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Terry Crews details alleged sexual assault by Hollywood talent agent

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"Back in February 2016, I was assaulted by Adam Venit," Crews told ABC News. "I did not know this man. I have never had a conversation with him, ever."
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PWHustle2 (1 hour ago)
this nigga is a bitch!! You touch my balls and im slapping the shit out of you
J Rich (8 hours ago)
Terry Crews big 6'5 260 lb ass allowed himself to be assaulted in front of his wife. Getting his manhood snatched and now playing the victim card is funny to me.
Zio War (8 hours ago)
Planet Earth assaulted by powerful Jews. Tell us something we DON'T know.
Caitlin MacQuaid (9 hours ago)
roach (13 hours ago)
weird. hollywood is weird. sexism. racism. dark sh**. it's like too weird to even believe. But you hear so much there's no way it's just... not happening.
Justin Johnson (18 hours ago)
Terry cruise be the homie that taught a lil man how to pinch penny’s Everybody haaaaates Chris
London Girl 3101 (20 hours ago)
I applaud this man for not being afraid of being called a pussy for denouncing the assault. The more we stand up against all forms of abuse, the more these kind of sick people will loose power
Done Write (21 hours ago)
But yet Terry parraded around in a wig and dress looking like a transsexual.
palatable johnson (1 day ago)
sup with the white face
TELEVISIBLE (1 day ago)
He is very Brave !
Sharon W. (1 day ago)
The problem of people in powerful positions abusing others is not about race or gender. The victims are both male and female. They are all ages, races and occupations. Their abusers hide their crimes behind their fame, positions of power or both. Now is the time to stop the abuse, whether it be someone as powerful as Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein or the creepy manager at the local fast food restaurant. Their victims now have a voice and are being heard. Most importantly they are being believed. I was molested as a child by two family members. I told no one for over twenty years. I had been married for over thirty years before I told my husband. My abusers were family and I still love them but their actions damaged me on so many levels. I finally told people close to me about my abuse so I could heal. It's been almost fifty years and I still feel broken. People fail to understand that sexual assault and rape is so much more devastating than being mugged or beaten. It causes lifelong damage on a cellular level. Unless you have been a victim of sexual molestation or rape you can not and will not understand why it sometimes takes decades to have the mental strength to come forward. Sexual assault should not be treated the same as physical assault and there should be no statue of limitations.
Shawn (1 day ago)
When this can happen to a guy like Terry just think of the number of women this has happened to (or worse) and saying “don’t you want to be in this movie”?
Here there (1 day ago)
Don't expect to see Terry Crews in any future films lol
Marcus White (1 day ago)
Mike fix that makeup
go gadget (1 day ago)
Do you expect ANYTHING fucking less from a zionist jooo, it is ingrained in their religion, non jews are fair game and much much more. Dont believe me?? Go read their TALMUD and then go figure.
Veronica Medina (2 days ago)
He’s attracted to Crews and got drunk and tried to act on it. Sicko! I bet there’s more victims, to ashamed to come out.
Shareef powers (2 days ago)
Imagine a guy walk up to you .......... Tongue out flicking Up & Down Grab your penis making weird sexual moans Never speaking or explaining why In a public area with your wife witnessing it Like wtf Terry crews beat his ass
MonoPod (2 days ago)
Should’ve close lined him terry common now
Heads Up (3 days ago)
black men lol Whats it got to do with colour
Sharah Yasharahla (3 days ago)
High level of hatred to do this in Terry's wife presence, they abuse their power with whites, therefore we should exspect worse.
Woodrow Wilson (3 days ago)
You are a strong man how did you let this happen.you wanted fame that bad.you gave it up.i can’t see any one rapping you.
The Joker (3 days ago)
Hi Terry you can hire me as your goon Point me out to the dude I'll roll up on home boy punch him in his face shoot him in his face chop off his dick put it in his mouth you won't have ever have to worry about him again that talent agent would be dead plain and simple I kill his f****** ass then send his head to his mama's house
Ali Baba Heru (3 days ago)
You mean to tell me an ex professional linebacker who felt disrespected let a smaller older white man grab his nuts twice ! Next topic ! This mfer full of shit.
saif Malik (3 days ago)
True abuse of power
Madonna Devine (3 days ago)
Dude I want to suck your dick so damn bad ever since I seen you in that white chicks movie oh my Lord I just wanted to put my mouth on your peace and just suck your cock all the way down to your balls I want you to fucking shove my fucking throat until I feel your come going down my throat
Hector Cuervos (3 days ago)
Who's crazy enough to fuck with Terry crews genitals lol
13 (4 days ago)
That’s how them faggots get down in the industry
FaceAche (4 days ago)
Who would dare to sexually assault him?😕 He could beat the shit out of anyone,he is fucking huge.....I guess the other guy was into bara😂😂😂
Kimba Chapman (4 days ago)
Who cares about career Micheal! God will provide he didn’t deserve that touching his body and making him feel like a piece of meat!!
Kimba Chapman (4 days ago)
So proud of him thank God he didn’t kill him
Shawn Williams (4 days ago)
MENTAL SICKNESS. ..IT'S A Taboo in our society
Shawn Williams (4 days ago)
Ppl need Jesus. ..Gay Hollywood. ... Full of adult molesters
Shawn Williams (4 days ago)
Damn..! The Devil is busy
Imraz Ali (4 days ago)
Its no bizarre to me Jews are notorious for being fags
LenNay (4 days ago)
hollywood is sick and dave chappelle was right when he went to africa
tracy caroline (4 days ago)
The things that has been done in such darkness, pulls up to the surface...Always to the light. Iive above the light.💥
Dr.Pickens Films (4 days ago)
Awww shit he wont live long u know how that shit go
mikael three (5 days ago)
too much coke Bennett?
Shang T sung (5 days ago)
TERRY!!!!!!!THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wally Jaik (5 days ago)
who does Strahan think he is
Baker1984 (5 days ago)
Thanks for telling your story..
Christine Crossland (5 days ago)
I'm so Proud of you for being a strong black man. I feel that none homosexual rights should should be protected too and i feel that gay people should stop using black lives matter march for their own personal protest.
Tee Jones (6 days ago)
Stop playing a gay jail house Guy. Or A naked old spice guy turning these whites on 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
TheChride (6 days ago)
Hollywood is nothing but sexual assaults, showing power etc. Hollywood is trying to find itself, well see what happens in the future
Cassandra Gilbert (6 days ago)
You should of just knocked him the fuck out. You had witnesses.
Koos Boshoff (6 days ago)
Disgusting, good move terry
Sae Kim (6 days ago)
Suspended and demoted... Really bro... Really?!... Hollywood is ridiculous.
mayapapaya77 (6 days ago)
Yep, this happens to women all the time. I'm so happy he spoke out.
Robert Gilmore (6 days ago)
Terry come on man your a badass ex NFL why didn't you kick his little pussy ass?
Bucktooth (7 days ago)
I'm glad to be a man in touch with his feminine side, not bent on protecting my hypermasculinity at all times. Like Terry, if someone assaulted me like this, I would SPEAK UP.
Absolute Zero (7 days ago)
Omg that’s so crazy , man those fucking Zionist bastards
ZENAIDO ROMAN (7 days ago)
When is this movie coming out ?
Selina Bobina (7 days ago)
Wow Terry! I've always loved his humor but now I love him even more.
Lucky Red (7 days ago)
What a bitch. You punch a homo for shit like that. It's self defence
Woodrow Wilson (8 days ago)
He is a grown man strong at that.i mean he let that happen to him.
King Stalker (8 days ago)
You people in the comment section are fucking pathetic.
bardos (8 days ago)
Love Terry Crewes
Leelee Roper (8 days ago)
I'm happy for Terry telling his story but not he will have a hard time getting work again! Smh
Andrea Mc. Callum (8 days ago)
Hollyw ood is the den of hell.
emperor536 (8 days ago)
Sexually assaulting a male (or anyone) in front of their spouse is very bold and belittling. Sadly Crews just as so many other celebs was concerned over his career and was forced to swallow his pride, something which eventually haunts them and break them down. Thats why the averge guy is so happy, because the average guy dont give a huck and would have sunk Adam Venit's face into the back of his head.
Kayla Casey (8 days ago)
Happens all the time to men but do people care? No, and that’s sad.
Niyah Sole Vevo (8 days ago)
Happened to me too😐.. a lot. I had to go through.
ItsLee (8 days ago)
I was molested by the same guy twice when i was 11. Im 31 and still get nightmares. I can still taste his lips on mine. fuck. I dont like watching this videos cuz it brings back bad memories! Im sorry that you went through that Terry and all other people. Women and men. No one has right to sexually attack somebody, its sick and disgusting.
Lauren Simon (9 days ago)
Omg. Wow. He is awesome for speaking out. More men should speak out.
Richard Henry (10 days ago)
He wasnt saying this when Money Mike walked into the party with that perm.
Avirup Das (10 days ago)
El secisor
fokus9000 (10 days ago)
What a pussy, all that muscle for wgat
anamuls and us (11 days ago)
I am so proud of these men and women for speaking up about this I just wish they would have done it sooner maybe just maybe this could have been dealt with sooner. Weinstein should be castrated and left for dead
Exquisite Mind (11 days ago)
I love him, and I feel so sorry for him
timothy jordan (11 days ago)
He not goin to lie bout nothing like that ForReal ForReal
S B (11 days ago)
They’re a good couple
Crazy Tempo (12 days ago)
I'm a muscle guy and I would've put the muscles on him real good#faggot
BE HONEST (12 days ago)
I would have socked that gay faggot right in is fuckin jaw. Who the fuck that guy thought he was? smh
Vlad Petrescu (12 days ago)
You are awesome, Terry!! Don't change!
claudine gray (12 days ago)
And this is what women go through all the time but zero support
Gwendolyn Yates (12 days ago)
thank you Terry Crews for speaking out on this disgusting situation. I know how you feel. I was sexually assault by a stranger woman. I went to go visit my brother at his apartment. When out of the blue this lady came up and unexpectedly grabbed my breast. I scream what the heck is a matter with you? I was so angry, that I was seeing red. I told her to keep your hands to yourself. my dad ran up to me and asked what wrong? I told him.it took a lot for me calm down, because I wanted to hurt her. I'm very proud to be a straight woman. I'm tired of lesbians women hitting on me. That's disgusting to me.normal Straight people doesn't want to be touched by the same sex. Don't push that kinda life style on us, it's sick and people need to get help living that way. if you don't like what I'm saying, keep your two cents to yourself. Everyone in the world is not gay or lesbians. I don't care how much they glamour it up in society. You have no right to molest people. When I was in the car with my dad, I wanted so bad to beat the living crap out of that bitch. Because of that situation, I can't and don't trust being around women anymore.the though of it makes my skin crawl and it reminds me of how sickening people are in life.
Brad Aaron (12 days ago)
Violence is one thing, that creepy dude definitely earned himself a scolding as well as a few firm pokes to the forehead.
Dr. K (12 days ago)
Says the self proclaimed porn addict
Dank Dank (10 days ago)
Dr. K You're an idiot
Hello Its me (12 days ago)
Very true dont imasulate a man
Hello Its me (12 days ago)
That poor guy he should fight for Justice
Hello Its me (12 days ago)
Please man,no hes a awesome character,man.. Id hate to be famous it brings so much venom
pill author (13 days ago)
Think about all then men npt brave enough to come out...lol
Kayer713 (13 days ago)
Men in power always abuse people. I don't know why idiots in the comments are acting like it's just Hollywood.
CUM2america (14 days ago)
Why do I get the feeling this is about something more then some drunk gay dude touching his nuts. I liked him in white chicks, but I smell power and money close to this story...
LanyahzTruth29 (15 days ago)
Another level of Hollywood Satanic rituals sought out after men of color especially, to demoralize them and to gain control, thanks Terry Crews for being open about the truth! 🙏🏽💔🌷
Dee J. (15 days ago)
Terry was on a bad cruise that day
Gabi Maza (15 days ago)
Why is this the first time I hear about this? Why didn’t this get more media attention?!
Brock T (13 days ago)
Gabi Maza because the media only cares when it is a woman.
Evermont King (16 days ago)
I would have just busted his nose and kept partying
mudpie Njune (16 days ago)
Terry Crews is awesome
KoolHandDuke (16 days ago)
I guess flexing his pecks on those commercials was making more than women swoon. If Crews is 6'3" 240lbs of muscles and was assaulted. Poor Adam Sandler. Somewhat explains his crappy movies.
Micheal Myers (17 days ago)
Them people are predators.
Micheal Myers (17 days ago)
Hollywood is the demons playground. i'm disgusted
i respect this man alot
Vicente Estrada (18 days ago)
YAHUAH BE With Terry.
joseph guidry (18 days ago)
Those rich hollywood Executives are infested with demons!! I would have clocked him and gladly worked at McDonalds with pride!!! LOL
philip joseph (19 days ago)
What a fag
Fernando Zapot (19 days ago)
Wow. If this happen to him this way. Just imagine what woman have to put up with these type of men. Fucking sick ppl man. That's fuckeeeed up. This guy was lucky he was able to control himself and not send this guy to the grave. U can tell he is being real.
kickinrocks 25 (20 days ago)
Where was all the coverage on this last year? Seeing this for the first time now after coming across ot by accident. Wow. Good for you Terry Crews! I imagine it takes enormous stength to come forward with this and especially as a large, straight and naturally macho man. Again, good for you. He did deserve a huge ass beating though, but it would definately complicate things later on down the line later when presising charges so...kind of have to weigh out your options there, lol. You're wife did you well though. Yes. You took the high road. Hope you've been well compensated for it. You deserve it.
Lowell Spears (20 days ago)
lets hope they dont clone terry and throw away the key
Terry Crews is very brave for stepping forward to what is right and not keeping Silent, not caring about what the world says but he knows and you can tell he's telling the truth of what has happened to him..our black men is being attacked in Hollywood our black people is targeted by The evil Cult of Hollywood.. the devil is truly after God's people the 12 tribes of Israel Hebrew Israelites Hollywood tried to make the black people rich and famous for their souls and try to turn the black men into feminine faggets black men stay strong and obey the Ten Commandments obey the Lord God Almighty because our black men are leaders they are Kings... the white man sees how strong they are and is afraid that the BLACK MEN can change the world if they stay strong and lead the families..these white devils feel like if our black men become gay feminine faggets they won't lead they won't have a desire to make the future of their family strong.. wake up black men you are Hebrew king study and return unto God almighty he is gathering the 12 tribes of Israel as we speak

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