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Start or run a Daycare | 3 Things Stopping your From Expanding

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Expanding your daycare business is a project and requires a lot of work and time! I talked to Owners of home daycare businesses and those who own centers and one of the things they struggle with and ask me about is "Ashley, how do I expand?" Well, there are many answers to this question, but in today's video (which is a replay of my Facebook Live I did this week) I talk to you and share with you 3 Things that are holding you back if you are struggling with expanding your daycare business! I think this will really help shine some light and give you some clarity on what your issues could be! Enjoy!! Virtual Goodie Bag (Links Mentioned in Video): 👉To Get on the Waitlist, and let us know you are interested in the How to Get Started Academy Click here: http://getstartedwaitlist.childcaresuccesstools.com/ 👉 If you need help understanding what Childcare Business Automation is, then click here to get 7 days free inside of my Automation Academy: http://childcareautomationfreetrial.childcaresuccesstools.com/ 👉 Join my Private Facebook Community here: http://eepurl.com/c-2wef
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