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Kingsman: The Golden Circle | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

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Now on Digital http://bit.ly/GetKingsmanGoldenCircle Now on Blu-ray & DVD http://bit.ly/BuyKGC “Kingsman: The Secret Service" introduced the world to Kingsman - an independent, international intelligence agency operating at the highest level of discretion, whose ultimate goal is to keep the world safe. In "Kingsman: The Golden Circle," our heroes face a new challenge. When their headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, their journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organization in the US called Statesman, dating back to the day they were both founded. In a new adventure that tests their agents' strength and wits to the limit, these two elite secret organizations band together to defeat a ruthless common enemy, in order to save the world, something that's becoming a bit of a habit for Eggsy... Written by Jane Goldman & Matthew Vaughn, based upon the comic book by Mark Millar & Dave Gibbons Cast: Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Halle Berry, with Sir Elton John, Channing Tatum, and Jeff Bridges SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/FOXSubscribe Connect with Kingsman: The Golden Circle Online: Visit the Kingsman WEBSITE: http://fox.co/Kingsman Like Kingsman on FACEBOOK: http://fox.co/KingsmanFB Follow Kingsman on TWITTER: http://fox.co/KingsmanTwitter Add Kingsman on INSTAGRAM: http://fox.co/KingsmanIG About 20th Century FOX: Official YouTube Channel for 20th Century Fox Movies. Home of Avatar, Aliens, X-Men, Die Hard, Deadpool, Ice Age, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Rio, Peanuts, Maze Runner, Planet of the Apes, Wolverine and many more. Connect with 20th Century FOX Online: Visit the 20th Century FOX WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/FOXMovie Like 20th Century FOX on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/FOXFacebook Follow 20th Century FOX on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/TwitterFOX Kingsman: The Golden Circle | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX http://www.youtube.com/user/FoxMovies
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Text Comments (10610)
gypsygurl 101 (10 days ago)
The movie reminds me of Pres. Duterte's war on drugs
Sven Krämer (13 days ago)
How I hate it when Trailers just put the possibly biggest spoiler directly at the end of the whole thing and still think it's ok.
Luis Robles (19 days ago)
Bae at 0:18 😭💕
Chanel Lai (23 days ago)
the movie looks amazing, but can we talk about that wink tho
Oliver Shattock (24 days ago)
What is the song?
Master Gamers GR (26 days ago)
I realy liked the movie i saw {The secret service} yesterday and today i saw { the golden sircle}. I love both of the but to be honest i liked more {The golden circle}. Anyway both were aweasome movies!!!!!
JP Studios (27 days ago)
This trailer showed way too much of what was gonna happen in the movie
ku ro (28 days ago)
Can they put merlin back all together again piece by piece in kingsman 3
blanchecolombe1 (29 days ago)
Still don’t understand why Colin Firth hasn’t played James Bond yet!
Soberish (1 month ago)
if anyone is still wanting to watch this with a real review. tbh.... its not nearly as good as the first, to the point where it cant even compare but if you're bored then give it a watch. Was so much they could of done with the budget but they decided to higher famous actors to play apart of the movie for 15 minutes... with all that said, it wasn't a bad movie.... It'll just never in a million years even compare to the first.
Nuggie McStew (1 month ago)
Who else is only here because of “My Way”
Gerardo Vega (1 month ago)
Who sings that song ?
XXANDROID_ PROgamerXx (1 month ago)
Hey I already watch it and I hope they will released the new movie of the kingsman, because I cant wait for the new kingsman #20thcenturyfox
Magical Horse journeys (1 month ago)
Awww! It wasn’t full movie
Legacy Trails (1 month ago)
1:00-1:30 the best part of the trailer
Paul A (1 month ago)
I enjoyed the movie but didn't enjoy the preachy, anti-drug message. It's clearly an adult oriented film but they are treating viewers like children. All the while everyone is drinking throughout the movie and at one point, one character suggests to another to "stick to booze". Regardless of the fact that alcohol is just as bad and destructive when abused.
Lucila :: (1 month ago)
Vodka Billy (1 month ago)
Please for matthew vaughn kingsman 3 release please pass it to us #20th Century Fox We Kingsman Lovers from Indonesia Waiting !!! #20th Century Fox #waiting!!!
Staerry Night (1 month ago)
Finally I can watch it for free on my tv
Chintan Patel (1 month ago)
Which is the song in the background?
Maggie Sammeth (1 month ago)
i like the 1 and the 2
Ayaa Mamdouh (1 month ago)
What’s the name of song in the trailer !
C G (1 month ago)
Movie was HORRIBLE Julianne Moore was absolutely GARBAGE they should have picked a real actress from this century to play the bad guy
Hapi Elm (1 month ago)
The finger scene was complete low class and skeevey perv bait....Completely lost all interest in this series after that.
ZombieSl4yer (1 month ago)
It’s a shame that this movie wasn’t nearly as good as the first one.
Techno King Scratch (1 month ago)
Ha all of you watched the trailer before the movie
Med Bouassida (1 month ago)
its one of the best trailers for me
منبع آچاص (1 month ago)
0:36 1:00
JnoseAll (1 month ago)
I was so mad the girl agent died ☹️
Hey Baby (1 month ago)
How is it ?
Hey Baby trash. Did not live up to the hype
Andrew S. (1 month ago)
Hey Baby great
Hey Baby good
LABUSTO (1 month ago)
Get rid of the drugs, but keep promoting alcohol. Thumbs up to alcoholics... that's what the movie promotes.
Mahesh Maheshwari (1 month ago)
Watch the full movie with dual audio..https://youtu.be/7ZTvsMXhtdU
Breathing Fire (2 months ago)
slighTly offended they put Channing Tatum's name on there's but not Pedro Pascal's
Karina88 (2 months ago)
Frank Sinatra 😆
AP ENT (2 months ago)
0:04 i hate your logo. i am color blind and i'm having a hard time seeing it. but I guess after some seconds of seeing it, is it MARV?
Darryl Lazakar (1 month ago)
AP ENT yes, it's Marv
Edward k (2 months ago)
Chaning Tatum one of the worst actor ever? No thanks
dfsdfsdf sdfsdfsdf (2 months ago)
ICraveCola (2 months ago)
Everyone please sign this in memory of Merlin :) **Sorry spoilers** https://www.change.org/p/mark-strong-mark-strong-to-record-a-full-version-of-take-me-home-country-roads
Who has watched this movie and come here to see the trailer again? Me. Anyone else?
YourGenericName (2 months ago)
It looks like a really good movie based on the trailer, ashamed it wasn't
big kahuna burger (2 months ago)
Personally was disappointed by this movie
russell murray (2 months ago)
seen it all before predictable rehashed same old same old over and over again about as funny as a burning orphanage english stuck up wank humour. the only reason i watched this until 1 hour 39 minutes then i got bored, because all movies nowadays are too long and digital cgi crap...is because of halle berry. don't know what happens in the end and i couldn't care less. all i can say is glad i didn't pay over £10 to see it at the cinema, because i would have asked for a full refund and a packet painkillers for the headache endured whilst listening to all that guff. . don't watch it because it's a load of regurgitated crap. it's not even funny accidentally. rubbish
TheAntiChrist 911420 (2 months ago)
Song is Frank Sinatra- I did it my way if anyone want to know it
I miss when this came out :(
mikehtv (3 months ago)
Amazing trailer. Meh film
J&me TV (3 months ago)
I love this trailer so I made a parody movie with my 4 years daughter! Please come and see! https://youtu.be/oX_FCjJ4lb8
SPARK (3 months ago)
we want more kingsman movies
RhemanReactionZ (3 months ago)
I'm reading "I'm so hyped" comments when it is already released
David the dank Spectre (30 days ago)
Maybe read the amount of months it was posted. You'd learn something.
Devony Settell (3 months ago)
Taron is good at it sorry to say but.. ...
Devony Settell (3 months ago)
He should be mine
ShiiDox (3 months ago)
Mr. Toadinator (3 months ago)
Honestly the best trailer in the world. Fuckin spectacular eh.
Travis K. (3 months ago)
wow im glad i never watched the trailer bc they just straight up spoiled the whole Harry situation
Kevin Tay (3 months ago)
Without Elton John, this movie would be meaningless.
Idk What (3 months ago)
It's already been a year. Which means another failed school exam.
T.J.E studio's (3 months ago)
Who came back to watch this trailer, for it being a year old now
hey, filmmaker, why u just used my khmer temple to make your film fantastic & fabulous. u are looking down to my kh ancient artifact, heritage... Please stop it. Apologize to khmer ancestors & descendants.
Yin Sarata (3 months ago)
I don't like this movie because you showed Angkor Wat temple as an illegal place and more Our county don't let you do like this .You do like this like you look down our culture and Cambodia's right .I want you sorry as public ....
Sopha Apha (3 months ago)
ហេតុអីបានជាអ្នក យក ប្រាសាទ របស់ cambodia ទៅេលងសេីច ដេាយ មិនសំុ អនុញ្ញាតពីក្រសួង វប្បធម៌ អញ្ញឹង ????????????????????
Love khmer (3 months ago)
1:14 In Cambodian
why Aangkor Wat temple in this movie ? we are Cambodian don't like that you got Angkor Temple on this movie
Green Global (3 months ago)
Angkor Wat is a temple, not a drug store. Is a hit on Cambodian culture.
Green Global (3 months ago)
i'm from Cambodia ! My Angkor wat , the people Cambodia Pray . Can you delete Videos . Can you sorry People Cambodia . I will Report Embassy USA for Cambodia. Mr.Matthew Vaughn , Please sorry People Cambodia. i will not your Name Sues for Cambodia . The People Cambodia Sues Report Videos Embassy USA for Cambodia.
Mrr.zarith official (3 months ago)
You is a dog😡😡😡
No dzień dobry ogółem (3 months ago)
I didn't liked the sequel very much, but it was still fun. Too bad they killed Merlin, Whiskey, Roxy and that cute pug. :( Still, this trailer is the best thing ever.
Arvin Borkar (3 months ago)
That's cool everyone is British even the American who was cast in Channing and Jeff are a English descent
sudo nym (3 months ago)
hey it was better than half the marvel crap that's out there.
nadeem khan (4 months ago)
Somebody plz upload full movie
GraceK00 (4 months ago)
What a shite film this was.
B.M. 9000 (3 months ago)
GraceKi00 it literally erased everything from the first movie like Thor raganorak so yea
Asha Abdul (4 months ago)
I absolutly love this movie!!!!
Floydfan47 (4 months ago)
Let's hope there's an ending that tops the first one;)
Jason Flores (4 months ago)
It doesnt matter if the first one was good, because this one was irredeemably awful.
Wildstone Animation (4 months ago)
Honestly compared to the music in the other trailers this music to me fits the best
Wildstone Animation (4 months ago)
Welp time to chop my arm off becauae I would love that robotic arm
Simon (4 months ago)
This trailer shows how to spoil 50% of a movie
pujan jayasawal (4 months ago)
Keenly waiting for kingsman 3
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rodgers gregory (4 months ago)
I am agent Taqela
Justin Angelo Alvarez (4 months ago)
I don't get the bad reviews on this.
Pepe Zurita (4 months ago)
Que esta buenisima la Chava artista que sale de secreto del negro
just somedude (4 months ago)
My name is jeff
Václav Fanta (4 months ago)
Worse than the 1st? Yes, but the 1st one is action masterpiece, so it still being at least this good, is acceptible. Though I agree, it has a lot of problems.
guns and sh*t (4 months ago)
Nice film
Blurange (4 months ago)
not as good as the first in my opinion
Alex Pérez 1212 (4 months ago)
I don't know why so much hate, i think it was very good, but well that's just my opinion
andrew simoes (5 months ago)
name of song? 0:38
Fajar Yuliansyah (4 months ago)
andrew simoes my way -frank sinatra
Chris P. (5 months ago)
Too bad the movie was trash. If you haven't watched it yet, don't bother watching it.
ashish Nautiyal (5 months ago)
They made a whole film to teach that whisky session.
Pickled Noodle (5 months ago)
Omg the first movie was awesome and I still need to watch this one. SO MUCH ACTION
twe enyss (5 months ago)
Awful after the first one.
Jackal Reviews (5 months ago)
We'll, I've just found the song they'll be playing at my funeral. "My way" by Frank Sinatra.
Dr. Ocsid (5 months ago)
It's a shame the movie didn't live up to its trailers.
Nick Long (5 months ago)
Country Roads, Take Me Home!!!!!! 😭😭😭
O’Florry One (5 months ago)
takudzwa makuvaza (5 months ago)
this is just something
Curtis Alexander (5 months ago)
This movie to me has been one of the action packed movies of ALL time!! This is definitely a keeper!
MissHannah2036 (5 months ago)
What a cool, fun movie. Watched it on the plane from Hawaii. Awesome combination of humour, violence, special affects, fit young men in cool outfits and Juliet Moore. Crazy story with twists and turns.
Dr. Ocsid (5 months ago)
Did you see the first one? It's way better than this one.
J.B (5 months ago)
great movie
j j (5 months ago)
this movie is so bullshits

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