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Joe Rogan Talks Podcasting Versus Mainstream Media & More

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Joe Rogan joins Ana Kasparian to discuss podcasting versus mainstream media, Obama versus Bush and much more in part 1 of this interview. This is part 1 of 6. Watch part 2 of this interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hO04i_jd2Qs&list=PLI78H8HSUNimwRdoB7b1B-Rfjl9C3sf75&index=2 Watch part 3 of this interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUgKZMSxr3E&list=PLI78H8HSUNimwRdoB7b1B-Rfjl9C3sf75&index=3 Watch part 4 of tho interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exUMuE4QRD4&index=4&list=PLI78H8HSUNimwRdoB7b1B-Rfjl9C3sf75 Watch part 5 of this interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ping4kU7CHM&index=5&list=PLI78H8HSUNimwRdoB7b1B-Rfjl9C3sf75 Watch part 6 of this interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPhkl5aL0h0&list=PLI78H8HSUNimwRdoB7b1B-Rfjl9C3sf75&index=6 Click to subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=townsquare Ana Kasparian https://twitter.com/AnaKasparian Joe Rogan https://twitter.com/joerogan The Point with Ana Kasparian is a smart and fast-paced panel show giving you a weekly round up of the hottest stories of the week. Each week Ana sits down with some of your favorite hosts from The Young Turks and other interesting personalities that each bring their unique perspectives on everything from news to pop culture.
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Text Comments (326)
Wize Nflew (10 days ago)
If you touch her Joe I'll smash your fucking jaw off you'll be eating through a god damn straw!!!
KryzMasta (1 month ago)
Traditional media outlets vs podcasts and TYT type stuff? What are you talking about?! The first does news, and yes it's scripted, because if they do it right, they've researched the fuck out of something and generally adhere to some form of an ethical code (not just something fluffy, these codes have very specific guidelines on how to deal with news, sources, possible victims and criminals, etc.), while what you're doing is just reacting to whatever happens in the world, and vomit out some opinion. It's not news, it's not truth seeking, it's not adding value, it's just throwing out unguided, unfiltered opinions without any self-examination.
Mark Allen (2 months ago)
where are the NEW shows???????!!!!!!! this is great!!!! thank you
PcP Films (2 months ago)
Idk who this chick is, but I've watched a few of these clips with Rogan, and she just said something pro Bush. Get's an upvote from me.
magx01 (3 months ago)
meinpodcast (11 months ago)
Danke für das tolle Video. Davon sollte es mehr geben, weiter so!
Shay Attano (1 year ago)
Fuck anna
5 star Jonny? (1 year ago)
Ana is an angry bitch
finkfunkable (2 years ago)
Sexy-ass bitch though.
thePANDEMlC (2 years ago)
It's funny that Ana mentionns meat being expensive, yet the most common argument I hear for people not going vegetarian or vegan is that it's too expensive. Funny how that works.
Edward Romero (2 years ago)
Two of my favorite people in any form of media. You guys fuckin' rock!
mike hunt (2 years ago)
Joe Rogan I am a huge fan, so know when i say this i say it with love....beware of the man spread!
hombretropical (1 year ago)
mike hunt Ana shouldn't be doing the woman-cross then. Man-spreading is a fucking awful expression invented by awful people.
Urius Tosh (2 years ago)
Rogan is a cool dude. I liked him for a while, but recently started to listen to his podcast more and more. I started my own podcast a few weeks ago. Can't say it's like Rogan but it's what I like to talk about. Pop culture, fitness, sports, travel, politics and interviews like next week I got a Olympian on. Would be super sweet if anyone reading would check it out. Subscribing is free. Back to Rogan, even though he is a bit of a conspiracy nut sometimes, he's a good lad.
bartsshorts (2 years ago)
wats a podcast?
Top 6 (2 years ago)
Radio talk show live on Internet but no commercials
BirdChirp007 (2 years ago)
Joe has cleverly placed his forearm in between his legs, in font of his groin, making sure not to reveal his massive hard on he has for Anna - to Anna. As much as she would most probably take it as a huge compliment coming from Joe ("TAKE IT".."HUGE compliment".."COMING from Joe"..had to spell out the puns..couldn't help myself), there is a time and a place for that sort of behaviour. It probably happened straight after the interview.
Dustin DeBolt (2 years ago)
Powerful Ana. Also Joe is the man.
jetter820 (3 years ago)
So cool and collected Joe Rogan
Kimson Joseph (3 years ago)
Congrats on ur own show hun
RonnieDobbz1978 (3 years ago)
Ana you should let your hair down more often, you look so elegant here.
Derek McPherson (3 years ago)
Dumb Feminist bitch
Patrick Brinzo (3 years ago)
Here for the Rogan.
azulmidnightful (3 years ago)
I really like Ana and the whole TYT but wow slow down girl . This is not the Dalai Lama. Common ! I was like seriously? We all know him he is a cool dude but thats all
badgr fan (3 years ago)
hate me if u want but why is that i just wanna slap the shit out of this self centered controlling feminist fucking shallow dyke?
blackrose8790 (3 years ago)
Anna and Joe look and sound good together .
Bradley (3 years ago)
Ana Kasparian, the under the desk on her knees for Uygur, calls Bush names??? 
omar acevedo (3 years ago)
she want the D from the rogue man
Jeremy Taylor (3 years ago)
Ana needs to learn how to have a conversation. The dots don't quite connect.
k11keeper (3 years ago)
My wife and I have had very in depth discussion about how to not raise our son spoiled. Neither sets of our parents had to really make a conscious effort. They just did not even have the financial means to spoil us even if they wanted to. While we on the other hand are far more financially stable and well of then our parents were at this stage in our lives and it will take conscious effort on our part to not spoil him. 
Michael J (3 years ago)
Damn Ana 😍
Jules Thibodeaux (3 years ago)
Anna looks so hot 
makavelli1289 (3 years ago)
Oh joe rogan you crazy!- tyrone biggums
phillip sierra (3 years ago)
Joe rogan is awesome!!!'
RonJammin (4 years ago)
"Even though he was a fucking moron!" LOL
MSG685 (4 years ago)
$22,000,000.00, Ya, that's definatly not poor.
Beretta249 (4 years ago)
Fuck being poor. Struggling and triumph is essential, but starving, desperation and perpetual fucking insecurity is no gift to be grateful for. Incidentally all the poverty/success indexes _globally_ make it clear that the less you come from the less you're likely to ever be. Let's not get caught up in what great people we are, people, just because we're not as fucked as we once were.
drvn8 (4 years ago)
Bush was the first silver spoon president?  Wow...
FamilyRoyalty (4 years ago)
And now I finally know who Joe Rogan is. Cool.
mablib412 (4 years ago)
first silver spoon pres?  come on!
RandyMarsh39 (4 years ago)
great interview you guys both nailed it!  DOWN WITH TELEPROMPTERS!!!!
FPSGameClips (4 years ago)
It's so strange to see Joe in such high resolution :D
Nathan Palcs (4 years ago)
how is 911 a stupid conspiracy? everything i look up about it suggests it was staged by the Government and not "terrorists". Even looking at it from a completely unbiased view its so obvious.
razor ramon (4 years ago)
I would suck ana farts and hold it in like a bong hit...
Rossboe1 (4 years ago)
And being poor when your young teaches you empathy for your fellow human being. Thats probably partly the reason Ana gives so much of a shit for other people.
J H (4 years ago)
unlike joe i can unflinchingly stare at ana's legs for the whole interview
Handorow Senpai (4 years ago)
Ana not to gush to much but you look sensational in this video. Truly the most attractive I've ever seen you in a video. That being said. I also enjoyed the video and that you had POWERFUL Joe Rogan on to talk for a while.
Positive Aussie (4 years ago)
Joe is like the working class philosopher. +1 
Sigma Spade (4 years ago)
anna is a banging body goddam son
illegalmonkey (4 years ago)
madcuntmcgee (4 years ago)
yep ana, you really had to rise to the occasion. dealing with having different sandwiches than the other kids must have been pretty rough
Confuzzled Tomato (4 years ago)
Okay, so now professional and fake are not mutually exclusive
7munkee (4 years ago)
Finally, they get some one who is real.  Joe says truth brother, agree with him or not.
TheRoadAhead (4 years ago)
Part 1 or 6?? Wheres the rest?Only 4 in the playlist.
jsmeyers (4 years ago)
Ana, poor kids get free school lunches because their parents can't afford to make them lunches.
jsmeyers (4 years ago)
Ana keeps talking about herself through the whole "interview".
Andrew Huerta (4 years ago)
iamSkip (4 years ago)
is the whole interview in all 6 parts if not where can i find the whole thing because i missed the livestream
Green Beech (4 years ago)
1st silver spoon president? LOL What about FDR?
D.I.V.E (4 years ago)
Barack Smith (4 years ago)
Joe is a Jedi Zen master, Ana didn't realize that he was looking at her crossed legs 85% of the time ..Waiting for the "Sharon Stone Basic Instinct" moment..
Aaron Ott (4 years ago)
Ok guys, just fuck already.
freedom1234573 (4 years ago)
they look cute together
Flappo Spammo (4 years ago)
i hate women like that hi there - wanna look up my asshole ?
Flappo Spammo (4 years ago)
funny cos he always strikes me a s fucking moron
Flappo Spammo (3 years ago)
yes , you're a much bigger moron than ballmer plus unlike you he's wealthy and not a busker
Paolo Pizzi (3 years ago)
The irony here is overwhelming...
Joe Rogan is one incredible inspiration for people changing lives, and touches millions of people worldwide with his inspiration. He's warm, loving, genuine and one aspirational hero figure. Thanks to him I got exposure to many things I now enjoy in my life. Anna is a brave courageous intelectual woman. Thanks for the content, Turks!!!!
theJIVETURKY (4 years ago)
No script on the young turks? Thats bullshit.
Thomas Kane (4 years ago)
They're definitely banging.
Shane Alexander (4 years ago)
necklace line..... body language tip... redness in the necklace line like that means she wants to fucky fucky.
william smith (4 years ago)
Yea like Obama ever worked hard either Joe please stfu.
Mathewmartialart (4 years ago)
so nearly 2 days later, where parts 3-6
Zach Bee (4 years ago)
why is it split into six parts? do i wait have to watch one little part every day for 6 days? that's incredibly obnoxious.
Jeremy Why (4 years ago)
Powerful AK-47 looking delish in that dress! Lol
tupark82 (4 years ago)
I don't know what I found more entertaining on this page: this conversation or the comment section. 
Joseph G (16 days ago)
i think the comments by far. shes only so "hot" like people claim because were use to pathetic men hosting these shows like her overweight counterpart turk"ey." plus i do listen to joe but it seems he only has the same things to speak of over and over
Alan Watts (4 years ago)
Dat dress doe...
Jerkicus (4 years ago)
Where is.....part 2
coglapse (4 years ago)
I hope they hook up.
Daniel Moctezuma (4 years ago)
Ana you found Bush's speeches "entertaining" and you found him more "personable" ...? Wow. Just when I think you have developed respectable opinions you go on and say things like that. I couldn't bare more than five minutes of listening to that guy (Bush). Then you go on and say you realized you were poor because you couldn't afford meat? Where were you living in India? And really that was the deciding factor? So anybody who goes to McDonald's or any fast food place must be doing well. I'm a vegetarian so I must be poor then. And oh yeah her final insinuated point is that you must be poor to develop character until Joe Rogan corrects her....again. I forgot why I haven't watched the Point in years but this is a reminder.
Daniel Moctezuma (4 years ago)
Cool. I'm glad you responded to me with some respect. After all we are raza haha.  I just thought I'd defend my case. I didn't think I was out of line imo. I just fired shots because when three different people come at me calling me "stupid" just for having a counter-opinion I usually fire shots back. Estamos bien tú y yo, los otros gueyes están escondidos. A lo mejor están buscando a otros que no le gustan a Ana jaja.  p.s. vegetarianism is not crazy shit ;)
Alejandro Castellanos (4 years ago)
+Daniel Moctezuma Easy. My Spanish and my English are perfectly fine, I think. I poke funsies at you becuase you are, quite simply, out of line and overreacting about vegetarianism and other crazy shit -- like we say where I'm from "te estás ahogando en un vaso de agua." And Ana's nose is from a rhinoplasty, big deal. You are just testy for whatever reason and finding ways to work yourself up to epic levels. bring it down a little.
Daniel Moctezuma (4 years ago)
+Alejandro Castellanos Why do you assume I'm mad? It's called writing. You should practice it more. I highly doubt english is your first language the way you write so just write to me in spanish. To be honest I'll understand it better although my spanish isn't that good. And no I'm not attracted to Ana, her nose is fake and weird haha. 
Daniel Moctezuma (4 years ago)
+Alejandro Castellanos Nope just laughing.... like you I assume. 
Daniel Moctezuma (4 years ago)
+Uvogin haha I agree. Better than mainstream media. Well I assume you read my half a book somehow so apparently you care what I think. I wrote this because it's therapeutic for me. I'm not a full on hater of Ana. I haven't posted anything negative about her in almost a year. I was just curious about this interview because of Joe Rogan but found myself once again disappointed at some of her opinions....that's it. peace out. 
Submanca (4 years ago)
There is no possible way I could listen to a 3 hour podcast no way it wouldn't matter how great it was!!!
Joshua Shipman (4 years ago)
You are missing out! They're super entertaining.
waveoflight (4 years ago)
where is the link to part 2?
NY OneLove (4 years ago)
Stick to talking about fighting. Your politics and conspiracies suck.
john smith (4 years ago)
I gotta ask: What are his credentials? Why do his opinions and views carry weight?
playandrepeat (4 years ago)
The whole idea of "credentials" is bullshit. 
Ongoing Discovery (4 years ago)
+john smith I guess his credentials are that he's talked to some extremely intelligent and interesting people in depth over a wide variety of subjects. More than most people can claim.
poorandimmature (4 years ago)
+Leonard Penner  Do you know Louis Theroux? Probably one of the best documentary makers alive, and yeah he had a deep conversation with Joe Rogan. I'm sorry that you aren't able to enjoy it because you're consumed with irrational hatred of strangers- that's very sad for you and I hope one day you can get over it.
Leonard Penner (4 years ago)
+poorandimmature If you think Joe Rogan's podcast involves "deep conversations", then you're an extremely stupid fuck! They are nothing more than glorified stoner babble fests. Don't get me wrong, they are entertaining, even to me, who is someone who isn't into drugs, but the content is little more than psuedo-intellectual drivel.
Ongoing Discovery (4 years ago)
He has one of the most popular podcasts in the world, making him an important voice
Rory (4 years ago)
Rogan is a god, and TYT should thankful that he blessed them with his presence. 
dcdellwo (4 years ago)
Adversity builds character if it is genuine. I think being genuine, consistent, even handed, and loving. in any situation is what builds character. Easier said than done.
paladro (4 years ago)
Dunning just needs some time in the tank...
The Jonavic (4 years ago)
I know this is so creepy and innapropriate and also totally not relevant to the subject they are talking about.. But I just have to get my inner perverted demons out and say... Ana has some really fucking sexy legs.. Holy fucking shit.
KartGaming (4 years ago)
Powerful Joe Rogan!
RunPower (4 years ago)
Are the other parts being uploaded?
crushed2015 (4 years ago)
Art Vandelay (4 years ago)
That dress ......daaaammmmmnnnnnnnnnn...wow
Seto Kaiba (4 years ago)
I'm so jealous of Rogan. Ana pretty much wore that sexy, red dress for him, according to what she said on the TYT live show.
Alfredo Larios (4 years ago)
Did they have sex after this?
lv702man (4 years ago)
mk you keep thinking joe rogan cheated on his wife with this dumb bimbo..
Mark Hogan (4 years ago)
+lv702man Yup. Rage about your hopeless stupidity.
lv702man (4 years ago)
+Mark Hogan ragequit lol
Mark Hogan (4 years ago)
+lv702man You're an idiot and you can't read. Get a brain. Goodbye.
lv702man (4 years ago)
+Mark Hogan um no.. you said it was probable he cheated on his wife. meaning he probably did. your fucking retarded.. and guess what u seem very mad writing a huge paragraph over your comment lmao
james hendry (4 years ago)
suffers from affluenza poor g bush
Powerful Joe Rogan 
whycuds (4 years ago)
You're right, Bush Jr. is a f**king moron.  Glad you had Joe on the show, he's down to earth and honest.
Luke Edwards (4 years ago)
the POWERFUL Joe Rogan you freak bitches
Manny NYC (4 years ago)
Ana lacks composure in this video and comes off like she would totally bang Joe Rogan.
Joseph G (16 days ago)
half credit if she she gets him "off" while off air?
5 star Jonny? (1 year ago)
jsmeyers joes dick smells
George Costanza (2 years ago)
+FerFer1958 stfu you stupid faggot. people can comment whatever the fuck they please.
thefactor1 (4 years ago)
+jsmeyers lmfao
ERAUPRCWA (4 years ago)
Rogan is totally changed since the "fear factor" days.  (not that it's a bad thing) He's awesome. 
Travis Hunt YouTube PhD (3 months ago)
ERAUPRCWA the weird thing is that the fear factor was just him basically acting and literally being high. he did podcasts during fear factor and he was just a young version of this.
Kerriigan (4 years ago)
Joe Rogan is awesome! So pleased you got him on your show. 
BUD7H357UD (4 years ago)
I thought it was SETH rogan... (>ლ)
Judging by this video it seems that you don't necessarily need to be Latino to get a chance with Ana lol. Not insulting Ana BTW, its just obvious she likes him. Nothing wrong with that.
Dale (2 years ago)
+endAuthority If you own $30 million worth of things but have no money i'd still call you rich.
networth includes the items you have. I think it has to do with the market value. So people who have no money but own a house have a lot of networth, it wouldnt make much sense to say they're well off. I think he said he has a mortgage on his house. I dont know if debt is factored into net worth.
butterboi (4 years ago)
It's not hard to find out you can Google it. Does it really matter if it's net worth or not? He has enough to not worry about financing things for the rest of his life I would consider that rich.
how do you know if he has 30 million? Also dont confuse net worth with how much someone has.
butterboi (4 years ago)
+endauthority I would say 30 million is pretty rich.
RESISTING1 (4 years ago)
Powerful Ana Kasparian 

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