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Indonesian Blue Fire: Volcanic Crater Of Ijen

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SUBSCRIBE!: https://www.youtube.com/nickipedia SHARE THIS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/6j5rB9WCWAE Science Team! This is one of the strangest natural phenomena on the planet! My best friend Mike Cappetta and I took a 3-day journey across the world (literally on the other side of the planet from LA) to experience one the strangest and fascinating natural occurrences, the Indonesian Blue Fire! I will admit that I’ve seen some wild things in my life, but this ranks in the top 3. I’m actually making a much longer version of my entire trip and will release that on YouTube as well. There were so many great moments on my 10-day trek to Mt.Ijen with Mike. Follow Nickipedia Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nickuhas Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/nickuhas Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/uhasbrand Nickipedia Website: http://www.NickipediaLive.com Production Team: Producer/Editor: Nick Uhas Producer/Shooter: Mike Cappetta Macro Footage/LA Shooter: Jeff Kolada
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Nick Uhas (5 months ago)
Science Team! This is one of the strangest natural phenomena on the planet! My best friend Mike Cappetta and I took a 10-day journey across the world (literally on the other side of the planet from LA) to experience one the strangest and fascinating natural occurrences, the Indonesian Blue Fire!
hhu Ij (19 days ago)
Nick Uhas Can i touch that fire?
ארי Napolitano (1 month ago)
@Nick Uhas Is it colder or hotter than normal fire?
Hamour vlog (1 month ago)
I'm from Indonesia.
sempak balmond (1 month ago)
Nick Uhas ITS Banyuwangi ????
Colton Lee Phillips (3 months ago)
Nick Uhasp
IT'S FoxyPlayz (2 days ago)
I'm from Indonesia :P
That's sick
Ali Ridho (7 days ago)
Kawah ijen
Soulside (7 days ago)
You were in indonesia awesome I’m from indonesia
Angelie Callista 88 (9 days ago)
Thank you for visiting my country
winda hamid (9 days ago)
Waoooow kalo begitu belerang di kawah ijen jgn di tambang smpai habis biar api birunya semakin luas n psti sangat menarik....... Cantik
Mal G (10 days ago)
Dabi’s flame...
Chris Jensen (10 days ago)
Great video thank you for producing it. Also look up the term stalagmite.
tz. nikita (12 days ago)
Nick where actually you stay? My father have some homestay/villa to stay, it called: kampoeng joglo ijen very recommended 👍👍
Mohammad Sihabuddin (14 days ago)
langsung ke dapur nyalain kompor... Blue Fire
neik magar (15 days ago)
Henry Kwek (16 days ago)
GG Slushy (17 days ago)
5:30 hehe is it just mine colorblindess that i see the flame purple not blue :D
GG Slushy (2 days ago)
oh ok :)
Cakie Kitty (2 days ago)
GG Slushy Yeah, it does look purple.
Marcos Ezequiel Ullua (17 days ago)
Hola, ¿hablas español?
Command Master (18 days ago)
Aku indonesia (im indonesian)
GalacticPlayz YT (18 days ago)
dont you just love breathing sulphur dioxide aka SO2
Andrew James (18 days ago)
Liquid fire.. noice
Nai Nai (19 days ago)
I live their
Nai Nai (19 days ago)
You should try living their
Tabina Amanda Channel (19 days ago)
Hello! I'm from Indonesia.
Bsheer Gamer (19 days ago)
The fire looks like a wierd big fungus
Mary Lovelygt (19 days ago)
That is hot light blue fire Is the most hottest
Zachary Mayo (19 days ago)
It looks like water how it moves
Giffari Nur Akbar (19 days ago)
Indonesia 🇮🇩
Jonn Ballehr (20 days ago)
You look like a younger Ben Shapiro.
GiraffeGeneral (20 days ago)
Imagine this video got corrupted
Lxrdz 03 (22 days ago)
The fire was blue and/or purple.
Juan Xavier (24 days ago)
I don't know why but I really like your channel man. I love the facts that my country havr something u know but I didn't and this means a lot for me and thank you for giving mr knowledge about my country.
oom upil (29 days ago)
amazing ijen crater😃
Thor Hagen (1 month ago)
Yes and yes
An Doan (1 month ago)
can you make a candle out of that?
Mocheng Kun (1 month ago)
I live in indonesia
Aditya Putra Armansyah (1 month ago)
So inspiring. Terima kasih 👌👏👏
Batjack ! (1 month ago)
Hey question is it safe to touch when it is burning and is it hotter than red fire
Enclair (1 month ago)
Dats purple
Enclair (1 month ago)
Question does this fire the hottest fire?
rahmatfadel 123456 (1 month ago)
Welcome to indonesia
Salman Rendii (1 month ago)
I from Indonesia brow
SDMIII : (1 month ago)
There are few things more beautiful than blue flames.
Endeavour 404 (1 month ago)
When come to Indonesia again? 😊😁
Sunono's Channel (1 month ago)
Pegang belerang gak bau apa? -translate it dur
Fathimah Azzahra (1 month ago)
Lιyαηα _yαηα (1 month ago)
*Anjng lu bule bule bacottt*
Gelo (1 month ago)
You're awesome! 💕
hello its me (1 month ago)
Wait. Its in indonesia? Why the hell didnt i knew about this? Why tf isnt my science teacher mention it. Bull
Hajj Arham (1 month ago)
Please say "ngentot" :v
Farrel Yanuarza (1 month ago)
Hajj Arham nyantai dong
Mutu Gaming (1 month ago)
finally you in my country
Imelda Sari Ng (1 month ago)
How do you know about indonesia?? i hope you can come here again 😃😄 I'm from indonesia
Kelvin Krismora Gultom (1 month ago)
Nick, I actually live in indonesia
RMC SMG (1 month ago)
gilang putra perkasa (1 month ago)
Nice bro Epic blue flame
PixelsWeisly (1 month ago)
Did that guy let you get the mask. if yes, maybe i’ll go to that place
Raditya The Warrior (1 month ago)
Alhamdulillah akhirnya di indonesia,the moment of truth
Cnidy Wang (1 month ago)
😶😶😶sooooo cool
Biel Gamer (1 month ago)
Muito Bom,Amei
Amar Qayyum (2 months ago)
beautiful 😍😍
I am indonesia and I never know about this blue fire I need to ask my dad
remco goossens (2 months ago)
I was told in school that a flame only became blue the hotter it is and that that is why with like lighters and stuff the flame is blue the closer to the end with the gas. So it's very interesting to see this, great video!
Northern Downpour (2 months ago)
Whoaaa amazing experiment!!!
Ryan 35 loks (2 months ago)
Sooo do you enjoy indonesia??? Its my home
Fadhli Aqmar (2 months ago)
hallo from indonesia :D
si ucup (1 month ago)
Fadhli Aqmar hallo juga
dragon gaming x yt (2 months ago)
I'm from Indonesia 🇮🇩
Hafiz Arthuria (2 months ago)
That was a sulfur
indra 881 (2 months ago)
How hot is that blue flame?
Brian Decorus (2 months ago)
Hello from indonesia
Roland Dawson (2 months ago)
Hey dude uh… you wasn’t wrong. Stalagmites are a thing. Stalactites are the exact same thing but just formed facing a different direction.
bowoR (2 months ago)
Are you imported sulfur from ijen bro ?
Gorla manjula (2 months ago)
what happens if u pour water on it instead of CO2 ?
Muhammad Pirdaus (2 months ago)
I from Indonesia
John Rolann Aujero (2 months ago)
Hey I have a one question is sulfur really poisonous?
Jerzeph Legaspi (26 days ago)
John Rolann Aujero nope not really
Raswadi Sumiati (2 months ago)
Thank you for your journey to indonesia.im from indonesia
sherly angelina (2 months ago)
wow amazing!
Ghifary Dwijaya (2 months ago)
Please come back
Janet Ellora (2 months ago)
😍😍 i'm from indonesia
Acin 001 (2 months ago)
That like alien blood
Louis Wang (2 months ago)
Indonesia goes viral
Stanley Karundeng (2 months ago)
Here a random fact indonesia is my home
Evi Ernawati (2 months ago)
Im from indonesia 😉😉😉
prima dane (2 months ago)
Ijen wonderfull of Banyuwangi - Indonesia 😊😊😊😊
Mariko Toyama (3 months ago)
i really love scienceeeee! like u know science changed my effin life
Muhammad Andry (3 months ago)
I see Indonesia, i press like
Andrew Rivalry (3 months ago)
Benyamin Tolanda (3 months ago)
Welcome too indonesian nick
Ginsya 21 (3 months ago)
Siapa orang indo
Aulya Aulya (3 months ago)
Ivar Schultz (3 months ago)
Salim Maula (3 months ago)
Yeah science, eeee tapi ngopi dulu wa
J0yb0y (3 months ago)
Wow... thx for coming by 😅
Rahman Hakim (3 months ago)
love from indonesia nick... I love your work in smosh lab too.. I hope that show comeback.. XD
Spesifik Brush (3 months ago)
You deserve a lot more attention. Awesome videos! I didn't even know places like that existed.
Mehul Dokania (3 months ago)
Great work. Love your videos! Keep it going!!
x Deckades (3 months ago)
Im from indonesia
Mika Android (3 months ago)
Nice. I watched this video simply because there is not much video from outside of Indonesia about Indonesia. And crater of ijen (kawah Ijen in Indonesia) is in the same province of my city, so it's relatively close
skitzo 2494 (3 months ago)
looks purple to me
Si Acil (28 days ago)
skitzo 2494 same
Cha oW (3 months ago)
Entary 4 (3 months ago)
I am the 400 liker 😮
Muhammad Ilham (4 months ago)

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