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(18 May 1978) Rhodesian troops tracking guerrillas and disarming land mines in Rhodesia's increasingly violent civil guerrilla war. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/fc3a767f2cf2f6353ec22ac7ac822e99 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Text Comments (37)
Lem Weazma (16 days ago)
The best thing for Africa is visionary leadership and respect of the rule of law.
Peedinkus (1 month ago)
Every African nation was better off when the humans were in charge.
Rico Lek (3 months ago)
Those FNs look so beautiful
frogsgottalent (4 months ago)
Research theCOUDENHOVE - KALERGIplan . The same mafia are screwing Europe, Australia, USA, Canada.... Also theOdedYinon Plan. That's why they are using our money and blood to carve up the Middle East. The same parasites are still in Africa milking the wealth out of the continent . SOLARGENERAL. ORG , HOLODOMORINFO. COM
Rewardingname48 (4 months ago)
Rhodesia was much better off under rhodesian rule
Don Olypopper (11 days ago)
Rewardingname48 yep
Lee Miller (14 days ago)
Zen Madster they've always been unstable.
Drillary Clinton (3 months ago)
Serbian War Criminal đesi srbine, ti mene naj vjerovatnije mrziš zato što sam "poturica" ali barem kod ovih afrički konflikta možemo navijati za istu stranu.
Serbian War Criminal (4 months ago)
"I'm sorry, but just look at every country that has been colonized and you'll see the native population in poverty or almost completely wiped out." White South African's built South Africa and around 80% of white voters voted to end apartheid. That's how you debunk every comment you made on this post in one sentence, you're welcome.
Rewardingname48 (4 months ago)
Zen Madster nobody is anywhere unless there is something for them and the same thing happened in India and look at them Africans just have no idea how to run a country and most go and try to force white farmers off there land which then leads to inexperienced workers owning land they have no idea how to use and when they start to fail they blame White people just admit it they have no idea how to run there country just look at the former rhodesia now the commie leader just had a coup a sign of bad leadership south Africa Is running low on water due to bad infrastructure now tell me how we destroyed Africa we gave you everything and you ruined it
BrianP 556 (6 months ago)
Good fucking soldiers
Gorro Kasali (7 months ago)
No we will rule ourselves thank you very much. Things are defiantly not perfect but are getting better by the years, it takes sometime to recover from all the resources you stole! But that's the past so you stay your white asses where u belong in Europe and we will deal with our OWN problems! You uppidy Cunt!
Harris Wilkens (4 days ago)
Gorro Kasali stop asking for humanitarian aid then.
James Mosley (8 days ago)
Nope things are getting better for those in charge. Makes me laugh how blind people are to how much wealth your previous leader stole from you, yet Europeans are the problem. God some people are in denial
Luke ross (6 months ago)
Fine by me mate, but tell that to all your brothers pouring into Europe as we speak pretending to be 'Refugee's' to take advantage of our generous welfare system that the've never contributed to, nor will they ever.
Dave R (1 year ago)
Where is the other parts?
1jackhb (1 year ago)
the black baboons never knew how well they had under white rule...same now in South Africa
Oswell Chitsa Makuvaza (11 days ago)
1jackhb , that is why you are using fake identity. Baboons apparently are white. Shave the hair and see the colour of their skin. Idiots.
Lem Weazma (16 days ago)
Your judgment is poor!
Captain_swaggin (1 month ago)
Zen Madster true that
Shotgun Mongol (4 months ago)
1jackhb You do realize that most of the Rhodesian military was black, right? This was not a war of black versus white, it was a war of Communism versus Capitalism.
Zen Madster (4 months ago)
If you considered me a baboon, then I would have risked my life too in order to kick your bigot ass out of my country. I'd rather die than be second class citizen on my own land.
Matt allen (2 years ago)
I hope they got the bastard

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