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Video shows staff slapped and made to crawl during meeting - TomoNews

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HUBEI, CHINA — A video clip has hit the Chinese internet showing six male employees in central China standing in a line and being slapped in the face by their female manager. Subscribe to TomoNews ►►http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-TomoNews Watch more TomoNews ►►http://bit.ly/MoreTomoNews TomoNews is your best source for real news. We cover the funniest, craziest and most talked-about stories on the internet. If you’re laughing, we’re laughing. If you’re outraged, we’re outraged. We tell it like it is. And because we can animate stories, TomoNews brings you news like you’ve never seen before. Top TomoNews Stories - The most popular videos on TomoNews! http://bit.ly/Top_TomoNews_Stories You Idiot! - People doing stupid things http://bit.ly/You-Idiot Recent Uploads - The latest stories brought to you by TomoNews http://bit.ly/Latest-TomoNews Ultimate TomoNews Compilations - Can't get enough of TomoNews? This playlist is for you! New videos every day http://bit.ly/Ulitmate_TomoNews_Compilations Thanks for watching TomoNews! Like TomoNews on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TomoNewsUS Follow us on Twitter: @tomonewsus http://www.twitter.com/TomoNewsUS Follow us on Instagram: @tomonewsus http://instagram.com/tomonewsus Visit our website for all the latest videos: http://us.tomonews.com Check out our Android app: http://bit.ly/1rddhCj Check out our iOS app: http://bit.ly/1gO3z1f Get top stories delivered to your inbox every day: http://bit.ly/tomo-newsletter
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Text Comments (83)
Emmanuel Moore (3 days ago)
only in china
Imagine if the genders were reversed
playgame rig (5 days ago)
Plot twist: Chinese female manager slap pervert male co worker.
gianluca vezzoli (8 days ago)
Ali Ahmad (9 days ago)
Human Centipede 😂😂
schindlerteejay94 (9 days ago)
there is one word for this... RACIST!
Proto Zer0 (9 days ago)
But, what if...I were to purchase inflatable penguins and disguise them as the real things? Hohohoho, delightfully devilish Seymour.
J K (9 days ago)
snaker gaming (9 days ago)
This is what happens to staff in china if they flip their manager off
baser423 (9 days ago)
Dumb dog eaters. You nips need to learn how to be civilized people.
I hate China😂😁😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lyla Bonita (9 days ago)
A Dude needs 100,000 subs without video? Lol me too there very strict
The Person (9 days ago)
at least its better then getting fired.
Lisa R (9 days ago)
Tiger Manager
Crown Admirer (9 days ago)
China, the way the world should be
Apothus (9 days ago)
Their just toughening them up that’s all.....and the crawling is just a team exercise
S.P. 4449 (9 days ago)
Apothus This is sarcasm, right?
thai lam (9 days ago)
China polluttion world
Fat Panda (9 days ago)
If tomo can just stop using old news
Fat Panda (9 days ago)
I don’t really see what’s wrong
Soft Killer (9 days ago)
kiki the king (9 days ago)
there all morons
Daniel O (9 days ago)
Ok then saying ‘we’re not worthy’ at the start was kinda racist. Anyone else get that?
Familiar Neko (9 days ago)
so it's a woman slapping the s*** out of specific heat only men so does that make her a feminist LoL
Lime (9 days ago)
Obviously, being berated and humiliated like animals. I hate chinese and china for this. I am chinese too.
Tinymonster93 (9 days ago)
I want to throw rocks at whoever decides it's okay to do that to an animal. Let them have a taste of their own actions
Proto Zer0 (9 days ago)
Time for some good ol' Danganronpa execution.
John Cats (9 days ago)
Aidan Penaherrera (9 days ago)
What’s the problem rocks or people
Galaxy News Radio (9 days ago)
China...I'm not surprised
Jeremy Parsons (9 days ago)
Oooh that nothing. And that's normal for china.
Rocket Power (9 days ago)
I'd love to go through the motions with my coworkers every now and then.
Retardi B (10 days ago)
I see nothing wrong of those guys wanting to be slapped by their manager
Quinton Brumley (9 days ago)
Retardi B Mmmmm‼️
David Guerra (10 days ago)
The last one was funny 😅👍👍
nitz vision (10 days ago)
Casual cfnm 😂😂
What happens if u enjoy being slapped in the face by a female 🤔
Proto Zer0 (9 days ago)
In Persona 5, there's no doubt Shadow Manager would be a dominatrix in her Palace.
Thanos (10 days ago)
*sigh* China nowadays
apdroid geek (9 days ago)
its better than firing people i honestly would love to accept that punishment than seeing my job goes away.... finding a job at china is extremely hard
Jessie Thomas (9 days ago)
Rafithesky X chinese version of bootcamp
(10 days ago)
Good, teach them some manners
David Guerra (10 days ago)
😞dammit..I'm never first
David Guerra (9 days ago)
kiki the king yea,there's always a next time,huh?☺
kiki the king (9 days ago)
David Guerra beter luck next time
David Guerra (10 days ago)
Retardi B thank you my friend,I'll be more quick on the draw😊
Retardi B (10 days ago)
David Guerra Don't worry David there's always next time
Chara Dreemurr (10 days ago)
Basketball For Life (10 days ago)
It is not easy to work outside in an environment that you are not familiar with.
nothing 182 (10 days ago)
First comments
DatSwagMaster (10 days ago)
Regular Tomatoes (9 days ago)
DatSwagMaster nobody cares
(10 days ago)
DatSwagMaster you're 3rd
Anti- Cosmo (10 days ago)
Regular Tomatoes (9 days ago)
Anti- Cosmo nobody cares
I'м Dave (9 days ago)
Anti- Cosmo second TBH
Geometry Aviation (10 days ago)
Regular Tomatoes (9 days ago)
Geometry Aviation nobody cares
I'м Dave (9 days ago)
Anti- Cosmo you're not the 1st. You're the 2nd
ZHANG (9 days ago)
Anti- Cosmo Newest first shows you have the #2 comment
Anti- Cosmo (10 days ago)
haha LOL haha i did it abd it showded i was first
haha LOL haha (10 days ago)
Anti- Cosmo Putting the comments in order it clearly shows yours is second.

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