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பனீர் புலாவ் / பனீர் சாதம் - தமிழ் / Paneer Pulao / Paneer Rice - Tamil

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Sangitha K (2 months ago)
can u suggest a sidedish?????😊
Akshu Samayal (1 month ago)
onion raitha, gobi 65
sri Priya (3 months ago)
Thanks madam
Kavitha M (4 months ago)
I tried this recipe. It came out well. Simple yet tasty. Thank you.
Akshu Samayal (4 months ago)
Happy to know that Kavitha😊
tamil arasi (5 months ago)
janani vedagiri (5 months ago)
Mam ungaloda videos ellam super but Unga voice romba methuva kekudu. Ninga pesardu sariya puriyala Mam.
janani vedagiri (5 months ago)
Akshu Samayal OK Mam thank you :)
Akshu Samayal (5 months ago)
Thanks Janani.. mic fix panniyaachu Janani, inimae ella recipes um clear a irukkum.. sorry for the inconvenience :)
Jeyanthi Siva (7 months ago)
Oh apdiya Akka nanga susindheeram
Akshu Samayal (7 months ago)
Jeyanthi Siva (7 months ago)
Ok sister. Nangalum nagerkoil than. Which place neenga anga
Akshu Samayal (7 months ago)
Chettikulam Jn
Jeyanthi Siva (7 months ago)
Hii sister. I am from Kuwait. I am watching and doing all your baking recipes. Thank u. Ninga entha place la irukinga sister abroad ah
Akshu Samayal (7 months ago)
Happy to know that Jeyanthi!! am in UK
monica snow (9 months ago)
I m a big fan of ur recipes
Akshu Samayal (9 months ago)
Happy to know that Monica!!!!!!
monica snow (9 months ago)
Gud n simple recipe
Sri (9 months ago)
Very nice..👌👌
Joicy Phone (9 months ago)

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