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Who Is Paul Ryan? (TJDS EP7)

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Who is Paul Ryan? What does the Republican Vice Presidential pick of of Mitt Romney stand for? Comedians Jimmy Dore and Frank Conniff (Mystery Science Theater 3000) break it down on The Jimmy Dore show. Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=townsquare Follow Jimmy on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/jimmy_dore Follow Frank on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FrankConniff Caricature of Jimmy courtesy of DonkeyHotey: http://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/5346022953/ Support The Point for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=townsquaretyt-20
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The guy laughing way in the back is kind of annoying. 
moondancekid1 (5 years ago)
Keith H. (5 years ago)
Jimmy is so casual, I love it. Even when he messes up words or the delivery of a joke, he just laughs it off and it makes the joke that much more funny.
Chris Ducat (5 years ago)
Oh choice and competition, code word for "higher prices and more businesses fucking you over". Not much of a choice when they're all ever-more expensive and unregulated.
rockerteen8300 (5 years ago)
LOL, I'm hateful, you just called me all sort of names and said all sort of things about me when you don't even know me, and I'm intolerant and hateful? U mad bro? XD
Leon Visa (5 years ago)
Ben & Jerry's are far left CEO's who donate to Obama and George Soros's communist Media Matters, these 2 are billionaires, but never hear not a single one criticize them for being rich. You guys are hatefull and intolerant towards libertarians and conservatives. Bigots.
TotalImplosion (5 years ago)
Well that convinces me that the Romney/Ryan ticket, is the right one for America. After all, we still have our suicidal sense of humor left.
Vincent E (5 years ago)
I actually like the fact that there is no audience. It's amusing to me that there is only one guy laughing.
MsLadyLogic (5 years ago)
I am so freaking glad I stumbled on this show. Hilarious.
GManGT (5 years ago)
I love this show....take my money and give me more....god damn it.
CognosSquare (6 years ago)
Fucking funny.
undercoverposter (6 years ago)
"canned Laughter" means that pre-recorded laughs are inserted into the show, that is not the case here. THis show in recorded in the middle of a very busy tv news studio and there are lots of other people working off camera, the laughs you hear are coming from them. Hope that helps!
Christian Thompson (6 years ago)
Romney/Ryan 2012. Paying for Crazy by screwing the poor.
Lye Saiko (6 years ago)
They're trying to rig it legally by getting laws passed that basically serve as a Poll-Tax in the guise of 'preventing voter fraud' combined with mass misinformation about what the facts are. If you drill in the same catchy-lie over and over again eventually it sticks and perceptions become viewed. Keep those who are educated/more democratic liberal leaning from being able to vote and twist perception and either way a Puppet is put back into office. Just means the puppet with the most resources.
james hendry (6 years ago)
ron7006 (6 years ago)
This is really funny - I even know when to laugh. Thanks guy.
Serocco (6 years ago)
Because the Kochs really are that evil, but it's not just them, remember.
poindexterwitkowsky (6 years ago)
~~*Since Reagan, the GOP has known that 2 things had to happen to ensure it's survival.. To DECRIMINALIZE the illicit acts of all REPUBLICANS & their CORPORATE BACKERS, the supreme court had to be STACKED with ROGUE JUDGES. To have unlimited sources of cash for a well organized DISINFORMATION MEDIA MACHINE skilled in the ART OF REPETITIVE LIES & HALF TRUTHS, Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission had to happen... What's next?...ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINE FRAUD IN NOVEMBER 2012?*
madmaxxmad2 (6 years ago)
I think its strange that the media continues to push the Republican/Democrats mind set. All republicans think X all Democrats think Y - it just isn't true. We have to find the canidates regardless of party to help us fix America. The current administration as well as teh house and senate should be Fired for not cooperating and working together to help us.
madmaxxmad2 (6 years ago)
71 dipsticks voted for TARP including democrats.
Photo x RJ (6 years ago)
I like the show, but please turn off the canned laughter. It's very annoying. Thanks.
Shadowsafter (6 years ago)
Kind of like Bush did with the electoral college?
Matti Virtanen (6 years ago)
And the douche bag uses "tenants" for "tenets", so he doesn't know his mother tongue. But then, he probably bit it off...
Shadowsafter (6 years ago)
I just got an even better idea- this guy needs a studio audience!
Dragonworks (6 years ago)
That was amazingly funny.
Just_Bri (6 years ago)
lol that'd work!!
Shadowsafter (6 years ago)
lol put him in a little circle in the corner of the screen :D
Andrew Perry (6 years ago)
Who is the one guy laughing in the background?
lex811117 (6 years ago)
Sounds like Rick.
Teremei (6 years ago)
Jimmy, you need a little bit bigger audience. I nominate myself to join your staff.
waltermh111 (6 years ago)
You want TYT main show, thats next door over, your welcome, good luck, hope you dont get lost.
waltermh111 (6 years ago)
Sounds like his kind of humor isnt for you, hope you find happiness somewhere else.
micahgee (6 years ago)
Agreed, Frank is awesome!
snappycatchy (6 years ago)
always being a Bottom. .. you mean in productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
snappycatchy (6 years ago)
wealthy ..... and self-loating..... and they hate women.
zodiam1 (6 years ago)
A Mormon and a Catholic walk into a bar....
Rusty Cuyler (6 years ago)
glad you kept the bloopers in there. thumbs up
kurd55 (6 years ago)
LOL @ Frank: "The Log Cabin Republicans are bottoms." HA-HAA! =)
bzimm18 (6 years ago)
The best part of this video is the one dude laughing hysterically in the background. It's rough to not have a studio audience....or a camera man who got stoned before the shoot.
&one (6 years ago)
hahahahaha edit fail at 2:02
Drake Santiago (6 years ago)
Yes. That was a good point. And he comes from the political party that supposedly is so "patriotic" and always waves flags and talks about supporting our troops.
pfreddyp (6 years ago)
Here is the Paul Ryan psychopath test. Find a picture of Ryan smiling. Cover the face down from the bridge of his nose. Are his eyes smiling? No, there not. That's a psychopath!
Teremei (6 years ago)
NEW TYT SOUNDCLIP!! "I'm 100% shirtin."
Heathenandproud (6 years ago)
Good analysis. Her philosophy and her life were full of contradictions. She didn't think a woman could be president because they were too emotional, but she ruled over her husband & was the main breadwinner in her household. Her husband, could not live up to the criteria of Rourk or Galt yet she stayed with him. Also, her fiction is almost unreadable since it is so contrived regardless of the subject matter.However, I think she would be really mad if she knew the Libertarians have co-opted her.
Scott Bayley (6 years ago)
Jesus never said the "teach a man to fish..." metaphor... that's not in the bible.
Heathenandproud (6 years ago)
Love your show, and hope you keep that Mystery Science 3000 guy. Very funny.
Heathenandproud (6 years ago)
Great post, but I do have to correct you on Rand. Not sure why people believe she is a libertarian, maybe because they have co-opted her, but Rand was an Objectivist. In fact, she hated libertarian philosophy which says anything goes as long you don't hurt person or property. Rand would say no, everything should be done based on reason and logic. But the rest of your post is spot on & very telling.
Now and Because (6 years ago)
Wouldn't dare vote for Romney/Ryan but Ryan at least has opinions on things as opposed to Mitt he won't take a stand on anything.
Piriathy (6 years ago)
Stop trying to make why The Republicans suck funny, just tell us exactly why they suck and why no one should vote for them. Tell us how we can make super pacs illegal! that would fucking help!
rockerteen8300 (6 years ago)
Why do I have the feeling that people like the Koch brothers are planing on rigging this election and Mitt will miraculously win even though most the votes will go to the other sell out Obama.
IceFireSoul (6 years ago)
That might be true, but the people that you want to elect they are even worst than Obama. Dont forget he said that him self , citation: " I dont care about the poor, we have a safety net there .... ( they wil always be our slaves) " So you think this guy will change the county ?!! Think Twice about it !
Lucas Broderick (6 years ago)
Tell me how him following Ayn Rand makes him less of a Christian? You fucking biggot. I guess Atheists are so terrible that you can't even read their politics without sinning in the eyes of God? Get the fuck out.
ShaktipatSeer2 (6 years ago)
People are really saying this is funny? Wow.. And that creepy guy in the background who giggles at everything.. Really distracting and obnoxious..
Mark William (6 years ago)
mcdlover4 (6 years ago)
what is his politic, i do not get it...
What is Paul Ryan on?
theogore (6 years ago)
I'm glad this is unedited. Jimmy and Frank kick ass. Ryan thinks he's St. paul
electonicsforless (6 years ago)
anyone else check their iPhone at 0:32?
stevomil (6 years ago)
Jimmy looks sick. If youre under the weather or something, I wish you all the best Jimmy. Get better soon.
crwlarry3356 (6 years ago)
Crazy homosexual TV Frank being nothing but uncivil. Part of the radical homosexual agenda.
ratty88 (6 years ago)
paul ryan voted for almost half of our debt.
Tommy Hjalmarsson (6 years ago)
A big fan in the public laughing loudly:)
BrantFortunate (6 years ago)
lol soo punny at the beginning :')
kgdblade (6 years ago)
I actually like the fact that Jimmy's screw-ups are left in. Makes it a bit more real....Moral high ground joke was a gem!
kgdblade (6 years ago)
The jokes were funny, but the topic on health providers for the aged was just too accurate and sad to laugh much...
kousoulides (6 years ago)
Jimmy is amazing and so does his sidekick. But the guy laughing in the background is a bit distracting.. I don't mind him, but it's like you have put a mic on him..
zengenxers (6 years ago)
Jimmy is so hilarious!
neverfearchrisishere (6 years ago)
A Catholic that thinks the Catholic church allows for individuals to make up their own mind - on issues mandated by the pope... Sorry Ryan, you aren't Catholic.
HConstantine (6 years ago)
Jesus never said "teach a man to fish." He said, actually, that it was sinful to accumulate wealth and his followers should take no thought for the morrow. How Ryan can imagine Jesus endorses capitalism would be impossible to imagine, except capitalists have been claiming it for the 300 years they've existed.
Coffeeisnecessarynow (6 years ago)
He is a homosexual man and he is in love with Jim o no
Coffeeisnecessarynow (6 years ago)
¿Y dew thay kall hime 'Jimmy' rather than Jim
Coffeeisnecessarynow (6 years ago)
Cenk, I am angrey with u bekause you don't talkc about the shooting at the Famile Reeserch Kownsul a few daes agow!
matereymate (6 years ago)
just pointing out that being a libertarian was more the cause of his belief than atheism would be very sneaky of you to put that out there
seattletruther (6 years ago)
who cares lol... its the same trick... does anyone remember sara palin?
neverfearchrisishere (6 years ago)
JD likes the feedback rather than talking to a silent room (which feels wrong when you are telling jokes) - they've been working together for years,
Thedancingshrimp (6 years ago)
3:00= 3:25 the guy laughing in the back goes full retard.
Thedancingshrimp (6 years ago)
the guy in the back makes everything that is and ever was un funny.
damnitw (6 years ago)
i know who Paul ryan is but ......how the fuck is the freak in the background that giggles at everything and nothing that was disturbing......he probably gets a lot of. money
brandnutopian (6 years ago)
This was a great show, despite Jimmy's numerous flubs and restarts. Great material! TYT needs to hire someone to get an audience in the studio. Even just 40 or 50 people and mics in the audience would make a huge difference.
GigaBoost (6 years ago)
This is much better now without the automated laugh track, the guy laughing in the backgroudn is still annoying and ruins the humour.
Just_Bri (6 years ago)
I love the guy in the background laughing ...he's having fun!!! I want to put a face with that laughter.
boonestube (6 years ago)
Thank you!
jinkerGM (6 years ago)
Funny show :)
HowBlairYou (6 years ago)
This show fucking Rocks, Jimmy.. KUDOS
Lodurr (6 years ago)
Give a brother some editing, TYT. Geez you guys are amateur hour sometimes, on TV too
Anon Royale (6 years ago)
undercoverposter (6 years ago)
You really think we are that dumb? Sure you don't like Paul Ryan.Sure you don't . Lol. Fail.
85Mavrik (6 years ago)
Not to mention there seems to be a single audience member doing all the laughing. That's, just a little bit weird.
kmslogic (6 years ago)
"AWESOME!" he typed in all caps.
Rita Brown (6 years ago)
When Jesus went out preaching, he and his disciples depended on the generosity of the townspeople to feed them and give them shelter. So Paul, what was that again about Jesus not wanting us to get handouts and be dependent on others?
sexbad (6 years ago)
jay leno of the far left
Rene Hernandez (6 years ago)
lol black joke..
Drake Santiago (6 years ago)
Who is Paul Ryan? He is the epitome of Republican hypocrisy! 1. He is a long time follower of atheist libertarian philosopher Ayn Rand, who believed charity was for the weak, and that selfisness was a virtue, and yet Mr. Ryan has the gall to call himself a Christian. 2. He called Social Security a ponzi scheme, but used Social Security benefits to pay for college. 3. He hates big government but asked for stimulus money for his district.
Stardust Cloud (6 years ago)
1:55 What's the point of redoing your bit if you aren't even going to cut out the original?
Giovanni Trumbo (6 years ago)
Lol, you must be a friend or Jimmy Dore himself, but please, its a room fool of freaking retards laughing like idiots while he repeats the same joke once he screwed up! Who does that!? Lol, what a bunch of losers. I came to this video because I don´t like Paul Ryan, but this guy just ruined my ears
J3yblivion (6 years ago)
i bet frank gets all the pussy
Giovanni Trumbo (6 years ago)
Is this guy supposed to be funny? He sucks
adamdabester (6 years ago)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE more Frank! I also think he would be great on TyT from time to time.
Anon Royale (6 years ago)
This comment does exist, FOR IT IS FIRST!
IcarusLime (6 years ago)
This comment does not exist.

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