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Blake Lively on The Age of Adaline and Ryan Reynolds Crying

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Blake Lively stars in the upcoming romantic drama The Age of Adaline as a woman who never grows old, and we chatted with her and her costar, Game of Thrones actor Michiel Huisman, about the movie's magical premise this weekend in LA. Blake also spoke about her newest role as mom to baby James. She said her own mother is her parenting role model and weighed in as to whether or not husband Ryan Reynolds cried quite as much as he said he did when their daughter was born. She also explained us he's "scared" to start watching Michiel's hit HBO show. The Age of Adaline hits theaters April 24. POPSUGAR Girls' Guide is your guide to living your '20s in style! We cover everything from DIY fashion and beauty, pop culture and comedy, recipes and food trends, celebrity news, and more. We also LOVE YouTubers and are lucky enough to have featured some of our favorites on PSGG, including Tyler Oakley, Ingrid Nilsen (Missglamorazzi), and many others. Subscribe to POPSUGAR Girls' Guide http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugargirlsguide We just got started on Vine! Watch us there, too!
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jonny777bike (3 месяца назад)
Ryan Reynolds has a beautiful wife inside and out. I hope they have a long life and a long marriage together. I hate the typically short Hollywood marriages.
Ada Wong (3 месяца назад)
I just wanna know where she got that dress and how much it cost?
MEME THE MEMERS (3 месяца назад)
Blake is just the most stunning thing ever and I can’t live with it
Scott Crosby (8 месяцев назад)
Alyssa (1 год назад)
Wtf is up with these flashes who edited this???
ITS PAIGE (1 год назад)
So basically Blake Lively is my idol. I want to be her. Shes so nice, pretty, and a great mother to both her children. I know i shouldn't judge but naming her daughter James was a bad move unless you plan on homeschooling her. James is not a boy and girl name. Its plain out a full on boys name. The century we live in people get bullied in school for having a werid birthmark imagine how its gonna be for a girl with a boys name. I have a friend that's a girl named Jimmy and her whole childhood she was made fun of and i felt so bad. I dont wanna see that happen to Blake's child who seems so cute and nice.
ITS PAIGE (1 год назад)
I literally watched this movie and i sobbed the whole movie!! OMG!! Like sobbed and sobbed the whole movie. Blake is such a great actress.
Aloha Gamer (1 год назад)
Blake Lively looks Like Melissa Benoist
The Indian Boy (1 год назад)
I thought she is Melissa Benoist
honey (1 год назад)
This movie was good The soundtrack was phenomenal
redfire696 (1 год назад)
ryan reynolds is luckiest man alive
NBK (2 года назад)
She has the face of an angel.
TBK (2 года назад)
Blake Lively you are a lovely girl but I'm saving myself for Francis
Mallory S (2 года назад)
1:10 Ryans hand...
최정화 (2 года назад)
Im so jealous of Blake for being with Ryan and i'm so very jealous of Ryan for being with Blake.
Rajarshi (2 года назад)
So did he mean euro cup 1998 in which Netherlands won or champions league in which PSV (a dutch team) won
siddharth singh (2 года назад)
+Rajarshi 1988 Euro cup which Netherlands won.
Sniper Owl (2 года назад)
wait was the baby born on December if it was omg! i have my birthday on December
Rajashree Ghosh (2 года назад)
Michiel Huisman ..I love him..
Grace Ryan (2 года назад)
they are so cute
FLATRONOTTO (2 года назад)
i love that he choose that moment, i would've picked it too.
victor melgar (2 года назад)
lol Ryan Reynolds Co stars with Dario Nahaaris 1. Blake Lively Stars With Dario Nahaaris 2. coincidence I think not.
Dizzy Blu (2 года назад)
holy fuck the new dario acts opposite blake ,and ryan reynoldsher husband acted opposite the old daario in DEADPOOL! MIND BLOWN.
Lizzie Mojibade (2 года назад)
Omg like Ed Skein played Daario in season 3 of GoT and he was in Deadpool as Ajax and that was the film that Blake Livelys husband is in
Alison Rose (2 года назад)
freaking love her
Dưa Lêu (2 года назад)
Wow, James is a girl :v
kokoleka808 (3 года назад)
Blake deserves an Oscar nom for her performance in The Age of Adaline.
Temjen Longkumer (3 года назад)
i wish blake lively is my wife....ryan reynolds is a lucky guy
davidsirmons (3 года назад)
Don't think I can watch Age of Adeline...and GOT...any movie or storyline with women on a...different level...mmmm.....makes me want to just worship them. <3 Becomes an obsession if I let it.
davidsirmons (5 месяцев назад)
Did see it finally. Loved it. Except for the bad choice by the director to have that silly voiceover happening throughout. Just.....cringe.
Ambassador of Corruption (3 года назад)
FlashakaViolet (3 года назад)
as a dragon xD
barbaro267 (3 года назад)
I feel bad for James. I know it's a statement to name your daughter an obvious non-gender neutral name like James, but it's a statement that not everyone, especially not children who will grow up alongside James in school and be in classes with her, will understand or really care for. I personally despise it, because it takes away from the origin of the name and it will make life hard for James. I personally am a female with a boy's name, and while people appreciate it more now that I am an adult, it didn't go over so well when I was growing up.
Kyla Lauengco (1 месяц назад)
Flowered Sentiments (9 месяцев назад)
In this day and age? If something goes wrong she can always have a nick name like Jamie
Alyssa (1 год назад)
Lol are you serious? You could say the same about Taylor & many other names.. you should feel bad for north west or Liam Paynes kid who is called bear
ITS PAIGE (1 год назад)
barbaro267 i completely agree
ITS PAIGE (1 год назад)
barbaro267 whats your name?
Luis Vl Ló (3 года назад)
"we've really done it, we're really smart human beings" hahahahaha But still love her although she's ALWAYS in the moon
EnchantedPrincess11 (3 года назад)
Saw the movie last night, was not expecting it to be SO GOOD. Great, beautiful, magical story.
Aaron Anaya (2 года назад)
+EnchantedPrincess11 just saw it on Netflix
EnchantedPrincess11 (3 года назад)
+Wen Ying at the Movie Theater? lol It's out pretty much everywhere here in the US.
Wen Ying (3 года назад)
+EnchantedPrincess11 where did you watch the movie? I want to watch it too
Robbie (3 года назад)
Blake Lively in the starring role and Lana Del Rey doing the soundtrack. The two most beautiful women in part of one movie. Definitely will be seeing this.
96christiancool (3 года назад)
brenda martinez (3 года назад)
Did anyone else notice how much Michiel stared at Blake? She's so beautiful.
German Serrano (3 года назад)
I thought I was the only one who noticed that, he can't play it off lol
jenifer wendt (3 года назад)
"We're really smart human beings" lol
Jasmine G (3 года назад)
why does Blake have to be so flawless ):
Sarah Nott (3 года назад)
She is an angelllll
Manisha S (3 года назад)
I wish I could be Blake Lively, she's so....perfect..its killing me
Aubrie Keddington (1 год назад)
You're beautiful, be YOU! "The true beauty in a person is reflected in one's soul" :)
Iactuallyreallydontcare (1 год назад)
Harseet Biring (3 года назад)
I freakin love her😭😭😭
Hayden Hughes (3 года назад)
The amount of love I have for Blake Lively is unexplainable
Lilin Kuceng (3 года назад)
+Hayden Hughes *The Age Of Adaline* (2015) Full Movie ✌ https://plus.google.com/111313676338968423067/posts/czmsX8EgKt7
james kiirana (3 года назад)
+Hayden Hughes *The Age of Adeline Full Movie* https://plus.google.com/100542948658255641982/posts/TUkpGLA12Kj
mxvp (3 года назад)
Omg I love her
Bryana Hernandez (3 года назад)
I'm the first one yay😘😝😁😘😘

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