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Paycation Travel Lifestyle Video 2015 **Cozumel Edition** (Official Company Video)

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www.facebook.com/billionairemindsetgroup Want to learn more about this opportunity? Let's talk. Call me now +1 (478)-972-2743 The world is ever-changing and with the increased use of the internet as the preferred method of choice for booking travel, Paycation is leading the way in this 8 trillion dollar industry, offering a unique home-based business solution to let you achieve unmatched success within this fun, exciting, and fast-growing industry! About the Compensation Paycation enables you to run a successful business right from the comfort of your home with the most exciting product worldwide. Whether you are a stay at home mom, a retiree, doctor, student, or one of the millions of full-time, hardworking, yet underpaid and under-appreciated employees; Paycation gives you the opportunity to become financially independent by working your own home based business with all the tools, training, and support you need to become successful! Travel is an 8 trillion dollar industry and with Paycation you can simply join our Paycation Travel Club (PTC) to enjoy the best prices on all types of vacations and custom trips or by just becoming a Paycation Independent Associate (IA), referring the PTC program to your friends, family and co-workers, you can turn Paycation into serious savings and a great income opportunity. At Paycation, you also have the option to become a Referral Travel Consultant (RTC) and earn on all the travel you take or refer to your personal travel site or the corporate office. Many people are looking for a career change. Thanks to Xstream Travel, that option is available through Paycation. You can go through the Xstream Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) Program and become a Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) and earn some of the highest travel commissions in the industry plus enjoy all the travel perks and Tax advantages available only to Travel agents or consultants. Paycation has created the strongest compensation plan in history to give everyone the opportunity for financial success. (See the compensation plan for more information). There are 3 ways to get involved with Paycation Travel: 1. Travel Club Member Independent Associate Join as an Independent Associate, Travel Club Member for $40.00 and a $29.95 monthly fee. Includes Travel Club Membership (IA's earn on personal sales and are eligible to qualify for the Paycation Residual Commission Program). This package comes with your own Travel Club website and back office to track your organizational growth and commissions. IA's if qualified earn in the Paycation Commission program and on personal sales to customers. This allows you to earn personal sales on each Travel Club sold to a customer and the sale of a Referral Travel Consultant Package. 2. Referral Travel Consultant (RTC) $99.95 Join as a Referral Travel Consultant (RTC) $99.95 and $69.95 monthly. As a Travel Consultant you are eligible for Tax Benefits. This package includes the Paycation Travel Club and comes with your personal online travel website plus travel booking portal and back office to track your organizational growth and commissions. Referral Travel Consultants also earn 65% of the Travel Commissions on all travel they refer to their travel portal and 20% on travel referred to the corporate travel department. As a Referral Travel Consultant you can participate in the commission program and qualify for coded bonuses and leadership bonuses. *The RTC monthly subscription fee is $69.95. $40.00 Annual renewal fee 3. Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) $149.95 Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) Once an RTC takes the Certified Travel Training and passes the certification test they will be upgrade to a Certified Travel Consultant for Xstream Travel. As a CTC you get everything in the RTC package and will maximize travel commissions and work direct with top travel suppliers in the travel industry. You earn 75% of the commission on all travel you book direct or refer to your travel portal and 20% of all travel commissions on travel you refer to the corporate travel office. Paycation has created the 3D compensation plan. Paycation will match this plan against any plan in the network industry and know we have the best payout. This plan was built for a spare time or full time income. Paycation has strong weekly pay to create quick success plus the best residual programs in the industry. The keys to the Paycation compensation plan are: Personal sale income, coded bonuses to infinity, matching coded bonuses, a strong residual 3x7 power matrix, 2 matching matrix bonuses - residual coded and matching coded bonuses, business builder bonuses, 2 lifestyle bonuses, Diamond Team Bonuses, and a million dollar bonus. Travel Agent Application: http://retireintravel.info/ Join Today: http://www.colbyhicks.paycation.com/ My Priceline Booking Portal: http://colbyhicks.paycationonline.com/
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