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Quantum Reflex Analysis update - healthy people should NOt tak aspirin for heart disase

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On Quantum Reflex Analysis Update you find the latest natural medicien information. http://www.drnoa.meta-ehealth.com, Dr. Noa's TV show http://www.napavalleytv.org, channel 28, 21st Century Natural Health, 707-224-5488
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jonnyroy2008 (8 лет назад)
How many articles about Quantum Reflex Analysis are published in the Journ. of the Amer. Med. Assc.. If none, or few, then why do you go to this journal for valid info. on your other points? "...And the experts, yeah, that's right, the REAL DRUG DOCTORS that know what they're talking about.." So, you are choosing the allopathic doctors' articles you like, and pooh-poohing them when you don't......quote their journals when you like... an disregard them when you don't... Gold Standard?

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