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Text Comments (3484)
Joy Obiri (18 hours ago)
will is too funny i swear 💀
Sally Quoey (21 hours ago)
Why you denying me.... 😥😥😂😂😂 OMG will why you do her like that 😂😂
Shaylah Harrison (22 hours ago)
JESUS Flip the table top upside down then insert the leg Not that hard
Dai Michelle (1 day ago)
“Can i still get some later” 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀
SierraMadreee (2 days ago)
Yo the way he smiled into the camera...she said turn off he camera will was happier than a kid in a candy store smh
Queen Shanaya (4 days ago)
Three days I know damn well they 😂😂😂 “ice on that 😶
William Pollard. (4 days ago)
Do the viagra prank on your boyfriend
Barbara98 (4 days ago)
,,-babbb i am tired - we just opened the box " hahaha its literally me and my boyfriend 😆😂😂Love u 😍❤❤
Yvvana Yeboah Duku (4 days ago)
“Come eat my kitty on the couch”😭😂
Jevaughn Hardie (5 days ago)
You Jamaican right? Man seh bumbuclaaaaaat
Arod from Dade (6 days ago)
Can’t deny sex
Carolin Lausell (7 days ago)
When she says he's so white and then he says he's black
Robert Petties (7 days ago)
Tell me why this nigga look scared... In the back of his mind he's like... "Shes about to rape me" Lol
Monica Bell (8 days ago)
Monica Bell (8 days ago)
Yo she deadaaa looked The camera
Panin Dapaah (8 days ago)
You want me to break you back right now I can’t
Panin Dapaah (8 days ago)
Hold on I’m fixing the table 😂😂😂
A1&T1 (9 days ago)
Liv *Opens Her Legs * Will : GET UPPPPP! 😂😂😂
Skitzo Icey (10 days ago)
Lmp on ig @ej.banda for a subscription 🔥🔥
Puerto Rican GODDESS (10 days ago)
Yo fuck all that shit HAVE YOU SEEN THAT TRANSSEXUAL CHRIS FROM CHRIS & QUEEN WAS FUCKIN WITH & IN LOVE WITH?? Yo she is super duper pretty & bad as fuck & shits on all these bitches if not most even these YouTube chicks LOOK FOR YOURSELF FACEBOOK/ jasmine ovahness plus it’s been on YouTube too
Deonta Williams (10 days ago)
We Know Y'all Fucked After Dis Video😂💯
Elizabeth Akhagbeme (11 days ago)
14:10 im so done
Arabia Hamilton (11 days ago)
when he yelled and said "HOLD UP. WAIT A MINUTE". I laughed too hard
Iamcookie 254 (11 days ago)
When he say I'm telling the people how you shopping 😂😂😂but was talking about Viagra 😂😂😂😂
Jaysweetness (11 days ago)
13:42, he was thinking fuck the prank this ass feeling niceeeeee😭☠️
Brittany Shanae (12 days ago)
At dis point 10:00 she don’t really give af about that table nomore she low key planning how she boutta get u😂😂😂😂😂
Jayla DeVault (12 days ago)
if someone ever called me mama I’d marry them right then and there
Shay Jones (12 days ago)
Go put some ice on that pussy✋😂😂😊😊
Autumn ClaudioNegrete (12 days ago)
Ahahahah you want me to break yo back an I can't do that right now I'm trying built a table ahhahaahhahaha
Amiyah Delk (14 days ago)
We all know they built tht table and then broke it at the end lmfao😂😂❤ #cute-couples😘
Sabri Payne (14 days ago)
12:50 that’s always my face when people ask me obvious question💀
Sabri Payne (14 days ago)
10:06 “we ain’t even do shit”😂💀IM DEAD
Sabri Payne (14 days ago)
i’m sorry but @GOLDJUICE is hot🔥🤤😂
Angie Santos (14 days ago)
He look like he couldn’t resist , trying so hard to reject her 🤣🤣🤣
Deja Haywood (15 days ago)
Where is zen? I haven’t seen him in a minute
ricardo moseley (15 days ago)
🍵🐸 bro. Im all over here peeling out my chair
ricardo moseley (15 days ago)
I know he wassyyy as fuck. Llooool
Dream Big Squad (15 days ago)
I'm dead asf. Bruh u is a mad funny comedian😂😂 For some reason when u was talking you sounded like u was high asf.😂💯💯🍃💨🔥 he said somebody boobooed 😂
React TV (15 days ago)
Am i the only one who saw her look at the camera?????
Tailea Martin (16 days ago)
I wanna do this prank but where do you go to get the pill
Dinah Brown (16 days ago)
okay it’s cute when he calls her mama
ENElii THY QUEEN (16 days ago)
Where the hell did you get the samples Will?? What's the website give the ppl the FYI
Tanisha Hair Addict. (16 days ago)
Drink some water 😂😂
Keissi Jacobo (17 days ago)
I love y’all and I know y’all trying to get paid but why all the ads 😭
Jersi Patterson (18 days ago)
“put your pants back on”😭😂
Mya Johnson (18 days ago)
Will know he wanted to get busy😂😂 his facial expressions gave it away
J and Tayy Tv (19 days ago)
Not you denyingggg her. She was not having that shit lol
Jewel Camara (19 days ago)
"And not Unbuckle my pants" *Sits there and doesn't try to stop her😂* 17:27😂😂His straight ass face
Unicorn Milk (20 days ago)
"you want some head" "what" "you want some head" "right now"? Lmfaoooo his face expression changed mad quick
Brianna Diaz (20 days ago)
Babe I’m tryna build the table!
Carli Barnes (20 days ago)
what’s the name of the pill
Mavita Alice (20 days ago)
Put your pant on and leave , just a minute wow
Emily Campbell (21 days ago)
"babe im tireeeddd" "babe-b-bu- we just oPeNED THE BOX!"
Stayci Staxx (21 days ago)
will face lmao willll who u fightinnn?
Stayci Staxx (21 days ago)
nooosa he really was fighting inside when she said eat the kitty on the couch lmaooo
vanessa (22 days ago)
Don’t have her hold it !!! Fuckkk herrrr DONT b bogusss😭😭
vanessa (22 days ago)
Yal hella cute an I love this prank
Antonia Hanson (22 days ago)
Another bomboclattttt video dwl
Anysa Stewart (23 days ago)
His face at the end💀😂
Jasmin Jade (24 days ago)
12:35 When will says “we just opened the box” 😂💀
Ari Baker (24 days ago)
This be me without the viagra 😂😂 always tryna use sex to get out of doing some work lmao
shunteewuntee (24 days ago)
“You so wack” 😂😂😂
Shanice Richards (25 days ago)
Representing from Jamaica !!!!!!!
Tendai Mbilima (25 days ago)
He is so turned on
Moriah love (25 days ago)
Liv : Lets Take A Break Im tried Will : We Just Opened The Box lmaoo!
Saskia Parker (25 days ago)
He know damn well he wanted some😺, & she know damn well she weren't tired😭☺, Aw love you guys😩😘 #goldjuice
Lexi James (25 days ago)
this shit has me dying 😂😂😂💀💀
Amaryia Atkins (26 days ago)
Amaryia Atkins (26 days ago)
the way she said" bust a nut real quick," then he said WHAT killed me even tho im tryna be quite
Tiffany Cox (26 days ago)
I'll pay money to see y'all fuck LMAO
Didi. love (26 days ago)
“So you gonna help me with this or...”😭🤣
Shanda Isidore (26 days ago)
Favorite line" Go Put Some Use On That Pussyyy"
jmaryae jmaryae (27 days ago)
She smooth slap the shit outta Will 😂😂😂
Queen's Effect (28 days ago)
Damn if that shit make you like that then pass that shit lol
Kennedy Colen (28 days ago)
"Building for dummies lets go"😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ms. Campbell (28 days ago)
Putting pills in someone's drink and calling it a prank...
Mikaela Mitchell (28 days ago)
“We back again with another bumboclaat video” I’m dead💀💀💀 #jamaicajamaica🇯🇲🇯🇲
Lilee Diaz (28 days ago)
Did she slap him im dead
Nadia Funna (29 days ago)
“ put my sock in your mouth “ “ no wtf “ 💀💀💀
JVNM❕ (29 days ago)
Liv: “buss a nut real quick” Will: *fake shocked* “whaaaattt” 😂
Yasmin Silwany (29 days ago)
These videos are so fake lol. You really mean to tell me he wouldn’t have sex with her and just come back to the table? Please lol
lala mariama (29 days ago)
Will: "can i get some later?" Liv: "if you act right" Will *gulps* ... lmfaooo
HoneyOats LuvDunaCakes (1 month ago)
I love how when one of y’all try to give the other full credit, the other person always be like well bae u do such n such...example how he said liv do the interior design but she was like well you add your 2 cents lol. Y’all get on my nerves cause I love y’all so freakin much!
Sheridan Branch (1 month ago)
Yooooooooooooo he got distracted from the prank at 12:05 I am cryinnnfffggg “right now?”
3/3 Vlogs (1 month ago)
Vivitoss (1 month ago)
you want me to break your back, i cant do that right now. lol killed me.
Kanecia Pickens (1 month ago)
" you tryna grab this pole 🍆 when you need to help me w this one" 😂😂
Joey Torres (1 month ago)
O - Lets take a break! IM TIRED! W - We just opened a box!! Lol!!!!
Terranisha Douglas (1 month ago)
This is hard for him right now 😂 he’s faces say it alll 💀
KAYY 3x (1 month ago)
She be sounded sexy
Bccollio B (1 month ago)
I pray to god i have a relationship like theirs
Taylar Daniels (1 month ago)
12:04 lmaooooo
Ay Sh (1 month ago)
15:14 he's so shocked 😂😂
Silent Psykosis (1 month ago)
Ahh, I like happy endings.
Karen Perez (1 month ago)
“Let’s take a breaaak I’m tiiired” “We just opened the box?!”
Gladis Aracena (1 month ago)
i’m tired we jus open da box
d nd (1 month ago)
12:30 O: babe let’s just take a break i’m tired W: we just opened the box 😂😂😂
Dame Franken (1 month ago)
will was trying so hard not to pound her lol
Gg Wp. (1 month ago)
15:27 she's naked because he says put ur pants on babe. well he's getting horny too
Gg Wp. (1 month ago)
13:22 ..because I'm horny and I want sex ....lol

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