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Garlic, Ginger, Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar potion (Version 2, English)

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Concoction to reduce cholesterol. Now in broken English! (Please ignore the wiry beard intruding into the video.)
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joyce asamoah (4 days ago)
Can you blend all the ingredients together instead of juicing it one by one
Theresa Petekiewicz (5 days ago)
Why heat it?
Eric langat (6 days ago)
Why do u need to cook doesn't that kill the nutrients
Ashim Francis (11 days ago)
Sir you have measured the level of the juice without the apple cider vinegar. Is it ok?
LIZROCKS (13 days ago)
Can a kidney transplant recipient drink this?
sachin raut (15 days ago)
Is this drink also help to lose body fat?
Ebenezer Foby (18 days ago)
What quantity of honey did u add? 3 cups of honey? What size of cup... what about d juicer container , one of it?
Ahmad Khlid (26 days ago)
it turned blue..????
Chichua xyiong (1 month ago)
Why I drink that and not lose weight but I gain 10 lbs in two weeks, if what you say or teach people is not true please don't lie people.
alicia ali (1 month ago)
There are so many video on ginger , garlic concoction for cholesterol and other stuff but I am wondering every Indian paki house make their curry with ginger , garlic paste a fresh one but still South Indian Are high in cholesterol , why is that?
Mrs Azmi (1 month ago)
The first one I tried I used a slow juicer n braggs vinegar ( d clear type if I recall correctly ) The second time I tried I blended d ingredients wth a bit of water n used organic vinegar wth veil ..cooked for only 10 -12 mins..still ok after 1 yr in d fridge. The 3rd time I tried recently I used Heinz vinegar , d concoction turned green. I always use glass vision pot . So I think it's d type of vinegar tt affects the colour of d concoction.
Mrs Azmi (1 month ago)
3 parts honey is too sweet..Even at 1.5 parts honey my diabetic hubby cant take it . Spiked his sugar level . However a commercial version did save a relative from a stent procedure.. She took it for 6 mths .. n added a special non sting bee honey .
Shawn oh Shawn oh (1 month ago)
Good Vid
Mukesh Ragnauth (1 month ago)
Im a boy ive had c-section 2 years ago too
Mukesh Ragnauth (1 month ago)
Im 21 years old can i use this? Ive been dignose with slight blockage and im not well i seeing blurry and cannot breathe properly after going to doc he told me this that im having a blockage im worried because it makes me feel like im gonna loose my life
THOMAS POTTER (1 month ago)
Canterbury Bell (2 months ago)
Hello, Thank you for your video and I have made this twice. I have heard that by heating all these ingredients it kills the goodness in the ingredients. Is this true please can you let me know your comments. Once again thank you for sharing
imran khan (2 months ago)
I Think The Way your Telling In English May Be it will Take 5hours right
Harry Chana (2 months ago)
While i was cooking, it turns into greenish color, is it ok to eat, or something is wrong with it, please let me know, Thanks
Vibgyor (2 months ago)
Can you still consume this mixture if you boiled it in a metal pot, as mine turned green prior to adding the honey!
IcePutih (3 months ago)
I don't have juicer machine. In order to a get a juice from the ingredients I need to add water to blend it. It's ok to do that? If not what the side effect if I still consume that?. Thank you in advance
kharil hasan (2 months ago)
IcePutih try using the lemon juice/apple cider vinegar to blend it. Using 1 cup of lemon juice to blend ginger until you get 2 cup of that mixture.
abelhassen (3 months ago)
Instead of juicing, would it still be okay if I liquefied the ingredients in a blender?
aniekng (3 months ago)
I ever made with all the ingredients 1: 1, But after cooked boiling So change color .. green
Good Life (3 months ago)
Why cook it? Is it for taste or?
Immaculate Chinyere Jiya (3 months ago)
What is this mixture made to cure Mrs I C Jiya from ABUJA Nigeria
Sudha Goel (3 months ago)
Can Diabetes pt can take honey ?
9gemini (3 months ago)
Cooking the apple cider vinegar will kill the ‘mother’
austin jimmy (3 months ago)
Ive doe this a few wks ago and all i gotta say is that it really wrks.
mohammad mostafa (3 months ago)
Can Your Tips Eat Kidney and Diabetes patient also?
mohammad mostafa (3 months ago)
Can Your Tips Eat Kidney and Diabetes patient also?
Nikhil Jagade (4 months ago)
sir i have a question , i hadd mixed ginger ,garlic juices, apple cedar vinegar as well as honey and heated them together as u said we have to add the honey afterwards so my question is will it b harmfull? to consume as i heated it with other as i was supposed to add honey later on
mishu hasan (4 months ago)
my dad is a diabetic patient...while he had heart attack once too. Is it mendatory to add honey??
Charissa Niffikeer-Sobie (4 months ago)
I tried making it . It turned green. What I did not do as described in the video.. I did not get all the skin off the ginger and did not peel the lime. So this might be the reason it turned green.
Nermi munusami (4 months ago)
how many days we can use
Vegan Heart (4 months ago)
Best video on Youtube hands down! Some people didn't like this gentleman's video? Well I declare that they must try it for the reason that it works! Thank you for an awesome and precise presentation. For you that want it raw, drink it raw, for those that want it heated, drink it heated. Both process may produce different results since extracting the oils is very beneficial(HEATED) and retaining nutrients(RAW) is as well. Let's not make it rocket science since most of us are not scientists. Applaud this video for this man's generosity(GIFT) and be grateful(GRATITUDE). 👍🙏✌
omangash23 oirere (4 months ago)
No need of boiling this mixture.Raw garlic,lemon and ginger is better than boiled one since it kills a half of the required nutrients when boiled.
Harsha Weeraratne (4 months ago)
One needs a strong gut to handle all those strong stuff !
Arturo Lozano Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Can I have breakfast right after taking it? or how long must I wait before eating?
Alokin Alset (4 months ago)
Thank you very much. Your English is clean, and very good. You took time to load this video on YouTube that shows how a helping person you are. Excellent video demonstration, neat, clean and good commentary. Thank you very much and God bless you.
Constantinos Schizas (5 months ago)
Once the vinegar was added my mixture turn green and then blueish. This was due to the reaction of the fresh garlic and the vinegar. I agree with the comments that heating up the mixture kills natural goodness of the ingredients. Next time I will not heat the mixture add the honey and refrigerate it.
Bhavani M (5 months ago)
Pls suggest is this remedy good for diabetic patient
Amelia kendrick (5 months ago)
I can't wait to try this. thank you so much and bless you for sharing with me.
CosplayCat (5 months ago)
How about making a smoothie with these ingredients? no heating.
Wee Feng Tan (5 months ago)
Would this interfere with the effects of western medicine? Like you already taking hbp tablet and drinking this concoction will lower some more?
I never using juicer,or filtered anything...i consuming 100% all
Errol Smith (5 months ago)
Thank you
Priya Priya (5 months ago)
Thanks for your wonderful explanation.
Ultimate Fury (5 months ago)
For how long do you keep it in the fridge?
Becki Wildeman (2 months ago)
Ultimate Fury: 1-2 months
John Lh (5 months ago)
Thanks, I made and tried from the next day, my dazzle morning feeling gone !, will update further results...thanks again.
Handpay Hustler (5 months ago)
do not heat or boil any of this, the best way to do it as i do to prevent losing its natural nutrients is to just add it all with water inside of a mason jar that has the rubber air tight seal under the cap. once you add it and seal it, shake it til you cant shake no more, then leave it in the fridge overnight. in the morning strain it into a regular drinking glass and drink on empty stomach!
Ricardo bailando (5 months ago)
well done   why no metallic?
Sylvia Ramos (5 months ago)
Thank you for this information and video so interesting
Shahdah Abdullah (6 months ago)
P/s its me again, this portion cannot be mixed with turmeric,cayene,pepper,cinnamon or anothing else,its from our GOD everything got its special ingredients and we need to find the right combination for the right use.
Shahdah Abdullah (6 months ago)
Hi,to all guyz,i just wanna say that this remedy is NOT A HOAX its realy work,and to whom that asking why we need to cook it,it is because this four ingredients need to be cook together to xtract new enzyme or ingredient that we and me didnt know what it is , so a scientist need to check it or study this portion,to some guys who said its killed the enzyme and vitamins in those raw ingredience,yes the heat killed it but thats we need to produce new enzyme from those 4 materials. And about how long we need to cook it, its need to cook until its become 1/4 from the total juices. And we also need glass pot because the metalic pot will not helping in producing this new enzyme and steel or iron pot will spoiled this portion. To whom who asking that what this portion use to? Its for cleaning our arteries for the first place, and when its cleaned our arteries its started to reduce our hypertension and we start to feel our chest like so light and the blood started to flow smoothly. The result from that its helping reduce high blood pressure, and reduce tension and reduce chances to have stroke or heart attack. And some one in the comment says this is a bullshit because this portion cannot reduce his belly size,this portion cannot help your big belly ,you need to exercise even you swallow all portion of the world your belly will be still like an ox's belly.
Dayami Zaragoza (3 months ago)
Shahdah Abdullah thank you for your explanation
S. Holmes (5 months ago)
Shots fired 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫 he said don’t come for him cause he didn’t come for you. Make it how we said or don’t make it at all 😂
Ahmad Ridzuan (5 months ago)
hahaha lmfao
get off my lawn (6 months ago)
I couldn't stomach this. I tried.
HC Arora (6 months ago)
I have myself been making this herbal concoction since 1.1.2014 (GLG5 1 Garlic 2 Lemon 3 Ginger 4 Apple Cider Vinegar & 5 Honey). Many of my customers have benefited by its regular use for unblocking heart arteries, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, arthritis, cough, cold, obesity (over weight), acidity, constipation etc. I don’t use water in the preparation. No preservatives are used. Preservatives cause cancer. Those who want to make it in home should make sure that only steel pan is used for boiling. The formula is: one part garlic juice, one part ginger juice, one part lemon juice and one part apple cider vinegar (preferably Heinz USA or American Garden USA). All the above contents should be put into a steel pan and at low flame let it come to a boil and when the contents get reduced to 75% (say 4 cups get reduced to 3 cups) then let the contents cool for at least 2 hours and then add equal quantity of honey (i.e. 3 cups). Drink about 15/20ml (4/5 teaspoonfuls) mixed in 100ml lukewarm water first thing in the morning empty stomach and eat or drink anything only after 45 minutes. It takes about six months effect in your condition if taken regularly with due precautions. If any of you needs more information, you may please get in touch with me directly at email id hcarora@gmail.com or Mobile +91-9818 277 432 or www.hcarora.com for more details. My preparation is approved by FSSAI. It is available in 60ml, 225ml and 525ml bottles and can be sent by courier to those who cannot make it at home and want to take benefit from this natural herbal preparation.
zenobia quaye (5 months ago)
so please do you think 🤔 when I add water 💧 is not going to work properly for the body and my heart ♥️. Thank you 🙏
Suzanne E Wix (6 months ago)
Heating makes this NO GOOD.
mbyte (6 months ago)
We appreciate
how long can put
Ronbo Nick (6 months ago)
But any heat kills vitamin C - even small amounts of heat
Ronbo Nick (3 months ago)
Ronbo Nick (3 months ago)
Cruciferous vegetables yes , But fruit no .. Cut an organic apple and leave it exposed to the heat in a window for an hour and see it it isnt brown . _ its the same for all fruit..heat destroys
Real Deal (3 months ago)
Heating the Garlic and ACV kills most of what makes them good for you.
White Panther (5 months ago)
Ronbo Nick ..no, some foods better when heated especially lemon. This remedy is so potent.
Ronbo Nick (6 months ago)
ahhhh Grasshopper - how do you know it is ???
Irfan D (6 months ago)
remember not to heat it with metal pot
magreth mosha (6 months ago)
How to make that apple cider vinegar locally by using fresh apple?
Nalani V (6 months ago)
tq so much
D. Hayes (6 months ago)
Too much work haha
D. Hayes (6 months ago)
You mean to tell me, they can't make a pill with this ingredients haha
star fish (6 months ago)
Heating the mixture will just kill the natural beneficial properties. Putting all the ingredients altogether and mix in a jar then put in the fridge will do just fine.
Margaret McCollin (6 months ago)
C c
Amit Sharma (6 months ago)
allen flaata (6 months ago)
I'm diabetic so I use powered stevia too sweeten this concoction instead of honey and for extra punch throw in some turmeric and black cumin seeds and I don't heat it as it just kills the whole thing.
PJ stewart (7 months ago)
I like you video, I will try it but boiling the mixture for that length of time I don't think it is wise. keep up the good work it does help
Winter Jeluim (7 days ago)
Try use pressure cooker, lower vapour point for water . Save time and nutrient enzyme transformation.
Leena Maharaj (7 months ago)
How long in terms of minutes does it take approx to reduce the mixture on heat?
weng mendoza (7 months ago)
i make many times, but the colour turn out to green,,what will i do to make it yellow?
Irfan D (6 months ago)
did you heat it with metal pot? Avoid any metal contact with the mixture.
Ghost confessions (6 months ago)
weng mendoza one 1tsp of turmeric. It will come yellow
Michael Sullivan (7 months ago)
A load of crap; did it for 2 weeks, belly still the same.
Rohan Simpson (4 months ago)
Michael Sullivan lol
Le Ze (5 months ago)
stop eating pizza and drinking soads
zafar khan (7 months ago)
😇 I’m making this right now and the pot is on the cooker and it’s on the low heat and it’s been 15min and for some reason the colour turned into blue🙃. Am i doing something wrong?
James Tin Tun (7 months ago)
Thank for your demo
Abubakar Brimah (7 months ago)
Is it suppose to turn greenish after heating?
Vibgyor (2 months ago)
mine turned green also, almost like a dark sea green colour before I added the honey. Not sure why though :(
Bobby Linning (7 months ago)
I've been doing this now for 3 weeks and I feel .more energized and I don't heat it at all.But you can do what you want.A 32 ounce bottle lasts me about a week because I drink a 3 ounce cup once in the AM and one in the PM.
十郎 (7 months ago)
how would tge breath smell like after consumption??
ilana pires (7 months ago)
i did it 2 times in non metal pan and it turned blue,i dont want to trow it,is it safe to drink blue? thank you
Marshall Neal (7 months ago)
Did this for two weeks. It works too good. One issue I had was as a smoker of 25 years after cleaning my arteries my heart slowed down to 50 bpm. Kinda scared me. I felt slow and sluggish always feeling like I needed a nap or I'd pass out. Careful with this one. It works xcellent.
James Selby (5 months ago)
more nutrients in your body
Susie Arviso (7 months ago)
That looked like you poured 2 cups of honey. Not 3 cups. Nice video, thanks.
Tina Wilson (7 months ago)
I just wanted to say that you didn't tell the reason you would want to use the garlic ginger juice with lemon and everything honey you don't know why this is important to use and all you said saying that it how to make it not what it's used for
Karen Fridie (6 months ago)
Cholesterol build-up.
biffpow1 (7 months ago)
I was searching for the recipe for this tonic,and watched several before I found yours. You have the best! The demo was superb. Your visual and verbal display answered all my questions. I'm ready to rock and roll. Thank you!
Bharath Sahithi (7 months ago)
Is It Works In Last Stage
Asad Arshad (6 months ago)
Bharath Sahithi nothing wrong on trying .. It will do its magic.
shakeelanjum anjum (7 months ago)
OK I gona make it now
Jake Miller (7 months ago)
thanks for the English
A D Joshi (14 days ago)
Honey collecter
Gulzar Issa (8 months ago)
Do you have to boil it
Remah Asadu (8 months ago)
Udnt add chill???
Sangam Sangam (8 months ago)
Take it raw(in natural form), do not cook it. I add turmeric not honey because I am diabetic. Thanks for video.
Jawahar Balasubramanian (4 months ago)
Original honey will not increase sugar in your body...
Nausheen Zubair (7 months ago)
Good advice about not to cook it. I agree.
Reynaldo Llorente (8 months ago)
You didn;t cut the ginger small enough to make it easy to grind.
Dets Mar (8 months ago)
Shd sieve the mix first b4 add honey...
Homemade Remedies (8 months ago)
Its really useful
John Galt (8 months ago)
Acidic sugar water. If you are going to make a tea out of it then only heat the ginger. But since you used a juicer it is pointless to heat it. The heart study was with raw garlic not cooked. Lime is better than lemon. Drop the honey/sugar. Add cayenne pepper. Follow up with golden milk(tumeric + black pepper + either coconut cream or heavy cream).
Dhani Munah (9 months ago)
Thank you Brother
chosenone228able (9 months ago)
Just wondering, are you filipino?
Syed Yusof (2 months ago)
chosenone228able he is malay man from malaysia. He is such a gem, isnt he.
lokemeng khaw (9 months ago)
Thank you! Very useful!
twister twinkle (9 months ago)
Thank you so much for d simple, effective steps.. already on my stove.. God bless you!
SP95 ntR (9 months ago)
I think heating can increase its life.......
galad riel (9 months ago)
SP95 ntR yes but decrease effectivity.
IL Scrapple (10 months ago)
You killed it with the heat. Do not heat this folks!
White Panther (5 months ago)
IL Scrapple .. This remedy must be heated 20 mnts atleased. Even the ready made in the market is cooked. Yeah i know, certain foods no need heating but ginger and lemon work best when we heat it, more potent.

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