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Breaking News - Incredible skywriting in Phoenix that looks just like typed words

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Incredible text that appeared above Phoenix has left onlookers confused as to how it was created.The messages, including 'cisco #collabsummit', are a form of skywriting which has the appearance of digitally typed text.Skytyping, or digital skywriting, is a technique whereby smoke is emitted in a series of bursts, each of which can be the length of a skyscraper.These appear like the text produced by old fashioned dot matrix printers, in which characters are formed on the page by printing rows and columns of ink dots.In skytyping, a computer generates a master plan and electronic signals control the smoke output once aircraft are in the air.Multiple planes usually take to the sky, so that the entire text of longer messages is visible at once.They are often equipped with onboard Wifi or other communications relays, which allow their computers to synchronise the release of smoke between them.Five jets worked to write a number of messages in the sky, according to news reports from AZ Family.Other text produced by the planes included 'the future of work is here' and '#futureofwork.'The writing, which appeared yesterday, was designed to attract attention to computer networking firm Cisco.The San Jose based company is today hosting the second of its two day Collaboration Summit conference, at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa in Phoenix.'Collaboration Summit is our marquee event for customers and partners,' Cisco spokesman Christine Johansen told AZ Central.'The skywriting is a great way to get our attendees excited - and showcase the stunning Phoenix sky.'Keynote speakers at the conference, which has an anticipated attendance of around 1,200 people, include James Chan, a venture capitalist with Bloomberg Beta.Rowan Trollope, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco's applications, and Michelle Chiantera, vice president for Cisco's global partner marketing are also speaking.Computer specialist Tony Cuevas, who was attending the conference, was among those to spot the spectacular skywriting in action, capturing it in video footage.The promotional stunt has generated a buzz on Twitter, with witnesses and others taking to the site to share their thoughts and images with followers.Author Sarah Viren said: 'The sky is telling me to collaborate, but with whom?'Typography artist Vivienne Lux added: 'Well played Cisco. Sky writers over Phoenix this morning.'I dropped my kid off at school and everyone was just standing there, staring at the sky (which was kind of eerie), but I couldn’t see from inside the car.'I pulled over to get out and look. #curiousitykilledthecat.'David Maldow joked: 'New skywriting bot for Cisco chat apps. Just do /sky and type your message and it appears in the sky.'This is not the first time that the firm has used the technique to promote itself, with messages appearing high above Las Vegas in 2015 to mark that year's International Consumer Electronics Show conference. AutoNews- Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5633879/Incredible-skywriting-Phoenix-looks-just-like-typed-words-baffles-residents.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490
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