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Blue Hair Dye Shampoo Prank - Brother Turns into a Smurf? - GONE WRONG!

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Text Comments (525)
Estela Cruz (8 days ago)
# brotherv brother
Blake Lenton (1 month ago)
So Bailey is ginger?
PyroxX PyroxX (1 month ago)
how long is his dick?
Matthew Smith (1 month ago)
Brother v brother get a broken screen protector and put it on baileys phone and say u broke it
Poppy Banks (1 month ago)
Nooo he looks ginger :D
Kristi Burgess (1 month ago)
All my friends have their hair dyed different colors and when ever I see the. I'm like wassup Skittles!!
QuIgYx (1 month ago)
Brook you homo stop posting videos of a 12 year old showering...ill come and take that ass prison style if you wanna be such a molesting fag
Sausage (1 month ago)
He saw blue and though his head slit open? 😂 he needs school!
Lauren Ralph (1 month ago)
everyones a pop star in the shower
Anthony McNally (2 months ago)
Swaggy hair bruh
The Eclipse (4 months ago)
Is it just me who thinks his hair looks badass when it’s blue
manav 12 (5 months ago)
#Brothervbrother is crazy
Dion Langdon (5 months ago)
#brothervbrother go in brook's room and go on his laptop and write pornhub and when he gets home take the laptop to yo're dad and make him get in trouble and start jerking of a video when bailey and brook start jerking inside each other
Henry Roberts (5 months ago)
Does anyone else think he looks like Christan lalma now when his hair is blond
Anna M (5 months ago)
Lol when shape of you started playing
Frozen Cucumber (5 months ago)
Why is this kid such a cry baby
Akainu Sakazuki (1 month ago)
Frozen Cucumber anger issue's Brooke too
The crazy cousins! (6 months ago)
Unlike rug.. It looks good on you
Lanesa Ally (7 months ago)
Your copying the Martinez Twins be saying “letz do it” b/c Martinez Twins say it just like that also and it’s like “there thing”
Chris Porter (7 months ago)
You make the best videos every one subscribe to this channel #brother v brother
maxx jones (7 months ago)
He is cute
NodoSmall (8 months ago)
Suits him pretty well
Alexis Jeffrey (8 months ago)
Lol I love bailey's singing!!
Kaitlin/TFM (8 months ago)
Your so dumb
Natasha Doyle (9 months ago)
Lol he was singing in the shower 😂😂
Hugs_and_ kisses (9 months ago)
savage ahahah!!!😂😂
Sarah Bryant (9 months ago)
Please do not swear because little people might be watching your videos
ThoMooseTM (9 months ago)
Donald trump lmao
Daniel Gamer (9 months ago)
#brothervbrother make bailey think you got killed by a clown and scare him
Anagen LeBle (9 months ago)
Brothervbrother dye Brookes hair magenta
Jazzy Boy (10 months ago)
oi you call that blond wtf dude thats GINGER
Daniel Freestyle (10 months ago)
He's ugly now
Robbie Clipperton (10 months ago)
I could never be naked next to my brother.
Steve Candelario (1 month ago)
Robbie Clipperton grow up...
rody essam (10 months ago)
the blue hair actually looked way better than the blonde
Leah Fadel (10 months ago)
i like his hair like before but it still looks pree good
Stephannie Vlogs (10 months ago)
He looks cute but he was cuter with the blue
THE SAVAGE KILLER (10 months ago)
Pretend to jump off a tall build and one of your friends quickly throw a maniquine so it can look like you jumped off the building and cover your self in blood. Anyone else agree.
The Homie 360 (10 months ago)
lol your brother is singing shape of you
Michael Spence (10 months ago)
Bailey you're such a freaking whiner go change your pad
Jesse Quiroz (10 months ago)
Scarzy (10 months ago)
Who is watching while the ghost stuff is happening
Zack Holmes (10 months ago)
It says blue in the title but his comes out blonde can someone please explain
Wari (10 months ago)
#brotherVbrother pretend to have sex and let ur brother walk in
Brayla Carter (10 months ago)
Freedom Forever (11 months ago)
Brooke I like that song in the outro in that video and comment me back to tell me that song.
Mr.MookThe 313 (11 months ago)
That basic fuck hair
Mr.MookThe 313 (11 months ago)
Wtf he thinks he's a fucking singer yas yeee
Shaun Mcguigan (11 months ago)
2:01 😂😂😂😂😂
JustKateBro ! (11 months ago)
JJ ss (11 months ago)
#brothervbrother dye Brookes hair orange
JJ ss (11 months ago)
Futuristic Stream (11 months ago)
This is a good prank that you blinding your brother's hair whit blue you should keep all of his hair blue that is gana looking good byetheway and all Sowe I Wana see your brother had some owsome blue hair.😊😊.. byetheway I'm your new subscriber and I like your video just keep doing I wanna see more like that😄😄
Chad D. (11 months ago)
What's the song
gentlejake605 (11 months ago)
Brother v brother bubble wrap his room
Macaroni and Cheese (11 months ago)
11-yr-old eats 14 hot sauces, Ghost pepper
Valentina Queen (11 months ago)
I miss the old Bailey ...... I really hope he gets well soon 😭😭😭
Inger _x (11 months ago)
The blue was prettier ;-;
jizzy vagges (11 months ago)
bailey is so adorble <3
Clutch 0 (11 months ago)
#brothervbrother pretend to have you and your parents be hostage when bailey comes home and tries to save you
James Considine (11 months ago)
#brothervbrother super glue a dildo to baileys head
just me (11 months ago)
i can't believe he got possessed though really sorry
Johnny Gonzalez (11 months ago)
#brothervbrother you got some one pragenet
FOOTBALL FLICKERZ (11 months ago)
school on the 6th of july
Dylan Westcott (11 months ago)
#BrotherVBrother Diy on brothers toothbrush
Mara Worthington (11 months ago)
Him singing😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tom K (11 months ago)
#brothervbrother just ignore bailey until he's really pissed
Connor Evans (11 months ago)
#brothervbrother pretend to get possesed
Munthir Idris (11 months ago)
What the song called
okx._.tyler (11 months ago)
Tbh i expected to see him start jerking off
Anonymous (11 months ago)
Sadly your brother is skinny as hell even tho he is 15~ , can he even lift
kyle huntertv (11 months ago)
who else wanted to see all of brooke
kyle huntertv (11 months ago)
eww cringy montage
_.asapflxcko._ uo (11 months ago)
That's how u know u washed ur hair right XD
YoungboyWakazadi TheKing (11 months ago)
#Brothervbrother do a dead prank on your brother
Itz Zadopotato (11 months ago)
Look so good bro
Jaii Raph (11 months ago)
Haha "an aprentice is someone that cld fk up ur hair, but probs not"
Jaii Raph (11 months ago)
Well, he didnt go blind.
John Z. (11 months ago)
I want blue hair!!!!!
mayhamp 16 (11 months ago)
wow u saw bails dick
Pascoe_ Productions (11 months ago)
So crimge
Lizzy 666 (11 months ago)
Eliza Grander (11 months ago)
#BrothervBrother Brooke try to prank Bailey that you're having sex with girl in his bedroom 😂🔥
Alexadorbs (11 months ago)
We all thought his hair was going to be blue
Hayder Abbasi (11 months ago)
Song at the end
ethangray dolan (1 year ago)
the big brother is hella hot what is his name????
ethangray dolan (11 months ago)
feel the rain on your dick nigga shut up who TF are u?
That Rabbid Nerd (1 year ago)
next prank.....fix Bailey's congested nose.
djmixnmagic (1 year ago)
Should've kept the blue! It didn't look half bad on him. 👍
Jayden Aguirre (1 year ago)
#brotherVbrother:Brooke do another wedgie prank on Bailey
Sophia Marquez (1 year ago)
#brotherVbrother prank idea: spray water on your brothers face and add flour then water so it sticks to his face each time you add flour and water.
Alejandro Galeano (1 year ago)
Axel Castillo (1 year ago)
#BROTHERVBROTHER put a note somwhere saying things about suicide
Zoe Butcher (1 year ago)
Brooke should act drunk badly and pretend you've had so much to drink and pass out after a while to see what bailey does
NoorALI Legend (1 year ago)
#brothervbrother get you're friends and tell them to dress up as a thief and then get real guns but not bullets in them then tell you're friends to bang the door and tell them to act like thiefs and steal somestuff then tell you're friends to come outside put a cake in a plate when bailey goes outside put cake all over him lets see his reaction it will be funny 😂😂😂 Lol
Nathan Hanrahan (1 year ago)
Viagra in his drink!!!
TacoKing 588 (1 year ago)
#brothervbrother prank run away
Danielle Sapir (1 year ago)
#brothervbrother suicide prank!!
steffen (1 year ago)
you guys are so Selfish Why you both have not sense of humor and gets Really Angry when you gets pranked? but Laughing if you pranking. other people, that gets pranked laughing often
yana vancauwenbergh (1 year ago)
#brotherVbrother say that your "girlfriend" is pregnant
yana vancauwenbergh (1 year ago)
Oh nooo plz do your hair black as before 😭😭😭
Anastasia. boddington (1 year ago)
he actually looks cute brotherVbrother duck tape bailey to a wall and leave him there

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