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World Record Soda Mentos Geyser

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SUBSCRIBE!: http://bit.ly/1G97GmA SHARE THIS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/82BiZ1NFYhM We BROKE the WORLD RECORD for the Largest Soda Mentos Geyser!!!!! We could not have done this without the help of the LACI (Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator). They are currently running an IndieGoGo to sell memberships. If you are in the LA area or would like to sponsor a membership please go to this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/what-will-you-make-today-design--2#/ Mentos on the surface look very smooth however at microscopic level they tons of mini little crevasses (like peaks and valleys) and its in these little areas that are know as nucleation sites. They trap little tiny pockets of air, and when the dissolved CO2 hits these nucleation sites it forms a bubble. The bubbles grow with additional C02 dissolving into them until they are buoyant enough to rise to the top of the container. If we add enough Mentos, we will get A LOT of CO2 bubbles forming, so many in fact that it will turn to what we call a foam fountain. AND if we have a system that creates pressure of this foam we can direct it and send it easily over 5 meters or roughly 16 feet. And that’s exactly what we did! Here are the specs for how we broke the record. -About 20 L of soda (Diet Coke… research on the internet suggests this is the best due to high C02 levels and the aspartame working as a surfactant, weakening surface tension and allowing the fizz to break free faster) -9 packs of Mentos -Carbonating the soda with cold soda to get as much CO2 dissolved as possible -Used a poly carbonate 5 gallon water jug -Created a Mentos dropping devise with a 3D printer to easily drop Mentos, redirect the soda stream, and maximize pressure. Follow Nickipedia Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nickuhas Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/nickuhas Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/uhasbrand Production Team: Producer: Nick Uhas Editor/Cam 2: Griffin Louis DP: Sam Mosco Sources: http://askville.amazon.com/temperature-water-hold-carbon-dioxide/AnswerViewer.do?requestId=1674443 http://www.livescience.com/32461-why-do-soft-drinks-go-flat.html http://www.wiley.com/college/chem/brady184764/resources/ch10/think_ans10.12.html http://soda-dispensers.com/tdever/p5.html http://hypertextbook.com/facts/2000/SeemaMeraj.shtml http://www.truetex.com/carbonation.htm http://www.eepybird.com/featured-video/coke-and-mentos-featured-video/science-of-coke-mentos/
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Text Comments (203)
Jayden Kots (18 days ago)
Station master 13 (18 days ago)
Get guiness to see the vid and confirm it
OWEN ISEPIC2004 (1 month ago)
Jackson Reid (2 months ago)
i thought it was a condom on the videos picture and that just made the intro way better
FBI some dud (2 months ago)
ur not thug
MrDude6996 (2 months ago)
Hummmm you got a dildo geyser
Quality Content (2 months ago)
Is it just me or does the invention thing look like a dick
Lucas Broomfield (2 months ago)
Michelle Dorsey (2 months ago)
Someone had to pee in the intro
ozi c (5 months ago)
OfficialAlphaWolph (6 months ago)
this video makes me want to quit life
quqquqqqu (7 months ago)
soo, idk where did you guys get the 15 feet world record, but mythbusters did it 8 years before you guys and get 34 feet.
quqquqqqu (7 months ago)
and they world record they previously broke was 18 feet.
quqquqqqu (7 months ago)
around 27:00 mins
quqquqqqu (7 months ago)
true, but adam also used single bottle of diet coke and mentos with 23 feet before the salt.
Nick Uhas (7 months ago)
They got that estimated figure but using rock salt, we stuck strictly to Mentos.
quqquqqqu (7 months ago)
Sorry, i mean 10 years
Owen Gaming (8 months ago)
Don’t act like you’re child friendly you curse
Uzee E (10 months ago)
what I think?? people need tht coke in africa.😡 am kidding people in africa dnt drink coke,😛 am kidding they you.😔 whatever man.....Nice video a
Fecalflinger29 Ross (10 months ago)
Nick should have a word record for being the coolest guy on earth
ArchaicRBLX (10 months ago)
The sperm turned to coke...
Cephalopod_387 (11 months ago)
It looks like a pee pee
Jorge Aguilar (11 months ago)
What if nick tries to set water on fire but using flamable objects as well
Turtles Derp (11 months ago)
Hehe there's a dirty joke around 1:35
johnathan talbott (1 year ago)
You would think that the record would require the 2 litter bottle.....
Melanie Morris (1 year ago)
Omg that was AWESOME! He is awesome!
congrets nick for a new record ....i love ur channel.........u r my inspiration.....its my dream to talk you once in my life.....
Nick Nick Nick!!!! Nick is the best mad scientist ever!!!!! Whoooh
Akshata Ashok (1 year ago)
Nick your brilliant! I hope you can be in the GWR!
snowball molesky (1 year ago)
😂such a nerd... oh wait... i act like that...😒😥
james brent (1 year ago)
no you did not it on a box
The Super Monkey (1 year ago)
Swag Bro! Congrats for the World Record! Wait , is there a new record for this made by someone?
Katie Cockerham (1 year ago)
good job
Spicy Orange816 (1 year ago)
why are I so gay
a mess (1 year ago)
After you succeeded you genuinely sounded like a mad scientist
Jolie Reeves (1 year ago)
Lol it look like a dick
ThatsMaKoii (1 year ago)
are you now holding the new world record?? you are awesome!!
RageLightning 77 (1 year ago)
hahhaaha the rocket on the top of the coke looks like a penis
Tyler Long (1 year ago)
World record
The Reviewer (1 year ago)
3:49 when you go to the bathroom after two hours of holding your pee
Eric Loeffler (1 year ago)
0:14 finna nut
Diego Fuentes (1 year ago)
that was amazing
Towhida Rahman Khan (1 year ago)
Does a bomb have mentos and coak in it?
peridot-gem Y (1 year ago)
I got bigger
QuantumQuarkee (1 year ago)
So when did you get the diploma of Guinness World Record?
Galidon (1 year ago)
ZorroVulpes (1 year ago)
wen u nut but she stil succ
GiantGroundWhale (1 year ago)
Why do I not see any comments
Danny Teh_Dinoo (1 year ago)
3:40 your welcome
Aloysius Goo (1 year ago)
Was that... a penis fountain?
Roman Ambrose (1 year ago)
Did Guiness Book Of World Records mark it?
Robert Smith (1 year ago)
did you see that Mythbusters episode?
Evan Vincent (1 year ago)
they're are way too many comments about the geyser looking like a penis. I'm not saying I'm surprised
Mj Shorty (1 year ago)
Awesome dude !
Ahmed Ridha (1 year ago)
why do I feel like Nick is the Tobuscus of science LMFAO
kittens572 (1 year ago)
were you contacted by guiness world records?
Once upon a time (1 year ago)
You could have donated the diet soda to homeless.
Jacob Agurto (1 year ago)
First time I watched this channel and I already subbed
Tony Shingleton (1 year ago)
That was BadAss
Greninja Boy (1 year ago)
Wow but is there now a new record
Simoon2704 (1 year ago)
ah well those places seem great too☺
peglegconspiracy (1 year ago)
Do you have a boxer, Nick? that dog @1:33+ looks like one.
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
that's actually my friend Camilo's dog, he helped us put this whole thing together on the tech side of things
Mortem Zequax (1 year ago)
how high did it go
Broken Tuber (1 year ago)
Mortem Zequax it's like 6 meters
Mortem Zequax (1 year ago)
and how high is that in meters
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
the peak of the roof was 20ft, so we estimate 25 feet with the apple box underneath
That_Guy_Rylan (1 year ago)
Arggggggggg! I made the same thing and it went higher!!!! I COULD OF HAD A HIGH SCORE!!!!!!
Kicup (1 year ago)
*sniff* *sniff* I smell an underrated channel!
Kicup (1 year ago)
Your welcome!
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
much much appreciate!
Thea Eskey (1 year ago)
congrats on breaking the record dude!
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
thank you!!! already planning on going bigger!!!
i loved it like it was not 15 25 its cool
Mr. Mokhtar (1 year ago)
?is this a viagra commercial
Mr. Mokhtar (1 year ago)
no i would not do any better ^^
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
would make a great branded content video
ironmanhulkbstr (1 year ago)
3:45 me when i fap
Maria Rocco (1 month ago)
Quality Content (2 months ago)
Same brother
Brede.lysvold (1 year ago)
the hulkbuster Nice👌 😂
Gabriel (1 year ago)
Car SOS Or Megacar megabuild Or How its called, filled a GIANT container with a lot of cola and mentos... IT. WAS. EPIC!!!!! Much higher Than this.
MilLinnial (1 year ago)
Great... a dick geyser... The more you know...
kalinTV (1 year ago)
yeyson abila (1 year ago)
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
Stephanie Falcon (1 year ago)
AWESOME! We attempted to do this on a much smaller scale for my 7 yr old who LOVES science and failed miserably on the first, second and third attempts.😢 Finally, on the fourth it worked and she was thrilled!😊 Which only encouraged her to want to do more experiments. So her older brother 23 and sister 20 decided to show her the vinegar and baking soda trick. She loved that one also but, once again she wanted more! Unfortunately, we were all out of everything and we had to put an end to her day of science experiments.😣 However, your channel gives her and I new ideas all the time, so thank you for your time and love of science!!!!
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
that's amazing!!!! Check out the "experiment" playlist on this channel... full of tons of practical science ideas!
clhatcher1 (1 year ago)
Stephanie Falcon do elephant toothpaste it's easy and more advanced
Name The Game Gamer (1 year ago)
Hannah Ciaran (1 year ago)
Just subscribed... this channel is so beautiful 😂💕
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
much much appreciated : )
thuggishnormal Gaming (1 year ago)
why is it shaped like a peins
thuggishnormal Gaming (1 year ago)
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
honestly.. all we did was 3D print a smaller version of a kids soda mentos geyser toy that already exists... and that's what we got LOLZ
Jade Halwick (1 year ago)
Science rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jade Halwick (1 year ago)
My plan worked perfectly, then.
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
when I read that I hear Bill Nye's voice!
panda&hearts (1 year ago)
Nick Uhas, you have single handedly distracted me, for 3 hours, from studying for my Board of Certification exam to become a Medical Lab Technician, and I'm not even mad, you make science even more enjoyable (didn't think that was possible). keep it up:)
panda&hearts (1 year ago)
Nick Uhas thanks! :) I hope to become a Medical Scientist in a little over a year. I don't believe I'll be allowed to expirament in a clinical setting 😛 so that makes your videos that much more enjoyable.
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
this is so awesome! 1) I super appreciate it 2) its music to my science ears to hear that 3) good luck on your exam!
Javen Watson (1 year ago)
super cool video
Elblazo 11 (1 year ago)
look in the description and look who held the camera
Unstable HD (1 year ago)
Nick looks like such a fun person lol.
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
it's bc I love cookies : )
Vivien Ho (1 year ago)
His reaction is the most adorable thing ever LMAO
Johnson (2 months ago)
Vivien Ho your a ho
Roman Ambrose (1 year ago)
The two dislikes from the past record holder and the person who has to rewrite the record
quqquqqqu (7 months ago)
well don't want to be an ass but mythbuster did 34 feet with one bottle 8 years before you guys.
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
LOL!!! good call ; )
Roman Ambrose (1 year ago)
Hey Nick Uhas, can you do a video of you lying down in Oobleck and trying to get out
Roscoe Boscoe (1 year ago)
Roman Ambrose why was it shaped like a penis
Roman Ambrose (1 year ago)
Evan Vincent he ran in it but he didn't lay down in it
Evan Vincent (1 year ago)
Roman Ambrose he did that with shayne topp
Roman Ambrose (1 year ago)
Nick Uhas maybe try using that "Deep Voice Gas Sulfur Hexafluoride" but you know, your choice
Michael Sobol (1 year ago)
Very nicely done Nick!
Ashtonz652 (1 year ago)
And that's where you came from
Arcana-Bella Smith (1 year ago)
Justin George (1 year ago)
i saw u on smosh lab so i decided to watch your videos. NEW TO YOUR CHANNEL!!!YOU GOT A NEW SUB!!!!
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
thank you on both fronts! The smosh crew is awesome!
jz_ (1 year ago)
Thats a dill dough
Jonathan Scott (1 year ago)
Great experiment, but now I want some Mento's! Though, I think you used the mint flavored ones. My favorite is strawberry.
Jonathan Scott (1 year ago)
Nick Uhas oh wow! I never noticed the difference. Cool! Gonna go buy my wax covered berry Mento's now. lol
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
ahhh yes, the berry flavored ones are much much better... however they have a wax coating and don't make the experiment work as well!
Joseph Chamoun (1 year ago)
Simoon2704 (1 year ago)
Come to the Netherlands and be my science teacher
Upbeat_Garbage 030 (1 year ago)
Nick Uhas you should soo Come to Melbourne Australia as well and do a science experiment tour thingy
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
I will be in London, Berlin, Prague, and Budapest this winter break!
Steven Rodriguez (1 year ago)
That's so awesome! :D
poptart dinosaur (1 year ago)
love your vids nick you are a true inspiration
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
thank you so much!!!
Jakaan 20 (1 year ago)
that one dislike was the previous record holder!! lmao
Super Bro Chris. (1 year ago)
MythBusters got it up to 30 feet
+poptart dinosaur yeah, what they said
Buck Shot (1 year ago)
Its in one of their episodes and its all recorded so yes, they did.Not to mention they did it with a normal bottle and not some big beefy 5 gallon jug.
poptart dinosaur (1 year ago)
Destiny_Is_ My_Chemical_Romance I doubt it
ItchyIte (1 year ago)
I feel like he deserves more subscribers and views.
Unstable HD (1 year ago)
Yeah me too
Natasha Krieger (1 year ago)
Loll one dislike wow
Derry M (1 year ago)
Nick you are truely a mad scientist!👍
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
yyyeeeaaassss (laughs hysterically with lab coat and goggles on)
Beasty boy (1 year ago)
Amazing good job are you in the guineas book of world records
we need to bring this up to Genius book of world records and say look this guy nick from Nikipedia broke the world record for the largest soda Mentos geyser you have to put him in
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
yes yes and yes!!! I'm all for this!
Nev 1623 (1 year ago)
You told me I would like it when I commented on your last will it blow (hopefully you remember) and I loved it! Keep it up man!
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
yea!!!! when you asked that question we had legit just made this video!!!
Nev 1623 (1 year ago)
Oh, and great explanation I could not have said it better
Adrian (1 year ago)
that was really cool to break the record!! love the nickepedia videos!
Nick Uhas (1 year ago)
yyyyeeeeaaa thank you so much!!!! : )
Kara P (1 year ago)
awesome job!

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