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30 KISSES BY TEAM 10 MEMBERS Alissa Violet, Jake Paul, Erika Costell

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30 KISSES BY TEAM 10 MEMBERS Alissa Violet, Jake Paul, Erika Costell
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Text Comments (1544)
Cute Ass Yvenerline (2 minutes ago)
I want to do it ti
UnicornGirl Gaming (51 minutes ago)
Madison First (1 hour ago)
done it
luis charlotteen (1 hour ago)
That's was lit man
Sabir Munir (1 hour ago)
Done it
Zeynep Akkaya (2 hours ago)
Bunların amacı ne
jesus munoz sigala (2 hours ago)
jesus munoz sigala (2 hours ago)
Dislike dis video..
T.K.R KLAN OFICIAL (3 hours ago)
Done it
manuela ampofo (4 hours ago)
Done it
Jayed Uddin (4 hours ago)
Fucking moist
Jania Domingez (5 hours ago)
Salma Khdairi (6 hours ago)
Done it
I love ❤ You
Karolin Barillas (6 hours ago)
Bilal Douku (6 hours ago)
Was für Hurens*hne
NIKA DOKONAL (10 hours ago)
muhammet İsa Eroğul (11 hours ago)
salaklar sapıklar itler
Jewelz Mendryk (13 hours ago)
Kaylee Moeller (13 hours ago)
Zachery Deeley (14 hours ago)
Done is plz give me shoutout
shawn hickman (15 hours ago)
Samantha Mencin (15 hours ago)
Done it
D.R. Pruitt (17 hours ago)
Done it
Mike Dearmore (17 hours ago)
kimora edmons (18 hours ago)
Jake Paul's a player
Evie Club (18 hours ago)
ι нανє тнє ѕαмє ιитяσ ѕσиg
Lacey McClanahan (19 hours ago)
Done it btw love you guys
Willow Ezelle (19 hours ago)
Done It!!!
JAYNA Soto (20 hours ago)
Done it
Done it
1:05 why wear that when u have no boobs
Amy Zabiegalski (1 day ago)
Done it
Hoang Le (1 day ago)
Graciela Beltran (1 day ago)
am done subscribeing love you guys
done it
Kk Thompson (1 day ago)
done it
leroy jenkins (1 day ago)
The day they all got herpes.
Tseyang Sangmo (1 day ago)
I love you jake
Tseyang Sangmo (1 day ago)
Lps Paws Production (1 day ago)
Erika and alissa is my fav ♡
Lps Paws Production (1 day ago)
Done it
Marie Colon (1 day ago)
Done it
Done it
Jadiel Curbelo (1 day ago)
Done It
Prisha Patel (1 day ago)
Done it
Genesis Flores (1 day ago)
Done it
aissa al (1 day ago)
Charley Brough (1 day ago)
xMichCookie ML (1 day ago)
Jake kiss Many Girls😤 How about Erika😤
What’s the name of the son in the beginning?
Čhlõë Ďumãïš (1 day ago)
bella louise (1 day ago)
Done it
Rebekah Rebolo (1 day ago)
Elisser looks sexie man🤭🤭🤩🤩
Ana DeLaTorre (1 day ago)
remington ruggles (1 day ago)
Done It
skyler james (1 day ago)
Done it
Melva Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Done it
Chipmunkman 123 (1 day ago)
Faeza Nad (1 day ago)
Done it boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!
Vanje Vaafusuaga (1 day ago)
"Done it!!!"
Victor De La Cruz (1 day ago)
Pipi Amr (2 days ago)
Done it
Chantele Crawford (2 days ago)
I did the list and i DONT IT!
Nachocheesefan123 (2 days ago)
When gayness happens
Traon Barnes (2 days ago)
Jake I hate Brock so much I just want to punch him😲😲😲😲😈😈😈😈😠😠😠😠😨😨😨😨
Macey Moore (2 days ago)
Done it
Pam Smith (2 days ago)
What the hell is going on
QZQ Switched (2 days ago)
My pants
DABLACKS123 (2 days ago)
erika lowkey chat though
Sofia Stølsnes (2 days ago)
done it
Isabella Reihana (2 days ago)
#Chessa I still think they were a good couple 😑😑😑😑
Sofia martinez (2 days ago)
Jayden Peeples (2 days ago)
Done it
Pastel Sprinkles (2 days ago)
Done it
Jakiyah Colon (2 days ago)
Done it
Ayad kurtan (2 days ago)
Why did Ivan ran away
Sabeen Bukhari (2 days ago)
Done it
I am watching this in 2018 and almost all team 10 broke up 😭😭😭
العجمي 12 (2 days ago)
اصلن عادي كفار هم 😂😂😂😂
Blah Blah blah (2 days ago)
Done it
Ashton Baumunk (2 days ago)
2:55 When Ur In 2nd Grade and Ur crush kisses U At the playground 😂
iDaNGeR StRiKe (2 days ago)
When u wanna get views
Jose Jesus Vaca (2 days ago)
Erin Comstock (2 days ago)
Done jake 10
Clarence Simons (2 days ago)
done it
Mehmed Djokovic (2 days ago)
Done it
Brittany’s Corner (2 days ago)
Jalissa 🤨
Hi my name I s Ambreal
Yaw Asamoah (3 days ago)
Team 10 is gay and lesbe
George Johnson (3 days ago)
Done it
Agisfor Aydongaming (3 days ago)
I done it except I liked the video I done everything
Jamilet Moreira (3 days ago)
I love kissing lips
Gabriela Hames (3 days ago)
DONE IT 😄😄😄😄😄
TheSpicyCurry (3 days ago)
on some gay shit
malinda taylor (3 days ago)
Done it
n e (3 days ago)
You are poops and pee
Unique Ariel (3 days ago)
Done it

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