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Drug War, Teacher Strikes, & Lying Politicians (The Point)

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Is America close to ending the war on drugs? What are the national implications of the Chicago Teachers strike? How much do politicians lie and is the media holding them accountable? Political comedian Jimmy Dore leads this weeks panel to discuss these issues and more with Diane Lefer (Activist, Author - 'Nobody Wakes Up Pretty'), Paul Chabot (Policy Consultant, Author - 'Eternal Battle Against Evil'), and Lynne Lyman (CA State Director - Drug Policy Alliance). Special thanks to Stephen Downing (LEAP representative) and Deborah Meier (Founder of the modern small schools movement) for sending in points. Segment 2 - Teacher Strikes: http://youtu.be/3vfxIvs8uRk#t=20m7s Segment 3 - Lying Politicians: http://youtu.be/3vfxIvs8uRk#t=35m44s Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=townsquare Watch More Points: http://www.youtube.com/townsquare Diane Lefer: http://dianelefer.weebly.com/index.html Paul Chabot: http://www.paulchabot.com/index.html Durg Policy Alliance: http://www.drugpolicy.org/ Deborah Meier: http://deborahmeier.com/ Law Enforcement Against Prohibition: http://www.leap.cc/ Jimmy Dore: http://www.jimmydorecomedy.com/ Twitter List To Follow: https://twitter.com/CopsSayLegalize https://twitter.com/DebMeier https://twitter.com/lynnelyman https://twitter.com/DrugPolicyNews http://twitter.com/jimmy_dore https://twitter.com/thepointtyt https://twitter.com/stevenoh88 https://twitter.com/cultureshlock https://twitter.com/tytmedia Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Text Comments (385)
Cory Chapman (3 years ago)
that guy sure has a thing for hot words
Sir Amic Varze (3 years ago)
- At a bare minimum you need to decriminalise marijuana posession. The fact that there are millions of people in prison for simple posession is absurd and a complete waste of police time and state money.  - On education, close the charter schools and fund more state schools. Most charter schools do worse than state schools so their existene is generally pointless.  - I think most people are going to agree that the media needs less bias, but how to achieve that exactly is going to be difficult. Maybe having a BBC-like media group might work well.
General Hades (3 years ago)
Prohibition keeps the price high ! lol Always maintain the image of keeping the laws especially when breaking them ! Cartels own politicians and most of the police in America, cocaine is worth more then gold ...hahaha Stupid let me think should i take 10 million in unreported cash from Don Julio or get a bullet to my kids head ,,,,,my salary of 50,000 a year really makes ends meet at the department  lol Public safety in the name of the children ! Morons ruled by your emotions ! haaaaaaaa MAking very, very bad men billionaires , Prohibition thanks you on their behalf ! ROLF
PaladinLuxastra (3 years ago)
I almost clicked off because I thought you were going to Fox this pro-prohibition guy but then the conversation stabilized and I found it enlightening
TheMannCrux (3 years ago)
Paul Chabot; how can someone so qualified and experienced be so mistaken on so many issues?
gotmeens (4 years ago)
7:00 lol what as assclown
elain williford (4 years ago)
18:36 He says if the facts are presented fairly.  Have they been presented fairly ever on regular television?
Out of my misery (4 years ago)
community values... family values... i feel like conservabots use these words to cloud the real issues (poverty etc.).
mellamosean (5 years ago)
"How the moon get there, tide goes in, tide goes out, you can't explain it!"
Armer gong (5 years ago)
Really I typed the earlyer one before he said it himself their so phoney and they dont see it :)
Armer gong (5 years ago)
I Bet anything that asshole between the two ladys see's his future in politics
Armer gong (5 years ago)
If the chicago parents marched they ed' be classed as terrorists
tomitstube (5 years ago)
lynne lyman destroys this clowns argument, "there IS a war on drugs paul, it was announced by nixon, it's been announced by every president since then, we have spent a trillion dollars, over 45 million related arrests, any given night in america there are 500,000 people are behind bars for drug arrests..." 25:43. thank you jimmy. this war on public schools is a racial and economic divide that's as disproportionate as incomes. the way to fix this is equitable apportionment of taxes.
LJofSpades (5 years ago)
The term "people of colour" just annoys me... I'm not even sure why...
Sharon Kyle (5 years ago)
Fantastic show!!! One of the best.
Rah Rah Rasputin (5 years ago)
Only declared victories! Nah, there have been wars :P
Steven Stockfish (5 years ago)
paul is an idiot
John Adkins (5 years ago)
I watched this video with Linkin park`s Hybrid theory
Douglas Wood (5 years ago)
I said I don't COMPLETELY agree with you. It's definitely something to be concerned about in a post Patriot Act world.
Kenny Duffy (5 years ago)
What does baggy clothing have anything to do with education?
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
My final point is I DONT GIVE TWO FLYING RATS ASSES because this doesn't pay my fines or bills so blown out my ass and hopefully downwind toward douchebags
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
15 seconds late the douche strikes again with bullshit
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
46:46 redeeming moment for the douche by making valid point on media and obama
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
obama did fuck up big with all the curtains
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
its called a jumping point DOUCHE the video has alot to do with it because it provided COVER
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
oh he wants to say his bull but isnt quick enough 42:36
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
42:24 the girls giggle while paul the DOUCHEBAG FUCKWAD just nods till he can get his point in im guessing because again i paused the show
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
a new phone at the store and repubs ran with and said obama was going to give every nigger a phone NOT MY WORDS BUT THE PEOPLE I KNOW WORDS but incase you think something bad nigger nigger nigger ITS A FUCKING WORD. whatever. but if someone can clear up the obama phone thing to me i would appreciate it
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
40:00 ameraicn voters are not smart we rely to much on our feelings and heart more then our facts or commen sense my father is in ohio right now and is listening to the bullshit that is being spewed over their by republicans when he calls home to catch up or better yet debate me on politics (BLUE DOG DEM iguess i am) he has to hang up on me now because he is so fucking wrong on the issues. by the way obama phones... far as i can tell was a black women who came to support obama and get...
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
*first facebook moment (reffering to my mother)
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
75000 is alot here but teachers arent paid that but they do have a better benifit package then i do and i have a college ed in 3d drafting (ENGLAISH NOT MY STRONG SOB JECT WINK) but still teachers are training the future fuck ups and future eistiens cut them some slack if they need an extra penny in taxes from my cheese burger ad mcd's fuck it take it my brother whould probably just steal it from me so he could flick it at me from across the room and then later lose it in the couch coushin
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
32:32 douche nailed obama good job
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
diffrent state (LOCKED IN A YARD COMMENT) after school programs in o3 were well to do but it was on the parents and the student to get involved sports baseball and football for me and for the arts art big for me make that HUGE also piano guitar and drum lessons also once in awhile i would go to singing classes at the school for shits and giggles everyone was welcome even if you didnt sign up because at least you were somewhere if its a population ratio prob then do something about it and move or
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
ive noticed the old hag sorry sweet heart but she has kind of leaned and pivioted off to the side away from the republican duche in the mid FYI its 1:35 am here in IA 11/3/2012 and SOBBER FOR ONCE not because i dont have a job as mitt would say but im watching kids that wont sleep. They are watching REN AND STIMPY on DVD (I LOVE CARTOONS WATCH SP SOMETIME THERE PRETTY GOOD ABOUT SOCIAL ISSUES AND POLITICS and thats sad) FYI
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
paused the video at 27:40 because gangs and drugs dont go hand and hand OSKALOOSA doesnt have GANGS BUT WE HAVE LOTS OF GOOD... GOOOOOODDDD drugs and no gangs but OTTUMWA 30 MILES SOUTH EAST EAST HAS 5 gangs and has shit.
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
oh by the way those cops were in full tactical gear and assualt rifles and shotguns that tried and i say tried because they couldnt kick my oak bedroom dead bolt door down in a 2'8" hallway like you see in big citys like LA not in IA You know what im going to say this and I REALLY DONT WANT TO BUT OSKALOOSA, IA
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
just wanting decriminalization not legalization take my bud and slap me with a fine of 50 bucks and ill say fuck shit damn it and move on.
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
17:20 What 3 states and is IA one of them and it should be
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
SURE THAT PEOPLE AT A CARGILL PLANT IN ND WERE STAYING ALIVE but he told the cops "as soon as i get the combo out of the other safe (SMART) ill gladly let you open it " he then proceded to tell the cops exactly what was in it but THE POINT IS the cops want MONEY AND DRUGS ARE A WAY OF GETTING SAID MONEY SOMEONE WHO HIS HAS GUNS AND SELLS THEM ILLEGALLY GETS HIS DOOR KNOCKED ON and me my people get embarassed IT BULL FUCKING SHIT AND I HOPE MY STATE IS READING THIS. ROCKING CRAZY IA
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
while detained and rug burned told me to get control of my dog or they will shoot and kill the fucking mutt.(RUDE) who slept with me HUGO I MISS YOU who was a 13 years old cockerspaniel and standing on my back protecting me from the cops i said fuck off and get out of my house. but for the next three hours they tore everything up and caused another 1000 dollars damage then took my fathers safe and thretend to destroy it if my father didnt give up the combonation. PAPPY WASNT HOME HE WAS MAKING
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
like a rock so i stumble towards the door thinking it just assholes i live with and open it. and come to find out its 5 fucking cops huddled in a hallway where two people can get by in knocking me to the floor and handcuffing me in my panties because of a rumor that my brother had 2 lbs of pot in the house. (two properties first farm, they didnt find it and no one was there but the cops still felt they had to cause 5000 dollars werth of damage second being in town which im talking about)...
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
cops are fucking retards in my state three cops show up to a house of a former gun runner and knock on the door with a warrent and this guy who is being issued the warrent is not right in the head and knows hes going down opens fire and kills the first cop. but then barge into my home at 3am knowing REPEAT KNOWING i or anybody i live with or have lived with are NOT violent people,,, front door unlocked back also only locked door is my bedroom because of thieves and try to kick it down i sleep...
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
litering 3 times my bad opps!
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
8:40 in and shes right 50 % of IA inmates are black and brown and i hate those terms but WHAT THE FUCK EVER. i have 2 duis .o2 vio 3 possesions 4 paraphanilia *SPcheck providing to minors twice both not me but adults i provided to that allowed kids to drink at their homes just because i bought alcohol litering for painting the road for homecoming litering twice for trying to catch trash from flying out of the back of a truck and once for being 13 and stomping on an oil bottle on the sidwalk. ETC
bahbadabah (5 years ago)
drug usage isnt down it has sky rocketed who ever this aa fuck is needs to to step down off his SOAP BOX and realize IA is full of drinkers and tokers we love the mix but we also love our duties and responsiblities. so when the sun goes down get the kids in bed for the fucked up are coming out... i kidd on the drunk driving thing be one of them and knowing i did wrong 2 dui and a .02 vio. but really stay home and smoke some pot not METH and crash. then wake up and bust your ass in IA #THWD.
Truthsabre7 (5 years ago)
How can you be a war veteran? We never declared war since WWII
StrummingSparrow (5 years ago)
Took me a while to getting around to watching this. Damn that Chabot guy was brave enough to appear on this show. Lol.
hmstrdomdeeg (5 years ago)
Dore is definately my favourite guest host.
flake452 (5 years ago)
75 thousand dollars is a lot of money the way tyt goes on about their poor pay makes me questions what they say on other issues.
issy hatt (5 years ago)
And one asks themselves how much money has this dude made in his career due to the drug war
doctorliman (5 years ago)
He was not informed. He was robotic with his talking points and buzz-words. He cited quite a few random statistics that were either blatantly false, out of context, or misleading. unfortunately having someone like him on The Point only creates a punching bag for the other three people to attack. I'd rather have 3 guests who are either educated or unabashedly "real", not some bizarre excuse for a potential campaign for some governmental position.
macoroni (5 years ago)
I Lynne is incredibly articulate in her points on legalization drastically lowering the crime rates. Also, imagine the billions saved on our broken prison system, were pot legalized and regulated. Paul's shady statistics quote simply shows that he's willing to go to any length to fight drug use despite the consequences.
VanguardSupreme (5 years ago)
Oh, thanks, Paul! That's what's really needed, parents need to stop sending their kids to school in baggy clothes and read to them more! Why isn't this man Secretary of Education! Tough love! Tool.
gh0stman (5 years ago)
how do you not agree with me?
IslamoFascism (5 years ago)
Did you notice once the panel jumped on Paul for lying about pot possession he never tryed it again. Well once, but that could have been a slip of the decimal point.
IslamoFascism (5 years ago)
I love this show. They are so quick dispel to the lies and outright libelous propaganda from the 40's that these drug war hypocrites always spew to try to valid their caustic cause.
Denixen (5 years ago)
I feel you, I couldn't watch it to the end, after Dore called him out after his first few lies, I felt like puking and had to atop watching... Paul disgusts me.
IslamoFascism (5 years ago)
Paul Chabot going through marijuana rehab at 12 years old. Now that requires real intelligence. What rehab? A slap in the face from his mommy? A 12 year old smoking pot? Smoking, Period? Are you sure it wasn't just for possession? The whole thing sounds ludicrous. Bring back Steven Baldwin to argue for prohibition. His stupidity was actually funny.
IslamoFascism (5 years ago)
So Stephen Downing says are drug laws are too soft. That is L.E.A.P. Against prohibition but get tougher on drugs.
pokeralho2008 (5 years ago)
Jimmy Dore is a great host. He is really well informed and asks the relevant questions, like "can you back your opinion with statistics?". He completely dominated the guests in data and subject. I don't want to bash this Paul character but he is completely pwnd in every theme but keeps coming back as if he wasn't caught pants down. I see this behaviour also in Bill Maher show where most of his right wing guests are shown wrong but keep getting back on the horse.
pokeralho2008 (5 years ago)
This guy just keeps evading questions. 1) Dore (I'm "paraphrasing"): Where does that statistics comes from? Paul: Just changes subject and says his BS. 2) Dore: If alcohol and presc. drugs are legal and more harmful than pot how come pot is the illegal drug? Paul: Again changes subject plus more BS. It's an insult to the brain to have to watch this guy talk. And I'm not even half way through the show...
pokeralho2008 (5 years ago)
I hope for the day when somenone cites a statistical number "somehow" electronically/online you would get a confirmation in seconds. As it is today, fake or out of context statistics just destroy any possible discussion and leaves and viewer under the impression that it not possible to arrive at a conclusion.
ed hane (5 years ago)
Mitt says he has a binder full of women up for jobs ,but yet he want them back in the kitchen like his wife ,he said it that you should be at home and let the man run things and get paid more ,you know CEO thing ,also says he want go against religion so hell ban Abortion , man you women are so dumb ,and Mitt loves it ,you do belong in the kitchen or dead on a operating table voting for this asshole ,I just feel sorry for you all if Mitt becomes president
deimos93UK (5 years ago)
Jimmy Dore & John Fugelsang are the best Point hosts.
SkamGame (5 years ago)
Steve! Is that you?!
Joe Cannabyte (5 years ago)
I like the cut'o'yer jib.
Joe Cannabyte (5 years ago)
I lol'd pretty hard when he said he had "25 years sobriety since I was 12, rehab for alcohol and marijuana" Yeah, I bet those 2 months were hardcore. By the Lightning of Zeus, what a fool!
George Bowles (5 years ago)
bravo, great panel, actual informative talk show more than rare these days, thanks
Newenlightenmentnow (5 years ago)
I'm so sick of this lying fuck! Fuck you Paul Chabot! Everyone is 10 IQ points lower for listening to you.
cjfilmproductions (5 years ago)
more recent data than 97 isn't available because now we have private prisons.
cjfilmproductions (5 years ago)
the cartels make the majority of their cash and power from drugs.
cjfilmproductions (5 years ago)
MAn this dude sounds so fake. he doesn't buy the shit he is saying it's just his stick.....
EeeScape Phoenix (5 years ago)
"He immediately ignored Jimmy's question on his source for the 30% stat..." Yep
07A09 (5 years ago)
I know a little bit about the cartels in southern California and arizona they profit strongly from buying and selling guns not drugs..and sadly from sex trafficking..and prostitution
Letters Word (5 years ago)
Gary Johnson 2012
Thrashaero (5 years ago)
I think Lynne Lyman here (the redhead chick) has the hots for Jimmy.
Thrashaero (5 years ago)
As soon as I saw Paul Chabot, I laughed, seeing how utterly ridiculous he was in another debate I've seen him lose miserably in. I continued to try to be open minded to see any maturity enter into his behavior, but, to my non-surprise, this guy hasn't changed one iota and is still the same brainwashed tool on this issue as he always has been. He immediately ignored Jimmy's question on his source for the 30% stat, misuses the rest of his stats, and just pathologically lied on every disagreement.
callista (5 years ago)
My thoughts exactly. He seemed nice and polite throughout and then revealed his respect for such a screaming, ignorant, biased man. Ouch.
Dietrich Buxtehude (5 years ago)
The number one issue with our school system is American's complete disrespect for education and the teaching profession in America. I'm surprised it did not come up.
Dietrich Buxtehude (5 years ago)
Paul admitted to smoking marijuana???? Does he think he should be in prison or not?
Dietrich Buxtehude (5 years ago)
Paul didn't address why it should be criminal in the first place.
Jimmy Dore is now the host I respect the most out of pretty much any other I've seen anywhere. Call it when you see it mate, it brought a satisfied grin to my face.
mjr256 (5 years ago)
"I have great respect for Bill O'Reilly." And there goes any chance you had of gaining my respect.
ellaphx (5 years ago)
re Paul Chabot on drug laws: I love someone who starts his argument by denying the problem. There is no war on drugs? Tell that to all the potheads rotting in American prisons.
lelz (5 years ago)
let dis guy host more ffs!
interuniversal321 (5 years ago)
That Paul guy is pretty thick. What's with people who recover from a history of drug abuse (weakness) and then go around preaching to others. So many Christian fundamentalists are the same. If you screwed up your life in the past and are now straightened out, good for you, but don't come to me preaching your nonsense and extremism, because I don't need it, I wasn't dumb or weak enough to get into the same problems as you, I don't need religion or right wing politics to keep me on the straight.
kronos81F (5 years ago)
Wow jimmy is rocking it, not taking any b.s. from anyone and backing up his position with facts. Right on Jimmy!
Anti Hypocrite (5 years ago)
Paul is big dumb ass.
Rodney Allen McLain (5 years ago)
I have also been through rehab systems with friends who could not quit. Paul could not be more wrong on all these issues. I see this guy as the one who rose above the rest and when he had the opportunity to help his fellow man in the time the were down the most he spit on them and decalred "to hell with you, I have a political agenda"
Elmaln (5 years ago)
Please do, it is nice hearing a different point of view from someone who is actually informed.
Ben Nix-Bradley (5 years ago)
How did this guy escpe4 the studio?
Matthew Cunningham (5 years ago)
Legalize end this Madness
Darth Anubis (5 years ago)
Thank you.
Jebus Christ (5 years ago)
Marijuana hasn't killed anybody, leave it alone.
s9z9s (5 years ago)
Do you realize that your argument boils down to "conservatives are wrong because they are patriotic and polite"? Do you understand how stupid that sounds? I'd be happy to discuss my positions with you in depth, flag pin or no flag pin.
Liam Fielding (5 years ago)
You know when someone says "I'll provide you with all the facts and statistics." They're full of shit. I personally don't complain when there are no conservatives, I'd prefer no conservatives on because they're so full of shit.
CitizenofDystopia (5 years ago)
Do you even know the requirements of being a teacher? Anyone can do it, and that's why, as the video says, the bottom 3rd of college graduates go into teaching. Schools in Chicago are under-performing. Either way, I was responding to the video when it said people wouldn't want to work for 75k a year teaching inner city. I would gladly do it and so would the 50% of college graduates this year that won't get jobs.
JakobiRobi9 (5 years ago)
I can't stand these blatantly fraudulent conservative types. They always got a big-ass American flagpin, as if they feel they need to convince people they support America. Its like, "Don't look at the policies I support. Look at the flagpin on my lapel. That settles it." They suck up way too much air time, spouting more crap than anyone can respond to in one sentence. Their politeness is to disarm others from shutting their argument down, which they know is acutely deserved and are prepared for.
okonomiyaki51 (5 years ago)
Paul Chabot doesn't understand dick about poverty, which makes his analysis look idiotic. The whole marijuana speech proved it. And then his whole spiel on how parents are the victims here and they need to "stop sending their kids to school in baggy foods and giving them junk food". Really? Baggy clothes and junk food. Says scores right there. Stop blaming the parents and look at the bigger picture. Their state of poverty gives them no time to be there for kids. And they are supposedly the lazy!
Bruce Hall (5 years ago)
Paul Chabot comes out of law enforcement and looks at marijuana users as criminals rather than patients. He is terribly uneducated on the medical benefits of cannabis. He is intellectually lazy. People including law enforcement who are killed while enforcing prohibition are killed by prohibition, not by drugs.

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