”…  Ironically, many of the same people who think this way are themselves poor or just living paycheck to paycheck, perhaps one medical mishap away from total catastrophe.
Jex134 (4 years ago)
Look at all the revolutions going on around the world; did they happen when things just started falling apart for the country? No, they happened when the country completely fell apart, and conditions became so unacceptable that the people had to rise up. Sadly America is going down the same route; only when conditions are unlivable will anything change.
Gasmask Rex (4 years ago)
I can see how the 3 reasons stated would hinder ONE type of revolution... But honestly and saddly the real reason is that most people are easily pacified with celebrity bs. Society has systematically ostracized anyone that doesn't play social games. We are all slaves to the politics we profess to abhore. The Venus Project got tied to Occupy which got tied to feminism. Revolution just isn't trendy anymore. Fucking hipster BS. Psyops laugh at you.
Phenixtri (4 years ago)
yea my bad it gets rather confusing as their work was all based on Gustov Le bons theory's ... they merrily turned his work into an applied science that is shockingly effective even to this very day :/
AvrilLynn1 (4 years ago)
+Phenixtri I thought it was Edward Bernays that wrote "Propaganda."
Phenixtri (4 years ago)
you might be interested in looking up some old literature that predates psy ops ... Look up 2 books and study them well 1) Gustov Le Bon's "The Crowd" & Walter Lippmann's "Propaganda" While you are at it you might want to also look into Edward Barney's work with "engineering" social trends EG spreading ideas and concepts through the use of social contagion. these works literally make George Orwells 1984 look like child's play ...
puffmax (4 years ago)
Why do you think the police is militarizing? To protect the 1% and to oppress the rest.
puppetMattster (4 years ago)
In order to maintain power, the ruling class needs to provide bread and circuses to the peasantry. There's plenty of circuses today with sports, reality tv, etc., but they've left out the bread! They seriously need to get their act together or they could lose everything.
Jex134 (4 years ago)
The problem is that the people won't do anything until there's no other options. Look around the world, with all the revolutions going on---they didn't happen when people were well tended and happy; it happened when corruption got so ridiculously out of hand it halted basic infrastructure, when jobs became non-existent and unemployment became unavoidable, and when crime and disease became unmitigated - basically, when things went completely to shit. Sadly I see the same thing around the corner for us in America; we won't fix the problem before everything falls apart - we'll fix it because everything fell apart.
Jex134 (4 years ago)
+Vaidas Sukauskas Which is actually my biggest concern, because if that's the case, and the bare minimum is met, nobody will rise up, and there will be no limit to their power. We could literally be looking at the next Nazi / Soviet / Fascist regime; possibly another World War.
Vaidas Šukaukas (4 years ago)
Sadly, i don't think conditions can become so bad for open revolt, because US has accumulated so much wealth. Rich can always throw a few bones to appease the peasants...
Drake Santiago (4 years ago)
The three reasons that Robert Reich enumerated, as to why there is not more resistance from the population at the outright theft of their wealth, is spot on. However, I would suggest three more reasons as to why there is not more dissent: 1. Americans are more distracted than ever before by trivial preoccupations (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, reality tv, celebrity culture and sports) 2. While we are producing more college educated people, the focus of their education, and the education of high school kids, is more myopic - concentrating mostly on just the skills necessary to get a decent paying job. In the mad rush to make students more marketable, history, civics, and the social sciences - all subjects which raise consciousness, are being jettisoned, which produces a population of apathetic and ignorant people. 3. People, due to having an impoverished understanding of the world, as stated in point #2, have been duped by the LIE that less government regulation and taxation of the rich and corporate America will FREE the rich to produce greater prosperity for all Americans. Hence, this lulls the working class to not only be complacent, but in many cases to actively work against their own best interests. 
TonyZXT (4 years ago)
Interesting and true.  I would add to your #1 simply that we are more busy and tired as a culture.  The rat race has one half of our brains occupied and entertainment and tech has the other.  Revolution?  Meh, maybe I'll look into it next week.... if I get some time.  Hey, do you know when Game of Thrones starts back up?
❆ BlacIyc ❆ (4 years ago)
this makes me really sad
Robby D (4 years ago)
As long as idiots lead the misled into protesting against buildings, sidewalks, lampposts, and courthouse lawns, instead of protesting directly against who's profiting off the status quo, nothing changes.  Nothing. Why would it? Some might say the Ultra-Orthodox Jews of israel had it right in protesting against being drafted into Zionist terrorist creation machine.  I think they blocked freeways.  Brilliant. But eh, they were led by people who wanted real change. Actual, you know,  C H A N G E .
Barack Smith (4 years ago)
U.S.A = Banana Republic 2024!  Change! We can do it, Yes We can!
MobiusCoin (4 years ago)
The main reason is because the United States is ideologically frozen. You can't talk about policy without talking about ideology. And the problem with ideology is that there is a tendency to see it in absolutes. If you support a leftist policy, you are akin to Stalin. If you support a right-wing policy you are a libertarian plutocrat. There's no room for the actual functional middle in American politics anymore. Even though supporting education reform or healthcare reform in no way amounts to Totalitarian Communism, it's just how it is perceived. And the big disadvantage the left has in terms of economic policy making is that their ideological "symbol", even if it doesn't at represent actually liberal and progressive ideals, was the Soviet Union. That symbolic defeat still plagues the confidence of the left to this day.
Adversary American (1 year ago)
The labor strikes of the early 20th century had nothing to do with ideology. Labor Unions were formed in response to low wages and unfair working conditions for coal miners. This was a common issue nationwide which caused various labor wars between coal miners and the coal mining companies all across the nation. Since then laws have been passed and working conditions have improved, but America still experiences the occasional armed coal strike as well as several other violent strikes in other occupations, but chances are you will not see another nationwide culmination of labor strikes in a single occupation because there is not a nationwide network of system abuse, but Americans have never stopped revolting.
Bernie Leiva (4 years ago)
I'm afraid Robert Reich is correct. But in the end, it is what it is.
Inannalu (4 years ago)
Workers and students have been DECLAWED by the corporate elites, quietly and systematically.
Jig Saw (4 years ago)
the main reason people are not doing anything about income inequality is because the majority of people care more about justin bieber and kim kardashians new undies even if their elected representatives are selling their future down a river

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