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Accidental Inventions That Changed The World

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Top 10 inventions that were created by mistake. Inventors who made groundbreaking things by accident. Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/9CwQhg Description: Inventors aren't always the geniuses behind the great things they invented. Some of these world changing items were created by pure luck. Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRichest.org Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRichest_Com Instagram: http://instagram.com/therichest Featuring: Chips Microwave Popsicles X ray Superglue Velcro Post It Notes Matches Viagra LSD Music Track: Minds Eye Potato chips footage courtesy of Bigstock.com For more videos and articles visit: http://www.therichest.com/
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Text Comments (429)
gabrielle turner (5 months ago)
Point architect prayer apparent enemy maximum future tall.
Sirius White (6 months ago)
thanks for your interesting video. inventor of potato chips has accidentally contributed to obesity crisis. Not many female inventors in this. We'd have been better off without LSD.
martin neeves (1 year ago)
what a load of american rubbish
bizzare gameguy (1 year ago)
why didn't they add silly putty. silly putty was made by accident
A7mmdZ _ (1 year ago)
اللي جايين من استاذ محمد السنيدي يكتبون تحت 😂😂✌🏼️
Sam Johnson (1 year ago)
wait so LSD was legal at one point?
Jaden Anthony (1 year ago)
Popsicles were one of the good accidents 😁
Warghost890 (2 years ago)
Percy Spencer basically said "Huh, I made the invention of microwave burritos and hot pockets. Cool" If he was real today
Adonis Guy (2 years ago)
and epic accidental invention: the gun powder by the Chinese.
Tahsildar Thullur (2 years ago)
microbusss (2 years ago)
2 other accidental inventions were Silly Putty & the Slinky!
Niall Horan (2 years ago)
nice, you helped me with history bro
Jam Ardaniel (2 years ago)
Oh I thought Mary Curie invented the X-Ray got sick with her invention base on your previous video; Inventors who died with their own creation. Sorry I am confuse.
Rui Oliveira (2 years ago)
Yeah :) She won 2 nobel prizes too :p
Jam Ardaniel (2 years ago)
I see... So they used her discovery to invent x-ray... ;-)
Rui Oliveira (2 years ago)
She discover radioactivity and died of radiation poisoning.
Jeff B (2 years ago)
Interesting list, but the potato chips were deliberate, not an accident.
Rui Oliveira (2 years ago)
It was a accident because the cook wanted to troll the guy, but he liked.
Jar Jar (2 years ago)
"Accidentally "
CGZ Relum (2 years ago)
"On Octocber 28 1968, possession of LsD was banned in the United States and the rest is just history
E Sz-K (2 years ago)
matches where discovered by hungarian
the Quinn bro's (2 years ago)
please come and subscribe to me aaand my brothers channel quinn bro's thanks😊😊😊😊😅😆😆
Gooth TheGamer (2 years ago)
there should be penicelin on this list
Donald Trump (2 years ago)
Can you make top 10 coc Easter eggs
WarAce (2 years ago)
Why am I not on the list?
WarAce (2 years ago)
Robust was not strong enough
Fateara Mines (2 years ago)
you were an oops?
Iam Poverty (2 years ago)
I don't like her voice😭💯were the other girl😩✌
Stacey Lopez (2 years ago)
the moment you realize the Richest won't reply a comment 😥😥😢😢😢😢
Alannah O Neill (2 years ago)
What about penicillin?Popsicles are mentioned but not penicillin?
Jayden Wetzel (2 years ago)
Pankaj Ahuja (2 years ago)
we should all fuck around in labs and not work.
sanic doggo (2 years ago)
ye. so we can make insane inventions.
Nils Gunther (2 years ago)
chewing gum???
•HEY STOB IT• (2 years ago)
what about gum
Goood Goood (2 years ago)
You forgot Penicillin!
James Williams (2 years ago)
I to was an accidental invention that changed the world
Skarmorite (2 years ago)
LednacekZ (2 years ago)
so the Velcro which was created on purpose by copying the nature is an accidental invention? really. btw. Velcro is the name of the company that makes it. They themselves use different name. It is just the public that has no idea uses the name of the company as the name of the product.
LednacekZ (2 years ago)
so the Velcro which was created on purpose by copying the nature is an accidental invention? really. btw. Velcro is the name of the company that makes it. They themselves use different name. It is just the public that has no idea uses the name of the company as the name of the product.
Dave Green (2 years ago)
English call potato chips crisps
Rui Oliveira (2 years ago)
Portuguese people call it "batatas fritas".
TheBrazilRules (2 years ago)
Funny how 90% of the list are beneficial. And people don't believe in miracles.
Matthew Weng (2 years ago)
cool video, but i think you've got a bit of a typo there on "cathode"
Finn G (2 years ago)
Therichest sucks at pronouncing proper nouns.
Kolton Kimanyen (2 years ago)
And you suck period
xtc_Fam (2 years ago)
Velcro was actually modeled from caterpillar legs.
MF11 (2 years ago)
That's Dededesgusting!
kakooge (2 years ago)
waht about chockalate chip cookies?
Tärvòs (2 years ago)
What about penicillin?
EpicPigMan _ (2 years ago)
Haven't watched it but I'm guessing egg roles
Princessminty AJ (2 years ago)
You forgot about Coca Cola
Alt Account 7 (2 years ago)
Accidents that changed the world: Barrack Obama
carultch (2 years ago)
Donald Trump was not born an accident. Barack Obama was born an accident.
Kolton Kimanyen (2 years ago)
+BackAtItAgainWithTheDankMemes I'm talking about WorldOfPiano shizhead
+Kolton Kimanyen "I live in american" You make us look that much more unintelligent.
Kolton Kimanyen (2 years ago)
+Nancy Denise 〈3 shut up I live in American
Nancy Denise 〈3 (2 years ago)
Accidents that changed "America"
I know like all of these lol
almost all of them
Natalee Sue (2 years ago)
You are incorrect on the post it notes. They were made originally to be a bookmark that won't fall out.
Johnathon Cheng (2 years ago)
Tärvòs (2 years ago)
+Johnathon Cheng It's okay.
Tärvòs (2 years ago)
+The Duck God This always happens. The definition on this particular topic. It only changes the world if it is of a good cause, coke on the other hand isn't a good cause.
Tärvòs (2 years ago)
+Johnathon Cheng No it didn't. Coke is actually just made of very bad chemicals. It made the world more worse than actually changing it.
amber o (2 years ago)
After four hours of the Richest I am now finally going to sleep. Good night guys, and have fun this black hole of videos.
Mekayla (2 years ago)
The Chimichanga was an accidental invention.
Jimmie Rambo (2 years ago)
Can you find LSD now these days??
Jimmie Rambo (2 years ago)
A black guy invented potato chips??
Obi Wan Kenobi (2 years ago)
Aliens invented velcro idiots
River Butler (2 years ago)
i think you should post most funny jokes
River Butler (2 years ago)
this is prett cool
KID KAT! (2 years ago)
I've been binge watching this for three hours now
Daniel Stoner (2 years ago)
Bool - sheeit.... Romy and Michelle invented Post-Its.
carultch (2 years ago)
Didn't they get called out on their charade at their high school reunion, when someone actually knew who the man at 3M who invented postit notes really was?
RIPGameCube (2 years ago)
769,666 Illuminati Confirmed
SimplebutAwesome (2 years ago)
Carter Wingrove (2 years ago)
Angelcity1345 (2 years ago)
the potato chip was not invented by Crum. There's a published cookbook in 1822 "The Cook's Oracle" that already have potato chip recipe. and that book predates Crum. He might have discovered it on his own and maybe even popularized it but, he didn't invent it or made the 1st discovery of it.
Ohthatsfunny (2 years ago)
bubble wrap was actually invented when some one was trying to make plastic but it came out with air bubbles.
WhiteNoise (2 years ago)
You forgot pencilin
Ian Carreon (2 years ago)
Where is the ipads,iphones,ps4 and minecraft,
Jake Krzemen (2 years ago)
what about corn flakes which was supposed to stop masturbation
carultch (2 years ago)
Ok. What exactly do cornflakes have to do with stopping masturbation? There's an a billion to one chance that those two things are even at all related. Second of all, why is it a problem for people to be masturbating in the first place?
TheOther (2 years ago)
+Jake Krzemen Especially when it gets stuck under your forskin
Stelpan Gaming (2 years ago)
But i was told in school that potato chips were made by indians or were they just lying to me?
Damion Jones (2 years ago)
I'm suprised that chocolate chip cookies didn't make it
Charles (2 years ago)
Wait... ... Where is Nicholas cage?!?!
Trenton Streator (2 years ago)
The scientist that created LSD actually was looking for a medical neurological drug.... You explain this in a later video...
Torres9 Nothing (2 years ago)
USA should allow every drug and weapon possible, this country needs to be blown up, for the good of the future of the world.
SeeEmPunk (2 years ago)
top kek
XxGamer GirlxX (2 years ago)
+Gorazd AcidSpit The U.S.A is awesome,when you compare it to North Korea & Bosnia,The United States look like heaven
Charcoal the Cat (2 years ago)
Nachos (2 years ago)
Potato Chips and popsicles changed the world. ok
Akiko Fujishima (2 years ago)
+Nachos They certainly changed the way the world gets their snack on.. lol.
Juan De La Torre (2 years ago)
uuiiii report
Natalee Sue (2 years ago)
psuedoqueen (2 years ago)
If you boil it down to the butterfly effect than yes without them they would have
Shy guy Power (2 years ago)
this video doesn't say that the creator of the micro wave said to never use it on food but that's just none of my business
gonatrollya (2 years ago)
You missed school
Asov (2 years ago)
So i guess gunpowder didnt change the world but popsicles did
Steven Ritter (2 years ago)
+Natalee Newman it was more of a accidental discovery
Natalee Sue (2 years ago)
+Ben Scott actually u are the idiot because gunpowder was an accidental invention
Ben Scott (2 years ago)
Gunpowder wasn't a accidental invention, kill yourself.
Löfmark (2 years ago)
THE FUN THING IS THAT THE GERMAN GUY WHO INVENTED X-RAYS HAD Röntgen in his name and in sweden/swedish the word röntgen means xray
Antonette Altares (2 years ago)
Camping Potato (2 years ago)
1 of the accidentals were You
yentlKing (2 years ago)
+Gaming And Hacking but that didn't change the world as much as popsicles
Finesse Beast 2 (2 years ago)
Where's Coke?
UNKNOWN (2 years ago)
well we should thank every single person who accidentally invented awesome things which still exist today. Can you imagine this world without Popsicle? omg xD
Hayden Wall (2 years ago)
Should have had penicillin on that list. It was the first modern medicine, and it was made by complete accident.
Am pretty sure the list is a lot longer then this.
boi im fruity asf (2 years ago)
Skas Spirail (2 years ago)
can someone pls tell me the outro song, thanks
Skas Spirail (2 years ago)
can someone pls tell me the outro song, thanks
Nasir Baba (2 years ago)
you forgot cookies
AdZi (2 years ago)
ashikabi27 (2 years ago)
George Crum...U DA REAL MVP
Griff Monster (2 years ago)
Lighters were invented before matches.
louise441000 (2 years ago)
the commericial prior to this video was from "five hours energy." what a joke. it's severely, severely, OVER freakin PRICED... not to mention the plastic it creates over the years causing damage to our eco system. also, look at a generic brand, the ingredients are the exact, exact i say, SAME.... what an ass.
Mikaela The Dragon (2 years ago)
Swiss? Really?
ok (2 years ago)
The jet propulsion lab changed the world more than Popsicles
ViasatDoesTech (2 years ago)
this list sucked liar
ViasatDoesTech (2 years ago)
this list sucked
A Dude (2 years ago)
do the most evil people of all time
Luis Gracia (2 years ago)
first off popcycles did not change the world they just added why kids are fat :-)
yentlKing (2 years ago)
+Luis Gracia kids aren't fat, there is a bigger percentage of kids who need to eat a bit MORE food (But there is a big abundance now compared to the homo-erectus days, ancestors to humans)
Brennan Lyon (2 years ago)
I already knew how Popsicles were invented and that story lol
Bálint Czuppon (2 years ago)
Safety match weas actually invented by János Irinyi. The ones this video refers to were poisonous.
MrPartySack (2 years ago)
4:12 So that's how they do the levitation trick. . . .
oNii1 (2 years ago)
Hahaha he held it with his dick hahaha 😭
Lonely Kid (2 years ago)
Rokdri (2 years ago)
+MrPartySack really? The joke is a bit obvious :v
yungbibba (2 years ago)
+MrPartySack kek
MrPartySack (2 years ago)
+Gabriel Oleastro People not getting the joke.
KulFryTF2 (2 years ago)
Try to add Coke and Microscope
Silent Knight A (2 years ago)
hello .  I couldn't find the music ..I know the name is Minds Eye but who is the artist ?and good to know.  these are some good information . thanks for the effort :)
DJ Hoover (2 years ago)
I wish you did not include VIAGRA in this video!  I would have loved to use this in my classroom, but the Viagra addition, made it so that I could not.  Otherwise, it would have worked well!
Holly McNamee (2 years ago)
You can edit the video out
Airsofter (2 years ago)
What about air conditioning

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