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The fight against counterfeit drugs

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60 Minutes' nine-month investigation of counterfeit prescription drugs reveals how the dangerous and sometimes deadly fakes get into the nation's drug pipeline. Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.
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EricaYE6 (4 months ago)
This is scary.
Veronica Castro (6 months ago)
Just cause meds are from Mexico and Central America doesn't mean they're not good. My aunt travels a lot and brings meds for the family to use, it's way cheaper than here and she buys them directly from the pharmacy. I'm sure there are counterfeit drugs being sold but police should be going after the huge pharma companies supplying the opioid epidemic, a lot more people are being hurt and dying from overdoses than a random med bought on the street.
Doctor told his patient, "I want you to continue to take these pills until you run or until the FDA finds them to be unsafe."😋💊😧
Steve G (1 year ago)
2 things First if the drug companies didn't abuse the American market with outrageous prices, there would be no market for these counterfeiters. They created this problem. Second, they continually state how dangerous ingredients can get into counterfeit medicines, yet many legitimate drugs have things like aspartame, which is extremely dangerous. There is NO reason for medicine to have such a toxic genetically created artificial sweetener in medicine. The FDA is way too busy protecting big pharma profits to check how dangerous aspartame is for the American public.
luv2ride (1 year ago)
If the ingredients can't be quality controlled, they shouldn't be allowed into the USA just to give more profit to big pharma.
These pharm corporations have one goal in mind: MAKE $$$$ ! I feel no sympathy for their "losses". They don't really care about curing a disease. If they did, they'd make pharms affordable for people. I understand that some drugs are expensive to make, but the markup on some of these meds is unbelievable. A lot of people need these meds but have no financial ability to get to them (these people are invincible to pharm companies). Their primary objective is to get people addicted. Addicting people through pain meds and such. One recent comes to mind: Oxycoton. And when a real safe alternative is available, for example THC marijuana, they have beef w/the govt because it is cheap and accessible. I don't really give two shits about pharm companies. They'll get theirs one day . In the meanwhile, I only hope the counterfeiters are being safe etc for the people that need the drugs , but cannot afford the real stuff.
SuperZX (3 years ago)
So basically this American Dude, who works for Pfizer gets to go around the world with the FBI, who's an American ONLY law enforcement agency and gets to boss around the local police from any country they want to do Pfizer's bidding or else the big 'ol U.S. of A will take care of them? Oh, dear good old United States Of America, your pride has blind you and you think you own the world and everyone else is here to do what you please... How wrong you are... I have ZERO sympathy for these big pharmaceutical corporations. They make Billions of dollars a year of the pain and struggles of millions of people who are in need of medication but cannot afford it due to their own corporate greed. The real problem is not the counterfeiters, but the fact that these corporations are loosing profits to these people. Pfizer and all the others just want to be the only thief in the block. Typical American behavior.   Lead road paint? Floor Wax? sure....These reports are all about making the public scare and the media plays along with them. Oh, if it comes from the Pfizer guy it must be true. Yeah right! Go fuck yourselves with your fucking $25.00 blue pill, Pfizer. Sell the drugs cheaper, this way, people who need them won't be tempted to get these counterfeit drugs and everyone is happy.
HigherWaysWoman (3 years ago)
I have cancer & multiple tumors syndrome...the "only" Mercy(Pain) Medicine that works for me is "Name Brand Demerol".  Last June, 2014, I noticed there was a change.  The Demerol was liking taking placebo's...& the pain that I deal with...this is incredible torture & such horrific cruelties.  Either Sanofi Pharma' Co. is intentionally removing the pain medicine & thus dispensed to victims....or someone is swapping them along the route.   Anyone else experience this with Name Brand Demerol &/or Mercy (Pain) Medicines that you &/or a loved one takes?! 
Sulfen (3 years ago)
If you truly believe that it's a counterfeit or that it was tampered with then you should talk to your doctor and have them send them in for testing.
fake drugs is a sin against humanity but through our mobile product authenication solutions. we have put the fight against fake and counterfeit drugs in the hand of the consumers. this is verified at the point of purchase either through mobile via sms or online
The Truth (4 years ago)
Our medicine here in Philippines is China ingredients and even if it is made in somewhere else the problem is the raw material is China or India. I have been a marketing exec of raw mats, it's from China and nobody wants our Germany it is twice the cost. And my crazy Filipino boss she sells them even if the label is expired the marketing just take off the label. I didn't stay long I quit, almost all companies here are illegal we can't do anything about it the whole world is being greedy and evil.
The Truth (4 years ago)
There was Indian company here in Philippines, it's call center for selling medicine in USA. When I question him, he got angry. He said I need job so I should be the one being intervied so I should stop asking questions. I was just asking where it came from and if it is legit. He said you should care about earning, do you wanna earn or not? I just went home he is crazy, I don't wanna get karma I think it's fake. 
joshua irwin (5 years ago)
captainofc34 (5 years ago)
The equation doesn't mention that the the biggest consumer is the Pharmacist, the one wearing the white jacket standing in the back row behind the tall counter. Pay attention and don't let the white coat fool you!! They can easily exchange the easily concealed counterfeit pills with your real pills, even with multiple cameras watching...all for pennies on the dollar, then go sell schedule IIs @ street value and make a killing... while you injest 30 days of chalk.
BigMintsBrainbox (6 years ago)
Like chemo drugs that are just sugar and xema
Sektorrules (6 years ago)
@babe0nboard7 watch?v=-dZGDy45ZeI watch the video called the world without Romania
Sektorrules (6 years ago)
@babe0nboard7 we're used to be second hand class citizens, although microsoft had like 50% romanian employess, nasa less, romanians invented the pen, and of course baseball is a variation on the 2000 year old game called "oina" around these parts
Sektorrules (6 years ago)
@babe0nboard7 our guy was a nationalist and a little bit antisemitic that's why the nobel prize went to somebody else...i have a list of around 50 romanian inventions for which the nobel prize were awarded to anyone else except romanians
Sektorrules (6 years ago)
@babe0nboard7 actually was Nicolae Constantin Paulescu in 1921 Banting sayst: „I regret very much that there was an error in our translation of Professor Paulescu's article, I cannot recollect, after this length of time, exactly what happened (...) I do not remember whether we relied on our own poor French or whether we had a translation made. In any case I would like to state how sorry I am for this unfortunate error (...)”
SteveSabbai (6 years ago)
...Legit medicines are just as bad as the counterfeits! the pharmaceutical companys are like Drug Lords and the crooked doctors that accept kickbacks for prescribing unnecessary medicines are just as bad as Drug Dealers!...they dont care about your well being all they care about is PROFIT! thats life. TRUST NOONE especially anyone that will make a profit from you...there is no "Magic Pill"...
GeorgeKearse (7 years ago)
We need a single reporting hot-button "report this website" placed directly and prominently in the browser, the search engine portal, the shopping portal, the search results pages, wherever it will be most effective. Include warning messages, embedded video and awareness raising campaigns. This would dramatically improve public awareness and provide us a simple means to report these advertisers and websites directly to the agency responsible in each of our countries.
Sektorrules (7 years ago)
american drugs have more shiny printed boxes and look more marketable, the problem is nobody wants them because most of them are useless at 10 x costs, usually people can tell after 1-3 months of treatment if the product is good or not, if is not, they won't buy shit
Sektorrules (7 years ago)
american products are 10 x less effective than our genuine products and are 10 x more expensive, here in romania we have a 100 year history of producing quality medicine even the inventor of insuline was romanian, so americans shut up and sell your shit quietly if you can't sell the shit don't pretend yours is not 50% fake
Sektorrules (7 years ago)
so much for american drug companies, here we use medicine that has 10x the quantity of active substances, whereas american products are 10 x more expensive and less efficient hahahahhahaha
John OBrien (7 years ago)
Most of you folks are nuts. WHO (World Health Organization) estimates more than half of the anti-maleria drugs supplied in Africa have NO active ingredients. People die. It is also estimated about half of the anti-AIDS drugs distributed in Africa are counterfeit, some with1/10 the necessary active ingredients- just enough to fool the tests, but not to keep the patient alive. This doesn't help Big Pharma companies make one cent. It helps criminal organizations get rich while they kill people.
GeorgeKearse (7 years ago)
Nothing to do with big pharma making billions, big pharma drugs doing you good or not, or whatever. All to do with counterfeit fake drugs that at best have little or no benefit,, harm you, or even kill you. There is no exaggeration here! Counterfeit fake drugs offered are inferior quality and likely will harm you whereas generics and parallel imports of the real thing will not. Manufacturing an equivalent at a cheaper price not in big pharma packaging is not what’s being offered for sale!
mrzack888 (7 years ago)
@classymussy highly regulated doesn't equate to effectiveness. big pharma drugs don't cure, they only mask the problem.
yeahsee33 (7 years ago)
Counterfeit drugs are bad, but Pfizer getting involved because they are losing only change of what they make from doctors forcing prescription drugs on Americans when they don't need it. It sickens me. My doctor said he/she refuses to push the pills on his/her patients, the drug companies offer doctors a lot of money to do so, but this doctor knows right from wrong.
mrzack888 (7 years ago)
these fake drugs probably do more good for people than the real big pharma garbage chemicals.
Zombl337 (7 years ago)
hahah costing drug companies MILLIONS a year, when they make BILLIONS a year......it is kinda bad though cause u cant be sure whats it counterfeit drugs, and you dont know if you got counterfeit or not which is terrible.

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