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Martin Solveig & GTA - Intoxicated (Official Music Video)

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Martin Solveig & GTA - Intoxicated is OUT NOW! Grab you copy on Itunes HERE: http://smarturl.it/intoxicated Listen on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/1D0I20u Grab you copy on Beatport HERE: http://btprt.dj/1KV1qDr Stay up to date on more Spinnin' artists & music here! ► https://spinninrecords.com The one and only Martin Solveig returns to Spinnin' Records with perhaps 2015's first big tune. Together with Miamia based duo GTA the French producer delivers Intoxicated, a house groove with catchy piano chords, bumping basslines and vocal lines that truly stick in your head! Directors: Paul&Martin Production: Mr l'Agent --- The Spinnin’ Records YouTube channel is the home for all music videos of the world’s leading dance record label! We feature the latest music videos by Spinnin’ artists like Oliver Heldens, Sam Feldt, KSHMR, Ummet Ozcan, Blasterjaxx, Merk & Kremont, Timmy Trumpet, Tujamo, Alok, Curbi, Mike Williams, Lucas & Steve and many, many more! Expect daily uploads of official music videos, lyric videos and artwork videos across genres like dance, house, electro house, future house, deep house, big room and trap. Make sure to subscribe to Spinnin' Records: http://bit.do/spinnintv ..and turn on notifications to stay updated with all new uploads!🔔 Follow Spinnin’ Records: https://open.spotify.com/user/spinninrecordsofficial https://soundcloud.com/spinninrecords https://facebook.com/SpinninRecords https://instagram.com/spinninrecords https://twitter.com/SpinninRecords https://spinninrecords.com #MartinSolveig #GTA #SpinninRecords #Spinnin
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Text Comments (13507)
07 BENIDEA (31 minutes ago)
Nice peugeot 406
Joey Santistevan (21 hours ago)
This song reminds me of ketamine
Jermaine Murray (1 day ago)
Reminds me of Ibiza 2015
Charlie Thayer (1 day ago)
Pine sol
Joey Rodriguez (1 day ago)
I forgot about this song for a while. Thankfully, something just reminded me of it.
Maur0 (1 day ago)
esos ojos iluminatis que salen
T4hs1 0 (2 days ago)
2 0 1 8 ?
ChilliWilli (2 days ago)
C phu (3 days ago)
Who wants to hear the childish Gambino version of this
Alvaro Bocanegra (3 days ago)
Madre mía wiki dios Que papito
I love this super up beat and amazing 😉 xx 😘
Abdelaziz Ibrahim (4 days ago)
ZERO (4 days ago)
pinches viejas ... están bien putas culeras la dvd
badr UX (5 days ago)
who's 2018?
Taehyung's Wife (5 days ago)
2018 Summer??
Taehyung's Wife (5 days ago)
Were does Martin come from? ( Just wanna know😂)
Taehyung's Wife (5 days ago)
I think hes Norwegian cause his name sounds Norwegian and im Norwegian 😂
WipMan (5 days ago)
I love this song in 2018 too always i listen
Martina Burešová (7 days ago)
Martin looks like a regular sized version of the creepy dwarf from Twin peaks
María Jesús (7 days ago)
Amo esta canción
安YOUNGJUN (7 days ago)
mind blowing
I Made (8 days ago)
2018 anyone ?
Keith Burke (8 days ago)
Anthony Rizzo walk up song!
Sam Kobayashi (8 days ago)
Martin Solvein is Ned Flanders of The Simpsons. Hahahahahahahahahahah
Stars (9 days ago)
I *still* love this song
MAWATTY clash ryal (9 days ago)
Wow best music
Monica Pineda (9 days ago)
Who’s here from the Pine Sol commercial? I can’t believe I forgot about this song.
Monica Pineda (9 days ago)
Who’s here from the Pine Sol commercial? I can’t believe I forgot about this song.
florens florens (9 days ago)
ami me facinan las puras rolas locas como estas
Dino zoff cane (10 days ago)
Luis Rivas (11 days ago)
I am intoxicated!!
The crosh (11 days ago)
Qué chidooooo
A D (11 days ago)
Class 👌
gavendb (12 days ago)
he's like if j. dangle and simon pegg had an illegitimate love child...
ronaldo rebolledo (13 days ago)
2025 siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
adam bamf (13 days ago)
3 times full blast on the speakers
adam bamf (13 days ago)
dunno but i still pump this one
Daviid Moento (13 days ago)
Directed by Martin Solveig
ethan potter (13 days ago)
That the cop from unsolved ??
Lindsey Paquette (13 days ago)
138 million views! wow
Rabbit PackCheese (14 days ago)
I'm here because of that pine commercial
dankoismad (14 days ago)
I'm here because of Anthony Rizzo.
Perotin (14 days ago)
who is the photographer/dancer?
NUA murchello (14 days ago)
I miss 2015-2016 when songs were unforgettable and danceable, when clips were crazy and bright... Nostalgia.
Jake Cullen (14 days ago)
That beat and tune tho.... Muy bien
vinil shetty (15 days ago)
i do sometimes come here when i get the tune playing in my head ..
Mylia B (15 days ago)
Who else came from pine-sol😂?
Fire Aquamarine (15 days ago)
penguin of new york (15 days ago)
Alexa Világa (16 days ago)
This song was the first song I heard of Sprinnin Records because my bro showed it to me but I still love it sm ❤️❤️❤️
Moe Loser (16 days ago)
I heard this on a Pinesol commercial. Lol
Fashion Murderer (16 days ago)
Who’s here from that one add with those people dancing 💀💀💀
Mr. Potato Chip (16 days ago)
Anthony Rizzo Anyone?
Sporty Nerd (16 days ago)
Anthony Rizzo!!!
google sucks (17 days ago)
100% honest, I'm more attracted to the old dude with the ice cream than the chick in the bath tub
JunnirTube (18 days ago)
Bastian Figl (18 days ago)
geiles lied nur die tusse am anfang ist hässlich
Bastian Figl (18 days ago)
finde ich auch
Thmx (18 days ago)
Claudio Rivera (18 days ago)
Temazo para las fiestas ,!!
*misco* *jones* (19 days ago)
Pero bueno makiman
Matt Attacks (19 days ago)
2018 july maybe?
Anton BePark (20 days ago)
Lol I’m from 20120...Logan Paul and kid both ko each other and also Logan Paul gets exposed for using steroids in the Olympics...yet him and his brother got last place
Matt Attacks (19 days ago)
too early
Kieron W (21 days ago)
Freshers 2015 <3
Esta cancion usa Makiman131 en sus videos.:D
Walter Lossley (21 days ago)
Why are the migos here😂😂
No me gusta, y no entiendo a la gente que se la pasa pidiendo likes por algo que escriben. LIKE si piensas lo mismo
viejis 278 (23 days ago)
Esa cancion es La Que usa makiman like si conoses A makiman
Lukáš Durec (24 days ago)
Summer 2017 Zrce beach!!!
Jorge A. Sánchez L. (24 days ago)
Nnnnnnmnn n njji
FatherlandFinland (25 days ago)
I've liked this song for 3 years now.
Montserrat Lopez (25 days ago)
Xxjdawg92xX YT (25 days ago)
I'm here from the pine sole ads.
Sparkle Kitten :3 (25 days ago)
wow i thought this was made in 2018 i was wrong THIS IS AWESOME X3
Christian Stucchi (26 days ago)
Debbies Rune (26 days ago)
Anyone else come here cuz Dey heard this song on the cleaning ad?
sa ka (26 days ago)
This is such a generic song.
Riveradab xxx (26 days ago)
I came from Inana
kool kid (26 days ago)
I think im the only one coming from that ad Welp ok c:
Hicks Hicks (26 days ago)
This how you dance when you’re intoxicated
Cool The Man (26 days ago)
wat da fak
MarqTheInfinite (26 days ago)
One of the current YouTube unskippable ads brought me here.
"Cough" pinesol commertial anyone "cough"
Haden King (26 days ago)
How to be single brought me here
Cassian Lee (27 days ago)
Avoll (27 days ago)
Pine Sol dance commercial
Girux0 (27 days ago)
Anthony Rizzos walk up
Emilie Jerard (27 days ago)
Got here from that YouTube AD. Had to hear the whole SONG...
Blueberry Potato (27 days ago)
Omg this was uploaded on my birthday in 2015 And I never realized??? XD
Catimation Animations (27 days ago)
Pinesol anyone?
Andrea Sanchez-Moreno (27 days ago)
I came from the pine sol ad
than ngyuen (28 days ago)
he reminds me of that dude from the do-over
Felicia Marie (28 days ago)
still a banger
Catalina Catrilef (28 days ago)
Giuseppe Papapicco (28 days ago)
bella la canzone
Elizabeth Gremminger (28 days ago)
Pinsol brought me here. That's the power of Pinsol baby
The Fox 88 (29 days ago)
GIO GAM3R 27 (29 days ago)
natale loredana
Rangus (29 days ago)
Swear this video is like an ASOS Advert 😂
DaRealLexie (1 month ago)
Pine sol?
Barbie Girl (1 month ago)
i’m so mad i’m only just now finding this amazing song
ashley 8854 (29 days ago)
Barbie Girl samee
Artur Borowski (1 month ago)
Nice video clip, so much creative

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