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Jimmy Dore Show Episode 3 (Part 1)

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Comedian Jimmy Dore, star of several Comedy Central specials, a writer-performer for the Off-Broadway hit The Marijuana - Logues, and a guest host and contributor for The Young Turks, breaks down news, politics, and social commentary on the third episode of The Jimmy Dore Show. This week he tackles Fox News, Chuck Norris, Rush Limbaugh, and more. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=townsquare Watch the latest 'Oh My God!' segment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRkitxW8-GI Follow Jimmy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jimmy_dore Caricature of Jimmy courtesy of DonkeyHotey: http://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/5346022953/ Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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Text Comments (72)
Rich Newman (2 years ago)
LawoftheLandPA (5 years ago)
I feel like I'm in a nightmare....like while watching good Guys Dont Wear Black. I walked out of that movie when I was a kid.
dominsu (5 years ago)
I love how the Republicans bitch about how Obama's ruining America, and then they whinge about the deficit, and the debt, and how terrible it is that they exist and that we should totally impeach Obama over them even though they both somehow were conjured up between 2000 and 2008...
freedom1234573 (5 years ago)
yeah rush as a health care professional you are absolutely right...my day is filled taking care of athletes....damn young people filling up the beds of my hospital with hip fractures and tendonitis i can't think of the last time i had a patient with diabetes, heart failure, obesity, asthma, copd........nah just young healthy crazy ass athletes - that is why the good ole usa places 1st in fat asses like you
Mikail Zavalet (5 years ago)
Not only a republican, but a hardcore conservative too. So, fuck him double.
jerico641 (5 years ago)
I can't believe I'm living a life that Rush Limbaugh would approve of; I'm gonna give up smoking, start exercising, and lose 30 pounds. If it'll piss off Rush, it's worth it. As for Rush himself, I say stay with those egg Mcmuffins every day, and keep smoking the cubans...the quicker we get rid of you, the better.
jerico641 (5 years ago)
Mike Wallace is more interesting dead than Bill O'Reilly will ever be while alive...
Keith Risk (6 years ago)
Mike Wallace is burning in hell 'cause he helped assassinate JFK.
Crabula (6 years ago)
I always thought so. People thought he was cool in the '70/'80s, but after that he was remembered as a stereotypical dumb action movie guy. Bruce Lee, on the other hand, never stopped being cool. Unfortunately, he started being dead in 1973. Also, if you haven't seen the awful '80s norris cartoon, it's hilarious: /watch?v=wSU1Lvxy9Sk
...It was?
Crabula (6 years ago)
The Chuck Norris thing was sarcastic from the begining.
O Houlihan (6 years ago)
Ya he's better than your gynecologist, Gurl!
Bryan Geonzon (6 years ago)
Yea chuck Norris lost some points really wtf he's gonna really compair his life to a nightmare. Try liveing on min wage and skiping days of not eating then come talk to me about nightmare
Cornelius Maximilianus (6 years ago)
TYT!!!!!!!! Where is the new show guys???????
RANNDOMFORCE (6 years ago)
Oh wow he actually has an audience. And I thought the clapping and laughing were stock audio... damn.
Thank you. I haven't seen very many interviews with him and such, just those dumb Chuck Norris jokes. Thanks for informing me, though! *hug*
Mikail Zavalet (6 years ago)
A republican, but more importantly, an homophobic, ultra-fundamentalist christian ASSHOLE.
gotama420 (6 years ago)
fuck chuck! ted nugent too.
bashingthrough (6 years ago)
The pan over the small audience is a good idea because it shows that the laughter isn't canned
DungbeetleXL5000 (6 years ago)
@ 5:38 "Public Option" IE: A government funded insurance policy You dolt....what do you think they already have?
Hangshai (6 years ago)
Of all the things I love about this video, I think the one thing I love most is that Chuck Norris calls Hannity 'John'. Awesome.
OfficialSolidState (6 years ago)
AMagicalUsername (6 years ago)
about 20 years ago when he became a joke
lex811117 (6 years ago)
Well hell no one told me Walker didnt like the way the economy is... I am unhappy now...
Nelson Goodrich (6 years ago)
I don't find this funny, but as long people like your work I hope you keep doing it
32simas (6 years ago)
better then first one Jimmy.
songOmatic (6 years ago)
Not too bad here, some lame jokes, but most were pretty funny. Keep workin on it! Good luck.
miguelin97223 (6 years ago)
Mike Wallace died April 7. "Last month"? Kinda wrong but ok not a biggie.
Tony White (6 years ago)
I really appreciate this show. I just wish it had made its own discrete channel. it don't like it mixing with "the point" videos. is that ocd?
MrCoalmin (6 years ago)
it's gonna suck if this show stops.
distatic (6 years ago)
Jimmy Dore is on fire! Keep up the good work!
redoxin5 (6 years ago)
This show is amazing. I love Jimmy!! More more more more
Clanki (6 years ago)
What the hell happend to the image quality and camera settings?
Armadeadon! no!
MrAlcoholic11 (6 years ago)
chuck norris eats iron.
Cory Amo (6 years ago)
shit I hope man.
I bought into the entire Chuck Norris fad until I remembered that he was a Republican. So fuck him.
TheUrbanSquirrel (6 years ago)
Chuck Norris is 72 years old. His hair is ridiculous.
Temperance Raziel (6 years ago)
This was better. The first episode made me feel a little uncomfortable the whole time I was watching it.
Jesse Desjarlais (6 years ago)
According to Jimmy, right now you are the jerk..however, with this comment I will get my chance to be the jerk for a couple seconds :P
Marcara081 (6 years ago)
Good, I'll give it another chance.
Fangs1978 (6 years ago)
This show is getting a lot better.
jk147a (6 years ago)
I've started to seek this show out. Would it be rude to ask for more shows more often?
Cornelius Maximilianus (6 years ago)
this is my favorite TYT show, love you Jimmy
wosu08 (6 years ago)
talk soup ?
Justin Brown (6 years ago)
He starred in Comedy Central specials?...Were they for special people?
jawa64ify (6 years ago)
Mike Wallace & 60 Minutes LIED and pulled a FOX NEWs like HOAX watch?v=onNzrNEFs1E
daddyleon (6 years ago)
Chuck sounds like a 87 year old closeted homosexual, there O_o
stalkingcat123 (6 years ago)
Chuck Norris is the greatest action hero that has ever existed god dammit. How dare you!! Lol
RedWinterHero (6 years ago)
Lmao it was a laugh track before, now they've shown they've put in real people, funny.
Mufcuw (6 years ago)
These deserve more popularity
tanekki (6 years ago)
Fair enough, it might not be a laugh track, but the audience is annoying as shit.
SumFreshDkaf (6 years ago)
God the stupidity of rush limbaugh...
CognosSquare (6 years ago)
Thats one funny fucker.
Yog Sothoth (6 years ago)
Dear Rush: I'm a cyclist and the only times I was in a hospital was when I broke my wrists after being pushed over by a jerk in school and before that when I was 3 and had bone necrosis, which luckily got fixed. I have never had a serious injury while doing sport, but I had a lot while relaxing...
adamishaw (6 years ago)
Chuck Norris is upset he might live out his last days under a black president. On a separate note, Mr Dore, this show has John Stewart like potential! Great work, can't wait fof the next episode.
gtfkiller (6 years ago)
WillBravo63 (6 years ago)
It's called an 'establishing shot.' Brand new idea, but seems to have utility. ~ D.W. Griffith, 1905 (Sorry. Couldn't resist. I love everybody.)
kurd55 (6 years ago)
Chuck Norris = 72 = X_X = :-D
kurd55 (6 years ago)
Sometimes I love to watch dipshit entertainment--like a Chuck Norris movie, for instance. Chuck looks pretty good for 72, but he can't dye his brain smart. That just don't work no-how.
torr071 (6 years ago)
likin it. ending joke was worth the wait, lol. i'm not 4th am i?
Alberto Elias (6 years ago)
i haven't heard much of this Limbo guy, but after seeing this miniclip, i know for a fact that he's a complete dumbass!
cptsalazar (6 years ago)
i like you jimmy but this format doesn't quite work - sorry dude - the canned laughter is definatly not working - the edits should be tight and please don't "wait for the laugh"
Madison Waller (6 years ago)
Yay, they showed the crowd!
MitchofSmeg (6 years ago)
hi im chris hanson and i like rape and soft sensual kissing.
Matilde LeGiraffe (6 years ago)
I just love this show. Please keep doing this great job, Jimmy Dore!
O Houlihan (6 years ago)
4th comment
Drake Santiago (6 years ago)
Chuck Norris feels like he is in a nightmare and can't wake up? That's funny. That is exactly how I feel when I watch one of his films.
Sim Syn (6 years ago)
Love this show.
Matilde LeGiraffe (6 years ago)

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