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Tom Haverford's Ridiculous Business Ideas Supercut

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Please watch: "The 10 Hottest Sex Positions Ranked By YOU" ➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkRFntsbb8k -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- In an ode to Parks and Rec's 6th season ending on Thursday we put together a supercut where we look back on all of Tom Haverford's (Aziz Ansari) most ingenious business ideas. What Does It Take To Make It In Music? New Politics Lets Us Know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5p20jDg21Q0 AskMen: http://www.askmen.com/ Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AskMencom Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/AskMen Follow us on Foursquare: https://foursquare.com/askmen Let us know know your opinions by commenting below!
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Text Comments (127)
JeaIous (11 days ago)
Joker 305 (21 days ago)
I thought he got famous in x factor
PAUL MCLEAN (2 months ago)
...now I know Tom Haverford!! - soooooo good! "bistro is as classy as shit!" brill ;)))
Anthony Silkworm (3 months ago)
what about ann's "twinkle, twinkle big star !"
Doodleberry (4 months ago)
the wine and cheese one WASNT A BUSINESS IDEA THOUGH
DrDeadlifts (4 months ago)
Dope track in the background /s
ItsJustJared (5 months ago)
This is why Tom is the best character
royalpoop (6 months ago)
Disco dairy haha
Mark DeMartini (6 months ago)
“Sparkle Suds” Dress loud. 😂
Pedro Câmara (6 months ago)
I wish there was no background music in this video
Emile g (8 months ago)
what a slimy little shit i expect his character mirrors his real life ...there's a baseball bat with this turds name on
Isaiah Westrick (7 months ago)
Emile g guess what lol
Michał Laszuk (8 months ago)
Rent A Swag was actually a great idea. Still is, actually.
Jessica Howell (10 months ago)
The talking Kleenex box kills me every time! "Uh oh, someone's got the sniffies!"
Annesha Mukherjee (11 months ago)
Saltines for twins!
The H2Flow thing sounds familiar.Who else had an idea where, in order to make their society better, they awarded people for doing more or something they do anyway. Oh yeah Hitler and his population growth scheme
J310 (1 year ago)
You forgot Tommy trees
Pedro Guedes (1 year ago)
This music is too damn loud
Dax Sheapard (1 year ago)
we specialize in making stacks on stacks on stacks
Shreyash payasam (1 year ago)
This guy should be on shark tank!
Sometimes funny Kev (1 year ago)
"Disco Dairy! Spread the Party" That's my favorite one lmfao!
HazeySB (1 year ago)
Well that music can go right on ahead and fuck off
Mark Donahue (1 year ago)
Love the video, thanks so much! whats the song?
Goog (1 year ago)
jennybean12000 (1 year ago)
Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! So ridiculous and so funny!!!
Çağatay Yanaraltın (1 year ago)
tom donna jean ralphio spin off!!
Family Man Rox (1 year ago)
Step up your vitamin c game bro! lmao
Spurros (1 year ago)
This one ALWAYS makes me laugh
Tommy Fresh (1 year ago)
AlJalandhari (1 year ago)
Contact lenses that display text messages? I think Tom Haverfordwest invented Google Glasses
Tyler Driver (1 year ago)
Toddler cologne Tsst tsst Baby, you smell gooood
Andres Mazzei (1 year ago)
Whats the music
Logan Moberly (2 years ago)
Sparkle dubs
David Jefferson (2 years ago)
lol!! whoever did this. Sooooo f'ing epic. TREAT YO' SELF.
Gods Own (2 years ago)
i live for tom haveford
josefine rydb (2 years ago)
Tbh I'd go there/buy those items
Elon Musk (2 years ago)
I am working on every single one of these ideas!
DobrePytanie (2 years ago)
could do without those annoying horns
bgdu93 (2 years ago)
Casey J (2 years ago)
+bgdu93 *Saltweens
InfinityInspiron (2 years ago)
InfinityInspiron (2 years ago)
What's the song
garry_g (2 years ago)
1 plate Masala Dosa with extra chutney and a plate of Madras chicken with gravy extra
Yuvi Singh (1 year ago)
asdasdasdasd714 (2 years ago)
Lasik for fingernail is actually pretty good, too bad not real ( :
Catie Louise (2 years ago)
Spring09 (2 years ago)
Snail mail - escargot delivery service - LOL!
dIRECT0R (2 years ago)
And the Croats... for inventing the cravat :).
Mene Tekel (2 years ago)
I was surprised to see Detlef Scrempf on the video.
Very good parks and rec edits over here, enjoy them, or don't I do not mind
Maxwell Mad (2 years ago)
i thought that his name was Aziz Ansari
Casey J (2 years ago)
+Maxwell Mad ...Tom Haverford is a character he plays on Parks and Recreation. :||||
Trevor Underwood (3 years ago)
Today I Learned he came up with Toms Bistro in season 3
Olle Wall (7 months ago)
Chris Lee (2 years ago)
+trVe Might wanna rewatch season 1 :D he mentions it there first!
Justin Malaszecki (3 years ago)
"My gravestone is going to be a 60 in. touchscreen with a hologram of four me's singing 'End of the Road' by Boyz II Men."- Tom Haverford
Illidan Stormrage (2 years ago)
+Justin Malaszecki "...but, point taken."
tonyrichproject (3 years ago)
What the hell am I gonna do with 112 sparkle badges??
Kevin Smith (3 years ago)
Haha, the last part with Detlef Schrempf easily blocking Jean-Ralphio's layup is the best metaphor EVER for Tom's business ideas. Definitely worthy of the "supercut" moniker
Shauna Rae (3 years ago)
"Invent a phone... that SMELLS GOOD"
Kasia Kosmos (3 years ago)
What about "Toddler cologne: baby <shhshh> you smell good " - from S07E04 7:11    ? ?
David Bui (3 years ago)
I'm gonna miss Tom's Bistro.
Rob C (3 years ago)
ever heard of copyright infringement?
Ash Deakin (1 year ago)
Goooodawgs561 (1 year ago)
Rob C Ever heard of bofa?
Short Fuse (3 years ago)
hes basically babyface 
Random Comment (3 years ago)
The most annoying character in history. 
JooseMunkee (2 years ago)
+Paul Then you should have put the "*" marking there. Just an editor tip.
Random Comment (2 years ago)
+JooseMunkee I was correcting his grammar and spelling. Guess we have another idiot here. 
JooseMunkee (2 years ago)
+Paul nice copy of a comeback
Random Comment (2 years ago)
+jared mainwaring You're a typical idiot, congratulations.
jared mainwaring (2 years ago)
your a typical idiot congrats
duder arounding (3 years ago)
Salt-weens and H2-Hoes had me dying
playz (3 years ago)
Parks and Rec producers just HAVE TO make a spin off show for Tom and Jean Ralphio. Cmon everybody, like this, let our voices be heard!!!!
heliopyre (11 months ago)
it would get old really fast. they work well in parks and rec because of the people around them. Jean Ralphio is good because he's used infrequently. it's like when they started overusing Scruffy in futurama or Creed in the office.
FUCKME (1 year ago)
yess, how we can start this magical idea?
Ushma Asher (1 year ago)
YES I WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Illidan Stormrage (2 years ago)
+playz I'd rather watch Ron Swanson insulting government all day long.
Ricky C. (2 years ago)
+Iron McMuffin why are you like this all the time? *sings*: PIIIILLLLSSSSS
windgust (3 years ago)
Wonderfulamazingsuperfantasticexcellentawesome ideas lol
Patrice Raynal (3 years ago)
Name of the song ?
Shibby (3 years ago)
Lol I didn't realize he had so many inventions, even though I've seen every episode so many times
InfinityInspiron (3 years ago)
I am the living indian reincarnation of Tom haverford No shit
leonardo h (3 years ago)
"The word bistro is classy as sh*t."
Berk Sarioz (2 years ago)
+leonardo h Lol I lost it there
Christian 4_Realzz (3 years ago)
MomentsGap (3 years ago)
lasik for nails that's brilliant! lol
Zanesh Amin (3 years ago)
lol Tom's Bistro actually happened!!!!
CaliNights (3 years ago)
This guy is a legend. Tom and Barney stinson should start up a business together!!
bryan evans (3 years ago)
BosoxnationI972 (3 years ago)
Jean Ralphio blows his inheritance money.
Piper Bear (3 years ago)
frank chance (3 years ago)
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Geek Of All Trades (3 years ago)
I want that tissue box.
Christian 4_Realzz (3 years ago)
Me too
Troy Thomas (3 years ago)
How about a cologne that can kill spiders?
Fernando Marquez (3 years ago)
a department store with a guest list is the best ahahaha
Mauiohwowie (2 years ago)
Can someone explain that one to me
kristel t (3 years ago)
georgegibbN80 (3 years ago)
Anyone know what the background music is called?
theelman (3 years ago)
The way he says, "Dress Loud!" cracks me up everytime
Pyramid Power (3 years ago)
Own a nightclub called Eclipse, that only open for one hour, two times a year. Cover charge--$5000! lmao something like that would be huge
LauW G. (3 years ago)
In french, a Bistro is the totall opposite of classy.
Connor DoubleYou (3 years ago)
How is Tom Haverford not a millionaire?
CaptainLumpyDog (3 months ago)
He is in MASSIVE debt.
Carlos Cardenas (3 months ago)
Even though these comments are true that is weird how he’s still not a millionaire though if you really think about it
Camden Subdivision (5 months ago)
because he's an epic douchebag
Jessica Howell (10 months ago)
Probably because of Jean Ralphio
JooseMunkee (2 years ago)
isn't he?
triplemouf (4 years ago)
the music is annoying as sh*t
ABIS, Inc (4 years ago)
Screw college. Everything you need is right here.
CookiejarSeventy5 (4 years ago)
Reddit here, I would just like to say that we approve of this video and will proceed to upboat it! Nice meme!
Morgan Montz (4 years ago)
Contact lenses that display text messages are coming soon, and are a great idea i think. Also I love the LASIK for your fingernails, genius.
Gabriel Garcia (4 years ago)
At 0:27 is a pretty appropriate place to give Mr. Harris Wittels his due credit. Great writer! Love P&R Aziz and the whole crew.
Wademu5 (4 years ago)
Sparkle suds - Live Loud
Tarquin Castle (4 years ago)
Disco dairy, spread the party. Had me cracking up.
Christian 4_Realzz (3 years ago)
X Scorpio69 (4 years ago)

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